[KOREA STORY TIME] 한국에서 의 경험들 ▫ Korean Drama STALKER!

when you go to a different country even though it is Korea and there are a lot of people saying it’s very safe just be on high alert make sure nobody’s following you hello everyone welcome back to my channel so it’s been so long since I’ve uploaded or at least it feels long to me by on today have a story time for you guys last month I did not do a storytime and I try to do a storytime once a month so I was having this talk with my friend about my story times and how I don’t really want to be a storytime youtuber like I also want to tell stories I was talking to him and he was like why don’t you do story times where people can learn a lesson or people can see the lesson that you learn so I decided that from now on all my story time will have a story that I learned something from or a story that you guys can probably learn something from so that’s how I’ll be doing my story times from now they will be still like exciting but at the same time I do want it to be a learning experience also my channel is very heavily Korea based so most of my story times won’t be Korea story times if you have checked my channel in description you would know that this channel is very heavily Korea based so if you got a problem with me doing Korea story times you can shuffle on out of my channel because I don’t need that negative negativity okay so let’s get started with this story so this story is about getting stalked in Korea I feel like every youtuber has this story um whether it’s like in Korea like in u.s. I’ve been stalking in Kenya I’ve been stalked everywhere a girl so this story time would be getting stucked in Korea this happened while this story in particular happened in 2014 which was the second time that I was going to Korea and it happened when I this day I didn’t really have any plans so I plan to go to Dongdaemun and get some cookie and then come back home so I did that and like went to dongdaemoon I picked up the dog cookie that I wanted got takeout and then I got on the subway I went back home the area that I lived in was about an hour and a half away from Center City so or from dongdaemoon so it took me a lot to get back home and my area is not like where I was was home for me it was a hostel like this area that I lived in was never really saved like I have to pass a bunch of bars a bunch of clubs and well it’s not like club club it’s like nightclubs and nightclubs are you like older men older women so I like have to pass all these night stuff and I’m just like girl your girls eighths inch trying to get home just let me go through cuz I ain’t got time for this so every time I got to the station I was out I didn’t really care what was around me I would just walk home really really fast so I walked home and I got to my building I was in front of the elevator waiting and while I was waiting there’s a guy who came behind me and he was I guess also waiting for the elevator and I was looking at my phone texting away I’m sorry I’m texting away the elevator comes and I had like take my time because I’m like there’s another person here he has to get to the elevator too so he gets in and then I get in and obviously as soon as you get in you press the button to your floor so I press number 11 but then I noticed that he had not pressed the buttons in his floor I pressed my button first but our second to get into the elevator so I was like okay that’s a little weird so I shuffle back a little bit more and I’m like next not next time but a little behind him and I’m looking the elevators in Korea at that time were very like Chinese so you could see everything around you those mirrors on both sides and then the elevator doors have reflective so you can see yourself and the people inside the elevator so I’m looking at him when I tell you he is dressed like the most stereotypical Korea drama face kidnapper thug gangsta everything it’s like you took somebody from a Korean drama and pasted him right next to me and it was just the thief in the Korean drop so I was like thinking really hard cuz at that time I was very into Korean dramas so I was like immediately was like Korea drama thief is next to me okay this is really funny cuz I had my weird days okay don’t judge so the elevator gets to that 11th floor ding ding it’s my floor and maybe his floor I don’t we not sure yet so I’m like ok whatever so he gets off the elevator so I’m guessing like oh ok his floor – as soon as you get off the elevator you either have to turn right to the right houses I mean wow this is left well for me this is left so you either have to turn left for the left houses or you turn right to separate houses so I left on the right side and he turned to the left side so he turns to the left side I’m like okay but I’m like there’s no way he’s following me whatever whatever so I’m walking to like my house which my house is five five doors down so I have to walk five whole doors down so I’m walking and I feel like somebody is behind me like a presence is behind me so I turn around my dude is like right at the end of the hallway just staring so I’m like okay creepy so I shuffle really really fast to my apartment door I bust myself in I get it never go have to see this guy no mom and I start talking to myself we don’t have these things where we talk to ourselves we try to tell ourselves that we’re tougher than we are we try to sell tell ourselves that I wanna know more like what’s good with this guy like why is he following me so I’m talking to myself and I’m like Paris let’s let’s find out what he’s following don’t do this please that don’t do this I was really stupid okay never do this so I’m like okay I’m bad so I took an umbrella like this umbrella is supposed to do anything like it’s an umbrella you can’t do anything so I took out umbrella as my weapon of choice so I took my umbrella and it’s really plastic it’s like $3 plastic umbrella I took it so I’m like okay let’s go out so I go I pick my head out and I see that he’s still at the corner of the hallway looking down at my hallway just kind of like looking and I’m like why is he here like this is so weird so I walk down to the hallway and as I said it was five doors down so I walk down one door two door through door four door and I leave one door out and he’s here and I’m behind like I’m before you get to that door so I’m pretty far away from him and I look at him and I’m like hey why are you following me I’m speaking in English I didn’t feel like I needed to be courteous and speak in Korean to this stalker I ain’t got time for that his English is not it’s not good but it’s not bad like I can understand it got really defensive okay he’s like what do you mean I’m following you my friend lives here like I’m just waiting for my friend like you need to calm down and I just I just asked why you’re following me you don’t even need to defend yourself like this like you could have just said I’m waiting for my friend I’ve been like okay back but he’s like really defending himself so he’s defending himself and I’m like well I just think it’s really weird that you went to the left side and then I went to the right side and then you came back to the right side which is where I live and he’s just going off again he’s like what do you mean like you’re just walking he’s cursing at me at this one like I’m pretty sure every in the apartment could hear this argument going on outside and English first of all so he starts inching closer to me as he’s yelling at me and like going in on me and well I’m not gonna sit there let him going on so I started going crazy too I’m like what do you mean you clearly following me okay I didn’t go that crazy I just I just I didn’t yell I started going through the events and he’s like oh you’re like psycho like foreigners always think people are following them and I was like foreigners always think people follow them what do you mean that means you’ve been following foreigners for your life cuz but you know none of my business so it’s like talking about like foreigners always think they’re being followed or if you were just walking to their house now sit here like I know if I walk back I’m just like he’s inching closer so I walk back and I’m like you need to stop there I’m gonna call the security guard to come up and escort you out and he’s is going off and at this time he starts cursing me in Korean and I’m just like ah I ain’t got time for this so I’ll walk back to my apartment and I’m walking backwards just in case he like lunges at me or like runs after me or something so I’m walking backwards watching him still as soon as I walk back into my hostel the girls who live in my hostel three other girls who are living in the hostel at that time I had never talked to these girls so they were not my friends like I didn’t really know them at all but they came and they were like hey are you okay like what’s going on like there’s a lot of yelling in the hallway and I’m like girl I’m just talking to them and I’m gonna name one of them but like the other the other two or not as like is there just twins I’ll just say twins and Rilla Rilla is gone too as the main one bye Rilla was the main one she was like what’s going on like why so loud in the hallway like are you okay it seems like somebody was yelling and I tell them I break I break it down to that I’m just like this kid just like seems like he was following me and I swear the guy was following me really stops me and she’s like wait girl I know karate we got this let’s go out and get him listen listen girls my second time in Korea I want to come a third time I don’t wanna get deported you know I mean I wanna get deported but you know we feeling we’re feeling mad macho at this point we’re just like okay let’s do it so we walk out and I remember really didn’t even have shoes when she walked out so she walks out she’s like where is he where is he so we’re looking around trying to find this like guy so we’re like looking around we walk upstairs a little bit to see these up the stairs we walk down stairs he’s not there he’s nowhere to be found at this point we just like oh I can’t guess he left and like realizing like he better not come back I’m a black belt like I can take care of this guy I was like oh [Music] that’s lean and I’ll still fit we all looked we all look like four little pebbles just walking outside thinking we tub never do that guys so that happened we ended up talking all night after that and remember these are people I never talked to before this is how we bonded and this is how I became close friends like I had them on Facebook I have them on Instagram like these people are mad chill and the last one I learned from this is first of all don’t press the button first a lot the person president first who got in cuz that’s just weird like he didn’t press the elevator button second of all is talk to people who are around you like I would have missed this chance to know these amazing girls if I didn’t talk to them because I hadn’t talked to them before and if this like terrible like thing hadn’t happened I would still not be friends it’s like talk to the people who you’re living with especially if you’re living in a hostel befriend them become friends so they can like watch you back for you and you can watch their back for them I’m so thankful to Marilla cuz she was she was she was gangsta she was ready so after that I was always on high alert when I went to the elevator I let the person press the button first or I would ask them what floor are you going so so I can press the button for them that’s the lesson I learned guys so you know when you go to a different country even though it is Korea and there are a lot of people saying it’s very safe just be on high alert make sure nobody’s following you and also another thing I was being stupid cuz I should have not even walked out again I should I just let that be okay but anyways guys that was today’s storytime I hope you guys enjoyed this story you know lessons learned we all acted the road um before like when I was 18 and like you know back in those days I was not the smartest little girl okay I just I just needed to calm down a little bit but it was still fun it was like fun because I got to know Villa I got to know the twins but anyways I will see you guys on my next video bye guys [Music] we keep Adame padalka when ownership your team or not it’s good worry and you don’t know cut to keep me signing me some a one yummy cheese we got your ball oh no what is that my


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