Krysty Wilson Cairns

I’m Krysty Wilson-Cairns I’m a
graduate of the RCS and please go and watch 1917 it comes out onChristmas Day. 1917 is a big war movie set in World War One, directed by Sam Mendes, produced by Steven Spielberg. It’s got Colin Firth Benedict Cumberbatch George MacKay,
Dean-Charles Chapman, big thriller, mission film. My time at RCS was like one
of the fondest periods in my life. I’ve got friends that I made there that are
still like you know my best friends in my life, people that read my scripts
every day, giving me feedback and notes and stuff like that so I mean the
RCS prepared me massively it was such a great place to learn and to
make mistakes and to work out who I was as a person. I’ve got I’ve got a whole
bunch of stuff in development a lot of which I can’t see anything about.
A couple of TV shows, a few more films and then I’ll be doing a press tour for ‘1917’ all over America and ‘Last Night in Soho’ directed by Edgar Wright is out
September 25th 2020.

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