Korean Web Drama: XX: EP.1

This is our signature cocktail. It’s mild enough for beginners. So, I recommend it. You can take photos all you want but… I know. We won’t upload it. Yes, I’m almost there. Are you sure about this? I heard that he rejected all the other scout offers. I guess they didn’t pay him
as much as I will. By the way, why is there no address
or a sign here? That’s the concept. The bar that I want to keep to myself only. Had enough, huh? He should have spent lots of money
and promoted the bar. Can I have your number? I’m sorry but I have a girlfriend. I knew it. How did you meet your girlfriend? I met her at the bar she was working for. 2 years ago. What a shame.
I should have come 2 years earlier. I think I found that bar.
Bye. Did you search information about
the head bartender? I’ll know if I see him. I hope he’s handsome.
Then I would want to go to work everyday. Huh? You thought it was a man? Is it she? I see you like drink strong.
This one’s for you, whiskey-based. It’s far from smooth,
but I think you’ll like it. Yes, it’s a woman.
She’s called Nana. Nana? Her real name is Nana? I think it’s her bar name. Okay. I’ll talk to you later. Okay. Hello.
Do you want to sit at the table? Yes. Let me clean one for you now. I’ll just sit at the bar. Long time no see. You should say hi at least. We’re not that close. It’s been 5 years.
It’s time to move on. It’s all in the past. Nana, let me check out the tables. Yes. I’d like a cocktail, please. Still, you should serve me a drink.
I’m here as a customer. If I knew you’re working in the same industry,
I should have come here earlier. I’m the CEO of Number A.
Did you know that? Why do I have to know
what you’ve been up to? I’m hurt. Even if you’re not interested in me, you still know Number A, right? No. 1 company of this industry. Famous ones don’t use business cards. Well, I guess you’re not that famous. Vodka-based? That’s the cheapest one.
Vodka. What’s the name of this? Adios, bitch. That’s the only cocktail I could think of. If you’re here for market research,
finish it fast and leave. Yun Nana. Do you want to join my bar? I’m here to scout you. I will open my second bar
and I need a head bartender there. I heard that you just won an award
at an international competition. If you’re that good,
you can join my bar. I’ll pay you a lot. Honestly, if you’re stuck in a place like this,
what good will it do you? This tacky furniture and music… I guess your boss is quite old. Or, is this your taste? On second thought, it is. Well, you liked classic in the past as well.
I used to choose clothes for you. Right? Oh, I remembered. You said Number A? Is there? My customers complained a lot about that place,
saying that their cocktails are awful. They said, the bartenders can’t even
control ice and it tastes like crap. Forget about scouting me.
I’ll check out your bar later. To teach them how to make cocktails,
if you need. And speaking of clothes, All the clothes you picked for me, they were so
tacky. I couldn’t wear them even the next season. I threw them all out. Clothes are for just one season, aren’t they? Still, it’s nice to meet you.
A tough version of Yun Nana. Think carefully. I’ll call you. No, don’t bother. I won’t go. How dare she came to the bar? She forgot what she did to you?
She’s crazy, isn’t she? And scouting you? Is she evolving for
her ignorance and shamelessness? She’s become even more ridiculous. Forget it.
She won’t come if she’s in the right mind. Hey, forget about it.
Let’s just eat something. What do you want to eat? Today, simple maratang? Hot pot? Mille-Feuille? Lee, how is Number A doing lately? No sales decline? Have we ever? I heard that you’re looking for a bartender? Yes, I’m trying to make it bigger. Well, you know
the Hong Kong World Class Competition? I meant this bartender
who won an award at that competition. Well, she’s not thinking about moving
to another bar yet. Right. It’s hard to find a good bartender. – Keep persuading her.
– Sure. Excuse me,
but I shall leave now as I have an appointment. Leave already? You must be really busy
for preparing for your second bar. I think Number A is already too much for you. Aren’t you overstraining yourself? Well, I started this bar as a hobby. But seeing you guys so caring about me, I shall work harder. Excuse me then. She always leaves before us. She’s a spoiled child.
That’s why she’s not polite, I guess. It’s so easy for a spoiled child of a rich family. Her parents opened a bar for her… Those oldies think they’re in my league
after a cup of tea with them? They’re in no place to give me
old fashioned advice. Yeah, it’s me. It seems like CEO Park approached Yoon Nana.
Did you hear anything about it [Taking over XX bar]
[40,860,020 won] You’re looking at that again? Of course. I think about this every day, but
you go through too much trouble. How are we supposed to eat this,
it’s so pretty. Everything should be pretty. So how much longer until you can
take over the bar? About 3 years and 8 months? Of course with a loan. That’s gloomy. What’s gloomy? In just 3 years and 8 months,
XX bar is going be mine. You should have let out the beat coins back then! Why did you bring that up all of a sudden! You wouldn’t listen to me at all and you finally got a hold of yourself
after seeing it turn into nothing, right? If you sold your beat coins then,
you would already own that bar by now. Those who hang in there win at the end! I thought that saying was true. Be careful. The owner might sell the bar to someone who offers more money. Hey! I said don’t It’s Jayden! OK, Jungdeun. Hey Wang Jungdeun! What! The ramen is awesome. Did you ever see me cook badly? I know. Because of you, I’m not satisfied at
most restaurants. Eat up. It sounds like you made it. You eat up. [Manager Lim]
Park said he’d pay her more money but Yoon Nana said she’s not going to
another bar. [Gyumin] Are things going well on your business trip? Yeah, except for the fact that I miss you. Smooth talker. I thought you said you were going to
scout someone yesterday. How did that go? I went to see her yesterday but she doesn’t seem
to want to move. Whynot? Does she not like the conditions? I’m not sure. She must not have anything to lose. So you’re going to give up? No. Have you ever seen me give up? Huh? Aren’t you going to work today? I’m going to go later. It’s my studio anyways. You’re not going to wear that, are you? Why not? I heard that the That’s why people who don’t know much
can be more dangerous. Don’t use a pink-ish tone like that. You should wear a red tone like this. Ask me for permission to buy lip stick
from now on. Sure. [CEO] Yes sir. Nana, are you at the bar? No, I’m about to leave now. What’s going on? I have something to tell you. What is it? Someone came and told me they
want to buy the bar today. What? I have this situation at home… So did you sell it? Someone said they’d buy it on the spot
so yes. I’m sorry. You could have told me in advance. You said you’d wait until I save up! You promised you’d sell it to me! I’m so sorry, I didn’t have a choice. My wife kept telling me to sell it. You know how she is. But they’re not going to change the
bartenders. I made sure of that. Anyways, thanks for your hard work. The new owner will show up today. Yes. Thank you. What? Did he sell? He promised to sell it to you. It’s not like we wrote a contract or anything. Why did you thank him? He never even gave you a bonus.
Only a 100,000 won raise in the past 3 years! I won’t confirm to this! Why should you have to confirm? He always goes on about confirming stuff. But… Are you two really roommates? Yes, I told you before that we live together. We have a two room apartment. Make sure you clear things up. You keep telling people that we live
together so people think we date. You’re messing with my date life. Hey, when a guy and girl live together, no one believes that we’re just friends. It’s tiring to explain this every time. I guess. What’s that? I got it because it was pretty. It’s not even your bar.
Talk about donations. I’m telling the truth! The bar has a
new owner now! Our bar was sold? I didn’t know it was on sale. Yeah, it happened. Then are we going to be fired? It’s just the owner that’s different.
I don’t think there will be any changes. I’m going. Yeah, see you at home. [Battery] Nana, I’m going to step out
and take this. Sure. You said you would wait until I save up! You promised you’d sell it to me! Are you sad the bar was sold? It wasn’t even my bar anyways. But still… It was almost the same as Nana’s bar. There’s not one place that you didn’t over look. You picked me too. It’s already been 2 years. Don’t most boyfriends save their girlfriend’s name
as “honey, my love, or baby”? What? Or just a simple “girlfriend”. I’ve never seen anyone save their
girlfriend as battery before. You seem as old fashioned as my dad. I’m right, aren’t I?
The battery of love. Oh that’s not it. Hold on. [CEO]
The new owner is almost there. Danny, apparently, the new owner is almost here. Nana, I’ll play something I want to listen
to since we don’t have customers yet. Sure. Turn on anything you want to listen to. We running low on ice and ingredients, right?
I’ll order. Nana? [Did you get in OK last night?
Did you get up?] [Why didn’t you call me yesterday?] Did you get home?

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