Kolaigaran Official Trailer 2K | Arjun, Vijay Antony, Ashima Narwal | Andrew Louis | Simon K.King

Sir, Prabhakaran has turned
himself in at R1 police statio n Prabhakaran… Quite intelligent He very well knows how we will perceive
things and what problems can come up He is highly delusional All that is he is saying is
a part of his imagination Dharini and I are lovers ” Love me or kill me! Do as you wish” ” The marks of your love in
my heart are still fresh” ” Don’t you run away after
breathing fire into me” ” The taste of your kisses
will remain forever in me” It’s ok if he is in love with you But if he turns out to be a stalker or obsessive
lover kind of guy, then it’s dangerous So he did all this… just for the love he
had on that girl? That too an one sided affair? You have committed a murder Not just this murder… I’m ready to commit
any number of murders Title: KOLAIGARAN
(MURDERER) He must be a psychopath, sir


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