Ladies in Ancient Greek Drama

Question. Which character had kids
that were also her grandkids? Ha? Ha? Watch until the end to see the answer. And if you already know it – hooray! Clearly you got your Greek myth people down! All ancient Greek playwrights,
that we know of, at least, were men and men were also the ones to portray all the characters
on stage including the ladies. However, women were obviously a big part of their lives,
heck, they gave birth to them and so they were incorporated into the drama. Clytemnestra and Medea are on the
cruel side of the pack: The first one kills her husband Agamemnon
to be with her new lover and eventually gets murdered by her children! Medea, on the other hand, is a more complex character. While she made a lot of sacrifices for her love, Jason, and by that I mean killing her brother, for example. She also revenges his betrayal by killing his new lover and their mutual kids. I Think Lysistrata is the one that I’m always amazed by: Although it is written from a man’s perspective and the ladies in the play still need to manipulate the men to get what they want they can’t just get it. Still, it is pretty unusual to see such an anti-war and anti-aggression statement in ancient drama. Lysistrata leads the women of her city, Athen, and the ladies of its rival, Sparta to go on a strike. They will refrain from any
sexual activity with their partners until the men from both cities
will put their weapons down! Do you think this could work today? [crickets sound] Antigone is maybe the most brave one. While the king, her uncle, prohibits the people from burying her brother, the traitor she decides to go ahead and do that allowing him to end his life respectfully,
knowing that you will pay for it with her life. In this case, It’s pretty clear that the playwright’s
point of view is that justice is on her side. I mean, it’s Antigone, how can you not take her side?! Her Mother, Jocasta, is also her grandma! Who knew? Remember?
Because she had her with her own son? Oedipus. The one with the… Complex. Yes. This is also the answer to our question from the beginning of the video! So if you guessed right – well done!

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