Korean Web Drama: XX: EP.2

I said I am not coming with you. I know. But why are you here? You won’t come, so I bought this bar. I bought this place. What are you saying? You won’t come. So I came. Is there a problem? Hi, I’ve seen you once before. Hi, I am your new CEO Yi Rumi. I look forward to working with you. Oh, hello. I am Park Dan Hee,
and you can call me Danny. Alright. Danny I am sorry,
but could you give us a moment? We need some privacy. Alright. Nana, text me when you guys are done. Thanks. Surprised much? You know me.
It’s not so unexpected. Isn’t it? You know that I need to get what I want. Yeah. Especially things that aren’t yours. I’ve got nothing to say. Go look for a new head bartender. Why? Running away again? You are good at that.
Running away. Leave if you wish, but at least
hear out my offer. I will give 10 percent of the sales as an incentive
on top of your salary. I might make you the CEO if we
open another bar if this goes well. And of course, I will draft up a contract
to put these into printed letters. I will treat you like a proper head bartender, so you just need to treat me like an owner. I am not asking to be friends.
Isn’t this a good enough deal? It’d be stupid to give up on this opportunity. Don’t let the past get in your way.
Let’s just make money. We know how to separate work and life,
don’t we? Those who stress on separating work and life
tend to have a shameful life. Just like you. Oh, and it wasn’t running away. Five years ago. I avoided you. Because you were filthy. I see that you are really Yun Nana,
constantly being bitchy. What are you doing here at this time? Omg. Did you get fired by the new owner? Yi Rumi came by. Huh? For what? She bought the bar. What? So, she’s the new owner? For real? No. You quit. Get out of there. This is such a reality shock. I’ve been struggling for years to buy that bar, and she just bought it like that. Like picking something up from the groceries. I think it’s her life mission to ruin my life. Yes. Did you get what your dad sent you? I never asked for money. He never calls.
Him sending money like this even without a call
makes me feel pathetic. As if he’s my sponsor or something. Watch your language. You know your dad. He still remembered your birthday.
That’s something. By the way, I hear that you bought another bar? Aren’t you pushing too hard? It’s a birthday gift for myself. Well, work your thing with it
now that you’ve already bought it. You know your dad is interested in all of this
although he doesn’t seem to be. Don’t screw up and damage his reputation. Understood. I may be a bad daughter, but
I got to save his face. Yun Nana. Don’t quit. You just told me to. But the offer is too good. You’d be crazy to throw this away. You need to make the most out of it. You think you can buy the bar if you
save for three years and eight more months? Never. She’s offered salary increase
and an incentive. And she even said you could be the CEO too. Nope. I will never confirm you quitting. But the owner is Yi Rumi!
That bitch! That gives you even more reasons to
not quit! Feel free to cut her out.
But after you milk her out. That’s how you win. You may hate her, but don’t avoid her. You avoid her, and you lose. Again. [Nana, when are you coming?] Shall we do a quick interview while
we don’t have any customers? 26 years old.
Park Dan Hee. Worked a year as a part-time,
and a year as a bartender. You worked here for two years? Yes. What did you do before that? I was a baseball player.
But I had to quit because of injury. There must’ve been so many other sports-related
career choices. How did you end up being a bartender? After I quit baseball,
I had no idea what I liked. I couldn’t find what I liked.
So I thought to myself, that I should
avoid what I didn’t like. I didn’t want to be an average office worker.
I didn’t want to be a desk man. And somehow I ended up bartending. I like the job and it’s fun. Is there a chance that I might get fired? I said this was an interview,
not a job interview. Any hardships you came across during work? Like you said, you want to avoid
things you don’t like. I agree with you. If you don’t like the owner,
you should at least get a chance to quit. That’s never going to happen. I don’t know much about you, but regardless of all that,
I like this place. You like this place? Why? I have a nice colleague here. The best workplace welfare you can get
is a nice colleague. [Danny: Nana, when are you coming?] No matter how much you hate her,
don’t avoid her. You avoid, you lose. Again. You are giving me a pay raise? This much? That’s what our bartenders get
at Number A. The best workplace welfare is not a
good colleague, it’s a high salary. Colleagues can stab you from the back. While money never betrays you. If I treat you like best bartenders, you will be one, right? For our bar. By the way, why is there no signage outside? We didn’t put one up on purpose. That’s the concept of our bar. The hidden private bar. It makes it more special.
Only those who know can come. That’s why we didn’t want to tell everyone that there’s a bar here. That’s why you can’t post any photos taken
from this bar on SNS. You can’t tag the address either. Speakeasy bar, I guess? Yes. Nana came up with the concept. I guess our head bartender doesn’t know a lot. Even speakeasy bar copy cats have signages these days. They just make it difficult to find the entrance. Haven’t you thought about it? Don’t you think the guests who come
all the way here to come to our bar would struggle to find this place? It’s not like this place has a proper address. Well, let’s say you don’t have a signage
because you were trying to imitate
a speakeasy bar. What about the menu? Why don’t you have one? We listen to our guests’ tastes
and preferences, and create a personalized cocktail for the guest. Of course, other existing cocktails
are all available as well. Don’t you think first comers would find it difficult to describe
one’s taste and preference? It’d be easy for them to choose
from a given menu. What about the interior?
How long has it been since you last renovated? It feels too old. Was it like this when you first came? It needs to be renovated inside out. [Danny: Nana, I think you should be here] [Only 28 in the entire world]
[I can do this today] [NANA] 1, 2, 3! Ta-da! Nana, I am being serious. Do you want me to open a bar for you
one day? What, as if your dad is going to let you. He won’t give a shit. Imagine. If I build a super luxurious bar, you be the head bartender there.
How’s that? I am a bit expensive. Like how expensive? Like super expensive. Call. Because… Money is all I have. Oh, and there’s one more. 1, 2, 3! What’s going on? Oh, yes. I am here for interior remodeling. Huh? Remodeling? Yes. Oh, you are here. Danny, you are here early. I asked for his service. – Shall we?
– Yes. Hello? Nana, did you see my texts? Oh, I am sorry. The owner is about to remodel the bar. Do you know about this? What? Look who’s here. You are here early. Say hi. This is Park Hansol. He’s going to be
in charge of He’s in charge of the remodeling. This is our head bartender, Nana. I’ve never requested a remodeling. I did. He remodeled, Number A as well. And it turned out to be great, right? – I am looking forward to your magic
this time too. – No worries. Can we talk? Later? Now sounds better. Excuse me. We need to discuss some things. There’s a great coffee shop that serves
nice coffee right out there. Would you wait for me there please? – Danny.
– Yes. Could you please show him
his way to the coffee shop? This is a sample. This one light costs 5 million won. The bar feels quite old in general. And the furniture are quite worn out now. If we start replacing these things first,
the bar will look new and fresh in no time. People like me have an eye for this. You need to start paying attention to
these stuffs, if you want to allure people who
open their wallets. If you have time to pay attention to these things,
pay attention to the drinks. Drinks?
Of course they are important. That’s why I am paying you to do your job. But you see, you can’t top the industry with
just good drinks. It takes breathtakingly modern interior, and fancy and pretty cocktails, that you can’t just stop taking photographs of. If the word gets out that this place has
fancy furniture and lights that they can’t afford, and that even celebrities come here, becoming a hot place on SNS is
a piece of cake. I get it now. The reason why your bar is crumbling down. SNS hot place did you say? Sounds nice. But does your bar have regulars? If I want to go take photographs, I’d go to a gallery, not a bar. 5 million won? Expensive, but that’s all. You can’t even see the colour of your
cocktail under this light because it’s too bright. Hey, this is almost like flashing flashlights in your eyes. And the chairs. Put aside the design, this is stainless, right? Guests in mini skirts can’t sit in these. And look how low the leg rest is. Don’t you know how to be thoughtful
for smaller guests? Fancy on the outside
but empty in the inside. No thoughtfulness at all. Matches your description. Yi Rumi. Listen carefully. I realized I like this bar more than I knew. And I would regret if I leave this place just because of you. You promise to leave this bar alone, and I will stay. That was a long speech for
“I want to save my pride”. Why would I want to save my pride? There are so many bars wanting me
for me to save my pride. Aren’t you the one trying to save pride? I hear your bar’s sales is hit hard by Courtney. So, if you want me here, don’t lay a finger on my bar. Whatever changes you want to make at the bar,
talk to me first. I am getting confused here.
Who’s the owner and who’s the employee? You thought you could run around
this place because you are the owner? Think harder. Who do you think has more to lose? If you want your second bar to be successful, learn where you are, and beg for me to stay. Danny. sorry about yesterday. You must’ve been busy on your own. No problem. I was so worried that you were
being let go. I had an interview with the owner yesterday, and thankfully I kept my job. An interview? Yes. A very pressuring one. A pressuring one? What did she make you do? She made me make a cocktail. Like when we test for our license. What the hell does she know about
cocktails. Nana, nana. If I say something, you need to respond.
Don’t swing and miss all the time. Huh?
What’s with the baseball talk? I am saying I was just joking. There was no interview. Oh. I just had a brief talk with her. I signed my contract that we never did. I told her this was my second year, and she gave me a crazy pay raise. Welcome. Where would you want to be seated? Is Yi Rumi here? Oh, you are here? Come sit. Here. To celebrate your new opening. Oh, this wasn’t necessary. Thank you. How was the business trip?
You are tired, aren’t you? No, I had enough sleep on the plane.
It’s okay. Say hi.
This is our bartender, Danny. And this is our head bartender, Nana. Oh, the one you wanted to recruit? Hi. I’ve heard a lot about you. I am Jung Gyumin, Rumi’s boyfriend. Oh, hi. Please look out for Rumi. Not because she’s my girlfriend. But because she’s a great owner.
She thinks a lot about her employees. Hey, stop it. Well, now that you are here
see for yourself what our head bartender
has got. You don’t get to drink things like this anywhere. Even I was surprised after a drink here. Can we ask you for one, Nana? Yes. First, let me serve you our welcome drink. I have my car though. I have to drive today. But next time I am here, I will take two. Is that okay with you? Yes. Alright, then.
I will head out early today. We will finish talking tomorrow. Hold on. – Pretty.
– Let’s go. Was someone in the car? Lawyer Park. She said she had work nearby so
I dropped her off. Why? Is something uncomfortable? Do you want me to adjust the seats? Nope. I’ve got this. Thank you. Open the glove box. The glove box? What’s this? I thought it would suit you.
So I got one. It’s a perfume! I love the scent! I’ve never seen this brand.
Where did you get it? During my business trip. There was a perfumery nearby my hotel,
so I got one for you. So, I guess it’s French. I love it. Thank you so much. Did you get another one? For mum. It’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow. Oh, yes. I should drop by the department
store tomorrow. Does that mean we can’t go
to the theater tomorrow? Right. I am sorry. I have a family dinner tomorrow. What should I do? Well, I guess we have to reschedule. What’s happening to the remodeling? I need to think about it. Our employees are so against it. If they are against it, you are not going to
renovate the place? I am thinking about it. About what? Whether I should play the good owner, or the bad owner, a cold-blooded one. Oh, by the way.
The “Battery” you mentioned. It’s not my girlfriend. Really? Then who is it? I played baseball, right? He was my partner, a catcher. In baseball, “battery” refers to
a pitcher and a catcher. We were so close that I saved him
as “battery”. Oh, I see. No wonder. I don’t have a girlfriend. Huh? But whenever female guests asked you out, you said you were taken? I guess it was because that’s the
easiest way to say no? What about that story about meeting your girlfriend at a bar
she works at two years ago? Well, the more detailed the story is,
the more reliable it is. That’s a good tactic. I just automatically thought you had
a girlfriend. By any chance, are you going to quit? Why are you asking? Well, if you quit, things are going to
get so much tougher. So I need a heads up. Tsk. I thought that was a caring colleague talking. That too. Because you and I are the battery
at the bar. You are right. Are you friends with the owner? Yes. We were. Five years ago. That’s a past tense. Because I cut her out. Well, I thought I did. But in hindsight,
I ran away. So this time, I am not running away. [Friday 12:50 p.m.]
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Let me show you the way. My wife doesn’t know how to
drink cocktails. She’s got taste for cheap drinks. You hear all the dirty stories everyday bartending, but you tend to outrage on cheating stories. What, you are going to do a revenge for her
or something? Well, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Hello? I have an urgent business trip to Busan. On your own? He’s buried in this huge case he’s working on with Lawyer Lim. Hi, this is Lim Jangmi. He never told you? I don’t date. I don’t do date.

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