Koi Chand Rakh Episode 11 – 18th October 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Gulshan: Rabail?
Rabail: Asalamualikum
Gulshan: Walikumasalam What’s wrong, why aren’t they shifting Abrar in his room? They’re saying he isn’t stable right now. His BP and heartbeats are very upset. But why? What has happened to Papa that he has not been feeling well at all? Doctors are saying he is under stress. He has taken something to his heart? What could be bothering him? I don’t know. He was completely fine before the wedding. In fact he insisted on the wedding himself. Fixed the date. What went wrong after you came? Sister in law, where is Zain? He just left a while ago. Didn’t he see you guys? No. What is this? Can’t you see, whats happening? Why are you punishing us and yourself like this? Did we bring you up to give us tensions and anxieties? Who has asked you to bother? Who has asked you to be so anxious? Nobody needs to worry about me at all. When you’ve already destroyed my life, I too worry about no one now. I have become like this too! For God’s sake, please let me be now. Or just tell me I’ll leave from here, even I don’t want to live here. Nafeesa: Please my child, don’t say like this. I’ll die.
Asad: This is what has spoilt his brains! He’ll get into his senses if he stays out for a few days. To be a romeo and cry for love, needs food for free and only a father gets that. Listen, you’re leaving this house. But you’re going back to your hostel and your university! Understood? I am not going anywhere from here! Nor I will go to the university, neither will I continue my studies! I have promised this to myself! Mama, this is my promise. And I know how to keep my promises! Nafeesa: Umair dear.
Umair: I know. Then its fine, I don’t need a son like you either. Go where you want to go. I’ll see how you afford your meals and expensive branded cigarettes. You’ll be called a beggar, not the romeo you’re aiming to be. Understood? Its alright. I’ll fulfill this wish of your’s as well. I’ll go sit on the footpath, but I’ll still be your son.! Be prepared for all question. When people will ask you why did your son leave home? Will you have an answer for them? What will you tell people? Tell me? People might not understand love, but they remember faces. Be ready to answer people! Umair: Tell them why did I leave home.
Nafeesa: No my son, you cannot leave. For your mother’s sake. Are you in your senses? What’s wrong? Have you gone crazy? You’re making everybody tensed! Why have you become a romeo for Rabail?! Don’t you know mama isn’t well? Why are you worrying her more? When will you be back in your senses? You’ve destroyed everybody’s peace Umair! What has happened to my house? Don’t worry mom. He’s gone crazy. You go get some rest. Hello? Do you know how much I was waiting for your call! Is everything alright? Nothing is alright! Nishal there’s been a very big mishap, there’s impending doom! What do mean, what’s wrong? At least tell me something. Dad knows about our relationship. What? He was so tensed upon finding out that he got a heart attack. How is it possible? I mean, how did Abrar uncle find out Zain? I don’t know that. But he talked to me. He’s in the CCU right now, but I don’t know what will happen once he’s back. Relax. Don’t worry so much. We’ll find out a way. Don’t worry. We’ll think together. There will be a way out. What way out? We’ll be so embarrassed in front of the whole world. What do you mean? We haven’t done anything wrong! Why are you afraid? We love each other. What’s wrong in that? I accept we have been a little wrong, but there will be a solution at least. We’ll sort it out. I am with you. Whatever has happened has happened. But the ground reality is that Rabail is my wife and you’re my sister in law. If people find out about us, they’ll make a laughing stock out of us. Nothing of the sort will happen. Let Abrar uncle feel better, we’ll talk to him.
If people find out about us, they’ll make a laughing stock out of us. Nothing of the sort will happen. Let Abrar uncle feel better, we’ll talk to him. And we will not create a scene that the world will laugh at us. Okay? Don’t worry. I’ll stand with you no matter what. I promise. We’ll make Abrar uncle see reason together and find a way out. You’re right. Sooner or later, we had to face this situation. Listen, if you’re tensed, so we could meet somewhere outside. You’ll like it. Wait for a while. We’ll go out when papa is feeling better. You’re right. We need to take Abrar uncle into confidence. And you know when you talk to Abrar uncle about it, Rabail will come here and I’ll be with you. That will be the most beautiful day of my life Nishal. When you’ll be in my arms and Rabail will not be around anymore. I’m waiting for that day. Bye Papa, why are you looking at me like this? Rabi dear you’re very simple and innocent. And this world is full of liars and deceit. I’m afraid that the deceit of this world might break you. I want to lighten myself and put the weight in your heart. But I cannot be this selfish dear. What should I tell you, how should I tell you. After what I have seen, I hate everything in the world now. These relationships, that run like blood in our veins, sometimes turn out to be our biggest enemies. Knowing everything is a punishment dear, knowing everything is a punishment! Sometimes, its better not to know a few things. It saves people from a lot of difficulties. Papa, what are you saying, please be clear. Promise me one thing. Yes, tell me. Never let go of the foundations of my house. I promise papa. And don’t forget, this is not only your house now. Its mine as well. I’ll take care of my house. Don’t you worry. Papa, you can tell me whatever you want to. You can trust me. What is bothering you so much? What’s wrong, tell me. Asalamualikum. Walaikumasalam. How are you? You look better. Mama, how are you? I’m fine, but what’s wrong with you. You just got married two days ago! I was a bride two days ago. Today I am a doctor. And don’t worry about me, see how Papa is feeling so much better. Thank God. He looks fine. You scared us with your attack. You didn’t want to attend your son’s reception? Rabail do one thing, the driver is waiting, go home. Get some rest and get ready, people will be coming in. Sure. I’ll go if you want me too. Zain, you too go with Rabail. But he just came. Didn’t I say. Zain is not needed here. Stay with Rabail and spend time with her. Why don’t you tell that you want to spend time with mama? We’ll just leave you alone. Long live dear. Be happy always. You keep reminding me that I have selected a very sensible and very good girl for my son. You take care, I’ll just come. Thank God Papa is feeling a lot better now. Were you upset because of this only? Or is something else bothering you? I don’t know if I should ask you or not. Your questions are very hurting and the answers will hurt even more. Therefore silence is the best option for those who question and those who need to answer. But there are a few questions that really need an answer. Do you not like me Zain, or is there anybody else you like? Or is it both? You’re very indifferent towards me. Papa keeps telling me that he likes me, but you’ve never told me the same. Rabail: I feel forced upon you
Zain: Please Rabail. I am very much disturbed. My mind is not functioning. I feel my brain will shut down. I’m sorry if I have ever hurt you. Is there a payback for this pain? Yes there is. And I’ll try to pay you back. But you’ll have to wait. And I’ll never dissapoint you ever again. Thank you so much. I have no complaints from you. I’m just a human being and a woman. So just told you what I felt. Its good that you talked to me. Hey Zain, I was waiting for you. How are you? I’m fine. Zia: Asalamualikum sister in law.
Rabail: Walaikumasalam. Zain: Why did you come Zia?
Zia: I came to ask about uncle’s health. Papa’s in the hospital. If you want to see him, go to the hospital. Please sit. Actually Zain is quite upset because of Papa. Its nothing sister in law. Zain and I are childhood friends and I know him very well. We keep doing this. Its fine. Totally fine. Sobi can u make Zain and I some tea? I’m really tired. Please sit. I’ll go get some tea. So sister in law, how was your day? Sister in law, I just remembered, Nishal is here. Nishal? Where is she? When did she come? She came a while ago. She’s waiting for you in her room. Oh okay. Excuse me. I’ll just see. I’ll get some tea. Not today. We’ll talk tomorrow. I’m very tired. Okay. I’ll speak to you tomorrow. Bye. Hie. You? Here? Tell me, are you happy to see me here or surprised? Both. Actually Zia was downstairs, so I just came up here. You don’t have to face anyone. You look at me and I’ll look at you. We’re both enough for each other. I don’t want anybody else looking at you. You’ve been made just for me. Understood? Really? And you yourself who belongs to Rabail? What about that? Its only for a few days. I’ll talk when dad’s home. And you too, buckle up to talk to your family. Its not that easy Nishal. I know Zain. I’m not a coward or somebody who’ll back off. If I get set upon achieving something, I don’t rest until I do. And since we both love each other, I don’t care about anything else. I can fight the whole world for you. Your attitude, your beauty, I’ve surrendered because of all these. Because of your decisions, your acts, my restraint and my indifference, all went down the drain. Only an unlucky person won’t want to accept you. I can fight the whole world for you. The whole world! Surprise! No surprise at all. Sobia told me you had come. This Sobia! Okay, leave the rest. Tell me how’s Abrar uncle feeling now? Rabail: He’s stable, thank God!
Nishal: Now that’s a good news. You guys please come downstairs, everybody’s waiting for you on tea. Has Zia left? No, he’s waiting for you. No. I’m going for a shower. Okay. So you come sit here. I really need to talk to you. Rabi, mama has sent me here. Rabail mama wants you to come and talk to Umair. You have no idea what a mess he is. He has left his studies and is staying at home. And its only who can make him understand. Because he listens to you. And mama believes you’ll make him understand. Come home and tell him this is not how your life is spent! Nishal, what can I make him understand? You know situations are now different. I’m married now and I cannot afford any scandal. Rabail, don’t be so selfish. Me? I’m being selfish? Think about mama and papa. Don’t know you what they’ve done for you? And can’t you do something for their only son? You have no idea what’s going on. Umair isn’t eating drinking anything. He’s started to smoke, Rabail! And its only you who can make him see reason. Don’t you know, how close he is to you and how much he listens to you. And can’t you do this much for mama and papa? Nishi. Nishi, wait please. Nishal, what’s wrong? You haven’t been replying to my calls or messages since so many days? Did I do something wrong? Nothing’s of this sort. Don’t you know all of us are tensed because of Abrar uncle. Nothing else. Oh. I see. So what’s your plan? About what? Can we meet somewhere? Aren’t we meeting right now, Zia? No. I meant, somwhere outside, in a restaurant or someplace we can sit and talk. Zia, I’ll think about it and let you know. Nishal. I’m very serious about you. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I literally keep thinking about you all the time. You’ve inspired me a lot. Thanks for the compliment Zia. We’ll meet later. I’ll see you. What a girl she is! Just like a princess. A princess! My heart is ready to be enslaved by her. Come Papa. Abrar: No. Rabail?
Rabail: Yes?
Abrar: Please hold my hand. Rabail dear, I feel very weak. I think I’m suffering from some weakness. You’ll be fine. Take some rest, have fruits and some soup. You’ll be normal in no time. I hope everything’s normal. Papa, I’ll go get you some soup. Listen? Both of you come here. Sit with me. Sit. Yes papa? Dear, I want you and Rabail to go somewhere on a vacation. Go on a honeymoon and you’ll also understand each other better. Living together like this, you’ll understand the strenght of your relationship and you’ll clear a lot of misunderstandings. You’re amazing dad. First get well soon. We have a lifetime together ahead. We’ll go some other time. Abrar: I’m fine dear.
Rabail: Zain is right Papa. We really don’t need to go on a honeymoon to understand each other. Or be alone at some place. Each moment spent together, teaches us a lot. You don’t learn much with an individual than you learn with a family. Enough Rabail. You only need a chance to get philosphical. Look at Papa’s health first. She’s right dear. Not everybody likes books, literature or sensible things. Some people just don’t have it in them. I don’t understand such talks. You go ahead and study Ghalib’s poetry with her. I’m going to mummy and Sobia. Rabail dear, come here. See dear, he is not mature, but you’re very sensible. You understand relationships. I want you to keep it in your mind that you’re in a very strong relationship with him. He’s doing everything knowingly. He’s burning himself and all of us as well. He’s destroying himself little by little and he’s doing the same to us. He’s left studies as well. He’s not eating anything. He doesn’t leave his room. I don’t understand how he handles this barren solitude. And then there’s your uncle. He hates his own flesh and blood! Should I tell you the truth Rabail, if I ever knew, something like this would happen to my own child, I wouldn’t have taken you as my daughter and brought you in this house. I curse that day. Come. Be careful. Lay down for a while. Keep your feet up. You want some soup? I really want the distance between these two to end. They begin understand one another. Now you must be worrying about your haste and your unbalance, right? I’ve done bad with that girl. I gave a diamond to a blacksmith for his better future. And never thought about the diamond. Oh please, let it be. My son is one in a million. There are a lot of weaknesses in him. He doesn’t know how to respect relations and more. But didn’t he listen to you and did what you wanted? If he had refused at that time, I wouldn’t have been in so much pain today. But what has he done wrong? Why are you bothered about him? He married where you wanted him to without a fight. But when they aren’t compatible together, why is it his fault? I want to talk to papa. Alone. Sit.


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