Krishna Rao Super Market Theatrical Trailer | Gowtham Raju | Krishna | 2019 Latest Telugu Movie

Krishna Rao super market… We should start the
investigation from here. The last 12 calls were
from a guy named Arjun, sir. What do you do? I’m undergoing kick-boxing training, sir. How long have you known Sanjana? [tyres screech] We’ve found one more corpse, sir. [siren wails] Two of them entered the house unwary of
each other, on the night of the murder. That too, he targetted the girls
who were under 30 years of age. The person who is behind all these… [thunders rumble] The parts of the body
that we found earlier and those which are here
belongs to same person, sir. I need the complete information of the
murders including time and place, immediately. You are trying to frame me in some case! The two finger prints are matching. This is the truth, even
if you kill me or not. Well, no one knows about his
whereabouts or how he looks. The killer almost got caught, and escaped. We have to catch him before he
comes to know that we know him. KRISHNA RAO SUPERMARKET [neck crackles] KRISHNA RAO SUPERMARKET


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