Koi Chand Rakh Episode 1 – 19th July 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Listen, where is Dr. Rabail? Dr Rabail has just gone to the doctor’s room after her OPD. Thankyou. Welcome. Wasn’t today’s OPD very hectic! I love treating patients I feel myself better and stronger Dr Rabail, your greatness knows no bounds It’s a new thing, see after a few days you’ll hate OPDs. Never This white coat that I am wearing, is not just for impression I actually like helping people out Lets see Where are you Dr. Rabail! I have searched the entire hospital for you! And your phone is switched off as well! What kind of a doctor are you! I was in the OPD doing my duty I just came here after getting free. Why were you looking for me?
I just came here after getting free. Why were you looking for me? Okay, lets go! We’re going! We have to go! Where do we have to go? My university has planned a trip all of us are going to Kurly Lake We’ll have a bonfire and a music gala Please you’re coming with me and no excuses! Lets go!
Please you’re coming with me and no excuses! I have a duty, I wont be free before 10pm, you can ask. Think about it Dr. Rabail, Next time when you tell me, to go shopping for you or get you clothes, then I’ll also give you the same answer, No! You can’t do this! I know about your craze for shopping, When you get bored of buying your own clothes, You’ll go shop for me. Please come Rabail, we’ll have fun. You go, I’m fine with my duty. Think about it Rabail. I already have! See you! Asalamualikum (Hello) Waalikumaslam (Hello) Pardon me, but I, Didn’t recognize you. You are, Zain Abrar’s mother, right? Yes, I am Zain’s mother. Tell me… My name is Sitwat, And this is my daughter Ambreen. Your son has been making fake promises of love to my daughter for 6 months now And when she talked to him about sending a proposal He began stalling And now he says it was just a casual friendship Now you tell me, Does our society allow a boy and a girl to share casual friendships? You should have asked me this, When your daughter befriended my son. I would have told you then, What a girl and a boy are allowed to do or not. Aunty, your son has been playing with me for six months Telling me he would send over a proposal So, don’t talk to him dear In fact, I’ll advice you, that you find a good boy, and marry into a good family. And dear, these boys are always like this, liars, cheats. You should have been careful. And in such matters, they get themselves out with a clean slate, And the entire blame falls on the poor girls. See! Didn’t I tell you. You would gain nothing by coming here. These mothers to sons, Are mentally prepared for all such issues, beforehand. They have an answer to each and everything! What is it to us, She’ll cry holding her head one day! Get up from here! Get up, lets go! We’re respectable people that’s why we aren’t saying a thing But you’ll cry one day because of your beloved son! Lets go! Wow! Look at these respectable people! Its her daughter’s fault and she puts it all on me! Did you see, what your brother has been up to! Asalamualikum Mama, Waalikumaslam, So, you’ve come! No, no, I’m still on the way. Will be there in 15-20 minutes. How are you? Brat! Where do you live Umair?! Yes? I don’t get to see you for the entire day! Oh mama, Haven’t you heard that great poet? Those who come everyday, lose their value! See why do you love me so much, because I am not always in front of you If I come to your every day and night, So you’ll stop caring for me. Haven’t you started talking too much? And this poet of yours, He is no mother Because if you look from a mother’s eye She only sees her own children Parents can never stop worrying or caring about their children! But do you know one thing Umair, You Are not really serious about your life. Mama, who said I am not serious about my future? Can’t I see? Am I not your mother? In this house, mama, There is one person Who cares about me, more than myself You go, and ask her. She will tell you how serious Umair is about his life. Rabail, right? Of course. Go ask her, how much I study and how focused in life I am. Oh really? And Rabail being as simple as she is, whatever you tell her, she’ll tell me. She’ll say whatever I tell her to? Where is she? Well,
Where is she? Where is she? She probably has duty till 10pm tonight, She’ll be here. And, our Nishaal has gone, on a picnic. She has nothing else to do. I’ll go take a shower and freshen up. And while you shower, think about your future. Of course. (Friends giggling about last night) It was fun man! Go away man! (laughing)
It was fun man! Go away man! (laughing) Yes, mom? Where are you Zain? Mom, why are you disturbing me and calling again and again! I told you I was going out with friends, then why are you asking again? I know that! But these friends and parties isn’t everything! Practical life is different. For God’s sake understand! Come home. Come home now! The family and relationships are more important! Mom! Its not even evening yet! Im leaving for Karachi and its a car, not a helicopter. It will take some time. Bye. Mom has turned me insane! And ruined my entire picnic. Oh, My God! Come sit man, we’re getting late! The souls of Makli will haunt us and not let us go home! Zain, what’s wrong man! Sit in the car. Wait a second… Don’t you think that suddenly, the lake is changing its color? Oh ho… He’s lost it again at the sight of girls! Now nobody can make him leave. Romeo! I’m going back, even if he doesn’t want to go. Go man. Somebody courier him please! I’m not leaving. I believe a new love story will begin today at the Noori Jam Tamachi tomb here Get ready! Hie Noori? Are you going to see Noori Jam Tamachi’s tomb? I’m headed there as well. I have always been fascinated by this love story. And I don’t know why, looking at you makes me feel Noori must have, looked like you. Who are you? And why are you talking all this nonsense? Come inside, Rabail Ji. Why did you have to come pick me up? We have a driver. Why? What’s the problem if I came to pick you up today? There is a problem. Your studies will suffer. Don’t you know how worried mami is about your studies? And you keep wasting your time in useless things! Didn’t you like it one bit? Wont’ you like, if someone cares for you? All of us care for each other and everybody knows that. Not at all. Its just you and I. Do you know this Nishaal, she is a very selfish woman. She doesn’t care about anyone. This is very wrong. She is your sister. I know she’s a bit like that, but she loves everybody a lot.
She is your sister. I know she’s a bit like that, but she loves everybody a lot. Oh this means that, you get to know, who loves whom and how much. Love is like a fragrance, and fragrance does not need an introduction. Oh wow. Wow, Rabi Ji, wow! The way you talk. Wow! By the way, should I tell you something? When you talk like this, I really like you a lot. And do you know when you waste your time like this, I don’t like you at all. Now go to your room and study. I haven’t eaten anything, and you are telling me to go study. Its 11 o’clock already. Why haven’t you eaten anything? Don’t you know Rabi Ji, I have become so used to eating with you, that I cannot eat without you. Shame on you! You don’t even feel embarrassed! Being my only son doesn’t mean you don’t have any shame. What’s wrong Papa, why are you so angry? Stop this nonsense! Have times gone so bad that women will come to our house and narrate tales of your shamelessness? Or curse us? And since we are your parents, we’ll be embarrassed in front of them? Papa that girl is lying! You are the one who is lying! No girl would want to put the blame on herself and disgrace herself Listen to me very carefully! If i get one more such complaint about you, I will not spare you Okay. What okay? Okay, I will not give you a chance to complain ever again. We have decided, We’re getting you married as soon as possible. Oh C’mon! He hasn’t even stopped and you’ve begun! Mom, haven’t I told you already that I’ll only get married to the girl I like? Oh So, this young lad has already found a girl! And he just has to tell us now?! Papa, don’t find a new point in everything I say. I haven’t made any commitments nor do I like any girl. I am just saying that the girl will be of my choice. I’ll marry whom I want too. Its simple. Brother, We’ll only select a girl, but the final approval will be your’s. At least let us look at a few girls. Go. See. See who you want to see. Do what you want too! But I’ll only say yes after looking at the girl! Stop this nonsense! Aren’t you tired of looking at girls already? Papa, for God’s sake, let me be. What’s wrong? I’m fine as long as I stay out! But you guys go at it as soon as I am home. Papa, it’s been enough. Brother, Zain, please listen to me. What’s wrong. Its okay now. Keep a lighter hand on him. Hello. What are you doing here? Didn’t I send you off to study? So? How could I study? You didn’t come to help me. Are you a small child who needs my help to study? You’ve grown up. You go to the university now. Don’t you know Rabi Ji, there are a few people in life we can trust to look after us, love and care for us. And you of course have done masters not only in medicine but love as well,
love and care for us. you’ll definitely know such people, and where to find them. People, we can trust to love us. Those people, whom we can trust completely. And those who have an ocean of love in their heart. Haven’t you started talking so deep?! A year ago, you didn’t talk like this. You were so scared of me. Not at all. I have always been like this. Its you who has noticed now. And by the way, whatever I am saying, I have learnt from you only. I didn’t learn as much from school or college, as I did from you. Rabail? Dear, I’m not feeling too well, Umair was telling me, what happened to you? I don’t know. I just don’t feel so good. You’re running a fever. Pass me the thermometer please. Thermometer? I’ll just give you some medicines. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry at all. This? Why did you have to talk to papa? At least, think and talk sometimes. But why should I hide? Why shouldn’t I tell him, what his son is up to? Exactly what am I up to? I was half dead when those women came. Listen to me, be it a boy or a girl, parents tend to get worried in such situations. Mom, these aren’t the times of your black and white films, this is the space age. What’s the harm if a girl talks to a boy on phone? Why raise such small issues? What issue am i raising? What you did is wrong! Be careful in the future. I don’t want anybody coming to my home. Fine, nobody is going to come. By the way, how do you like Sobi’s friend Saman? What do you mean? Why are you asking me this question? I’m asking for your wedding, what else. Have you lost it mom? Have you seen that girl? What’s wrong with her? She is such a smart, educated girl. She must be smart and educated according to you. I want my life partner to be extremely beautiful. She should be extremely pretty looking Mom. Only somebody really gorgeous girl would do. Otherwise, no. Pretty looking, good looking, absolutely gorgeous, then she’ll also have her head on the 7th sky. Keep this in your mind. She wont even bother about you or your family members. Mom, please for God’s sake let me be. You asked for my likes, I told you. I had such a wonderful day, you’ve spoiled my entire mood. Even I don’t like sitting here. Ill mannered brat! What the hell! Why do you have to worry so much about it, Nafeesa? Umair has always been close to Rabail, He’s never been at good terms with Nishaal, Rabail has always been the one to teach him, help him with his exams, cook his favorite dishes, And why only Umair, we have all become used to of her care. Can’t you see? How close he has become to Rabail. He keeps hovering around her when she’s home. It is not good for him, to be so much depended on Rabail. It could hurt him a lot! Whatever you’re saying is all baseless. Your only son, is closer to Rabail than you, and this is unconsciously bothering you. Like every mother, you too, want your son to stay around you. Dear, don’t worry. Let Rabail get married, she’ll settle down with her husband And Umair will forget everything. And then you’ll see, how he’ll play with her kids. I pray to God, this is how it is. Let Rabail get married, she’ll settle down with her husband. Umair will forget everything. Rabi Ji’s wedding? No, this cannot happen. I have loved her since I was a kid. What’s wrong dude? Why are you calling? How are you my dear friend? I’m in a pathetic mood Zia, why have you called? Or should we talk later? Oh, ho. Why is your mood off? Have uncle aunty caught any of your flirts? Yes, something of the sort. Dude, is Ambreen mad? She came to my place with her mom. I don’t know what this mother daughter duo said about me, They’ve ruined my entire image. But, I too have all her voice notes and all her recordings. And if I let them loose in our circle, she’ll be ruined. But I don’t want to indulge in any such cheap activities. Once its done, its done. Oh, ho. Not to worry. Why be scared when you’ve flirted? Dude, please fix your mood. I’m sending you a few pictures. I’m sure you’ll be fine after looking at them. Pictures? Whose? Just look at them. I’m sending. Okay. Let me see them. Okay Bye. Umair? Rabail? Where is everybody? Mama? I am home. My little storm is home, Asalamualikum. Did you have fun? I had so much fun, what should I tell you! We danced, all of us sang songs, And do you know there were so many cheao boys there as well, I didn’t even look at anyone. Good girl. But there’s one more thing, I missed you too much. Aww, my baby. Do you know, this Nishaal, Rabi Ji, thinks of herself as very pretty. But she is so pretty. Everybody compliments her. And you? How are you? I? I am just like every other girl. Ordinary? Who told you, that you’re just an ordinary girl? Nobody needs to tell me that. This mirror, it tells everything. What do you know Rabi ji, that how special you are. If you don’t find yourself beautiful in this mirror, then please look into my eyes. Please look into my eyes. You will feel, how pretty you are. How beautiful. What are you doing? I’m seeing how your attitude has changed since a few days. I am your elder sister, and you don’t talk to your sisters like this. Sister? Which sister? What sister? You are not my sister. you’re only my aunt’s daughter and my cousin. I just have one sister, Nishaal. Sister! Did someone take my name? By the way, what were the two of you talking behind my back? So, You know, people say it right, a doctor has no feelings, no emotions. Sister? You’re not my sister, just my cousin. They too, become a corpse. Where are you lost? Nothing. I’ve come back after so many days, At least give me a smile. Come, Mama is waiting for us on tea. Oh mama, girls are afraid of everything. Just don’t ask. All of them were scared to death of boating. But you know me, I even went into the water at night. They were so scared, that the water might have snakes or scorpions. Where will they come from? Girl, are you mad? I am a bit, and you know it. Well… Well it was so much fun. Do you know I went to Noori’s tomb as well? Its so beautiful. Madam? What’s wrong with you? Where are you lost? Rabail dear? Asalamualikum. Asalamualikum Baba. Walikumasalam. Dear, one of my old friends is here to see me, but I think he has high blood pressure. Could you check? Yes, I’ll just go and check. Who is it? It’s my old friend Abrar. He has come to see me. Oh, okay. Who is this friend of Baba? Why don’t I know him? He is one of his old friends. Oh well, Mama, the boys were very cheap there, they went into the water in the middle of the night. Don’t worry, she’ll be here. Asalamualikum. Walikumasalam. How are you my child? I am absolutely fine. But let me, check your blood pressure first and tell you, if you’re fine. I’m feeling a bit anxious that’s all. There’s nothing to be anxious about. Your blood pressure is a bit high. But there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll just give you some medicine. And you’ll be fine. But you have to, increase your liquid intake. I’ll just get you some water. If anyone has to be a doctor, I wish they’re like you. meeting whom, cures half the disease. I’ll just come. Thank you. She’s your eldest daughter, right? No, no. She, is my late sister Bashira’s daughter, Rabail. Oh yes, I remember. After Bashira and Khawar’s death, she has been with us since childhood. Nishaal and Umair both think of her as an elder sister. She has now, become a doctor, by the grace of God. Oh, alright. Listen, is she, engaged somewhere? No, not yet. She was busy studying up till now. Now we’re thinking to get her married. No, no. Just don’t think about it now. What do you mean? I mean, I really like her for my son Zain. He’s educated, very handsome, and the sole heir of all my property. You should meet him. Aren’t you, rushing things a bit? See, such things cannot be decided on a whim, right? And isn’t it something the ladies should be discussing? So yes, I’m sending my wife and daughter to your place tomorrow. You can meet them, And talk to your family as well. That would be great. Have some tea. Oh yes. Rabi Ji? Rabi Ji? I just wanted to ask, if you’re going to the hospital. Yes, why? Come, I’ll drop you. We could talk on the way as well. Umair, I’m in no mood to talk at the moment. And I’m getting late as well. Oh, We could just talk… Please drive. Mama? Yes dear? I want to discuss, something very important with you. But I’m scared, whether you’ll understand or not. But, why won’t I understand? I am your mother after all. Tell me, what is it? Mama? Rabi… Listen, Nafeesa dear. Your wish has been granted. A few days ago, weren’t you, worried about Rabail’s proposal? So today, your worries have paid off. Abrar Ahmed, for his only son, has send for Rabail’s proposal. Hello? Hello? Rabi Ji? Rabi Ji, listen… I know you’re upset with me, Yes, I am upset with you. But I haven’t called to apologize. Perhaps, even what I am about to say, listening to it, you might become a bit more upset. But please try and understand me. Whatever feelings I have in my heart for you, I really want to tell you, before its too late. Umair! For God’s sake. Don’t say something, that I feel guilty myself. Please don’t do something, that people lose trust over our relationship. No Rabi Ji, You’ll have to listen to me today! You’ve never understood what my eyes have been trying to tell you. Don’t my feelings, mean anything to you? You made me fond of your presence, looked after me, always being so close to me, you cannot leave me now. You will not go anywhere! And whatever I want to say now, I will tell you straight, I’ll be loud and clear. I’ll see how you’ll shut your ears to this! My friend, a chilled drink for you. Now tell me did you find something about her, Yes! It was a group of some university students. They went from Karachi as well. And she too, was with them. And I happen to know quite a few people from that university. And today, the university has a blood donation camp. And we could go there with the same excuse. Are you serious? Yes! Do you think we could find her? I could talk to a friend to know more about her. Zia? Dude, you don’t even look that intelligent! You’ve worked a miracle. I swear. I don’t know dude, I’m getting very serious about her. Really? This is the first time I’ve liked someone so much. Oh wow! So, lets go, give some blood. Come on. Love has always asked for a blood sacrifice. Oh yes! Lets go! Lets give some blood. Umair? You’re up early? I’ve never seen you up before noon. Mama, Rabi Ji gets off at 10am, Its 11 now, why hasn’t she come home? Oh dear, your eyes, why are they so red? What’s wrong with you? Soar throat, and I have a fever as well. That’s why I’ve been waiting for her. I’ll get some medicine from her once she comes. Don’t worry dear, she’ll be home soon. The driver has gone to pick her up. She’ll be here in a bit. And err, Nishaal has gone to college. See, there comes your savior. Asalamualikum. Walikumasalam. Dear, please have a look at him. What’s wrong with him? I’m burning up, and you’re asking what’s wrong. See, what sort of a savior are you? What joke is this? Dear, did you look at him? I’ll just get him some medicine. Come, sit with me at the breakfast table, she’s bringing your medicine. C’mon lets go. You made me so used to of your presence, You’ve been so close to me. You cannot leave now. You will not go anywhere. And whatever I wanted to say, I’ll be loud and clear now. According to the doctor, we should always anually, 2 times, or at least once, donate blood. Because it has 2 advantages. Firstly, our body makes new blood, and secondly, because it keeps us healthy. Nishaal, how many times have you donated blood in a year? Actually, I’m afraid of the needle. There’s nothing of the sort, my friends. Not only the needle, I am not afraid of the bullet either. And I am going, to donate a full bottle of blood. How many of you are coming with me? Come, earn rewards. Oh, so dude, Your work will be done. But you’ll have to give a sacrifice. What do you mean? Don’t you see the blood donation camp? I say, go prove your true love.
Don’t you see the blood donation camp? I say, go prove your true love. And donate 4 5 bottles of blood. Have you lost it? I’ve come to find my lost love in this college, not to a warzone. You have a point. I am Dr. Rabail. And I have a cure to all your diseases. Heart, head or liver, So who wants to be treated by me? Come. Hie. Yes? Will you donate blood? Blood? If you say, I’ll give you my heart. What? What I mean is, if a man looses his blood, what’s the use of a heart then? By the way, this love and blood, if they go out of one’s control, the heart becomes useless. Listen to me, go and donate your heart as well. The museum authorities will be happy to have it. Will you donate blood? Get in the line. Do you, study here? No. I am a doctor and I’m here for the blood donation camp. If you want, you can donate your eyes as well. I think you don’t know, that I saw you at the Kurly Lake for the first time. And I’ve come here looking for you. Searching for you I’ve come to this college. By the way, what is your name? I don’t tell every other person my name. If you want you can join the line. Every other person? You’ve stolen everything from me and I’m just every other person for you. By the way there’s a saying, destinations come to those who seek, Asking your name was just an excuse, I know your name. Good to see you Dr. Rabail. I’m coming, wait a second. Rabi Ji. I need to discuss, something very important to you. Umair, I just came back from a night duty, I’m really tired. I’ll talk to you later. Perhaps you don’t know, my entire life’s peace is at stake here, my laugh, my life, my peace, everything is at fate’s target. How do I make you understand? I, I’m afraid that, it will be too late. What is wrong Umair? What is it that you’re talking to me? Im watching how, since a few days, you’ve changed a lot. I’m scared of your attitude. It is I who is scared! I am scared! I’m scared to lose you. I cannot lose you like this! You are my life’s biggest happiness. You are my life’s only comfort, my peace. How can you marry someone else?! Listen to me very carefully. I will not let you get married to anybody else. You are mine! Just mine. Get out! I will not leave! Unless you don’t answer me, I will not leave from here. You want answers, to the nonsense you’ve just told me! I don’t care if you find this nonsense. this is what my heart says. I, will not let you get married to anybody else! I will marry you! Got your answer? Got an answer to all this nonsense? Leave! Go out! I beg of you Umair, please leave. You’ve embarrassed me in front of my ownself, Umair. You’ve embarrassed me! Go… Get out Umair. Get out!


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