Kirrak Party Theatrical Trailer | Nikhil | Samyuktha | Simran Pareenja | AK Entertainments

Hey, you! Me, sir? Which branch are you? Mechanical sir. After all first year! No respect for seniors! The atrocities of the seniors
are on the rise by the day. We should have no difference
of CSE, ECE or Mech. We are all one and we shall make
the seniors say ouch. Come on, seniors! You are suspended! This doesn’t look like 80,000/- This car doesn’t look like it can run. Use it and check for yourself. There is a new book in
the market called face book. It costs five thousand. If I don’t buy it, they won’t let me pass, dad! He is short tempered!
– I’ll tolerate. I will transform him once
we are married. Do you know how big a crime
we committed? We kidnapped the college peon! But this is not a jail to punish
those who make mistakes. This is a college. Er…brother! On your way here pick up
from Sai Wines…three beers, one half and some boiled peanuts… You know… they don’t send us
out of the hostel at nights. We are too young.


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