Koi Chand Rakh Episode 7 – 13th September 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

I will die without you. I cannot live without you. What do you think Nishaal, I would cry for you? Girls like you, like to live in their fool’s paradise. As far as I am concerned, all your life, you can live with your illusions. And die with these illusions as well. Just go to hell! So, you’re coming to the dinner tonight, right? We’ll see, Who cries for whom, and who gets happy. Bye. Nishaal? Dear, Rabail, has gone to the hospital and I have a headache, And so much preparations, for the dinner are still left. Why are you getting worried, I am here. I’ll take care of everything. By the way, what did Baba think, what was the need of, such an emergency dinner? It is an emergency dear, it is an emergency! Asad doesn’t want, to delay it one bit. And Umair, gets a chance, to plot a revenge. What do you mean, mama? I didn’t understand. He has used my health as an excuse, to finalize the wedding within 15 days. What?! Umair? Oh, Rabi Ji? So many books? What will I do with so many books? You will not do anything, These books, will work themselves. You just have to study. What do you mean? They’ll turn a donkey into a man. What do you mean? I? I am a donkey? Oh, no. This is just a saying, to put books on a donkey. You just reminded me of it. Its a weird saying. Although you’re very handsome, Oh, Really? You find me handsome? Of course. You are very handsome. But remember one thing, a man, no matter how handsome he is, what pleases people, is his personality. The way he talks, his education, his knowledge, the way he values relationships, understood, Mr. Handsome? Okay, but leave my ear please. Wisdom doesn’t go in through the ears. Okay. I’ll let you go, but promise me you’ll read all these books. Actually, I have read them all, and I don’t expect much from Nishaal. And from me? What do you expect from me? I have a lot of expectations from you. In fact, not only me, everybody has a lot of expectations from you. I know. But u know one thing too, right, in this house, I listen to you the most. Whatever you want, whatever you say, I accept with my eyes close. Of course you listen, and you’ll listen to this as well. We’ll start chemistry from today. Who studies chemistry? Give me some novel please. I knew it. And that’s why I have brought you so many other options. Wow, what options have you brought me. Lets go, where is Zain? We’re getting late. Zain, doesn’t want to go. What? Has he lost his mind? His in laws have invited us, and he doesn’t want to go. What are you saying? At least, make him learn some worldly manners. What do you mean, I am his mother, not a tutor. So, a mother is her child’s first tutor. Don’t make him the apple of your eyes. Of course, this is again my fault. It’s the limit! You fathers are weird beings as well. Every good deed is taught by you, and every bad deed is the mother’s fault. Will you guys stop arguing? They’re waiting for us on dinner. But how will we go without the groom? You don’t have to go without anyone, But brother, I’m ready. Should we leave?
But brother, But brother, you were saying. Listen to what I am saying now. Lets go we’re getting late. See, my son, values his parent’s respect so much. I’m proud of you. Do you see your papa, how he changes colors. Its the limit! Asalamualikum. Walaikumasalam, dear. I think I have come at a wrong time. You people, are going somewhere , I think. Oh no. You’ve come at the right time. Dear, we’re going to Zain’s in laws’ for dinner. Oh. So, you guys go ahead. I’ll leave. Oh no dude, not like that. Come with me. But, What will I do there, Zain? Come on dude. I’ll at least have some company with you. Or else I’ll be bored all alone. But, it doesn’t look good. I’ll leave. Zia please come with us. Yes, dear, come. Everybody is insisting. Come lets go, we’re already getting late. Zubeida, you haven’t set the tablet yet? The guests will be arriving any minute. Asalamualikum mami (aunt) Oh ho. You’re finally here. Didn’t I tell you on call, that today, your in laws were coming over. You should have hurried up. Mami, we had an emergency. and no doctor was available. I had a difficult time getting back. Go, Get ready. So that, you at least look acceptable. Go, hurry up. Mami, I look the same when I get ready, don’t you worry. Tell me, what is left? Umm… Zarina, Do one thing. I’ll handle this, you go set the plates first. Mami, don’t you worry. We’ll take care of everything. In fact think everything is done. Oh, what else is left? Mam, we have to fry the fish and, salad and chutney are still left. But? What was Nishaal, doing since so long? When her in laws come, she’ll do everything as well. For now, I’ll do it. Okay, its fine. Now you look at everything. Are you ready, Nishaal? How do I look? Very pretty. Dear, I’m afraid. that Zain will leave Rabail and like you instead! Mama, should I tell you something? Nothing of the sort will ever happen. I’m getting ready because, maybe, Gulshan aunty has a nephew, and she likes me for him. Oh, ho. For my daughter, I, will make people stand in a line. Just let Rabail get married. Then see. Mama, do you know. sometimes I think about something, I wish we belonged to a tribe, where a boy didn’t like a girl. Instead a girl herself liked a boy. Oh ho. So who does my Nishaal like? Tell me as well. Nobody. If there was anyone, I would have told you. And wht do you get so serious, my dearest mama. Okay. Get ready fast and come down. I just need two minutes. Zain, I’ll see you. Asalamualikum uncle. Walaikumasalam. How are you? Oh, hie Nishaal. You look so beautiful. Masha Allah (all praise to Allah) Thank you. What is your beauty secret? Why should I tell? The secret to my beauty? Actually, people I cannot stand, or moments I cannot bear, I ignore them in seconds, and go about my business. If I care about something, it has to be my own self. And nothing else. Oh. So, this means, to look beautiful, you have to live with illusions, care about your own self, be selfish, and, have a stone heart? This is what you make me think. Neither do I live in a fool’s paradise, nor I am selfish. I know myself very well. Really? I don’t feel it… Oh, Come, come. Asalamualikum. How are you? I’m as you see me. By the way, I feel my heartbeat, is speeding up. You’re a doctor, right? Please check my BP. Bring an instrument to check him up. Its getting worse. It depends uncle. Rather than increasing, the heartbeat, can slow down as well. The blood pressure could rather be, low than high. Well, the aroma of the food is telling me, that Rabail has made it. Oh wow. My daughter Rabail, isn’t only a good doctor, but a good cook as well. Now don’t praise her too much, or else, I’ll take my daughter in law home right away. Then don’t tell me I didn’t inform you. Understood? Oh, what are you saying? Sit at ease, I’ll arrange a very splendid wedding party for my son. Well, By the way, where is Rabail? Why isn’t she having dinner with us? Dear, she is in the kitchen. I don’t know why she’s helping the maid. Perhaps she’s a little shy that’s why. She might be shy or not, but when it comes to meeting people, she’s very selective. So, what? At least she isn’t conceited like you. And by the way, I like this about her. What happened to the two of you? You’ve already, become brother and sister in law, starting the banter. Excuse me. Listen. Where are you going Zain dear? I’ll just, call her here. I will really like it, for the one, who I’ll be spending my life with, to sit in front of me and make her have dinner. Excuse me. You? Here? Do you need, want something? I was thinking that your, in laws are here, Your husband is waiting for you on the dinner table. Are you ignoring me or is there anything else? No. There’s nothing of this sort. You. Actually, I was just, winding up a few things. Even the servants could wind up the things. But correct me if I am wrong, I feel that you are a little, complexed. Am I right? How would I be complexed? Then why this, shyness and hesitation? By the way, I really like girls who are shy and hesitant. respectable and of a very strong character. Little bit, shy, both inside and out. I am very lucky to have, such a beautiful girl as my life partner. Very lucky. Please leave my hand, someone will come. So what if someone comes? I held your hand in front of the world. Not stolen anything. Come, I’m waiting for you. Come soon. I have heard that you, are a good palmist. So see my hand and tell me, what do these lines say. How is my hand? Very beautiful. Very beautiful. Zia? Everybody is sitting there and you’re here alone. Everything alright? Oh, Nothing just, actually, Asad uncle, wanted to discuss something very important with Abrar uncle. Oh, so? What is so important? That I don’t know. but I’ve been told, to send you there. So, I think you should, join them. Okay. I’ll go. Come with me. What will I do, sitting between the important discussion of two families? It’ll look a bit awkward, bro. Right. I understand. Zain Bhai (brother), why are you getting worried? I am here. I will give company to your friend. I won’t let him be bored. I know. You won’t let him be bored. Zain, sir? Sir is calling you outside. Okay. You, go. I am coming. Go, go. They’re waiting for you on tea. C’mon. Let’s have tea. Come. Come on. No, I am, very comfortable here. You go please. Okay. So, coming back to the topic, who told you that I, know how to read palms? I have been noticing you for a while. Eversince you came, You’ve been staring at your hands. So I felt that you might, read palms. You talk quite interesting. I talk interesting to interesting people only. Otherwise, the same talk, can worry a lot of people as well. If you, don’t mind, can I ask you something? Of course, you can ask. Its just that Zia, these days, I, don’t mind anything at all. I’ve become very cool minded. Please ask. I see, I see. You and, Zain, liked each other, right? Then, all this, how? I am sorry, if I am being too personal. No, no. I didn’t mind at all. Its just that, Zain fell hard for me, but Abrar uncle liked Rabail. That’s why all of Zain’s dreams shattered. And as far as my likes are concerned, I do not like second hand things. I see. Come. Lets go see, what the two families are discussing. But I… No ifs or buts. You are my guest, and I am the host. You should do as I say. Come. Alright, whatever you say. But, where is Rabail? She is in her room. Please call her, I have something very important to talk to her. Excuse me, everybody’s talking. Yes, come dear. Oh, Nafeesa, give him some tea. Dear, take some tea. No, no. I don’t want tea. Thank you. Please come sit. Thank you. This is Rabail’s place now, I cannot sit here. I’ll sit here. Uncle, you called me? Yes, dear. Need to discuss something very important. Sit. Oh, please come. After all, you are my life partner to be. I’ll like it if you sit with me. Am I right Baba? Sit, dear. Come sit dear, We’ll all like it. Please sit. So, Now tell me, What was it, that you wanted to discuss in front of everyone. Yes, Abrar, actually the thing is, that a few days ago, Nafeesa fell ill. Oh, We’ve had a few tests, and there’s some issue with her heart valve, and it might need a surgery. Oh ho, that’s very sad to hear. But In sha Allah (as Allah wills) all will be fine. Don’t worry. Ameen. Oh, dear Nafeesa. Don’t you worry at all. This is happening everywhere these days, he too had a problem like this. That is why I have controlled his diet. You too take care, it’ll be fine. You are right Gulshan, sister. But, Nafeesa is very restless. She has a wish, Rabail goes to her husband’s house, by the end of this month. But, why brother? Why do you want to hurry things up? Actually, Gulshan sister, Nafeesa wants to celebrate a big happy event. So that she can forget everything, and gets busy with the preparations. And since we thought, this is our happiness, so why don’t we, get Rabail married. And, after the pure ritual of nikkah, the wedding should take place soon. Yes. I too think the same. Look at our son, now. He cannot stay away from her for even a little while. Yes, of course. What is this Umair? Are you going somewhere? I’m going back. Karachi. Karachi? Why? You haven’t even, submitted your assignments yet! The monthly tests are just round the corner, and you want to go to Karachi! I am leaving the university! Leaving the university? What do you mean? I mean, I am fed up of all this! These books, only agitate me. Nothing else. Go to the university in the morning. Attend classes. With my empty brain, come back to this prison. Enough. Its been enough. I cannot bear it anymore. I am going. And she has left me too. Umair, are you in your senses? What are you saying? I, am completely in my senses. How easily you are, planning to destroy your future. And you’re at peace! Does your family know that you have decided this? No. Nobody at home knows about this. And even if they get to know, I don’t care. Its my life, I’ll do as I please. I’m happy. You, with your own hands, are destroying your future. And you say you’re happy?! This is how it is, Ali Bhai. I’m weird right? Destroying myself. I will destroy myself. And I don’t have any regrets. Asad Uncle, you do know that right, that Zain Bhai’s (brother’s) wedding will be the biggest event of our house. and mama and I don’t want to, miss out on any of the happiness. Brother, Sobia is right. Please see, I agreed to what you said and fixed the wedding, But now, The wedding is a very big event, and how can we arrange it in such a hurry. Yes uncle, mama is right. You think yourself, that how many dreams we have, for Zain Bhai’s wedding. I’ll keep musical nights from a month before, I will call all my friends. And have so much fun. Are you mad? I am not a prince from Hyderabad Deccan, whose wedding needs to be a grand procession. So tell me uncle what are you saying. Nafeesa aunty isn’t feeling well guys, Uncle, if you want the wedding to be earlier, I am ready. I, will just marry Rabail without any pomp. I have no problem. You guys just, finalize the date and let me know. I, have to make a small call. Rabail dear, are you satisfied with this decision? Uncle you people must have thought something, better for me, I have no objections about any of your decisions. Wow, You’ve made me so happy. Masha Allah, she is such an obedient girl. So, now should we finalize the date? You guys sit and talk, I’ll be right back. You seem to be in quite a hurry, to marry Rabail. Is it me or your parents in a hurry. to shed off the load on their heads, on somebody else’s head. My parent’s have their hands tied, Why are you se helpless, by the way? Wow. Your parents and helpless? Will you mind explaining what you mean. If you don’t understand, ask Rabail. She’ll easily explain you everything. Understand this one thing, whatever that is happening in my life, good or bad, the responsibility of it, is all on your head. And that’s why don’t even think I, will forgive you this easily. I will do something so drastic with you, that’ll you’ll remember it all your life. Weak people, cowards, or those who step back, do not scare me with their threats. Even today, I am standing in front of you Zain. I challenge you, making Rabail a part of your life, will make you regret it forever. Do you know, your own eyes, your own words, are not loyal to you. Do you know since when, ever since you, to make me jealous, are pretending to be in love with Rabail. Perhaps, Perhaps it is what this is, Nishaal. But watching everything, the defeat your experience within, the failure that is evident in your eyes, regret, that drips from each of your features, looking at that, the peace I attain, is something you cannot imagine. I am from amongst those people, who can change their defeats into a win, who celebrate their own defeats. They keep smiling themselves and, force others to cry. The day ins’t far, when you’ll beg of me to be yours. but until then, it’ll be very late. Hmm. Late? Its already very late. Nishaal. You didn’t even get to know and you, have already lost Nishaal. And now, you either celebrate your defeat, or, mourn it, its up to you. Now you’ll see your sister Rabail Hassan, getting married to me. And cry to your heart’s content. And the best thing is, nobody will be able to understand why you’re crying. Cry as much as you want. Oh. Im sorry. I guess I, came at the wrong time. No, you came at the right time, Zia. I cannot find my phone, since hours, Can you give a missed call on my number? Sure. What is your number? I’ll dial. Thank you. Allah is very kind Nafeesa. Everything fell into place like I thought. In the nick of the time, Zain saved our honor. Otherwise, Gulshan sister and Sobia were not agreeing at all. What are you thinking? I’m thinking that, who will tell Umair. That Rabail is about to, be gone off. We’ll tell him. We’ll talk to him. Make him understand. Its because of him, everything is so messed up. Its enough. I’m waiting for this storm to pass. And then we’ll be at peace. I wish to Allah this is how it is. You do one thing, take Nishaal along, and order jewelry and dresses. Everything else and, the venue, I’ll arrange. This is a very big responsibility. I pray to Allah all is well. I don’t understand these people. They called us at home, first they hurried the nikkah, now they want the wedding? Why, what is wrong? I don’t understand, what do these people want? What do I say? Your son said yes, I was actually quiet. Oh yes, you too sat there like a silent watcher. Like you didn’t have a tongue in your mouth. Mama? There must be something, I doubt. But she is a very good girl. Educated, sensible. Nobody can doubt her character. So are the aunt and uncle throwing her out of the house, what is the rush? What is wrong at least, I just want to know this. You women have minds, filled with doubts and suspicions. When your son has agreed, it ends all discussions. That’s it. Do all that you want in 10-15 days now. Also take a cheque from me in the morning for shopping. So that you guys keep your minds cool too. This Zain. I’ll understand him completely now. He’s been smitten by such a simple girl. What will he do with us, once she’s home. Mama, I don’t understand Zain brother’s attitude as all. He agreed to the wedding there, and now he has locked himself in his room. I don’t understand if, he’s happy or sad with this decision. I don’t understand myself what this boy wants. He’s made our life a living hell. Don’t try hard to understand him, alright? Zain? Zain? Do you have a lighter? Lighter? Why did you have to talk to her? Why did you have to be close to her? Why? You know right, she did everything to make me jealous. What should I have done? Tell me? What could I do? Did I ask her to be close to me? She herself was coming close to me, again and again. She will come close to you, again and again, will try to talk to you repeatedly. But you will not talk to her. Shove this bloody thing in your mind. Oh, come on Zain. Your nikkah, has been done with Dr. Rabail Hassan. Your wedding is in 15 days, and that too with your consent. And, one second. And you claim, you really like Rabail Hassan. You really like her. You really like being with her. Then what, is it with Nishaal? Gulshan aunty and Sobia, got tired of telling you, but you were eager for the nikkah. No, I am not eager! I know what a show my mom and Sobia will create. Why are they trying to test my patience for a month? Why do they want to create such chaos? When they want to hang me, why don’t they wed me and let me be. Try to understand Zain. Relationships are not a game. The path between believe and non-believe that you’re walking, doesn’t reach anywhere at all. You’ve accepted Dr. Rabail Hassan right, now be only hers. That is whats best for you, and your happiness. Forget about Nishaal. Why should I forget her?! I know she made an excuse to get your number. And now she’ll talk to you on call. And if she talks to you on phone, then, I’ll kill you. Leave from here. Get out. Get out! Stop this nonsense. I’m leaving. You will go talk to her?! I know you very well. He back stabs me being my friend. Nishaal! I know you very well. I know you really well. I know you really well! Excuse me? You’re, going? Zia bhai (brother), Yes Sobia. I’m going home. I could make you some tea if you want, Well, actually… its very late, and Mama would be waiting for me at home. By the way, thank you for going to Zain Bhai’s in laws. You, take care of yourself. You now have to do all the wedding preparations. Yes. Sure. Take care of yourself. See you. Bye. Zain bhai’s friend, is so handsome. I never thought about it earlier. Dear, do you have any complaints for us? Just, that you’re a guest here for a few days only. Just want to see you, happy and settled in your own home, So that I can stand in front of my deceased sister. Uncle, you’ve given me so much love, so much acceptance, I can never forget it. But because of me, whatever is happening in this house since a few days, I haven’t done anything deliberately. I really feel very embarrassed. Dear, I know everything, You don’t have to give clarifications. Aunty and Nishaal are so upset with me, I can’t make them happy even when I’m trying. They hold me responsible for everything. Oh, dear. let yourself get settled once, Umair will realize his mistake, and so will Nafeesa and Nishaal clear their hearts. Just, start preparing for your wedding with your aunt. We’ll try that, Umair doesn’t know anything till the last moment. We’ll just, inform him a day or two earlier. He’ll come if he wants to, or if he doesn’t he won’t. He’ll be sad, we’ll be upset, but… what else should we do? Time will heal everything. Just that, Allah keeps you happy and settled in your home. I’ll miss you all. My dear. Listen Zubeida, where did all this come from? All these sweets and other things? Mam all this came from Rabail madam’s in laws. Abrar sir has sent everything to celebrate the fixed wedding date. This is so good. They seem to be very cultured people. And madam, they sent this card as well. They said, you could select so that they can give the order. Listen Zubeida, you take all these sweets and things, and share them in the neighborhood, and send them to all our relatives as well. So that everyone knows our Rabail is getting married. Okay? See, all the wedding festivities have begun already. Right? Now, take this, and finalize a card. Mama, this work suits who it belongs to, And by the way, at least let her select her wedding card herself. Take this, you finalize it dear. Oh wow, Rabail Ji. You’re selecting wedding cards? Why did you throw them Rabail Ji? They’re such nice cards, Red, This red one is nice, Yes, this red card. At least, looking at it, you’ll understand, how you have killed someone’s emotions.


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