Koi Chand Rakh Episode 12 – 25th October 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

He agreed, to what you said. Is that his fault? If he had said no that day, I wouldn’t have been so hurt today. But what has he done? What is his fault? Why are you after his life? He did what you said, he agreed to the proposal and got married. But what’s his fault is there’s no compatibility? I want to talk to papa. Alone. Sit. Oh. Doctor? Come come. How did you come knocking at my door step today? I have come to meet you Umair! Meet me? Why have you come to meet me? Why are you lying! You’ve been called. Like a savior. That you can treat a patient. Cure him. Fix him. Is that so? Isn’t it? Miss doctor? You’ve given me an uncurable wound. A disease that cannot be treated! Its just a sight. So look at me. And what is it to you? You’re happy in your new life. What’s with you?! Your life is all set! Papa, I’ve told you the entire situation. Everything happened because of a misunderstanding. I don’t say it was my fault. But I didn’t cheat anyone, did I? It happened itself. Where was I at fault? I’ve listened to what you said. And I expect you to understand what I say. Dear, time gone, doesn’t return. This is the fact that she’s your wife. You have to spend your life with her now. Its okay that you like Nishal for a while. But, But, forget her now. Understand what I am telling you now. Why are you trying to destroy this house? If you don’t understand what I say, it’ll be terrible. And we’ll be left with nothing. Stop it Papa. Are you even listening to me? I cannot accept Rabail as my wife. I’ve decided. I’ll divorce Rabail and marry Nishal. Abrar: Have you gone mad!
Zain: Papa! Abrar: Don’t even think about it.
Zain: What’s wrong papa? Abrar: I brought that child as my daughter in this house.
Zain: I know. What’s wrong! Abrar: Don’t divorce her.
Zain: Papa what’s wrong with you? Okay. I promise. But you please relax. Papa? Papa? Papa, I promise I’ll never divorce her. Don’t be tensed. Papa? What’s this drama?! Stop it already! This is not cigarette smoke. Its the smoke of your family burning! Don’t you see their love for you? Don’t you see what they want? You’ve become so selfish Umair! You only care about what you want! About what happened with you! You don’t care about anyone at all! You don’t care about anybody who loves you? Are you so selfish? Rabail: I beg of you Umair! Let it be!
Umair: Even I begged of you! I begged you! Did anyone listen to me? Anybody?! Nobody! And I’ve become a stone now! And now I don’t care about anyone. Not even you! Come bang in to me so that you too realize what is pain! How hurt feels like! You should also feel the pain I’ve felt. Do you want to see how much I can bear? Do you want to know? Should I show you? Umair: I’ve been so much hurt that I can no longer feel the pain!
Rabail: Umair stop it. What are you doing! What’s going on? Rabail, what are you doing in Umair’s room at this hour? Come down right now! Rabail, I didn’t expect this stupidity from you. Uncle, you’re married now. You are someone’s wife, someone’s daughter in law. How can you and talk to an already disturbed person? Especially when you know he’s disturbed because of you. He can do anything at all if you’re near him! Rabail: Uncle, aunty told me,
Nafeesa: What are you saying! Hold your tongue! Asad is right Rabail. When Nishal and I weren’t home. Why did you go to his room? You’re educated. You’re a doctor! You should understand! You can act as fuel to the fire burning inside him! And at this time, stay away from his sight. That’s how he’ll be alright. Rabai: I didn’t want to come here.
Nishal: What do you mean? Don’t try to act innocent. What are you trying to show? Are you a super woman? That you care about everyone? Rabail, I’m very disappointed in you. Even I feel you’ve led Umair here. Your aunt is right! Uncle, I’m going home. They’re waiting for me. Now that you’re hear, please eat and go. Zain must be coming. I’ll serve dinner. Rabail: Hello.
Zain: Rabail where are you?
Rabail: Just leaving. Zain: Rabail papa isn’t feeling well at all. Come fast.
Rabail: Give him his angina tablet. I’m coming. Papa, please take this medicine! Abrar: You promise me, you will not divorce her.
Zain: I promise, but you take this medicine and water please. Make another promise, you will never meet Nishal again! Papa what are you saying! Papa I wont divorce Rabail but I cannot leave Nishal. What are you saying! Papa, relax please. Papa please relax. Zain: Papa!
Gulshan: What happened! Gulshan: Abrar, open your eyes! Call an ambulance! He was talking to him. Check him Rabail! Sobia: Papa?
Zain: Nobody is picking up their phone! Papa please open your eyes. Papa is no more. I don’t know why I am feeling this way. Your life in this house won’t start on a good note. Should I burden you with what’s bothering me? But I cannot even do that dear. What should I tell you, how should I tell you. After what I have seen, I don’t want to see anything, anymore. Dear, please take care of your family. They’re suffering, not eating or sleeping. We’ll take your leave. Okay, Gulshan. We’ll take your leave. Take care of yourself and the kids. Be patient please. You too take care and get some rest. Nafeesa: Okay, dear. We’ll go now.
Rabail: I’ll just come. Okay dear. Allow me to leave. And be patient. Be strong dear. I’ll come later. Dear, this house has undergone a big incident! People are broken now. They need care, attention and sympathy. Are you understanding what I am saying? Dear, you’ll have to take care of everybody here. Uncle, you’re not angry with me? Let me be dear. I’m just saying take care of everyone. Especially Zain. He needs your love and care. Dear, its your duty to take care of everyone in this house now. Understood? Long live my dear. Be happy. Take care. We cannot even imagine how a house full of happiness yesterday is now full of sorrow. Perhaps, happiness didn’t suit you people. Its a bad time. Your daughter in law isn’t a good omen for your family. I’ve heard from my elders. Mama, you must be tired, Please take a little rest. Sobi, please go to your room. Don’t you tell me what to do or not to do. Understood? Everybody is here and I should go and rest?! That’s what your parents have taught you? But if you’re looking for an excuse to rest. Go ahead! Sobia and I are fine here. We don’t want to go. You leave. Don’t you tell me what to do or not to do. Understood? If you want to rest, go ahead. Can I ask you something Zain? Ask. How did your proposal come to my house? Papa saw you. He was very impressed. He expressed his wish when he came home that he wanted to make you his daughter in law. Then? Then the proposal was accepted. How could it be? Without asking you? Sobia, mama? Without asking anybody how could he fix this match? Who told you we didn’t like this proposal? Your attitudes. You’re mistaken. There’s nothing of the sort Rabail. We’re all very disturbed after Papa’s death. Abrar: Promise me you’ll not divorce her.
Zain: I promise, please drink water.
Abrar: Promise me one more thing. You will never meet Nishal! Promise me one thing. You’ll take care of my house. I promise you. Zain I know, you loved papa a lot. You were the closest to him. But its life and it has to go on. Papa brought us together. Lets make a promise with one another, that we’ll live this relationship till our last breaths. So that papa’s soul can be at peace. Zain? Promise me? Maid: Miss Nishal?
Nishal: Yes, come in. Nishal someone is here to meet you. I’ve made him sit in the lounge. Who has come to meet me? You go, I’ll just come. Zia? You here? I’m really sorry. I just came without informing. I couldn’t hold back. What do you mean? Nishi, I’m really helpless. I miss you all the time. I think about you all the time. I’m going crazy. How can a girl be so beautiful, so attractive! You’re controlling my thoughts. I never thought it would happen. Have you heard about Inka? You’ve become her for me! Inka? The one who makes people act upon her wishes? Yes. You’ve become that for me. Oh, Zia dear. You’re hear? Asalamualikum. Please sit. Mama, I called him. Actually we have the same subjects so I thought about taking his help. Nafeesa: Sure. Sit. I’ll get you so tea.
Zia: Thanks aunty. Zia, you came here today. But be careful next time. I don’t want my brother or father to think something wrong! Nishal you weren’t receiving my calls so I came. I can understand. But be careful next time. Sure. Hello? Yes Shujaat? How are you? Really? Thank you. I’ll just go and see. Bye. Umair? Try this dude. This solves all your problems! It’ll make you ecstatic. What are you doing here? What are you doing?! This is what you do for us? This is how you pay your parents back? Get up. Let’s go. Leave me. Leave me. Go home. Umair: Let me be.
Asad: Should I leave you to be an addict? To rot like a dog?! I’m your father. Not your neighbor. Get up and come with me! Umair: Leave me!
Asad: Children are parents treasures. Their earnings for a lifetime! And you? You’re a shame! Shameless. This is how you pay us back? Yes! I am shameless! So what?! I am what I am. Enough. I am not at all ashamed about it! And why should I be ashamed?! Who has ever worried about me in this house? Who found a balm for my wounds? Did anybody do something to save me from a loss? Nothing! Nobody did nothing! Because, all you cared about was your own reputation! My love? Nobody cared about my heart! So yes, even I am like this. I don’t care. You all can go to hell! I want to vomit blood and see you cry tears of blood! Perhaps that’s the price of all our sins. This is our repentance. Don’t touch me. Nobody touches me. Let me be. I don’t need anyone. Umair: I’m fine. Completely fine.
Nafeesa: Umair? Dear? I wish dread upon Rabail! I wish dread! She has destroyed my entire house. Destroyed my entire family! She’s left me helpless. I should have left her at an orphanage. That would have been right! Come, lets go to your room. Umair: You get to know who loves whom?
Rabail: Love doesn’t need an introduction. Umair: Do you know I really like you when you talk like this.
Rabail: And I hate you when you waste your time. Go to your room and study. You don’t know Rabi how special you are. This mirror won’t tell you the truth. My eyes will. Look into my eyes. Umair I beg of you. Don’t embarrass me in front of my own self. I don’t want people to not trust us. What sort of emotions are these that you’re shouting your lungs out! What sort of a love is this?! You’re blackmailing me! Promise me… Rabail: You’ll go complete your studies at your hostel. And I’ll
Umair: You’ll what Rabi? I’ll wait for you. I don’t want your love. I don’t need it! I don’t have any love, care or concern for you! Understood?! And one more thing, even if I divorce Zain, I will not marry you!


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