Korean Web Drama: XX: EP.3

Here, the contract. I added all the conditions
you mentioned. Read it carefully. And… I won’t do the remodeling. Why? Surprised since I’m too nice? What are you up to? You persuaded me. When a staff member says
right thing, I don’t turn a blind eye to it. All conditions are the best
level in this field. The only thing you need to do is to treat me as your boss,
as the CEO of this bar. If you say you can’t do that, it seems to me that you’re trying
hard to get for lingering feelings. Nothing is left. Everything is done, right? I should go to work. I want to take a lot
from your money. – Hello.
– Hello. Let me introduce you to the bar. What is Yi Rumi thinking now? She gives up on what she wants
to keep you there? That’s what I’m saying. I don’t know why she’s doing so. She wants to give a log to you.
I can’t blame her for that. You know, sometimes,
bad ones like Yi Rumi can be a good boss. Why? At least she listens to you.
That’s better than your former boss. In that regard, will you display my perfumes
at your bar? No way. Perfume scents
will screw up with cocktails’ scents. Just displaying them.
Displaying. I said no. Hey, I have something to tell you. Go ahead, a mean girl. About something that
drives me crazy. Why do all the bad things
happen to you only? That’s what I’m saying. Today is an anniversary
with my girlfriend. I want to have something special. Is there anything in your mind?
May I recommend you one? Can I have “Between the sheets?” – Yes, coming right up.
– Thanks. Are you here? Okay, come down. I’m in the bar now. Yes, please come to the bar. Two glasses of “Between the sheets”. It’s based on cognac,
with triple sec. Also, lemon juice
is added for extra flavor. “Between the sheets?”
I’ve never heard of it. Between the sheets. It means, “Two on the same bed”. Oh, this naughty boy. Do you drink this
only with me? Are you saying it again? My wife doesn’t know
how to drink a cocktail. She drinks only cheap liquor. What’s going on now? I guess “Wife” is not
his pet dog or cat. Right, he was cheating
on his wife. The guy is the sales team leader
at REVAN company. [What do you want to drink today?]
She’s been working at the marketing team
for a year. [Jeong Yeonji, instant coffee for today]
Every morning he gives a ride to her. Actually, giving a ride
is not a problem. The point is he styles his hair for her and he gives a ride by
moving for an hour. I bet they would have a sex
in the car by doing so. They must be very thrilled. At the office cafeteria,
stairs, meeting room… I didn’t know how many
closed spaces are in the office. REVAN company needs… Cheaters will cheat anyways,
even in an open place. Excuse me. I’ll pay for this. But this stingy guy used the company credit card. Wow, he’s trash. This is not the end. But what made me super angry was this part. Yes. I know.
I won’t forget my son’s birthday. I told you. It’s a company dinner
with my boss. I can’t go home now. I’ll buy a toy during the weekend. Wow. He is worse than trash. You’re getting angry again. You’re the bartender.
You always hear about murky business
and corruption. But cheating is the only thing
that makes you angry. What if you’re the one
being cheated? That’s the worst thing ever! So, what?
Will you get a revenge to him? You won’t. Wow. Where is this place? It’s so hip. Right, Jaden needs to
go to check out such a hip place. Wang Jeongdeun. Please don’t call my name
at a hip place. I’m Jaden. Your friend is working
at REVAN company, right? Why? – Hey!
– How are you doing, Hyunjoo? But our lawyer is not in the office. He has a family gathering.
Didn’t he say that? I know. I came here
to see you. To bribe you. It looks so delicious. I guess he’s super busy these days. He got a big case
with lawyer Lim. He’s super busy. He went to the trip
for this case. Mr. Lim? Where’s Mr. Jeong?
He’s out of touch. Oh? Are you the girlfriend
of lawyer Jeong? Nice to meet you. I’m Lim Jangmi.
I’ve heard things about you. I wanted to talk with him
but he’s not in the office. Please tell him to call me
as soon as he gets in the office. See you later. Is she the lawyer? Yes. He didn’t tell you? She entered this law firm at the youngest age
and she was so popular at her law school. She’s gorgeous, right? Of course, she’s not better than you. It won’t happen,
but if they look too close, I’m going to tell you right away. Since I got a bribe like this… Okay. Will it be okay? Well, I don’t use my real name. Nothing will happen, right? [Blind]
[Share your honest story with] [office workers working at more than
5,000 companies] [Anonymous bulletin board] [ID] [PW] [[email protected]] [REVAN company] I’m working at REVAN company. I went to a bar close to the company. I saw a REVAN employee was cheating on his wife. Hey, get out.
You’re so terrible. It’s not funny.
It’s not intriguing. It’s so obvious that you don’t
read anything from online communities. Details, reality.
Those are the keys. I went to a bar close to my company. Without a companion.
All right. It’s a speakeasy bar,
with XX mark on the door. I’m a hipster. I know. Anyways, I saw someone
working at the same company. I’ll use initial letters. I’m sure he’s K at the sales team. And he was with J from
the marketing team. I was curious of what brought
them together from different teams. I overheard he said to the bartender
that it was their anniversary. And he ordered “Between the sheets”. Do you know what it means? I like cocktails. – It means…
– “Lying on the same bed”. It means so. K is married to a wife
with a kid. Of course, he’s cheating on her. I got goosebumps when
he paid using a company credit card. I can’t say this to anyone else.
So I’m writing here. [Wow, have you read this?] [Sales team] He’s not Ko Wonho or Kim Sunwoo. Because it said he’s married. Team leader Kang Minki? No way. [Marketing team]
He could’ve done that. – It’s Jeong Yeonji.
– Really? Yes. I saw both of them
were in the office, her and Mr. Kang. I thought it was a meeting. – Amazing.
– If you read this, please get them punished for it.
This is what I can do only. Goosebumps. [Ms. Jeong at Marketing of RV company
and Mr. Kang at Sales] [are having an affair for several months] [It taints the image of RV company.
Shame for both, too] [Isn’t it about your husband?] Hey, are you at the family gathering? I got a sudden call from work
and I arrived at the law firm. Really? I went to your company
a few minutes ago. Really? Why didn’t you call me? I just wanted to see Hyunjoo. Please tell me before you come. I wish we could have dinner together. I see. So, your family gathering
was canceled? Yes. I’ll have a business
trip to Busan. I will return to Seoul
in the next week. You’re super busy these days. – Are you going alone?
– Of course. I heard from Hyunjoo that another lawyer is working
with you for the case. Oh, didn’t I say that? I’m working with lawyer Lim,
who joined the firm at the same time as me. Rumi, I’m sorry for being busy
and not meeting you frequently. Rumi needs to have pasta
cooked by chef Ryan. You need to have it
once in two months. After this business trip,
let’s go to have it. I see. Enjoy your business trip. Wang Jeongdeun?
Long time no see you. Do you know me?
Why are you being so friendly? I know Yoon Nana is
not friendly to me. What’s wrong with you? If Nana hates you,
I hate you. Amazing friendship. You know, you two became
best friends because I fell out. Before I quit being a friend
with Nana, you guys were not so close. I guess you decided to go reckless,
ever since you did it 5 years ago. You don’t know where to stop. Are you not busy?
Why are you staying here? I told him to drop by. I wouldn’t have come,
if I had known you would come. Oh, my eyes. I should get going. Hey. Where did you buy this perfume? My boyfriend bought this
from his business trip to France. You don’t know the name,
even if I tell you. No way. It’s my perfume. Are you sure? Ask your boyfriend.
Didn’t he buy it from an atelier in Itaewon? It’s made in France.
Not a cheap one from Itaewon. What’s wrong with
perfume made in Itaewon? I also studied in France. I’m so sure that it’s my perfume. It’s made of
the one and only recipe. I spent several months. Ask your boyfriend
where he bought it in France. That atelier may have copied mine. Okay. I’ll ask if I have time. But my boyfriend is super busy. I don’t know if he has time
to answer such a stupid question. You didn’t come with director Cho. – Do you remember that?
– Of course. You said you’re the music
video director. Did you film something lately? Yes, I stayed up all night
and gave it to the team this morning. You work at night.
That’s similar to my job. May I buy a drink for you? We’re not allowed to drink
while working. Thanks, anyways. Instead, I’ll give you this
on the house. I don’t need anything on the house. May I get your number? Sorry, but I’m seeing someone. Bummer. How did you meet him? I usually drink iced coffee. But I drink hot one
when it rains. When I ordered iced coffee
on one day, and it started raining. Then, the male staff member asked, “May I change it to a hot one?” So, that’s why we started dating. How romantic!
May I use it for my music video? Of course. Bartender. Excuse me. – Yes, sorry.
– “Old fashioned”, please. Yes. Nana. You know this place?
It’s a new cafe here. It has a fine view here.
Come here. Vending machine’s milk
is made of condensed milk. It’s sweet and delicious. If you mix two,
it’s condensed milk latte. I guess it’s your
occupational disease. Thank you. – It’s sweet.
– Right? Someone taught you well
about blending. Oh, right. How did you know
using unrefined sugar for “Old fashioned?” I guess I haven’t taught you. I learned it from Nana. Unrefined sugar has big molecules
and it takes longer time to melt. So, the first taste wouldn’t
be too sweet. When did I teach that?
I can’t remember. I guess we have a long way to go
before we become true comrades. I didn’t know you’re seeing someone. Oh, that thing? I heard people would believe
a fake story when it’s full of details. Was it okay?
He believed it really. I thought it was real. You can write a novel. I didn’t make it up.
You know Jeongdeun, right? He likes to read things
from online communities. He talked about a romantic story
from an online user. I just used it. I am not seeing anybody. Nana, you said that you
won’t go out with anyone. Still? Still. I don’t like to be in a relationship. Did you arrive at the accommodation well? Yes, some time ago. Hey, the perfume that you
gave me as a gift. Yes. Why? Don’t you like it? You said you bought it
from France, right? Yes, a perfume
workshop close to my accommodation. Why? Someone liked it and
asked where I bought it. Amazing.
Yoonna! Come here and read it. The cheater couple’s story!
It’s up on my favorite online community. Really? Wow, I guess everyone
knows who they are. People are so interested
in others’ matters. What if his wife has read this? It would’ve hurt her feelings. Of course. But I guess that’s better than
being a victim without knowing anything. [I’m the XX in this area]


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