Kingston To Ocho Rios Via Jamaica North South Highway

Driving north on Slipe Road towards Cross Roads>>>>>>Eureka Road>>>>>To New Kingston>>>To Emancipation Park>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Traffic Changes: No Left Turn down Maxfield Road One Way Only to Half Way Tree>>>Queens Avenue just ahead Turn on Maxfield Avenue towards Half Way Tree Cargill Avenue>>>Ministry of Transport and Mining>>>National Works Agency>>>Half Way Tree Police Station>>>Half Way Tree Courthouse>>>Half Way Tree Fire Station>>>>>Eastwood Park Road begins>>Half Way Tree Transport Centre>>>North Odeon Avenue>>>>>>>>>To Half Way Tree>>>Straight ahead to Constant Spring>>>>Turn onto Dunrobin Avenue Lindsay Crescent>>>Lindsay Crescent>>>>>>>>>>>Patrick Drive>>>>>>>Driving on Mandela Highway towards Spanish Town Highway 2000 Overpass – On and Off Ramp Ferry Police Station>>>St Andrew / St Catherine Parish Border Welcome to St Catherine Parish>>Caymanas Golf Club Road / Overpass>>>>One Love Trail ends>>Turn onto Main Street Ocho Rios>>Graham Street>>>>>>>>>


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