Kino polskie kontra amerykańskie 1 [PONKI]

Polish vs. American Cinema Medical Movies Nurse 20 mg of Dickassium Now! We will save you Don’t worry Are you… An angel? Medical Movies Do you have insurance? I will, when I get in to college I’ll be rippin butts Will you take him over? Please There’s nothing I can do here War Movies I’m out Me too Fuck I promised myslef that I’ll take Susie on the jetty for ice cream when I’ll get back home You will, you will If not now then in another life What now? Have I told you what I did before the war? I was a kindergarted teacher War Movies I can’t, I have to look you in the eyes you fucking Kraut Jacek? Michaś? No Empty hall… You know that movie? What’s the name? What? We went here at random. We don’t even know at what… No, it’s am… Warsaw Shore The Movie or something And that’s a good movie? I don’t know I’ve seen trailers looked good It’s starting Starring: Tomasz Karolak Teen Drama Yo Dominika Hey there My folks aren’t home Seriously? Whole house for me, you know what this means? You bet I know PARTY! Teen Drama Have you seen those wool socks on the discount? Girl, 2 pairs for just 15 zł! Yeah Look at this guy Give me 15 minutes and they will be mine Master We won’t make it this time Calm down young padawan Calm your senses Trust the force After all our pilot is from Condor whatever that means From now on this planet will be called New Radom


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