Korean ★OFFICE DRAMA★ Fever (MULTI SUB) | Miss Lee [#tvNDigital]

Miss Lee, since we’re busy,
let’s film quickly. I’m going to take a picture now. tvN has just returned
with a brand new office drama. But before we talk about that, let’s have a look
at the hit office dramas that left a lasting impression
on our viewers! I didn’t graduate from college. Airing back in 2014, a webtoon-based drama by the name
of ‘Misaeng: Incomplete Life’ took Korea by the storm. The drama centered around the life
of an intern, Jang Geu-rae. He dreamed to be
a professional Go player, but ends up in an international
trading company instead. At first, he struggles
to survive in the company but he eventually manages
to adapt to the corporate culture and becomes a valued employee. You can hand in the project
by next Monday morning, right? ‘Misaeng’ had won numerous awards
in 2015, including Seoul International
Drama Awards and Cable TV Broadcasting Awards. It’s definitely the drama
for all office newbies! Fans of IU need no introduction
to this next drama. (‘My Mister’ (2018)) I was too nice! Heart wrenching and melancholic, ‘My Mister’ highlights
the bleak realities of people
in different social classes struggling in
their own circumstances. IU plays Lee Ji-an, a young women ridden with debt who works hard to support herself and her sick grandmother. Park Dong-hoon is played
by Lee Sun-kyun, a kind-hearted manager, who is victim
to the ill intentions of the people around him. The two meet by chance and slowly learn to rely
on each other. Unlike the typical lovey-dovey
scenes seen in most Korean dramas, ‘My Mister’ focuses
on human nature and how kindness
can tear down walls that were once built so high. What should be done, to earn
five to six million every month but still look so weary like that? IU received much praise
for her excellent performance, adding a new milestone
to her acting career. Be sure not to miss out
if you love IU! I’ll go out with you. Sir, you’re not my style. – What?
– You’re not my style. ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ is a classic office
romantic comedy also based of off a webtoon. What’s wrong…
with secretary Kim? It became the most searched drama
of 2018 on Google in Korea. The story begins with the sudden resignation
of the highly capable Kim Mi-so, after working nine years straight
as the secretary for the handsome but prickly
Vice-chairman, Lee Young-joon. Oh my gosh. Secretary Kim, do I look okay? Perfect. Starring Park Seo-joon
and Park Min-young, both of them got nominated for the best actor
and actress awards in 2018. Kim Mi-so’s impeccable
office fashion, also became a hit
amongst many office ladies. – Hey, Miss Lee.
– Yes? Why did you take care of this? I’m sorry. If you’re going to do
what you want, you’re the boss! ‘Miss Lee’, tvN’s newest drama
has made an impressive start, winning the hearts
of many viewers. Starring Hyeri as Miss Lee, she plays an entry-level worker,
who suddenly… I will be… the CEO! …becomes the CEO
of Cheongil Electronics overnight. She is then left with
the impossible task of saving her company
from bankruptcy. – Hey, Miss Lee.
– Yes? Get a grip. – This isn’t my phone.
– Get out. Don’t ever come in here
during the meeting. Get out of here. The story not only brings much joy
and laughter to the viewers, it also challenges the hierarchical norms
in the corporate world. ‘Miss Lee’ is undoubtedly
on its way to become the next
hit office drama, and it’s not too late
to start watching now! Which office drama
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