Kiss Me, Kate

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m a senior musical theater major, and I’m Lilli/Kate in the show. I am a senior musical theater major, and I am playing Bill/Lucentio. I am a senior musical theater major and I’m playing Lois Lane/Bianca I think. They changed the pronunciation
in the middle of the song anyways, but yes. I am a senior musical theater major,
and I play a gangster, Man One. “Kiss Me, Kate” is about a producer. His name is Frederick C. Graham, and he is producing, directing, and starring in a
musical production of “Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare. My
character has an arc of– along the lines of, like, I’ve been around a bit, been around the block a bit. I have a relationship with Fred and obviously with Bill, who is my
opposite–he’s played by Brian Sandstrom and with the general, who is going to be
Lilli”s husband. My character her name is Lilli, and she is an actress, and she was
married to Fred, and they are now divorced. They’ve been divorced for a
year. She is a bit of a diva. Well, the gangster is– there’s two. It’s me and a junior musical theater major Richard Westfall and who are cast. And we don’t really fit within the, like, realm of “The Taming of the Shrew” world. Part of our job in the show is we come to the theater with the false knowledge
of trying to get $10,000 from Frederick Graham. He’s played by Zeke Edmonds. My character Bill is a gambler. I had to I had to research all about the shooting crap games. I researched the shows that go on because I’m referenced as a Broadway
hoofer. The kind of dance musicals that were in 1940 are so different from today.
I really love the fight scenes between Petruchio and Kate. I think they are a
lot of fun for us. I think that “Too Darn Hot” is this epic number that’s gonna be
really fun for everybody to see. It’s so cool the way that Andrea Leigh-Smith just incorporated the music and the beats and the different time signatures
with the way that the characters move and how the different characters move.
It’s amazing. Come see “Kiss Me Kate” October 2nd
through October 10th.

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