Koi Chand Rakh Episode 19 – 13th Dec 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitles Eng]

Nishal isn’t lying Rabail. Nishal and I are now married. She’s legally my wife. Do you understand? No Zain. You cannot do this to me. She’s lying. You’re lying! This cannot be! Tell me Zain. Tell me it isn’t true. Rabail: Tell me this isn’t true! Tell me!
Zain: Behave. Don’t you dare talk to me like this! Rabail we’re married now! Rabi? Come with me. Rabail: Sobia why is Zain saying this? He cannot do this to me.
Sobia: Come with me. Rabail: Zain listen to me.
Zain: Sobia take her away! Zain, at least listen to me! Finally. Its just a matter of few days. Everything will be fine. Relax. Smile. What is all this happening? She isn’t well at all. Gulshan: She’s so weak.
Sobia: Mom she’s in shock. I don’t know if Zain and Nishal did right. But it all happened to fast! Sobia: They fell in love! What else!
Gulshan: What love! He was only obsessed with her. Mom, this is the truth. Nishal is prettier than her. Zain: Nishal, what are you doing?
Nishal: Zain wake up! Why? Why should I wake up? Look how beautiful this morning is. And we’re together. I’m so happy. Are you sure you’re happy? Of course I’m happy. I’m happy to see you happy. The way you got here, after facing so many difficulties, leaving your parents, I thought you would be tensed. Its alright. Do you know, dad had his revolver out on me. What? His own daughter! And do you know why all this is happening? Because of Rabail. I couldn’t believe it. But my own dad did this to me! Zain: Let it be. Its over.
Nishal: Do you know why dad did this? Had it been someone else I had married secretly, papa wouldn’t have reacted this way. Everything happened because of Rabail. You know whats best about you? You take everything for granted. You don’t take anything seriously. But not Rabail. Don’t even compare me to Rabail. Nishal: I’m not like Rabail.
Zain: Who said you were like her? There’s nobody like you. You’re my Nishal. You’re perfect. And no, we’ll never compare you with anyone at all. Happy now? Nishal: Can we go have breakfast? I’m so hungry.
Zain: A little while more. No. Get up. Nishal: I’m hungry.
Zain: Okay. Okay. I’m up. Can I change? What do you mean? Why are you only having tea? Eat something! Gulshan: You’re a doctor, you should know that you need to eat healthy.
Rabail: I’ll have something at the hospital. Are you insane? You were up all night. You’re hurt. Don’t go to the hospital. My heart is broken. But this will not end. I cannot let everything be and mourn. I want some fresh air, away from all this. This house has robbed me of everything. I want to go away from here. Hie everyone. I’m sorry aunty, I couldn’t tell you everything last night. I was quite upset. Papa was enraged when he found out about my and Zain’s wedding. He asked me to leave. Where else could I go? So I came here. Whatever you people did, is not right! What are you saying? At least you should support Zain and me. Zain and I have already faced so much problems. We need to have a likable partner to spend our lives. Zain never liked Rabail. He always liked me. And by the way, Rabail was deceiving Zain with Umair. Nishal, what’s wrong with you. Why are you giving clarifications? We got married, not did anything wrong. Have your breakfast. Eat. Nishal isn’t lying Rabail. Nishal and I are married. At least you should support Zain and me. Zain and I have already faced so much. You need a likable partner to spend your life. Zain never liked Rabail. He always liked me. Rabail was deceiving Zain with Umair. You have a fever. Check her temperature. Check her and give her these medicines. Then tell me. What’s wrong? Did you check her temperature? I’ll just give her some medicines. But you’re running a temperature too. Yes, I don’t know. Fever or weakness. I’ll see to it. You give her medicines. Throwing Nishal out won’t solve the problem. She’s living with Zain now. She must have created a scene there. She has destroyed Rabi’s happy life. Mama, Papa… I think we should go there. We should go and see how Rabi is doing. We need to make Zain and Rabi talk. I’ll call Rabi. She isn’t picking up. Mama, please try. Ask her, if she’s okay. Whatever happened, happened because Zain wanted it, do you understand? We don’t know what’s going on between Zain and Rabail and why this happened. With both our girls there, we better stay out of it. What do you mean? You mean, Rabi and Nishal should live together in the same house. Everything happened because Zain wanted it, what else do you want? Nishal has been thrown out and you guys have vowed to not speak to her. But I cannot leave her or let her be, because she’s my daughter. And you too stay quiet, we need not interfere there. They’ll solve their own matters. Solve it? Solve what mama? Zain is blinded by his new marriage, he’ll never see the good in Rabail. And what if he divorces Rabail? If that’s whats written in Rabail’s fate, then it’ll be this. Zain can do what he wants. What?! Papa, do you see what mama is doing? She’s only worried about Nishal. And Rabi? What about her? This means that, you never thought of Rabi as your daughter. When did you think of her as your sister? She always thought of us as our own. Nafeesa was her mother, I her dad, you and Nishal as her siblings. But sadly, none of us could stay loyal to her. Not even her own husband. We cannot reduce her pain. Your mother is right. Let her be. Gulshan: Hello?
Adeela: Hie aunty, this is Adeela, Rabail’s colleague. How are you Adeela? How are you calling? Aunty, Rabail is running a high temperature and is weak. I’m insisting she goes home but she doesn’t agree. Is everything alright at home? Dear, everything’s fine. Minor problems do happen but one shouldn’t leave home. Did Rabail tell you? No aunty, Rabail hasn’t said anything to me. But her condition speaks for her. Adeela: Please ask Zain to come pick her and tell her to rest.
Gulshan: I’ll send him. Adeela: Thank you. Bye.
Gulshan: Bye What are you doing? We’ll be late for the movie. There’s so much traffic. And I found these tickets only. Hurry up. Zain just five minutes is what I’m asking for. Tell me the truth, did you bug Rabail the same way? You’re hiding my things, taking my lipsticks, why are you being so naughty? What are you? I don’t even remember laughing this much with Rabail. She’s so boring; nobody can be happy with her. Nishal: Where are you lost?
Zain: No where. I didn’t ask you to be lost in Rabail’s thoughts. Not at all. I’m not even thinking about her. Tell me Zain. Whose company do you like, Rabail’s or mine? Are you happier with me? Tell me! Why are you being a kid? Come we’re getting late. What are you thinking? Why are you thinking about her? Rabail:Why are you thinking?
Zain: Are you mad? I’m not thinking about her. I need to think before I answer your question, don’t I? So don’t answer my question then. I want you with me, nothing else. I cannot share you with anyone. Zain? Yes mom? Come to my room, I have to talk to you. I’ll just come. Zain, aren’t we leaving for the film? Zain: We are.
Nishal: Aren’t we late? Just get ready, I’ll just go listen to what Mom has to say. Zain, doctor Adeela called from the hospital. Rabail isn’t well at all. Can you bring her home? Gulshan: Dear, can you go bring her back?
Zain: Are you alright mom? She isn’t coming home because of me and you’re asking me to bring her back? I cannot face her. Why don’t you understand? Are you insane Zain? You’ll have to handle everything now! And we cannot hurt her in this condition. She’s already broken. Gulshan: What would happen if she has a miscarriage?
Zain: She’ll be fine don’t worry. I cannot take any risk. Don’t you know, we already have fewer kids in our family? You’re our only son. Your dad was also the sole heir of his family. What would happen if something goes wrong. See dear, She’s giving you an heir, please take care of her. Listen to me. Let her deliver the child and you can do as you please. But right now, she needs you. Go bring her home. What nonsense are you teaching him? Why should he go and bring Rabail back? Like my parents threw me out, Rabail should suffer the same. She will not come back here. Now I am responsible for Zain and this house. We’re going out. Please stop telling him nonsense. Come Zain. How ill mannered this girl is! Rabail never even looked me in the eye. Has Zain made a wrong decision? Whats wrong Zain? Amazing. You’re asking me whats wrong? How could you talk to mom like this? So harshly? I’m wondering how mom didn’t say a word. She has never given anybody so much space. So what could I do? Didn’t you see she was siding with Rabail? I couldn’t tolerate it. I’ve always seen this in my house. Dad always sided with Rabail. And I can’t take this anymore. I have to stop this. Try to understand. Nishal: Rabail snatched everything from me?
Zain: So? Zain: You snatched me from her. You’re even now.
Nishal: We can never be even Zain. This is war, till my last breath! And by the way, the final blow is still left. What do you mean? First tell me when will you divorce her? Nishal: Tell me Zain, why are you quiet?
Zain: I’m driving Nishal. Important decisions aren’t made on the road. We’ll talk in peace. Zain, remember this. I will not be at peace until you sort this out. Do something as soon as possible. Okay. Don’t be angry. But cheer up for now. Come on. Smile. Hello. Doctor, Rabail wasn’t well. Where is she now? Why didn’t Zain come himself? I’m surprised. Rabail is resting for now. I gave her medicines. She’ll be up any time. You can visit her. Why did you come here? To see you. I thought, I wouldn’t find you. But sometimes we do get lucky, Rabi. The doctor told me you weren’t well. How are you now? Didn’t you want to see me like this? Now see. I’m so alone. I’m so broken. Sometimes people like you succeed in their plannings. Now you can be happy. You’ve succeeded. Leave Umair. Come. Where? Wherever you say. You aren’t feeling well. Even Zain didn’t come to pick you. But I’m here. I’ll drop you Rabi. You don’t have anything to do with my matters Umair. Understood? Go. I beg of you Rabi. Please stop being stubborn. Umair, i told you to leave. Rabail! Why haven’t you gone home? Please go home. The doctor has specially instructed me to send you home. He’s worried about you. Go. And your leave has been approved as well. Go home. Get some rest. Lets go Rabi. Be strong. Call me, if you need anything. Thank you.
Adeela: Take care. Bye. What are you saying Rabi? Where will you go if you don’t go home? The world is very big. I’ll go anywhere. Where nobody knows me. No relatives. Nothing. You go. Please go home. You have a house. You have your family. Go home. I’m fine here, alone. You think I’ll leave if you tell me too? My love isn’t so weak, Rabi. You are not alone in this world. You have a family too! You have a house. Why don’t you fight for your right?! Listen Rabi, You have to shout for your right at times. You have to shout or else the world thinks of you as a beggar. They make fun of you thinking you’re not strong. When this world doesn’t understand your goodness, then shout! Tell this world that you’re no less! You don’t have to hide. And why should you? Why?! You are Zain’s wife. He married you in front of the world. He took you home with respect. So? Why are you embarrassed? Listen to me. Look at me! That house is yours. Nobody else’s! That house, people there are all yours. Come. Umair: I’ll drop you home first.
Rabail: Leave me. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go with you! I don’t want your sympathy. I hate everybody who has sympathy for me! I don’t need anybody. Go! You hate me right? Tell me! Hate me as much as you like. I won’t say anything. Lets have a competition, Rabi. Your hatred or my love! I will not leave unless you listen to me. I’ll be here forever! Lets go.


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