Koi Chand Rakh Episode 3 – 2nd August 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Well, Abrar called. They’re very eager for this proposal. They’re asking for a date for the engagement. But we haven’t talked to Rabail yet. She has neither agreed, nor met the boy. I will not say yes to them until Rabail says so. Please ask her today if you can. And if she wants to meet Zain, even then its alright. I’ll call Zain, you people can also meet him. No. That’s alright. Don’t call Zain right now. I have not talked to Umair about it. Why haven’t you told Umair about it yet? Its important that Umair knows about it. She is his very dear sister. Asad, he’s going back to his hostel tomorrow after his vacations. And he’s such an emotional boy, very close to Rabail. I don’t want his studies to be disturbed. Let him be there. If he finds out about Rabail, he’ll become double minded. I don’t want him to be disturbed this time. Let him stay there. Papa, mama is right. If Umair finds out about Rabail’s proposal, he won’t be able to concentrate on his studies. So you mean to say we should fix Rabail’s marriage without informing Umair? Don’t you think he’ll protest when he finds out that we fixed his beloved sister’s marriage without informing him? See, let me handle everything. Okay. As you wish. But then Umair shouldn’t blame me. Okay? I’ll take your leave now. Ask Rabail for her consent today so that I can answer Abrar. Okay? Bye. Mama, why hasn’t Rabail come home yet. Her duty finished 2 hours ago. She’ll be home. Where else will she go. This is her home. Mama, I was wondering if Rabail listened to us last night. What if she’s upset? Why are you talking like this? I’m already nervous. I don’t know who has cast an evil spell towards our house. We don’t have anymore peace. That girl hasn’t come home. Umair is locked in his room and you’re just talking nonsense. Oh, don’t you worry. Leave it to me. I’ll handle everything. Hello. Hello. Hie uncle, this is Zain. Hello. How are you Zain dear? I am absolutely fine. How are you feeling uncle? Oh, I’m absolutely fine too. Your dad has made me a happy man.
I am absolutely fine. How are you feeling uncle? I am absolutely fine. How are you feeling uncle? Oh alright. Uncle if you don’t mind, can I meet Rabail? Dear, there’s nothing to mind about that. I too want you people to meet each other and understand one another. Come home some time. Actually no uncle. I wanted to meet her at the hospital. I hope you don’t mind it. Oh okay. Its fine. Thank you so much uncle. Thank you. Bye. What happened? What’s wrong? What’s wrong with you Umair? You’ve upset everybody. What’s up with you?! You don’t need to mess with me Nishal. And who are you to talk in my matters? If you like a boy tomorrow, even I won’t interfere in your matters. We’re independent people. Don’t you know you have to leave for hostel tomorrow? And you haven’t packed as yet? Hostel? I am not going to any hostel! What do you mean? As long as I don’t have an assurity that Rabail is only mine. I’m not leaving from here. And who is giving you this assurity?! Rabi herself. I know Nishal that she’s been getting proposals. And if I don’t do anything, mama and papa will have her married to anybody else. This is my condition. So what do you want? Mama and Papa marry you off to Rabail before you go off to your hostel? This is not I want. I just want mama, papa and Rabail to assure me they won’t do any such thing unless I complete my education. What’s wrong with you? Have you lost it completely! You’re talking crazy. But what if I give you an surety, that I can help you with this. I’m going to the hospital to tell Rabail. You come with me as well. And talk to here there. Fine. I you help me, I’ll promise to look out for you in my life. Lets go. Nishal? You here? So what there’s to be surprised about? When you will not reach home after your duty ends and your cell phone is off as well. Wouldn’t I be worried? You don’t have to be worried about me. I’m not a wanderer. I only know my way back to my home. Actually Doctor Adeela is on a leave and I had to fill up for her. But you could have informed. I thought aunty wasn’t well. Perhaps she was asleep. How can she sleep? Her sleep is now on stake. Its about her only son. Mama is very upset. Anyways. Umair has come with me and he’s waiting for you outside. So, what should I do? See, the more you run from Umair, ignore him, and the more he’ll run behind you. So, what should I do? I’ll tell you. Sit here, we’ll talk. Nishal, do you think, doing this will be right? Telling lies to Umair. So, do you want to tell him the truth? What are you saying? Rabail we have no other way out. Why don’t you understand? We’re only trying to divert Umair’s passion by misleading him! He’ll only calm down when you talk to him. Otherwise you know him, he’ll create a havoc. Please. Go tell him that he should concentrate on his education and go back to the hostel. When it is time, we’ll think about it. Don’t you think all these fake promises will create trouble for us in the future? Rabail, we don’t have any other way out. Because Umair isn’t willing to listen to anything. So let’s tell him what he wants to hear. If he’s blackmailing us, then we’ll also trap him. He’ll hate me if he finds out the truth! Rabail, won’t that hatred be better than the love he has for you? Go, he’s waiting for you outside. Get up. Are you hurt? No. Its okay. Are you looking for something? Yes. Where’s the doctor’s room? Turn right from here. Alright. Thank you. And I’m sorry for that. No, no. Its okay. Isn’t Nishal coming? Nishal is going home! If she’s going home, are we going somewhere else? We need to discuss something really important! You drive, I’ll tell you. Okay. Yes? Hie doc! You? Why are you stalking me like the devil? You’re everywhere I go! Wow. You’re referring to an angel as the devil. That’s very wrong! Angels don’t behave like this. Are you the angel of death? You keep following me everywhere. No. I keep praying for your long life and you’re calling me the death angel. By the way I also pray for you to be my life partner. You make such big declarations with ease. Aren’t you afraid? Afraid of what? Of my reaction, my anger, me being upset?! Actually, it all about the connection of the heart. I believe you will not be upset with me. Why so? Because I feel my overwhelming emotions make you helpless. Correct me if I am wrong. Do you live in a fool’s paradise? No. If that had been the case, I wouldn’t have met you this often. I feel, we’re meant to be together. Aren’t you overestimating your self? I’m not one of those easy to get girls! You’ll have try harder. And that too in vain! Are you challenging me? Take it as you like. Fine then. I accept your challenge. But I promise that I’ll be with you in all walks of life. Always! I’ll see. Listen. I’ll keep my promise. At least don’t look away. Its very important that you look me into the eye and tell me. You don’t look away. Should I tell you the truth Umair. I’m embarassed in front of my own self. Why whats wrong? What is the problem? I am not your brother by blood, am I? You’re not even my half sister. We’re just cousins. And cousins do get married. Its permitted. Trust me. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about amongst us or in front of the world. The world doesn’t matter. Its my heart. But I have chosen you with my heart. What is the problem then? Umair. At times a person mistakes his stubbornness, his passion and the satisfaction of his own ego as love. Rabi please. Don’t insult my love by calling it my stubbornness or my ego. Then why are you setting conditions. Because I am afraid to lose you. I don’t even know how to make you understand. Okay fine. Please clear my doubts and I won’t be stubborn at all. Promise? Yes, promise. Then promise me. You’ll go to the hostel and complete your education. And until you finish your education. I will… You will? You will what? I’ll wait for you. Okay fine. And what will happen once I complete my education. Then? Then, we’ll try to convince each other. And just maybe, you’ll win. And I’ll lose. Agreed. I agree. And you’ll see that my love will win. I believe it. But. You’ve promised to wait. Please keep your promise. Yes. Mom. I want to tell you something. Where are you coming from? You look so happy. I am happy mom. I had gone to meet doctor Rabail. What? Really? Yes. I went to see her at the hospital she works. Then, then? Then what? Do you think I would go to my in laws place and eat kebabs? Nope. I met whom I wanted to meet, without formalities. But there’s one thing. My dad really has a wonderful choice. What, do you like her? Yes. Get ready for my engagement now. Really? Thank God! If he likes her, I’m happy. C’mon woman. This too. What’s wrong. You won’t give me any lecture today? What? The same. You always say. Eat on time. Concentrate on your studies. Don’t sit in bad company. You won’t lecture me today? When you know everything then why should I repeat? Love doesn’t need petty confessions Rabi. But you need to water the plant of trust. I’ve learned more about love than you. But I want to learn how to trust, with you. You.. You concentrate on your packing. Don’t leave anything behind. The most important thing is your memory. I’m taking that with me. But you to keep remembering me. I’ll miss you. I’m leaving. Take care. You too take care. Okay Rabi. I’ll call you. Oh stupid, you keep chanting Rabi, Rabi, at all times. She’s four years elder than you, call her sister at least. Bye dad. Bye. But. What do you mean? How can they get married in a week. What’s the rush? It’s very early to take such a decision. Listen, why don’t you try and understand. She’s such a good girl, well educated, doctor. Everybody wants her. I’ve said yes. Yes completely. Mom, tell Rabail’s family that we’re ready for the wedding. They shouldn’t even think about marrying Rabail anywhere else. Why, am I right dad? See, even your son has agreed. What will you do now? What will I say now. And of course who even cares. When you and your son are ready, what will I do then? I just need time for the preparations. How will I prepare in a week? There are thousands of things to do. The menu, the venue, invitations, clothes, etc. I have agreed to the wedding next week. You can do the rest on his reception. I am not changing my commitment. What do you mean? Next week? I am getting married next week? Are you serious? Yes. Yes. Even I am getting to hear this now. It seems my neighbor’s son is getting married. Not mind. C’mon mom. Let it be. The date has been finalized by fate. We shouldn’t interfere. And, its about my dad’s wish. If he agrees, I agree too. I will always honor my papa’s words. Right papa? Thank you. Thank you so much. Where are you going? You finalize the menu and venue, I’m going to go give this news to my friends. What did you give him? The boy has gone crazy! I didn’t give him anything. In fact whatever I had in my heart against him, has also washed off now. I’m really proud of him. Now you too change your mood. Whatever God wishes. Its up to you people now. Oh please, relax now. You took so long! Dude, I was on a duty. I couldn’t leave everything there, could I? I haven’t seen such a merciful doctor like you in my entire life. People who feel other’s pain, forget about their own. Rabail? Are you hurting? Are you sad? No. I am not hurting. Crazy. Come, I’m here to pick you up. Why have you come to pick me up? Actually your mother in law called mama. She wants you to pick your bridal dress. Sobia and Gulshan aunty are coming to pick you up. Now come with me. What are you for? You’ll go shop for me, won’t you? Rabail no. No! Please Nishal, you go. I’ll finish my duty. You know what Rabail, I’ll kill you. Some people are so pretty and nice that you agree to being killed by them. Please. Come with me! Or else, I’ll select a dark color for you, filled with golden embroidery. You’ll have to wear it then? I agree. I know. Whatever you choose for me, will be the best! Because you can never do anything wrong with me. Dr. Rabail, please be informed that I can do you wrong too! Dr. Rabail you’re being called, there’s an emergency. I’m coming. I’m going. Please. Rabail listen. Why should I go with them? I don’t want to go. You are going. Leave now. You’re getting late. Bye. Rabail. At least listen to me! Mama? What is the wedding in a week? Zain is my only brother. I wanted to dance, sing songs. At least people would know. A week ins’t enough for shopping too. What can I say? Its all your dad’s doing. He fixed the wedding, the date and everything without asking me. And have you seen your brother, he’s on cloud nine. I don’t understand. And I am not even saying anything. Lets go we’re getting late. Mama, what happened to brother. He was so choosy now he has become so obedient to dad. And he’s agreed to marry a girl like Rabail. Are you guys going somewhere? Yes. We’re going to your wife’s bridal dress. Papa said the dress should be of her choice. Have some manners. She’s your sister in law. Not only my wife to be. Oh, yes. For my sister in law. Yes. Now you remember. Yes. She’ll go too, right? Of course. We’ll pick her up first and then we’ll go to the boutique. Mom? Can i come too? Why would you want to go? What will I wear on my wedding? These casuals? I’ll need a suit or a sherwani at least. Don’t worry about it. Your in laws will take you with them for shopping. Asad has talked to your dad. So you relax at home and let us go. C’mon. Bye. Bye. Listen, get some good clothes for your sister in law. Of course she’s my sister in law. We’ll get the best. 7 days, which means, 168 hours. How will I spend this time?! Why have you called me? For an advice Sonia. I don’t know what Gulshan aunty and Sobia will like. And this Rabail. She has left everything on me. To shop for her and finalize her wedding dress. I thought you’d give me compnay. Also we’ll go shopping for ourselves after we finalize a dress for Rabail. They’re waiting for us outside. Lets go. We’re getting late. Mama, Rabail’s sister is so beautiful. Why didn’t we see her earlier? Oh God. Why is he following me everywhere?! I’ll go talk to him. No. I shouldn’t meet him. How will this look on Rabail? This is very beautiful. But Rabail looks better in light colors, doesn’t she? Right mom? Oh okay. Oh God. He’s stalking me! Hie. You sitting alone here, feels awkward. I’m waiting for my friend. Okay. Until she comes here. Can I sit here with you if you don’t mind. You’ve been stalking me for days. Didn’t you think I’ll mind that? Why think about it today? Really. Good point. Well they say you have to turn romeo to find your true love. And you doctor Rabail are social helper. And I come seeking help from you. Should I ask you something? Ask. You were looking for a bridal dress there? Is your marriage fixed? And if I tell you thats how it is. So what will you do then? I’ll kidnap your groom and sit in his place. You don’t know me. You seem quiet smart. Very confident of yourself. So lets see, what are you actually capable of. You’re challenging me? If you want, I can urge your parents to give your hand in marriage to me. What do you say? You are very confident. There’s more to it. You can just try telling me. My God! What happened? My phone. I think Ive lost it. Tell me your number I’ll call. Sure. Its in your pocket! I had my phone but it didn’t have your number. I have it now. Thank you. You know what? You are so cheap and clever! Keep watching. I’ll win you over with the same cheapness and cleverness. I’ll now see you at your home. Bye. Bye. Did you check out Nishal’s attitude? She was very outspoken and proud. And that doctor. She didn’t think about going shopping with us. I don’t understand these people. I don’t know what you dad saw in them. If something happens, he’ll be the one to take the blame. Mama, she’ll be a doctor in the hospital or at her own house. She’ll have to live with us here. You should clear this to Zain. Don’t worry. I’ll fix everyone. Don’t you know me. They’ll be going for his shopping today. Lets see what they get him. Mama, we just have a few days left. How will we manage everything? Don’t scare me. We’ll handle. Show me if it has the blue saree in it. Show me. Please sit. I’ll just call sir. Sure, please call him. I’ll inform that madam until then! Noori? Oh. So its you. Yes. For now, its only me. In your phone, in your heart, in your future and right now in your drawing room. How’s that? As per promise. What?! You’re at my home? You don’t believe it? Not at all. But, come soon before my father in law comes in and spoils all the fun. Im waiting in the guest room. Come. Oh alright. I’ll just check. Asalamualikum. Walaikumasalam. Sit dear. Sit. Dear son, boys look for an excuse to visit their in laws. For you, I had to insist, even today. Sir. I am a bit different. Once you meet me, you’ll get to know me more. Of course. How are you sir? I’m great. Why are you running girl? Mama, who is this boy in our guest room? He’s Zain, dear. Rabail’s Zain? Yes. Zain. Rabail’s husband to be. Abrar’s son. Now do you remember, lost girl! He’s going shopping with us for the wedding. Your aunty makes great tea. Lets drink and leave. Perhaps Rabail will come home until then. And if you want, we’ll take her along. Its the modern age. Boys and girls want to decide things together. See, what you can decide with Rabail. You cannot discuss that with me or your aunty. Yes, you’re right uncle. But isn’t Rabail home. I just saw her. Rabail, isn’t home yet. She’s about to come. See, I think she’s here. Rabail dear. Come. Asalamualikum (Hello).


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