Koi Chand Rakh Episode 6 – 30th August 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

What you guys did to me mama, a human being doesn’t do this, even to his enemy. You’ve snatched my life, and given it to someone else. What should I say about it? Deception? Deceit? Why did you people do this to me? Why? One, who has lost his life, he dies, mama. You should be thankful that I am still alive. Umair? I am your mother, dear. I cannot even think about doing anything wrong with you. Think about it yourself, my young, full of life, son, is like this, lying on the hospital bed, unwell and weak. Think. What is going on in my heart, Umair? Why are you blaming me and mama? What did I and mama do? It was Abrar uncle who sent Rabail a proposal for Zain. And Rabail, after meeting Zain once, said yes. So why I or mama are to be blamed? And by the way, I and mama didn’t want you, to miss out on such an important function at our house. Think yourself, Wouldn’t my heart wish, that my own brother, is not involved in such an important event in our home? Mama, talk to the doctor. Tell him that, I am now feeling well, so please discharge me now. Please tell him to discharge me from the hospital. Umair, don’t be crazy. What’s wrong with you? Take rest now. Umi dear, Didn’t you hear what the doctor said? Take rest for some time. Please. Mama, didn’t you hear what I said. Tell the doctor to discharge me from here. I will take it out and throw it away, otherwise! Dear, wait, let the doctor come at least. We’ll talk to him. You get some rest. Rabail? Rabail, mama has sent me here. Actually, mama and papa, are getting Umair discharged from the hospital and bringing him home. I, too, am just going to the hospital. If you say, I’ll do night duty today as well. Rabail, running away like this will not solve anything. You have to face Umair. You’ll have to show it to him, that you don’t care. You’ll only be able to answer, if you stay in front of him. Only then he’ll be able to get your love off his head. Nishal, up until now, I have been doing, what you told me to do. I made fake promises to Umair and sent him to the hostel. Said yes to marry Zain. Without telling Umair, hiding it from him, I married Zain. What happened? Did everything become alright? No, right! And whatever you are telling me now, if turns out bad as well, who will be responsible? Umair’s hatred for me, don’t know what it will bring forth. Rabail whatever we have done up till now, was for the betterment and peace of our house. For the comfort of our house. What silly things are you thinking now. And please, clear your heart, of the notion of self respect for now. My self respect? Where did it come from? I’ve stopped thinking about it. So, its done. You will only tell Umair, what Mama and I told him. Please, Rabail. Oh, you? Assalamualikum. Walaikumasalam. Asad uncle isn’t home, you must be here to see him? No. For now, I’m here to just meet you, not him. Meet me? What is wrong in it Rabail? We’re married. Nobody can stop me from meeting you. No, I didn’t mean that. Then what did you mean? Let it be. Can we go out somewhere? I’m feeling very hot and suffocated in here. I feel, a lot of eyes are looking at us. Let’s go. Actually, uncle and aunt aren’t home. I, cannot go without asking them. What’s wrong with you Rabail? You aren’t a little kid. And nobody has a greater right on you than I. I guess nobody will object to us meeting, and they don’t even have to. I think that, to know one another, spending time together is very important. You can only know the other person’s nature if you spend time together. At times, people, in haste make a lot of important decisions. And suffer a lot after that. Am I right? Let’s go. Its not good to think so much about such small things. Do you understand? What does he think? I’ll run after him?! He’ll make me jealous? I will not spare him. Perhaps, he doesn’t know, that I am Nishaal Niazi. I have mother’s of boys running after me. Even I don’t need him. I will not spare you! Where are we going? Nowhere. What do you mean? I mean, if by chance two people, become life partners, they don’t really need a destination to travel together. We could just drive on the roads without a purpose. But I am not that sort of a person. Without a purpose, I, don’t like going somewhere. Aimlessly roaming around, is out of the question. Without a purpose, life is, a waste, useless. Of course, you are an educated doctor, and I am an MBA failed. My life is not as purposeful as yours. What happened? Did my degrees give you a shock? Or is it my education? I am not a fan of degrees, but characters. A person’s character should be good, that’s what I believe. Can you talk about something romantic? I can, but, it depends upon the situation. That’s what decides the context of a conversation. Alright. So, its a person’s mood that, triggers a conversation? But isn’t it a person’s temperament, that can also make a conversation, interesting or boring? Do you think romantic talks are interesting? Anything, serious or, knowledgeable debate, isn’t interesting? For God’s sake Rabail. You won’t understand. What does a person expect from his newly wedded wife? These educational, literary debates? It would be better, to either listen to music, or ram my head into a wall! You won’t understand. Where is Rabail? She has gone out with Zain. Did Zain come? Yes, Zain came. And he told Rabail, to go out with him. And she did very happily. So what’s wrong about it? She is Zain’s wife. If she left with him upon his asking, there’s nothing to condemn about it. In fact its something to be appreciated. Uf ho. But she should at least have thought, that my son was in the hospital because of her. And she is enjoying her outings. But I don’t understand what the problem is. Why? All of you, are blaming Rabail. And, holding her responsible for Umair’s condition. But why? Asalamualikum. Walaikumasalam. Rabail dear, didn’t Zain come with you? Uncle he came, but dropped me and left. You should have asked, about tea, or asked him to come inside. I did. But he said he was getting late, so he left. Umair? Get back in your senses! Or else, I will not care about anything. I cannot stand any more chaos. Don’t tell me anything Papa. If you want to say something, or ask anything, ask her. Who destroyed my life! Ask her. What did she say? What did you say?! That I go, study, and make my career. And you’d wait for me. That’s what you said. She made this promise to me Papa. Ask her. Rabail? Uncle… Uncle whatever I did was for Umair’s good. Well, there’s nothing of this sort. You don’t have to pretend. If there was any good for him in your heart, you wouldn’t have led him here. Where he has reached. I’ve come very far. I have come way too far. I will not back off. And you people, don’t misunderstand. Don’t be optimistic. I, will not sit idle! Rabi Ji, You sign on a piece of paper to become someone else’s and I just keep watching? No! Umair?! Get back in your senses! Rabail is married now. And you will have to accept this reality. So what if she’s married! So what?! The way she got married, she can be divorced as well! Umair!!!! What do you think? I will change my mind if you hit me? You want to hit me? Hit me. Hit me. Hit, hit, hit me! But I will keep standing tall like a mountain! I will not back off. I will make Rabail get a divorce from Zain! Umair! Stop Asad, what are you doing? He just came home from the hospital. Then make him understand. I will not tolerate this chaos anymore. I will shoot him! So, you want to shoot me? Shoot me with a gun? So shoot me! Shoot me. I’ll go, get you a gun. Stop it Umair. What sort of emotions do you have that are compelling you to shout in front of everyone? What sort of a love is this? You’re blackmailing all of us. This isn’t love. Because love is never selfish. Its never unabashed or shameless. You’ve humiliated me in front of everyone today. People who only had smiles for me, they’re harsh with me, just because of you. Enough. I don’t want your love. I have no need for your love. I don’t have any feelings, any sympathy or any love in my heart for you. Do you understand? And one more thing, even if you get me divorced from Zain, I will never be your’s. Remember this! I will never be your’s Umair! Did you hear that? Whose there? Brother, Zain? Brother, Zain? Bark! Is this any way to talk? Sobi, I really am not in the position to talk right now. My mind is blank. Unless I come out myself, don’t disturb me. Please shut the door and leave. Didn’t you hear what I said? Shut the door and go. I’m leaving. Such a big thing happened, and I have no whiff of it! I was quiet because of this storm, and it came today. What do people think, and what happens! Its stupid cowering inside thinking there’s a storm brewing. I believed in myself Asad. I thought I could handle the situation, one way or the other. But really, what we think and what happens is entirely different. Nafeesa… If he really wanted to make Rabail his life partner, his demand was entirely reasonable, nothing unacceptable. We could all sit, think about it. We could all have reached a conclusion. What are you talking about Asad! Everybody thinks of them as siblings. She is four years older than him. People would have laughed in our faces. This is all your plan, nothing else! Whatever it is. I cannot let myself be a laughing stock. So its settled then. Bear with it now. Papa, Umair has left. What are you saying? Where has he gone? He just messaged saying, nobody should try to find him. See, he has messaged me. Uncle, Umair? Do anything you can, but bring my son back home Asad. Please. Why did you do this to him? Please relax. Uncle please. You… You have destroyed everything! Yes? What did you say? He has taken a flight for Islamabad? Yes, okay. Umair Asad Niazi, right? Oh okay. Thank you. Thank you very much. Nafeesa. There’s nothing to worry about. He’s gone back to Islamabad. Asad, I’m telling you. Please do something and call my Umair back home. But didn’t I tell you, don’t worry at all. He’s alright. I just found out, he took a flight to Islamabad. And its obvious, he’ll go back to his hostel. Let his anger simmer down and then we’ll talk to him. But papa, for how long will you keep being threatened by Umair? Don’t you think we should find a permanent solution to this problem? I am afraid that, he might do something wrong. Asad. I am very afraid. Try to understand and bring him back. He is a very emotional boy. Everything is said and done and the two of you are still stuck on the same point. When you kept Umair and I in the dark, and settled everything yourself, didn’t you think about it then? Papa, I am stupid. Careless. But she is sensible, right? She should have told us what was wrong. Isn’t she your mature and sensible daughter. Don’t you think she should have told us what was wrong. She should have taken mama and me in confidence. We would have found out a solution, Rabail. You should have told us. But what did you do? When the waters went overhead, you turned innocent all at once. Like you don’t know anything at all. Aunty, let me know if you need me. Nishaal? I have been noticing how your attitude has been getting sharper with Rabail since a few days. Papa I am angry. I am very angry at Rabail. Don’t you think, she has shaken the foundations of this house. She has destroyed the peace of our house. Umair is tensed because of her. Look at mama. Don’t you think she should have told, you, me, all of us about this? So you think, your brother, your mother and you, are not to be blamed at all? I don’t agree with you Papa. We are not to be blamed. Its all Rabail’s fault. Please God, have mercy on us. I feel this house will shatter into pieces. See, the more you run from Umair or ignore him, he’ll follow you with more fervor. Do you think Nishaal that, doing all this will be right? Telling lies to Umair. So do you want to tell him the truth? Rabail we have no other way out. Because Umair will not understand anything else. So why don’t we tell him, what he wants to hear. If he can blackmail us, we’ll also trap him. Simple. Who will handle his anger? Who will make his see reason? I often think, there are storms and hurricanes, but they all stop right? And see dear, we can never tell him that it was not your own decision. Let him think that it was you who agreed to marry Zain. Otherwise, think about it Rabail, he’ll stir up a storm. If he finds out, that we got you married. You will have to bear this burden, for our sake. Where are you? Still in this world, Rabi ji. In fact sorry. Sorry. Mrs. Zain. I am alive. I am breathing and my heart is also beating. But my heartbeats are so disloyal. They are so dishonest. Don’t you see, its my heart that beats but it takes your name. Even now. Even now, my existence is calling out just one name. Rabail… Rabail. For God’s sake Umair. Don’t do anything that will make me a laughing stock in front of the world. Okay. I will not make you a laughing stock in front of the world. Then what should I do? Should I light a fire? Should I set myself on fire? Umair?! Listen to me with open ears! You will not do any such thing. Do don’t any such thing to yourself that people associated to you die of grief. And I be counted in people who are entirely lifeless. What do you think? Do you think this is your love? Your passion? This is just your selfishness Umair. Nothing Else. Can I ask you a question Rabi Ji? Be honest with me. Ask… Do you, really like Abrar? Umair, he is my husband. I don’t have a reason to dislike him. And for rejecting me? Did you have a solid reason to reject me? Yes, I had a reason. I did not want people pointing fingers at our relation. We have always lived under one roof for years, we were called brother and sister. How could you think we could adopt this new relationship? I have had so many dreams for you Umair. But they’re very different from what you have dreamt. Really? Am I so deserving that you actually dreamt for me? I didn’t know that. What? What did you dream for me? I did have dreams. That you get good education and be posted on the highest position. Uncle, aunty, that you fulfill everybody’s wishes. I really want to see you successful and on a higher level Umair. And you have to fulfill what everybody wishes for. Umair? Oh. So its you. Yes. Right now, its only me. In your phone, in your heart and in your life. How do you like it? Only you will do this confession. Go tell your family that, they should get me married to you, not Rabail. Nishaal, is everything alright? Are you sleeping? Yes. Will you be able to sleep with so much tensions around, Rabi? When a person has no control over situations, no control over decisions or an opportunity to run away, so the uncontrollable, helpless, should just lie down like a tired soldier. Why are you so difficult? Anyways, I was here to talk to you. I wanted to say sorry to you. Sorry for what? I blamed you in front of Papa. But you know right, what else could I do. Mama and I are entirely helpless. I hope you understand. Rabi, should I give you a suggestion. What? When Papa knows everything and Umair isn’t the one to back off, so you can take a stand. What do you mean, I didn’t understand? You can take Papa into confidence and tell him, that you want a divorce from Zain. Are you in your senses? This will be for your own good Rabail. Do you think, Umair will let you be happy? And if Zain finds out about this issue, he will never accept you. Never. Nishaal I am a human being. Not a puppet who will do what other’s make it do. I could never imagine you’d tell me something like this at this point of night. I am not the one to distort or break relationships. I believe in building and nurturing relationships instead. I was telling you this for your own good. Its up to you entirely. Then please pray, that whatever has happened and is about to happen, is for the best for all of us. Goodnight. Zain? Zain? Yes? What’s wrong? Why aren’t you having your breakfast? Are you alright? Yes, I’m fine. Brother Zain? You’ve been quiet eversince you got married. Sister in law isn’t home yet. What will happen once she comes here? What’s wrong dear? Is everything alright? What’s the problem papa? I just don’t feel like talking. What is it to everyone? At least staying silent is one’s own right! But… Did you see Rabail sitting with Nishaal? Did you? Oh, shut up! Don’t you have any manners to talk to your elder brother? Mom, teach her how one talks with their brother. Dear? Zain? Why do you have to be so stupid? Papa, whats so stupid about it? Okay, quiet now. Asalamualikum (hello) my daughter’s father in law. Walaikumasalm (hello). Is everything alright? Yes, everything’s alright. But… But what? Its just that, your sister in law isn’t feeling too well. But, what happened to her? Oh. You can come tonight and ask her personally. I have called to invite you over for dinner. And all of you have to come. Also bring my son in law along as well. Oh why not. Your sister in law has a very strict control over my diet here. I’ll eat to my full at your place. Of course. But just be there on time. Okay. Bye. Bye. Nafeesa I, kept thinking the entire night. And I have found this solution, that Rabail be sent to her house, as soon as possible. What is it with you women. You hold your heart and lie down. And a man jumps into the waters with a wavering heart, because he has to save his relationships. Brother Zain, I am sorry. I didn’t want to insult Rabail. Really, I shouldn’t have said something this awkward. Its okay Sobia. Nishaal is beautiful and you weren’t wrong. But I am not a lowlife that I’ll lose my senses over her beauty. She must be pretty at her own house. What’s it to me? Exactly. Even our sister in law is a doctor. She’ll take very good care of you. Oh, I’m just blabbering. I was here to tell you that your inlaws have invited us over. Invited, for what? For dinner. They have plans for a BBQ. Now, here it goes. Sobia, tell mom I ain’t going. You guys go ahead if you want to. What do you mean? How can we go there without you? What is the problem. I don’t want to go. I will not go. Tell them sorry from me. But, brother Zain? Sobia, please don’t make me mad. Leave. Okay. I’ll go tell you don’t want to go. Go ahead. I am not answerable to anyone. They’ll have a BBQ. They’ll burn my heart instead of coals. I can do that sitting at home. Hello? Hello, brother in law. How are you feeling? You must have recognized me. Should I introduce myself if you didn’t recognize me? I am your sister in law. Its what people say, that sister in laws are very naughty. If you don’t like something I say, please don’t get offended. What happened brother in law? You’re as silent as a snake. Snake? Female snake? Why is this coward romeo, crying, sitting at home? By the way Ive heard if a she snake leaves your hand, she becomes more beautiful and priceless. What do you think? I am a snake charmer with a flare Nishaal. I can charm a hundred thousands of female snakes. So what are you? What do you think of yourself? I will not be affected by your poison. I’m not the one to die. Recall how I married Rabail Hassan in front of your eyes. And how you came to me crying and begging. What did you say? That you gave me your heart? That you couldn’t live without me. You accepted everything yourself, didn’t you. What’s wrong now? Have you forgotten? I think you have a memory problem. No I did not forget anything. How can I forget Zain? I remember everything. I remember how you thought of yourself as Jam Tamachi and kept repeating Noori’s name. How could I forget? But you are a coward Jam Tamachi, who can never get Noori. There can never be another tomb next to Noori’s. There will always be a tomb of your dead desires. Where you have to sit and cry all your life. Okay. I will die without you. I cannot live on without you. What do you think Nishaal? I will cry for you? Girls like you like to live in a fool’s paradise. And you can continue to live on as far as I am concerned. And maybe die there as well. Just go to hell. So are you coming to the dinner tonight? We’ll see. Who cries and who becomes happier. Bye.


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