Koi Chand Rakh Episode 9 – 4th October 2018 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle]

She is cursed! She’ll make you barren with her presence in your life. You’ll realize this very soon. Look at these decorations! If you hadn’t been selfish and an emotional fool to marry Rabail, I would have been your wife today! Think and curse yourself for doing this. Look at these decorations! If you hadn’t been selfish and an emotional fool to marry Rabail, I would have been your wife today! Think and curse yourself for doing this. Umair, you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday! Why are you punishing yourself? Who said I haven’t eaten anything? I’m eating everything. I’m drinking my tears. I’m trying to absorb everything that is killing my soul. I’m swallowing how my own people have deceived me. I’m praying I can live through this phase. The situation I am in, nobody dies of hunger this way. Life goes on. But… I am thankful to you for being with me when my own family deserted me. Umair: Thank you my friend.
Friend: Umair, you’re my childhood friend. I’m glad you came here. I’ll let you know if I want to eat something. I’ll not hold back. But please do me a favor… let me be alone. Please let me be alone. Alright then. Yes, Rabi? What is it now? You would want to know if Umair Niazi is alive or dead already. But unfortunately I’m still alive. But you don’t have to worry. I will never hurt your respect. Nothing will harm your respect ever. I love you. True love. I will not harm you ever. Its you who told me this, isn’t it? See, I understand everything you say but sadly you didn’t even pay heed to anything that I said. Do you even know what love is? Oh, alright! Now you’ll tell me what love is! Love isn’t only your property Rabi! According to you, love is silence. For you love is sacrificing yourself for others. But no. My love isn’t like this! And now I don’t care what you think about me. But I love you! I have truly loved you and I’ll keep on loving you always! I don’t need any certificate from you. Do you understand?! I know you don’t need any certificate. But today, before I leave, I need a proof. That a person named Umair, loved Rabi a lot. He was honest. Love is never selfish Umair. Love is being happy with your beloved. Alright! So what proof do you need? Tell me. Should I die for you? Its stupid lovers like you who perform such antics and call it love. This is not love. Love doesn’t destroy anyone. It nurtures. It fulfills desires, wishes and expectations. If you’ve really loved me… then, today… you’ll come to my wedding. Wipe away your tears and be a support for uncle and aunty. Please stop this house from crumbling, Umair. If you’re not at the wedding, don’t you know what sort of questions will be asked. How will uncle and aunty answer them? Tell me! Oh my luck. The person I loved so much, worries more about the world but not me. Fine Rabi. I understand. You’ve not invited a living being but a statue to be presented to the world today. Whose emotions and feelings you don’t care about! It doesn’t even matter to you. Fine. If its a test, so be it. My love can pass all the tests you throw its way! I will come Rabi. I will come for sure! I will not let my love be humiliated. I’ll come! But, I salute your cold heartedness! Salute it! I salute your selfishness! So its decided Zain, that you still love me! You married Rabail to avenge your insult. But you cannot accept her as your wife because you don’t have the courage to do so! You don’t even have the courage to see me getting married to someone else! If you hadn’t been an emotional fool to marry Rabail, I would have been your wife today! Here you are! I’ve been looking for you! Everybody is here? Don’t you want to lead your son’s wedding procession? Where is Zain? Zain is getting ready with his friends. Is he really getting ready? What do you mean? Shouldn’t he be getting ready? Its his wedding! I mean, is he marrying Rabail? Are you alright? What are you saying? Please go get ready! We’re already late! You can never be happy with Rabail Zain. Because she can never make anyone happy! Rabail is cursed and she will make you barren with her presence in your life. Oh c’mon Zain. You’re married to doctor Rabail Hassan. Your wedding is in a fortnight and that has been arranged because you agreed to it. You claimed you liked Rabail Hassan? You really liked being with her? Then where did Nishal came in? You’re quite confident. So let’s see what you have got. Look at these decorations here! If you hadn’t been an emotional fool to marry Rabail, then I would have been your wife today! Think and curse yourself! This is your punishment. The day is not far… when you’ll cry and beg me! And it’ll be too late! I’m tired of making excuses about why Umair is not here. What should we tell people! Oh, where did Umair come here from, all of a sudden? Oh God! I’m here Rabi. I’m here. You will not blame my love for anything now, will you? No, Umair. I’m taking all the blames with me today. I’m leaving this house forever today! Everybody here has loved me so much. You, uncle, aunty and Nishal. I am forever indebted to you all. And today, you’ve done another favor to me by being here. I’m taking this as my wedding present from you. Rabi. No. The tears are not made for you. I’ve accepted these tears as a gift from you. Stay happy forever. Always be blessed. That’s all I pray for you. Nishal, the groom is here. I pray these flowers make your life fragrant forever. Brother groom! I might forget the fragrance, but I’ll never forget what you bestowed me with! Sister in law! Nishal: How are you?
Zia: I’m fine and you? I’m good. Even better since you arrived! Nishal: See, how’s everything become happier.
Zia: Thank you. Now, shall we? Come here, sister in law! She’s looking good with you there. What will I do next to you, brother groom? If you hadn’t been an emotional fool to marry Rabail… I would have been your bride today. You can never be happy with Rabail, Zain. Because she can never make anyone happy! She’s cursed and she’ll make your life barren with her presence. You’ll realize this very soon. Listen Nishal, whatever good or bad is happening in my life, its all because of you. Therefore don’t think I’ll forgive you so easily. I’ll make you remember me for the rest of your life! Enough. I don’t need your love. I don’t have anything for you in my heart! And one more thing… Even if I divorce Zain, I’ll never be yours! All you do is study with these books! Leave them and eat! What are you doing?! Are you even a human Umair? I’m a complete human being. Don’t tell me otherwise! Umair: Don’t insult my humanity!
Rabail: Me teaching you is an insult to your humanity? I don’t need your advice. Please stop mummy-ing me around! Come, have food with me! What are you looking at? If you say something now, I’ll make you feed me with your hands! I’ll have to mother you until you grow up! I’m not growing up anytime. If you like being an adult, I like being a kid! At least I can be with you this way. Rabail: You talk nonsense. I’ll have to hit you someday! Now eat.
Umair: You take, ladies first. Umair, my dear? We cannot spend our entire lives tied to a particular relationship Don’t we have any value for you? Are we all dead for you? Don’t you have any other relative who can give you happiness? Support you? Don’t you value us? Its the value of these relationships mama… that I am here in front of you. After being broken so much, I want to be out in a desert where I can shout and cry my heart out. I’m suffocating here. This is the value of my relationships that I’m here. Doctor Rabail Hassan? I feel you’re rather proud of your doctor’s degree. Doctor? Look at me doctor. What? You’re so serious. So collected. So rude. You’re so reserved with a composed attitude. I didn’t really expect this from my wife. You’re meeting your husband for the first time. Shouldn’t you be smiling a little? Isn’t it? Tell me if I’m wrong. I’m sorry if you felt this way. I’m not proud. My test as a wife has just begun. I expect, to fulfill all your expectations. What nonsense you’re talking? Test as a wife, fulfilling expectations. Please. I’m not this educated nor I know such difficult Urdu. Had I been so educated, I would’ve completed my Masters. I am allergic to such difficult Urdu and such deep discussions! Please, I don’t want to discuss any philophy or medical science with you. Can you say something romantic? Our relationship has just begun. I’ll say something romantic in due time. I rather like educated discussions. But I’ll try to talk to you about the things you like. Don’t try. Do it. Because I don’t like such discussions and girls who discuss such things. Understood? I like, vivacious, talkative, expressive girls. Who know how to give and take challenges. Do you understand? Why don’t you be like… Like? Its useless. You won’t understand.


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