Koi Chand Rakh Episode 22 – 3rd January 2019 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

What happened? I’m leaving for Islamabad Rabi. That’s great. Even your hate turned out to be a blessing for me. The fire of your hatred and your anger, lit the path for my otherwise dark future. Thank you for that. I pray that’s how it is. No matter if its hatred that takes you to your goal. Because this sort of a hatred is way better than love. Both of us couldn’t understand each other’s love and emotions, even being close to one another, we couldn’t give each other happiness. But its okay. Lets try ourselves now. Hello. Hello. Rabail: How are you feeling?
Zia: Quite good. Thank you. Please go check on him as well. Please take deep breathes. You’re doing better today. Rabail? Even after I wronged you guys, you’ve been caring for me. I don’t deserve it. See, I’ve told you earlier, I am doctor Rabail. And I’m not your sister in law. And let bygones be bygones. Dr. Rabail? I need to discuss something very important with you. Please don’t say no. See, I’m on duty at this hour. I’ll see you later. Oh God. Thank you. I cannot be thankful enough. Umair, you’ve made me so happy. I’m at peace now. I feel all my worries have finally ended. You know I haven’t slept soundly since ages. But its alright now. All’s well. Now you’ll be serious in your studies and career and be sincere to your parents, we don’t want anything else. I’m so happy. Umair dear, Not for us, but you need to be serious and sincere for yourself first. You’ve made us so happy this way. Papa, I’ve realized now, when a candle burns itself, it burns to give light to the world. Love is like that too. And Rabi taught me this. Mama, papa, If I become something in my life, all the credit will go to Rabi for that. Please thank her. I tried to explain you everything dr. Rabail, but you mistook it. I did everything to take revenge from Zain. And I’m ashamed of myself now. See I’m getting late. I don’t have time for this nonsense. What do you want from me? If I tell you I want to marry Sobia, will you support me? Mr. Zia! Thank God my family isn’t stupid. We’ll never trust a person who deceived us once. Bye. Zia: Please listen to me sister.
Rabail: Its Dr. Rabail! Please! Sorry. Dr. Rabail, I’m really very ashamed of what I did. And I want to make everything alright. I want to rectify every mistake. Please help me. Sometimes the deceit is so big, that you cannot trust someone again. And how exactly will you rectify everything! You should apologize to Gulshan Aunty and Sobia first. Its their right and your duty. Hello? What’s up Zain? I’m working. What else? You could miss me as well? And of course even my pictures are restricted in your office, right! Nishal, for God’s sake. What’s wrong? This is your 5th call this morning. I’m trying to concentrate on my work. I don’t know. I’m joining office with you tomorrow. Zain: Don’t you have anything else to do?
Nishal: Your family is so boring Zain. I don’t understand anything. What do you mean? I mean there’s absolutely nothing to talk to Gulshan aunty or Sobia. They don’t have a topic to talk about. All they care about is being my mother in law, sister in law. I don’t know what I should be telling them. There’s only one thing we can talk about, what we’re going to make for lunch and dinner. And you know I’m different. I don’t want to talk about such things. So don’t discuss the menu. You should just talk to them. Give them company. Help them forget Rabail. Nishal: Listen, don’t forget we have a jewelry exhibition to attend tonight?
Zain: Yes, I remember. Tell mom and Sobia as well. They can come with us too. What are you saying Zain? We’re newly married. I don’t want to take anyone along. And the exhibition is on for the entire week, Gulshan aunty and Sobia can go later. Fine. As you say. Now let me do some work. Okay, bye. Nishal: Bye.
Zain: Okay. bye. Dear aunty, you’ll play kitchen politics with me? I’ll see you. Oh, What are you doing Rabail? You just got back from the hospital. Now you’re making tea. Rabail: Its nothing but some tea.
Asad: You just like pampering us all. Its not about pampering, I’m your daughter and its my duty. Rabail: Here.
Asad: Thank you dear. Aunty? Aunty? What are you thinking? Nothing. I’m keeping your tea here. I’ll just come. Nafeesa? You must be thinking about your dear one, Nishal. Look at Rabail. She’s pampering us even after coming here. I can say it with certainty, Nishal must have thought of a plan to destroy that house now. Enough is enough Asad. You’ve become an enemy of your own daughter, given all her love to Rabail. She’s left this house. Please spare her now. Nafeesa, you will never understand this. Rabi dear, you’re very simple and innocent. I’m afraid that, you might not be able to handle this deceitful world. Can you promise me something? Please never leave my house and its people. Rabail I don’t want to keep you in the dark. This relationship of ours is just temporary. You can choose your way once you give birth to my child. Rabail: Hello?
Zia: Hie. Its me Zia. I told you earlier that I’m not related to you in any way. And I don’t want to be linked to Zain. My name is Dr. Rabail. Only Dr. Rabail. Whatever you say, but you’re still married to Zain. And I respect you in the same way. And I will not stop respecting you. You’re Zain’s wife. And Nishal being with him has no meaning for me. She just, does not exist for me. What do you want? I need you help and your support. I don’t have the strength to meet Sobia, Gulshan aunty or Zain alone. You helped me when I had hidden intentions. I wanted to take revenge from Zain. But now I want to rectify myself. Please help me make things better. Please. Please give me some time to think. I’ll talk to mama and let you know. Okay. You’ve wasted so much time. We’re getting late Zain. We’re getting late because of you. Don’t blame me if your exhibition starts. Gulshan: You’re going somewhere?
Zain: Yes mom, Nishal and I were going to an exhibition. We’ll be back soon. Nothing new. Zain, I’m alright. I don’t want to go anywhere since your father died. But think something about your sister too. She’s young. She might want to go out too. How long could she just stay in. You guys go out everyday. Perhaps you could ask her sometime to come along too. Yes mom. Aunty, wouldn’t Sobia enjoy more in her own friend circle? Why would she enjoy with her brother and sister in law more than her friends? And by the way, Zain and I have our own privacy. We might want to talk and we can’t do that in front of Sobia. Right? Nishal, you need to learn to live for others as well. You might begin to know how things are done then. And you marrying Zain doesn’t mean he’ll forget his mother and sister. This is unfair and unjust! Zain: Mom what are you saying?
Nishal: I know why you’re saying this. This is part of your planning too. Sobia and you keep eavesdropping on me and Zain. What is she saying Zain? Why are you quiet? Zain: Nishal what are you saying?
Nishal: Zain had a failed marriage with Rabail. Now you want to do the same to us! What do you and Sobia want? Every day you’re trying to break us apart. What are you planning?! What is she saying Zain? And you, Why don’t you tell her to watch it! Lets go. Come. Mom, I’ll speak to her. Bye. Zain, my son. I never thought my son would do this to me. Mom, get a hold of yourself. What did brother say to you? Nothing. Now tell me what were you saying? What is mom and Sobia planning? What is it? Yes Zain. I wanted to tell you. Your mom and sister are planning against you. Zain: What?
Nishal: Anyways, now listen to me. Mom and Sobia don’t like us being together. She isn’t happy. In fact, she thinks she’s losing you. And how do you know this? What proof do you have? I heard them. She was clear about not being happy about us. What’s their problem? They weren’t happy with Rabail either. And now they have issues with you. I cannot believe it. You don’t worry. And by the way, we’re very strong together. Nobody can break us apart. Should I tell you something? If you want to be happy, stay away from your mother and sister and their politics. These housewives are all like this. They don’t understand these happy couples or love birds. You’re right. Should I tell you something? What? We make such a cute couple. People will get jealous. Its not their fault. Of course. I love you. And I love you very much! Lets go. Mama, hie. Oh, my dear. How are you? How are you? You’re here, I’ll be fine. Without you, this house became barren. You’re here now. Sobia? Sobia, I’m very sorry for what I did. And I know I hurt you. I want to apologize now. Please, please forgive me. I speak with my heart. Mama, I promised Abrar uncle, that I’d never break away from this house. No matter how difficult times came. I want to be with you guys. And because of that promise, I just want to tell you what I think. Mama, Zia is very guilty. He has apologized to Sobia. And he wants to get married to Sobia. I think, Sobia too will have no objections if this happens. Am I right Sobia? You’re right. I agree to what you say. Now give me some sweets. Mama, are you sure? I mean, you could ask Zain and Nishal as well. See Rabail, Sobia is my daughter. And I have all the right to decide about her happiness and her life. Who are Zain and Nishal to interfere? I don’t need them. I just want your support. And Zia, prepare for the wedding. We’ll get it done soon. But, I want everything to be done very simply. Alright? Thank you so much aunty. Thanks a lot. You’ve made me so happy. Don’t call me aunty. I’m your mama, just like Sobia’s. Call me mama. Of course. Mama. I’ll get into the habit soon. Now please get me some sweets. Have some Sobia. Have some sweets. Zia? Whats happening here? What is all this? Zain? Who dare you enter my house? You shameless person! Why are you here?! I called him here. Don’t you dare touch him. What? Zia has brought a proposal for Sobi. What?! What are you saying? I know what I’m doing. I’m saying exactly that! And for your kind information, Zia and Sobia are to be married real soon. No mom. You cannot do this. This, Zain: How can this be possible?
Nishal: Zain aren’t you watching? Zia does not belong to our cast! For me, its not acceptable at all. I neither need your permission nor your opinion. I don’t need either. I am Sobia’s mother and I can decide the best for her. And Nishal, you too listen to me. You don’t matter to me. I don’t care about you. Do you understand?! And one more thing. Rabail is my daughter in law! And she’ll stay forever! Remember this! What? Zain are you listening? What awkward situation is this? What drama?! He deceived our family! Nishal: He ruined our reputation and now he’s getting all the respect.
Sobia: Enough Nishal! You too are one of the reason for ruining our reputation! Sobia: In fact you’ve ruined your family as well!
Zain: Shut up! Stop this nonsense. Nobody dare say a word against Nishal. I’ll not spare anyone. Come, Nishal. We’re not needed in this house anymore. And I know why all this is happening. You cannot deceive me further Rabail. Zain: Come Nishal.
Rabail: It’ll be late before you come to your senses Zain. Its takes long for a blind person to see. Remember this. Mama? Mama, relax. Get some water. You? You and Nishal went to your room last night. But mama fell terribly sick. I stayed for her. I know you won’t like it. What happened to her? She couldn’t handle your’s and your wife’s attitude. She’s a mother and mothers have a delicate heart. Mom? I want to talk to you. Yes? What did you do? Why did you agreed to Zia’s proposal for Sobia? Whatever I did, it was the right thing to do. You worry about what you need to do now. Fine. Do what you please. I know who is using you against me and Nishal. And to be spared from all this, I’m moving to a new place with Nishal. And she doesn’t even want to stay with you after your attitude with her. You’ll leave your mother? What else can I do? You worry about others more than your own son. What should I do? I didn’t like these people and you’re forcing me to do it. Its for the best I make the move. Alright dear. If you cannot understand your mother, go ahead with your wife. As you like. But I’ll be here since I’m your mother. I just hope you don’t regret your decision. If you can, do come for your sister’s happiness. This means you’ll not change your decision. No. I want my daughter to be happy. Fine mom. Keep your daughter happy then. I’m leaving. Zain this is such a beautiful house. I don’t believe this. Should I tell you something? I love you. I love you too. Do you know, I always wanted this. A beautiful house for you and I. And this house is mine! No. Its your’s and mine. Its ours. Ours. We’ve left everyone to be together. This is such a beautiful union. We don’t need anybody else. We’re enough for each other. Do you remember Zain, you used to call me Noori? And now, I’ve become your entire world. Now we’ll live and die together. Zain: Can we go look at the house now?
Nishal: Listen did you…. Nishal: I want to see it first.
Zain: Listen to me. Nishal: What’s up there?
Zain: Wait a bit. Its so nice. It’ll suit you a lot. (Sobia and Zia talking) What happened? Are you feeling alright? I’m fine. Lets go home. No. Rabail: Lets complete the shopping. We’ll go later. Just dizzy.
Sobia & Zia: Shopping can wait. Gulshan: Is everything done?
Rabail: Yes almost. Sobia: Should I help you?
Gulshan: Why are you here? You’re a new bride. Go sit with your groom. Don’t worry. We’ll manage. Go. Rabail, Zain didn’t come right? Everybody was asking about him. It was so embarrassing. Mama, I’ll just call him and ask. Don’t worry. Don’t. Its alright. When he couldn’t come to his sister’s wedding, why should he come now? Let it be. Its alright. I’ll answer everybody. Hello? Give the phone to Zain! Oh. So its you. What do you want? I said give the phone to Zain. I don’t even want to talk to you. You’re not worthy of being talked to. Give the phone to Zain! Tell me what is it Rabail! Hello? Yesterday your only sister got married. You didn’t come. Your sister and everybody in attendance kept waiting for you. And of course. Your mother. Even your late father’s soul must have waited for you. If you can, even if its for a while, do come here. Mama and Sobia are waiting for you. I’ll try. Tell me if mom is alright. Zain she isn’t okay. But pray nothing happens to her. I’ll just come in a while. Alright. Zain you’re not going anywhere. Did you listen! Zain?! Listen to me. Zain is here. Thank you for coming Zain. This burden was getting heavier for me alone. You should have been here. I got your sister married. But she waited for you. Your family is waiting for you. Lets go inside. Thank God he’s here. He looks happy.


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