Koi Chand Rakh Episode 8 – 27th September 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

Oh wow Rabi. You’re selecting cards for your wedding. Why did you throw them Rabi? They’re such nice cards. Red, this red one will look absolutely great. Yes, this red one. At least looking at this you’ll realize, that you murdered someone’s emotions. Nafeesa: Oh, Umair, don’t you have your classes? Why are you here?
Umair: Enough! Studies, university, hostel, I’ve left everything. I felt suffocated there! And see Rabi, there’s a wedding in our house. Everybody’s happy here and I study there? Nope. I’ve left everything! Umair you’ve left your studies? Be thankful that I did you guys a favor by just quitting my studies. I didn’t stop living! And look here, the wedding preparations are going on in full swing. Wow Rabi. You guys have acted swiftly on your plans. These things are so beautiful. See, such a beautiful red veil. You’ll look so pretty in it. This red veil will suit you a lot!! And don’t you worry, I have loved you, I will not let anything stop you from being happy. But now, I’ll live my life on my own terms. When nobody cares about what I like, I’ll not care about anything now. I will not listen to anybody! And my life or death should concern you people! Mama, please look at Umair. I know she took your number as an excuse. But if you talk to her, I’ll kill you. Hello? What took you so long? Don’t you know you don’t keep a beautiful girl waiting. Its rather insulting! Zia: Actually I…
Nishal: I was in the washroom, right? How do you know? Actually Zia, I too use the same excuse when I receive a call late. Can I ask you the reason for this call? And if I say, don’t ask, then? Then I won’t ask. As you say. And what if I tell you that I want to be friends with you? What do you think? I think its a great idea. I feel I’ve found my match. We’ll bond well Zia. But you know Zia, I’m very dominating when it comes to my friends. And when and if I befriend someone, they have to do what I say. As beautiful as you are Nishal, friends or enemies, nobody can reject what you say. Right? Nishal: Yes, right. I’ll just hang up now.
Zia: Sure, take care. Fine. Let him do what he wants, he’ll feel lighter this way. But its good that he hasn’t said anything about Rabail’s wedding yet. We’ll talk to him once Rabail gets married. I’m worried Asad. I’m afraid he might fall sick. He isn’t eating or drinking. He’s locked in his room. What can we do Nafeesa? Children are like heartbeats for this parents, a little disturbance affects the entire body. I wish, children would realize how much their attitude hurts their parents. I wish you had told me everything earlier Nafeesa. What feelings are these that they make you scream?! What sort of a love is this?! Why are you blackmailing me like this?! This isn’t love because love is never so selfish! Its not brazen or shameless like your’s! I don’t need your love! I don’t want it! I don’t have any love, care or anything at all for you in my heart. Do you understand?! Even if you make me divorce Zain, I’ll never ever accept you! Now whether you celebrate your failure or cry over it, its up to you! You’ll see your own sister, Rabail Hassan, getting married to me in front of your own eyes! Rabi, there’s smoke coming out of Umair’s room. We think there’s a fire. What?! Yes, we’ve knocked but the door’s locked from the inside. Oh God! Umair, open the door Umair. Umair! Umair? Umair open the door. Umair dear, open the door. Umair?! Umair, open the door, for my sake! Asad: Umair open the door.
Rabail: Uncle why isn’t he opening the door. Umair? Umair, if you don’t open the door, I’ll set myself on fire. Umair open the door. Open the door. Open this door for the sake of your own love! Why are you now telling me about that love Rabi? You’ve never even believed on the love I had for you. I begged of you. I literally begged you for it. But you never understood. But see. See. You honored my love just once and I opened the door for its sake! This is how much I love you. Nobody will love you like this Rabi. Nobody. Remember this! Nishal: Stop this!
Camera man: I’m just shooting the video, she looks beautiful.
Nishal: I said go down! So have you seen now baba, its always Rabail’s fault behind whatever wrong happens in this house! Now do you believe us? This is why Mama and I don’t feel like talking to her. You don’t have to feel bad about her. I believe its Umair’s fault rather than Rabail’s. Don’t you see my son is innocent? He hasn’t done anything. I have no idea what Rabail has done to him. He doesn’t even think! Enough both of you. She is the same Rabail who was the apple of everybody’s eyes! We didn’t know she would be the one to steal the light from our eyes as well! And won’t people ask where is Umair during the wedding? What will we tell our friends, our family? Whatever he was about to do in the Mehendi event today, its better he stays away from the wedding! See, you just honored my love once and I opened the door. This is how much I love you. Nobody will ever love you like I do Rabi. No one! Remember that. Rabail dear? Come here. Come sit with me. Sit dear. Dear, everybody in the house, are upset with you. They’re hating you. I too, am in, great pain. I feel a lot of pain dear. Since I brought you in this house, I’ve never thought of you any less than Nishal. Uncle, you don’t have to tell me all this. I am indebted to your love and care. I could never even think about this. But I’ve put all of you in pain while I’m getting married and leaving this house. Its because of me that my loved ones are all upset. Life has brought us at such a point Rabail dear that I cannot even understand whose responsible for destroying relationships. I cannot understand who is right and who is wrong. Uncle I am leaving this house, forever. You people should strongly hold onto each other now. You, aunty, Nishal and Umair. Please hold no grudges for each other. I’ll take all blames along with me. All wrong doings, all the blames, I take everything with me. Just because… this house can be at peace. So that only love prevails in this house and nothing else. Rabail dear, Whatever happened to this house, is done and dusted. I am worried about the house you’re going to now. Dear, when a fire spreads, it doesn’t see a house or a neighborhood. It just spreads. Abrar’s house, his peace, should now be your first priority dear. Incidents of the heart always occur with silence. But their affects are felt for a long distance. Dear, just take care that nobody even gets a whiff of this incident. My respect is now in your hands dear. Are you understanding what I am trying to say? Yes uncle. I’m listening to everything. And I’m understanding everything you are saying as well. Dear, keep everything that happens in that house, in your heart. Don’t ever let me get embarassed infront of them, ever. These are a few advices I had. Accept them as your wedding gift dear and keep them with you. You’ll find them helpful in need. I have built a very strong respect for you in that house. Please keep it alive there. Long live my child. Have you asked the decorators for some breakfast? I did mom. Gulshan: I am so tired right now.
Nishal: Asalamualikum (hello) Oh, Nishal, how are you? Sobia: How are you?
Nishal: I’m fine. How are you Sobia? You’re here all of a sudden? I love surprising everyone. Actually I’m here to Rabi and Zain’s room. I have to look over the decore. Why not dear? And why did you people send so much furniture? The house is already filled with everything. Gulshan aunty you know this is just about our happiness and mama, papa don’t want anything less for Rabi. She’s always been our family member. She’s been loved and respected like all of us. Nishal: We’ll send her here with full protocol. Nothing will be less.
Gulshan: Of course. Why not. And mama and papa don’t want Rabi to feel that she isn’t their daughter or our sister. So that’s why we’ll do everything for her, I’m telling you two. If you don’t mind, can I see Rabi and Zain’s bedroom? Of course, why not. Sobi, take her. Mama, the decoration people are upstairs. Oh yes, the decoration. Sobia, I’m here to see that. I want to see what is happening for my sister there. And I know best how to handle flowers. Right Gulshan aunty? In that case, lets go. Okay aunty, I’ll take your leave. I’ll just check on the preps. She’s such a beautiful girl, energetic, full of life. I wish, I had seen earlier. But what can happen now, whats written is bound to happen. Very nice. But something’s missing. Do one thing, write Rabail and Zain with flowers on the wall. Its a very old idea. Not impressive at all Zia. And by the way, names should be written on the heart, not on walls. Don’t you know the difference between a heart and a wall? Silly me. I don’t have any experience but I just came here since Gulshan aunty asked me to. By the way, you need courage for experiences as well. Its not easy for everyone to get an experience. You can either get appreciation or rejection. Hmm. Point. Nishal: Am I right Sobia?
Sobia: Yes, of course. Please remove these old flowers, what age are you living in? Maam, we had orders for these only. I’m telling you now, go get white flowers. I don’t want these old flowers. Nishal: Sobia, why don’t we have tea until they get flowers.
Zia. Very good idea. Okay. You people sit, I’ll get some tea.
Zia: Thank you. Very good idea. Nishal, I wanted to tell you something very important. Dear, Nishal has gone to your in laws house. She’ll set you up there. Umair should have been the one doing it. But he isn’t even in his senses. I never thought that our first happiness would change to such bad circumstances. We never know what will happen next. I have tried my best to be your mother and not your aunt, Rabail. But I don’t know what caused this rift between us. These boys are so odd. I don’t know how much more will Umair test me. If Umair becomes like he used to be, I’ll forgive you. I won’t have any grudges against you. And you too please forgive us. C’mon. Its time. You need to head to the salon. Get your dress and your jewelry. Aunty? If you allow me, I’ll call Umair. I’ll request him to be there at the wedding. So that nobody is able to talk about us. I know you’re very worried about all this. I told him a lot of times. I kept calling him all day yesterday. But he didn’t even receive a single call. Maybe, he can listen to you, if not me. I’ll try calling him. I have not seen a girl like you before. I swear. I don’t know whether to be happy or upset on this compliment. And by the way, what is it that makes me different from others? Neither do I have horns nor wings, so what is it? So what is it about me? Oh, what should I tell you. Its everything about you. So different! I cannot look away once I look at you. Do you know, your personality is rather mesmerizing. You talk very well Zia. Zia: Yes?
Nishal: Yes. Do you know, the person who you choose will be rather lucky. Nishal: Really?
Zia: Yes. You don’t believe it? Nishal: Not at all.
Zia: I can swear by you. Whats going on? What do you mean what’s going on? What are you saying dear groom? I was here to set your’s and Rabail’s room. Came here and saw Zia doing the same thing. Why are you so angry? Such loyal and honest friends are only found by lucky people. I wish I was that lucky too. You guys, sit and talk. I’ll just leave. Oh Zia. Won’t you have tea? Actually I need to check on a few arrangements. I’m running late. Some other time. All right? Bye. Zia? Zia? Is everything alright? You didn’t even have tea. Its nothing. Actually there’s so much work to do. Need to check on the arrangements and get Zain’s car decorated too. Actually mama and I have to go to the salon. Can you drop us? Why not. Yes. Right at four o clock? You’ll remember? Zia: Sure, I’ll see you.
Sobia: Bye. What are you doing Nishal? What are you trying to do? Mr. Zain, you’re crossing your limits. What am I doing? Its just your troubled mind that you’ve made a mountain out of nothing. Feeling bad? You don’t like me being involved with Zia? Yes. I feel bad! And that is why you’re doing everything to irritate me and make me jealous! I understand your nature too well, Nishal. So why are you being irritated? Why are you jealous? You do this with Rabail but I don’t react this way! You cannot even react this way. Rabail is my wife. Who is Zia to you? He’s only my friend. Nothing to you. And what if I make your friend mine? Nishal: What if I marry Zia?
Zain: I’m warning you. Warning! I’ll kill you! You feel bad right? Then why don’t you agree that you still love me Zain?! You’ve signed the marriage contract with Rabail to avenge yourself. But you cannot accept her. Because you don’t have the courage to do so. You don’t even have the courage to see me with someone else as well. Then why all this? You’ve destroyed us with your ego and your stubborn nature! You cannot be happy with Rabail Zain. Because she cannot make anyone happy. Rabail makes everything barren! She’s such a curse. You’ll realize this very soon. Look at your room with care, this setting, these flowers. If you hadn’t been such an emotional fool to marry Rabail, I would have been your bride today. Think and curse yourself. This is your punishment. Look at this room, this setting and these flowers. If you hadn’t been an emotional fool to marry Rabail, I would have been your bride today. Think. Think and curse yourself/ This is your punishment.


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