KL24: Zombies [Movie] by James Lee, Gavin Yap & Shamaine Othman

The health ministry has officially
declared that the recent flu epidemic that has spread throughout Kuala Lumpur
is not H1N1 and citizen across the capital city need not panic. Meanwhile the United Nation and the world health organization have praise Malaysia for being able to contain this virus Hey darling Hey! Hey listen… I’m not going to be able to get to your place, ah, I don’t know what’s going on but I’m still stuck in traffic It’s ok, in that case I’ll just take an Uber “Ok” Are you sure about tonight? Yeah, it’s going to happen sooner or later right? So, I guess I’ll just pick you up from your place tonight Ok darling, see you tonight Thanks Farah It’s ok darling, I love you… Bye. Hey Farah, good morning Morning, you are late today? Yeah, had to work late last night Oh, why? Because a lot of people took MC lately because of the flu Just drink a lot of water, don’t stress out, Ok? Farah, you ordered an Uber? Yeah. You are an Uber driver? Yeah, part-time Cool. Ok thanks, take care Yeah, you too, Farah, don’t forget to rate me . Ok will do, bye Bye. Oh shit, I’m late Hi dad Hi Farah, can you come back for dinner tonight? Tonight I can’t dad, I already had plans. What is more important than having dinner with family? I’m meeting Steven’s family Oh, oh that Chinese boy, what’s his name? Ah ah… Steven Steven right right, Farah if you have time, just come back, Ok? Yeah ok, I will Okay… Oh, you take care of yourself ok, because apparently there’s some flu epidemic or something out there Alright, bye dad Darling… Is she coming back for dinner? Nope. No worries, we have a meeting at office later, let’s go That’s right, come Fahad, where is everyone? Medical leave? Yeah, I think so… Hey dude, have you seen this video? What is this? Oh, there’s been a lot of camera footage of people attacking people, Chasing them down, trying to outrun them, it’s the coolest stuff man, look at that Ah, look at this,. He’s going to bite that man. Oh shit… I know, It’s been making people worries sick, You know my father in law took my wife out of town last night, The house was so peaceful. It must be the flu epidemic But I thought the news say it’s under control… … and they have vaccine. So you are one of those guy who actually believe the news Shit… I think I should call my wife, ask her to pack her stuff and go back tonight Didn’t you just take all your annual leave? I will take an unpaid leave. Okay. But guys, we have a project to complete, if all of us take MC we will miss the deadline. Dude, I don’t feel safe with all these shit happening right now Excuse me, this is not shit, it’s the cool stuff man, look at that! Hey! What are you doing? Don’t have to work? Better get back to work, we have to presentation to finish. You! Lunch time, order a roast chicken rice for me. And buy Panadol. This flu is irritating! Uncle Meng… Uncle Meng? Hey Joe, you are early today? What can I get you? Yes, two roast chicken rice. Sure, no problem, two packs of roast pork rice. No… Uncle Meng, it’s two roast chicken rice. Yup that’s right, two roast pork rice. No Uncle Meng, two packs of roast chicken rice. Look here, are you trying to be funny? You think I’m deaf? You told me you wanted two packs of roast pork with rice right? Okay then, two roast pork rice. Exactly what I’ve said. What the fuck? I asked for roast chicken rice, why did you give me roast pork with rice? Cause just now Uncle Meng seems to have some problem, I ordered roast chicken rice but… Problem with Uncle Meng, or there’s problem with you? I asked for roast chicken not roast pork! Do you know how fat are these? Do you know if I eat this how much cholesterol I’ll get? You know how much additional running I have to do to burn these fat? Do you know how it will screw up my training routine? Just like you, you screw up! If you were not my nephew I would have fired you long time ago,! You useless screw up! Are you okay? Of course I’m okay! I run five miles daily! I’m not going to let this flu get to me, unlike you! You better get out and finish the presentation which is in one hour! You screw up! Where is my Panadol? Get out! Dato, Melati. Alfred, are you okay? You don’t look so well. It’s nothing, I’m fine. I can run a marathon right now. Alfred, Darling are you okay? No worries darling, no worries. Alfred I think you should go to the hospital. No, no, I’m okay, it’s nothing. Are you sure? Yes. Alright, then let’s start the presentation. Yes Dato. Boys! So now we are going to be presenting the app upgrading… …and re-branding exercises for the next quarter. Next slide. Apps these days are taking up most of the time of social media consumers… …and we see that this trend is only on the rise. There’s been an increase in the rise of free to play apps in the market, But then… Alfred? Don’t just sit there, take him to the hospital! Tell the rest of the staff to go home and close the office. What the fuck? Where’s Dato Karim and Melati? Well… they kind of left, right after you fell down, like right after the third slide. Do you want us to redesign the slide again? What the fuck! I’ve been working on this presentation for one whole month, how can this happen? I think you should go and see a doctor. Who the fuck needs a doctor? I don’t need a doctor! Yeah, but the boss say we should pack up and leave. And close the office for today. Yup. Okay… Okay… Tell the staff they can now pack up and go home… But the three of you! You guys stay here til we finish fine tuning the presentation,! Give me your key cards! Nobody gets to go home until I say so! What!? Key cards! Joe, order some pizza, I think it’s going to be a long night I’ll call. The phone is not working. The network is busy as well. Wait, I’ll try calling. Yeah, the line is busy somehow. Is there any celebration going on? What the fuck? Hey. Why is Alfred in the toilet for such a long time? Let him be, he just had a huge fall, just leave him alone. I’ll go and check on him. Go. Make sure you order the pizza. Bring your head. He is going to the toilet, can’t you call? I don’t want to call, there’s no network. Fine. Alfred. Alfred, are you alright? Get the fuck back to work! No no no, I want Hawaiian. What? Why did you change your mind? I just feel like it. You always change your mind. Guys! What’s wrong? Where’s Alfred? I don’t know. He doesn’t look good, man. It is Alfred. We should just wrap it up and call it a day. I’ve already said, we should just go home. You what guys? Let’s go! That’s Alfred right? I think so. Alfred is that you man? It’s not Alfred. Sure he is Alfred. Look at him, he is a bit slow now, but that’s still Alfred though What the fuck was that? I told you guys, he is not Alfred anymore. You didn’t tell us he was a zombie. We need to get the fuck out of here,
but our key cards is with him. Oh shoot! Fuck. Ok guys, I got a plan, I got a plan, So one of us distract him, and one of us go get the key card. Okay, I’ll distract him. I’ll distract him too Ok fine, we both distract him, you get the key card. Good thought good plan, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. You want this? Look at me, look at me Look at me, look at me now Do it slowly, do it slowly, do it slowly Go slow, go slow, do it slowly, go~~ What the fuck!? Sorry! What’s wrong with you? It was right there… Guys! He is chewing my fucking ass Damn it! The breakout is here… What’s happening? This is no ordinary flu infection. If you want to live, follow me. Wait, I have to go home, my wife is waiting for me. But… I’ve got to go, okay? Fuck! I forgot to apply leave. Nobody gives a fuck. Go! Seriously? Go! Okay, take care. Let’s go. Farah? Joe! You know him? He’s my neighbor. Are you okay Farah? Yes, I’m okay! I’m so glad to see you. Farah, what happened? The health ministry has officially declared that the recent flu epidemic that is spreading throughout Kuala Lumpur is in fact not H1N1 The World Health organization and the United Nation… …have praise Malaysia for being able to contain this viral epidemic… …with transparency and efficiency. Other ASEAN countries are turning towards us as a shining example, …as they struggle to contain this unknown strain of influenza. What time is it? Don’t know, close to seven… Time for one more round? What? No. What? Why? Headache. Still… Seriously. Jesus! You evil bastard! Quiet… That’s my daughter you sick shit, you trying to kill me? We didn’t know you were home. I’m moving out. No. You can’t stop me! It’s not me, your daughter won’t let you go. You can’t stop me! Stop what? Nothing He wants to move out. What? Dad! Nothing! Can you please just go talk to him? Me? Yes, just entertain him for me please, I still need to get ready. Ass hole.. Fucking bloody piece of shit! Hey I’m sorry okay? What? Scratch my back. Lower… Lower… Hey what you doing you sick pervert! What’s happen now? — He is trying to hurt me
– What? Fuck you! David! Dad, can you just stop accusing David for this kind of thing? He does it all the time I know it, look at his shitty face! I’m going to kill you… I will kill you first! Shut up both of you! Roast pork from uncle Meng! They are right on time… Listen up you guys! We are going to go to that door, and we are going to be nice,. And later on we are going to sit down and have a nice family dinner… …because that is what happy families do. Got it? Got it… (I’m Ultraman) Farah… I hear you are a social political activist or something. I’m a lawyer. A lawyer. Well done Steven. (Leave this planet you alien slave) So what kind of a lawyer are you Farah? Oil and gas, corporate, criminal? I work for an NGO, we focus on women’s rights (Time to die!) Oh. She fights for women’s rights Women’s rights… (Where’s Godzilla? You find him? Let’s kill him with my super ray) Why? Oh no nothing, I just haven’t eaten yet and your mother… Wait… She… She is not my mother Not that again Steven. Sorry… We’ve talked about it. (What’s that? You shut up) She is not my mom… (Take that…..) Sorry Denise. It’s ok, it’s fine… I’m fine. (I’m the supreme leader of the universe! ) (Take that stupid toy!) Can we eat soon sweetie? Sure, I’ll go get dinner out. Come let me help you. It’s okay, just sit down, relax. What’s for dinner? It’s nothing special at all. I just have some fish, chicken, tofu, veggies… …and prawns, nothing special at all, I’ll go get it. I bought roast pork! What? I’m going to freaking kill you So Farah, where were we? Oh yeah! If you are a human rights lawyer, do they put you in a black list or something? Black list… Why, I don’t understand? It must be difficult for a Muslim to defend human rights no? Dad, what are you talking about? Yeah David come on. It’s true right? Don’t tell me some Malay man is going to let his fourth wife tell him about women’s rights. I don’t think so. Well she is talking about women’s rights, and you are talking about religious rights, Those are two separate things no? Don’t take me so seriously Farah. Sure. I find what you do very, very impressive. Thank you. So is it like the first wife’s club? First wife’s… Oh do you mean the obedient wife’s club? Oh yeah! No, nothing we do is like the obedient wife’s club. David, maybe you were thinking about sisters in Islam? Maybe. Who are they? How can you not know who are they? Don’t you read the papers? Watch the TV? Actually no, I don’t read the papers anymore. They make it up as they go along. Look at what is going on out there right now. They are changing their reports every hour. It’s OK, nobody really get the news from the news anymore. Where from then? Facebook! I like you. I like her too Steven. Me too. Oh look! I got a text from HSBC asking if I want to buy British pounds. But just to get back to it for a second, What I do actually can get quite complicated. I mean, I look at it more as a human rights issue rather than religious one. Especially in this morally ambiguous times. I mean man and women were created equal, that’s what I believe. The fact that we have to fight for women’s rights is already crazy… And if you don’t understand that, I guess you are part of the… …problem. Can you eat pork? No. Can Steven eat pork? Yes if he wants to. But if he eats pork and want to kiss you what happens? Hey! Hey! Hey! Sucker! Your soup was delicious by the way. Thank you so much, it’s an old family… Christine? What’d you want? David please you have to let me in, they are coming! We are having dinner, can this wait? No it can’t fucking wait… Who was that? Let me see! What do you think were those things outside? Don’t know, maybe some Bangladesh revolution. You think they look like Bangladeshi, terrible! I’m going to report them to the board Yeah. Those bugger let anybody in. What’s the point of having maintenance when you… How can you be so calm? Relax, things will sort themselves out. Sort themselves out, there are zombies out there! First of all you don’t know they are zombies. It could be a viral thing, remember SARS? When it came everybody thought they are going to die. SARS?! My god! I need a cigarette. No smoking here, go outside. Outside? And get myself killed? Just go to the back. Darling will you company me? I want to smoke but can’t smoke in the house, fine. He ask me to go outside, what if I was bitten by zombie, then what? It’s the government trying to distract us. What? Bring people back from the dead? If that were true, they should be commended for such an amazing scientific breakthrough. I’m not talking to you. Waste of time. That’s what’s wrong with your generation… You never experience any real hardship. Your family are all crazy, especially your dad! What’s with his intense stare? I don’t get it! If you were around during my time… You will keep your mouth shut and show me more respect! I’m going to the loo. Go! That’s your problem! Always want to confront, confront, confront! When someone challenges you, you go to the toilet! Shut up you fuck wit! I operate 120% a day! Adam? ADAM! Fuck! No Adam! Steven, fuck! Help me! Hey! Anybody there? (Hey! Hey!) Can I have a moment alone with him please? (Hello… Where’s everybody?) Sure. (Fucking hell… Hey!!) (Are you guys all dead?) (HEY!) I’m here, I’m here! What the fuck is this? It’s just a precaution. What? Where is your mother? She’s not my… she is outside. (Get her in here, I need her) (Will you calm down?) (Stop telling me to fucking calm down) Where is your mother? Untie me! I can’t untie you, you have been bitten! Which mean you will turn into a zombie soon and you will start killing us all Where the fuck did you get all that? Zombie movies! (What, are you an idiot?) (They all have the same rule, they can’t all be wrong right?) (You piss your pants on emptiness on romantic comedy) (You take that back) You fuck wit! It’s OK I’ll… I’ll take care of him. Sorry dad. It’s OK. You OK darling? Yeah. What did he say? He said it’s OK. You dad is a dumb fuck. Do you think I was a bad mother? No… What are you talking about? I think I was. Don’t think that… No point. Who say there’s no point? Our son is dead. He’s been taken from us… And I… I can’t help it… Feel guilt… Like… Like I wasn’t there for him enough… Like I didn’t give him enough… Like I didn’t loved him enough… I want him back. I want him back too. I love you. I love you so much. Do you want me to stop? Of course not. That son of a bitch! You son of a bitch! Dad, what the fuck!? Jesus fucking Christ! That’s my daughter you sick son of a bitch! You sick son of a… Dad! Dad stop it! Dad stop it! What the fuck is your problem dad? What the hell were you two doing? We were connecting! That’s disgusting ! It was amazing! You know what? You two deserve each other! You are as twisted as your mother! Let it go, let it go! I’m sorry Adam! God bless you! I’m so sorry… I’m sorry. Will you just fucking stop killing my family? Denise, no! Denise! Uncle Jack, no! Go, go, go! You okay? Yeah, I’m okay. Are you okay? Yeah, I’m okay. What? What is it? Steven… I don’t understand how can this happen? No! Stay away from him! Darling… Darling… No, I don’t get it… What just happened? I was careful, I tried… I tried to be careful… I can’t… None of them got me… One of them must have… No! Fuck you! No one got me! No one! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! The roast pork. I need a drink. The Malaysian government would also like to ask all residence of Kuala Lumpur to remain at home. If you or anyone in your home is displaying symptoms of the virus, Please quarantine yourself or the infected party, and contact the authority immediately. However, if you are not at home, if you are on the streets… …and display no noticeable signs, please head to your nearest safe zone immediately. It was interesting meeting you Farah. You too Uncle Jack. (…spreading to Kuala Lumpur is not H1N1 virus) (Despite the fact that the health ministry has yet to identify the current virus…) …they are still working tirelessly to develop a vaccine. This has got to be the most memorable meeting of the family I’ve ever had darling. Yeah. You know what’s funny? What? You never even told me you love me. Well, I’m going to die for you,. Good luck trying to find another guy who will do that. I can’t stay darling… I know… I know you are scared. But that’s is okay. It’s good to be scared. It’ll help you fight and stay alive. Use that fear. That will guide you, and maybe you will help someone else stay alive, And who knows, maybe after that, You will save another life,. I hope that one day you look around and all these will be a distant memory. You won’t remember me, or this day. And you will be better off for it. Because there will be no more need for you to be scared of anything. And you will smile and be happy. Because you made it. You survived. And Farah. I love you. Imri! Sis Farah! Throw? Yup. Why? Taste awful. Taste awful or are you jealous? Why couldn’t he marry a better cook. Well, she is busy, unlike us she’s got a job That is no excuse to cook so badly Well I don’t think he marry her for her cooking Wonder how she cook in the room Didn’t you heard them that day? I heard. I’ve never heard anyone cook like that before. I used to cook like that. But when you get older you get too lazy to cook. And the food doesn’t taste that great anymore. We are master chef, she is junior master chef. Karina is out? Yup, send the kids to school, but I don’t think they should have gone. Yeah, with the infection that is going around. Yeah that’s right, what if they get infected? Right? All of us will be doomed. You know I heard on the news they still don’t know how it’s spreading. Don’t worry, it won’t happen to people like us. People like us? Yeah you know people who live in this area. Hmm… hope you are right. So, I heard you crying the other day. Me? Cry? Yeah. What’s wrong? I wasn’t going to tell anyone. But, I think I’m going to ask Karim for a divorce. Are you serious? Why? Why?! After so long? Yeah… but you know, because I keep on asking myself when will it stop. He already has four. Doesn’t look like he is going to stop. What about Farah, and Imri. They are grown ups… Why are you looking so sad? If he divorces you, I will become number one. With Power comes great responsibility. Like? Yup, when he is sick, I take care of him. Are you really going to ask him? Don’t know. You know, sometimes I think… If I kill all the other wives it will be great. Huh? Just kidding. And I won’t kill you. The new one maybe. Oh you know the condo in Mont Kiara, , no budget. He is asking me to redecorate it. I think he wants me to move in there. Hello, he is asking you to redecorate it for her. Why would he do it for you? Well, he ask me to redecorate it. Yes, that’s because you were an interior decorator. – Morning.
– Morning. Have you heard? Husna is decorating the condo in Mont Kiara. For Melati? How sure are you it’s for Melati? New wife, new condo. Why can’t she just stay here with us? Not a bad idea actually, it’s getting a bit busy here don’t you think… Eh, are you guys feeling OK this morning? Feel like how? Not feeling well, like feverish, and stomach-ache. Maybe it’s the infection. You think so? Ah! I know, Melati’s cooking. It’s really bad right… Too much garlic, too much salt. It was alright. That’s because you can’t cook either. Why did he marry her? She knows nothing, she is so young. That’s what I thought when he married all of you. Well when he marry me I was shocked he got a very old first wife. He followed the path of Sunnah Nabi, Khadijah was older. And she was the original cougar. Back early today. Melati is sick. Melati is sick? Aha. Fever? Is your stomach feeling alright? If it’s the stomach maybe it’s your bad cooking. Salwa, what are you saying? Melati, last night dinner was delicious. Karina is not feeling well too. I think somebody is pregnant. No, definitely not pregnant. Not you, Melati. Pregnant? You just married her 3 months ago. Please, you were pregnant during our honeymoon remember? Are you pregnant Melati? Feel like vomiting? Does your tits hurt? Don’t know. Feel like vomiting at times, kind of feverish too. Will go check up later. I hope we get a boy. Do you really need another one? 1 boy, 3 girls isn’t that enough? Another boy would be good. 11 will be better, can start a soccer team. I don’t think you have enough wives for that. Who say so? You already have 2, but stagnant at 2 since your factory is no longer in operation. Karina can easily make 4 more. Four?! And look at Melati, with her birthing hips, five more. You are disgusting Karim. Hey, don’t call me legacy disgusting. And Husna… I will give you a football. Sorry darling… Hey honey, let’s go take nap Look, news about the infection. The health ministry has officially declared that the recent flu epidemic is not H1N1. However, the health ministry has yet to identify the virus. But there are no need to panic. You are advice to use clean water, Cook well, and pay more attention while doing laundry. We would like to remind you that this is not a zombie outbreak as mentioned in alternative media. Zombie?! We let her die. Are you crazy? Or you prefer to be zombie meal? Karim will get infected after this. Don’t you notice there’s something off about Melati. Agree, if I gain a little weight, he notice right away. We kill her! Karim? Melati! Oh. How? We can’t just kill her like that, we don’t even have a weapon. Then? Keep her here and we all become Zombies? How sure are we that she is a zombie? We Kill her. Sis Salwa, we can’t be too rash. I don’t believe you guys don’t want to kill her. We couldn’t do it, I don’t know how to kill a zombie. Why don’t you want to do it? She is going to infect us all, that stupid young thing is going to get us all. It seem a bit rash to just kill her. Oh really, so if I were to get infected you wouldn’t want to kill me? We wouldn’t know what to do. Ok! Fine. Hey wait! Didn’t they say that the virus was airborne? Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? Skinny bitch. Karim is going to wake up. Melati? Where is Melati? Where is Melati? What have you guys done? She’s been infected. Infected? She is a zombie. What… What are you talking about she is not a zombie! You know, the infection. What infection? There’s a zombie outbreak. Zombie outbreak, come on she is not a zombie. Don’t be an idiot, look at her! I didn’t look like that when I was pregnant. She has all the symptoms, you know as they mentioned on the news. Melati. Close the door. Karim, this is too risky! She is going to infect all of us. We have to kill her. What? Yes before she infect the rest of us. Lina and Liza will be back from school later. You know what, I’m going to ask my sister to pick them up from school. And keep them there, I don’t want to risk having them back here. Karim, are you ok? Do you want a drink? His wife is turning into a zombie and you are offering him a drink? Maybe we can save her. Save her? Why do you want to save a zombie? How do you even save a zombie? We can’t kill my Melati. Gosh that’s why, why do you want to get marry again? Very simple Karim, If you hadn’t marry her we wouldn’t be in this position now! Number four always bring bad luck! Number one wants to kill number four, it’s not something I haven’t heard before. You know, if it was up to her, she’d kill all of you! She wouldn’t kill me. Fine, OK, go go ahead, be zombies! Let your child bride in there infect all of us She is not a child bride! Well she looks like one! Choose one. Why do you have these weapons? I have been collecting them. Salwa, I’m not going to kill her. And? You are just going to let her infect everyone? I don’t want to lose her. Karim, you just married her, just kill her. Look, I really really love her! So sweet, but don’t you also love the rest of us? Mom, mom! Imri! Mom! We can’t go out, the outbreak is getting worse. OK good, stay here, don’t go out. Mom… What are these doing here? We are trying to get your father to kill Melati. Kill Melati? She claims that Melati has been infected,. But I think it’s just your mother doesn’t like her. You saw her yourself, she is turning into a zombie! Mom, where is Melati? She is in the store room. The kids are okay at my sister’s. Just leave them there for now… Hi Imri. Yes, that’s a good idea. I don’t know how long this might go on for. You know Salwa, you are not going to get it your way this time! My way? Since when has anything gone my way? I mean you look at us, do you think this is my way of getting married? Mom. Shut up, don’t backup your father. Mom, I’m going to see Melati. Is aunt Melati. Dad, we are the same age. See child bride. Off all the people, it had to happen to you? Why can’t we kill her? Salwa have you gone crazy? I really want to know, when you say you really love her, what do you mean? If you don’t kill her, she will eventually kill all of us! Look, if you really want her dead why don’t you kill her yourself? I don’t want her blood on my hands. But I really want to know, When you say you really love her, What did you really mean? Look look, it came out wrong, I love you all! No, no, no, don’t twist it around! I really mean, I love all of you, all of my wive. Just in different ways. Why did you marry… me? I like the thrill. You think I’m thrilling? No, I like the thrill of meeting somebody new. And I was testing myself I wanted to see if I was capable of it. I found out after two years. Imri caught them and told me about it… You know it’s bad enough that you cheated on me. But our children had to see it too. Is the condo in Mont Kiara for her? Yes. Oh. I told you. She thought she was going to move into the condo. Ah no… darling I’m… I’m sorry. But you know it’s fine here right? It’s fine I mean you don’t even have kids. Yeah, I don’t! Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m still here. Look, I love all of you, in different ways, But, with… with Melati, it’s like I… I have never been in love with a woman like I have been with her. You know she makes me feel something that I have not felt in awhile! An erection? Salwa! So what is it that you haven’t felt in a long while? I don’t know, the way she talks to me. Just her presence. Melati is like, is like… oxygen to me. That’s how she makes me feel OK? Loving her is like breathing, it’s automatic. Good in bed right? We can hear you! Look Salwa, don’t… don’t get me wrong. I married you because you were older, you were experience. And at that time I felt I had to get married, the guys at the office are all sending wedding invitation So I thought I should get marry too. And you were there. And Husna you were the interior decorator of my office, and… It was such a thrill to be with you and yet still be married to… When Salwa caught us. I just thought you know, I will marry you to prove to you that it was really love I feel so special. Karina you, you were different. I wanted to marry you because I was so tired of working. So I called the shots. That’s right. She courted me. We were working in the same office and she hunted me down! You were like a women on a mission. I didn’t mind being the third wife. I just wanted to live a comfortable life Comfortable right? Is Melati good in bed? Oh come on, do we have to…. Why do you want… Can you even still get it up? Salwa. Why Karim, why, why must you marry all these women? And why do you have to think that it’s all about the sex? Isn’t it? No! Oh… Oh it’s love isn’t it? Is it? Well, is… It’s not wrong rite, why can’t I do it? It’s not against the law! Oh, so that’s what you remember of all the teachings? What about the drinking? Or what about the trips to Pattaya? What about the bribes that you give to the government officials? Salwa. You know, I can’t remember how much I’ve grown to hate you. I can’t remember when I switch from love to hate. Well… Salwa do you remember how you used to love me so much? Yes. Foolishly in love. I gave up my career as a financial planner… …and over the years I lost all my friends. You found a way to make me dependant on you. But yeah you are right, I was in love with you. And that love you felt for me, that’s how I feel about Melati. I was going to move into the condo with her. What, and leave us… here? Yeah, but you know, I would come back here every now and then We are so lucky to have a devoted husband like you. Why are you so upset? I mean, isn’t this why you marry me? You know I don’t think any of you love me at all, you just want the high life! But Melati… Oh she must fuck you like a whore then! Thank you very much for being honest. I want a divorce! What? Hey Salwa, Salwa… Sis Salwa. Sis Salwa. Don’t cry. How did we end up here? Is it so bad? Can’t we just be happy? Is this what you really want? To be married to such a selfish man. I have two beautiful girls, I am happy. I tried to leave him twice, then I thought, maybe this is love, The more it hurts… The more you love. But we can’t just not do anything, and take all of these. We can’t be zombies in our marriage. What are we going to do now? If it keep going on like this we are all going to be zombies. If he can’t kill her… Are you going to kill her? I will ask Imri… Imri will do it… He know how much his father has hurt us. Hey, make some space. I had to go and marry four wives. Couldn’t stop at one, couldn’t stop at your mother, had to marry them all. Just like Pokémon. Why did my number one have to get infected? Mom is not infected. No, no… She… Melati is my real number one. Then who you rather go? Don’t know. Just say it. Husna Thought so. You know what I think, I think that man are not meant to get married, ever… How about you, Imri? Are you seeing anybody? You even want to get marry? I was seeing this girl, and I thought about marriage. Don’t, don’t get marry Imri. One woman take a lifelong time from you, four wives is even worse, I mean look at me… Don’t tell your mother this, but… What? Melati is really good in bed. Dad! Ok too far, too far… What you guy doing sitting here? It won’t be long until she start eating our brains Kill her! Mom… Your father won’t do it so why don’t you? That’s enough Salwa, let’s leave Melati alone! Do it! Do it for you mother! Don’t Imri! Kill Melati! Have you lost you mind Salwa? Lost my mind? Your wife have turned into a zombie! Imri kill Melati! I can’t! Why? Just do it! Mom, Melati is pregnant! What? Yes, she is pregnant! How do you know this? She told me last week! Pregnant, I… I knew it! Don’t touch her! I don’t care, this doesn’t change anything, we still have to kill her. Salwa, Salwa, we can’t kill her! No, no, we can take her to a shaman, and we can cure her. She Is a zombie, a shaman can’t do anything! That’s my flesh and blood in there! Do another one! Make another one! Imri, kill Melati! As a father of that baby I say no! Dad! What?! You are not the father of the baby! What are you talking about? I am! What are you talking about? You are the father? Yes mom, and that is why she called me last week. What? Actually I thought you already knew. She told me she was going to tell you. Tell me? What have you been doing with Melati? I was seeing her when you met her And I didn’t know she was seeing you! And she didn’t know that she was seeing a pathetic old man! Useless son! I’m going to kill you! Enough! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Men! I will do it myself. No, Salwa! You are the one who brought her here, by right you should be the one killing her! Sis Salwa… Imri! Dad! Quick dad! Keep her there, keep her there. Keep your mother there, don’t let her go out! Son of a bitch, how dare you! Shouldn’t have married all of you! We shouldn’t have married you! Are you happy now that we are all zombies? You can go and buy new wives! Just… just keep her in there, keep her in there! I’m so sorry mom! How long were you going out with her? Five months. And you didn’t talk about me? No! She told me she was working at this company and that she had this nice boss. You wanted to marry her? Oh yes! She told me that she was going to tell you that the baby was yours… …and stay marry to you. I told her to leave you, and probably I could have gotten marry! And start my own normal family, not like this one! I want my divorce! Imri shoot! Salwa… Salwa… Mom… I had no choice… Or else I will be one of them. Now all of them are gone… Anyhow we have to move to the evacuation zone. Why the fuck must we trust you? Do you know why the British built the police headquarters near the train station? Because it’s easier to secure the safety of the officers, and politicians if there’s any emergency. Even today, in every capital city there’s an evacuation zone like that. Fact. How do you know? I just know, I have a friend who work in the military. Hello. Relax, calm down, I’m Harun. Me and many other survivors are hiding in the warehouse. We have enough supply that will last us until this situation comes to an end. Come, follow me. – Joe!
– Fahad! What’s with them? These are the ones who want to leave the city. What’s wrong if they want to leave? Nothing’s wrong… Just that I think we need to form a new government! We need people who are loyal! And this new government must be run by… … the people! What the heck is he talking about? He sound psychotic… Look at them! Softies, cowards, weaklings! And this guy call himself a doctor!, When there’s a problem, he runs away! We need to take the canister to the ministry. They have a lab, they can create a cure. And we can stop all these madness. The ministry? Until now you still believe in the ministry? Idiot! Hey buddy! It’s okay? Hey, you can start your own government, For all I care. It’s okay. But you know, first we got to like sort out this mess. If this spreads any further… Everything will be destroyed. People will die! And no people no government right? Right, right… Right! Fuck… Useless, traitor! Whatever happens we have to get hold of that canister… You! Are you infected? No… You are infected. Hey relax brother, we want to leave here. Who said you can go? Didn’t you hear me? We want to leave here. Women, stay where you are, don’t be stupid! Don’t tell me what to do… I am a woman, you don’t have to tell me, I know what I’m doing. Farah, run! Joe! Imri! Imri! Quick, let’s go! Ok, I will distract them, You run once it’s clear! Remember, go south to the evacuation zone! You have five minutes left. What about you? Don’t worry, I can outrun them and be at the evacuation zone later. What if you can’t make it? If I missed it I will wait for the next flight. What’s you name sir? Me? I’m just a security guard. Okay! Hey! Look here! Where’s doctor Lim? The guy in the yellow suit? He is dead. Raven actual, this is Raven one one, we have the canister, HVT is terminated, over! (Raven one one this is actual, copy that Lima Charlie,) (…head to LZ Delta for immediate extraction, over!) Raven one one copy, out! Ma’am we have to get you out of here! But my friend, the security guard, he is still inside! He was one of us, he knew what he was getting into! Ma’am this is the last chopper out of the city! KL has fallen! Good morning, this is a special news bulletin. The Malaysian government is pleased to announce that… …the current viral outbreak has been officially contained. And has declared tomorrow a public holiday. I am Nelson Chan with XTV 7, thank you for watching. Malaysia can! Fuck it!


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