Krysta Rodriguez and Robin de Jesús on ATW’s Working in the Theatre – The Next Generation 2010

You know what’s so interesting for me to learn? When you’re in high school and you do the musical at your community theatre. You do it for a weekend. Yeah! You hit it and quit it. Yeah. I remember now! I remember now, because I’ll say really quickly because Nathan Lane still does his
high school productions. He blows it out every night and that is something
that you know you you wait to work with these legends so
you can see their secrets and you’re like oh they
must have you know they must have their special teas, or they must have their
fancy exercises, Nathan is like, “if they’re laughing, I am
giving it, and giving it and giving it.” I mean he dies every day. I watch him expend his entire life in one, you know, in two and a half hours. It is miraculous to watch and that’s something I learn, you know. I mean it amazing to be
able to work with people with his caliber. And not only is he the funniest man
alive, but i watch him exercise his other muscle in this really tender lovely scene that
we have together because he plays my father. And there’s a really
lovely father-daughter moment and I watch him be hysterical, literally the line before,
and then burst into tears, you know. And bring it
to the brink and then bring it back and fortunately I don’t have to do
anything in the scene except for be there for him and watch him. And study him. Sometimes I’m in the scene and
sometimes I’m Krysta watching Nathan, in awe of his, you know for the artful way he… You know, the push and pull. Its amazing.


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