Korean and Japanese Drama Cliches

Hey guys! Random hair So as you guys already know I really like Japanese dramas I’ve watched hundreds and I mean hundreds of Japanese drama And as of recently I’ve started getting addicted to Korean dramas as I’ve mentioned before But one thing that I see in every drama whether that’s Korean drama or Japanese drama or other types of drama is Cliches The type where if A happens B will always happen And it happens pretty often throughout all these dramas You know when you start watching a lot of dramas It just clicks! Ah I know what’s going to happen
Ah this is predicable Ah I bet this is going to happen next
It just becomes a cliche So in dramas if you hate a guy in the beginning
By the end of it? You’re going to be in love with him
100% sure Almost every leading couple goes through this
kind of notion She doesn’t like him at the beginning
He doesn’t like her at the beginning And then they just fall in love
Typical! In reality? If I didn’t like a guy
Over time I’m not going to start liking him more Every little thing he will do Will probably piss me off
So how can they fall in love? You know the thing where one thing they do
pisses you off And then anything
Anything else, even a teeny tiny little small thing just gets more and more annoying
by the end of it you just want to stab them Like who do you think you are? Existing next to me
You are so annoying Can you go away? If 2 kids know each other
Then they will probably fall in love and are soul mates
Even if they were like 4! And they’re probably still in love and still
looking for each other my soul mate, my one true love
It’s been 20 years later But I will still love you
And I still want you to find me So we can forever be together
Bet you’ve heard of that one, huh? And the reality of it is? If you were friends with somebody when you
were about 4 years old You will probably forget they exist by the
time you’re 24 I mean come on you were 4
How unrealistic is it to be in love with someone you were in love with when you were 4 Hell I can’t even remember if I had a crush and who was my crush at 4
I think I was too busy playing with sand Love? Boys? Soul mates? Yeah most kids don’t care about soul mates
Even if you hang out with someone alot You’re not going to end up falling in love
with them necessarily I mean some people might, it might happen
Not necessarily In dramas there’s no such thing as light drizzle
There’s only two types of weather One side is beautiful sunshine, everything
is perfect, it’s a great day, all is well And the second side
It’s pouring down rain, it’s a heartfelt moment, he needs to tell her how much he loves her,
how much he misses her And that she can’t leave him
And everything is just going so romantic and so well That’s it? What happened to all the weather in between? People have looked out of the window right? I mean, do you guys only see rain or sunshine
where you live? Is it just me? I mean, I live in England so most of the time
it’s grey So here’s a typical one
The girl or the guy will need to go abroad either to study, for a job, the parents are
sending them there, for whatever reason. They need to go abroad
But they are so in love And they make a pact – even if it’s 5 years,
even if it’s 10 years they will wait for each other because they’re in love and they’re
so cute and it’s adorable Annnnd it’s unrealistic! 5 years?! Hell, even 2 years is a long time! Can you wait for somebody for 2 years? Most of the time these people aren’t even
in contact anymore They don’t have a cellphone number, they can’t
contact them, they can’t see them because of money or some reason
2 years? Without knowing if the person is even alive?! Can you do that? Can you really do that? But 5 years? 5 years is a long time to be waiting for somebody
with no contact The reality of it isn’t so nice
People would probably end up falling out of love or they might just forget about the other person because I mean 5 years is a long time People change
Feelings change Emotions change
You could be a whole different person in 5 years And another one for you Fake engagements or fake marriages will always,
always Lead to a real engagement or a real marriage
Why? No one knows
It’s like the mysteries of drama If they hate each other or if they have no
idea who the other person is And they’re forced to get engaged
Or if they hate each other and they coincidently get engaged
No matter what they will probably get engaged for real
And they’re probably going to get married for real
Because it’s drama, it’s a cute drama and drama’s are sweet! But the reality of it is? Come on, think about it? If you were forced to get engaged with someone
you didn’t like Or you had no idea who they are
What are the chances that you will end up falling in love with them? All of a sudden
In a short period of time to the point where you want to get married to them
Some people go through loads and loads of relationships just to find the one
And you’re telling me people can find their true love after coincidently being forced
be engaged with them? Or even worse be married to them? Yes arrangement marriages do happen and I’m
sure in like one in a million situations it’s possible but it happens every time in a drama So those were my cliches guys
those are the types of things that I see every time in the dramas that I watch, do you guys
have anymore? Can you think of anything else? If you like this video make sure you hit the
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