Korean Drama Fan Talk with Petre

hello Korean drama fans my name is Petre I am from South Africa and I think I’m one of the oldest foreign Korean drama
fans I feel like I’m a foreigner ambassador for Korean dramas Korean
dramas and kpop give people so much joy and happiness although there are a lot
of evil and bad things happening in the entertainment industry all over the
world nowadays people want some good and kindness in their lives I was in Korea
for three years and the first time I watched a series I was mesmerised
especially because I grew up with American TV series we call soapies
like The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of our Lives the Korean people are
very dear to my heart and even more because my second son out of 4 is living
in South Korea now for nearly 10 years so I want to talk drama come to
think of it the singer k.will sings a song talk love
in descendants of the sun’ and i want to share his video with you every drama has a winning song it’s just
wonderful to year the talent of songs combined with the drama my favorite
singers in a Drama is first one Gummy I’m going to share with you the second one is two
brilliant girls: Davichi the third girl is Baek Ji-young
very experienced and girl I have to say Ailee really
really talented Wow it’s interesting to find that most
leading actors and actresses were trained as singers before they were
famous career really got some much talented and beautiful celebrities I have
never watched drama with subtitles but I can follow the story because we all are
emotional beings so I listen to my heart with my heart which you hear lots in
dramas for example 아이구 or 그래 어떡해 여부 대박 because I don’t know how it’s
written in Korean it’s difficult to ask people funny enough I don’t speak any
Korean I found out that 여보 is a name like darling a husband and wife
call each other so it’s really endearing to me they don’t call it other
on their names well I’m going to talk in general about dramas and highlight a name
or two I just finished watching the drama: A hundred years inheritance that I’m
going to show a clip it’s 50 episodes normally some dramas are just too long
and boring but this one has lots of elements in the storyline so it held my
attention throughout all the episodes well I have a question for you drama
lovers what do the two dramas Descendants of the Sun this clip and the next one The gentleman of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop have in common? please leave your answer as a comment
and I will talk about it on another video to watch Korean dramas for me is
really heartwarming experience please give some feedback goodbye
annyeong and be safe

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