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The lion and the Rose are one, I thank the gods
above, and to you my beauteous bride I pledge undying love. Hail king Joffrey. Hail queen Marjorie. I’ll drink a toast
to my new queen for there is no one fairer. Dear uncle, will you share my joy
and be my royal cup bearer? Drink long and deep my noble king from this cup of sweet wine. –The last drink he shall ever take, and vengeance shall be mine. Poison! Murder. I gasp! I die! I limp! And it was he that poisoned me! My evil uncle Imp! – Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! My firstborn son, my golden lion foully, falsely slain I pray you found a lasting peace free from strife and pain. Hear my prayer, oh cruel Gods, take my life instead. For, I cannot face another day when my sweet boy is dead. Oh, grieve. Oh, darkest day. My heart is full of sorrow. All hope is lost, all joy is gone, and there is no tomorrow. What is that I hear and smell, someone I’ll soon send to hell It’s time to see if true fate hold who said Tywin Lannister shits gold! Ah! You beast! You beast! You killed my wife. And, now you’ve taken your father’s life. No worst child has ever stained this land. Curse the day I named you. Aah! [farts] [Laughing] My greatest crime– –and now I must flee and sail accross the Narrow sea to do onto you more treachery, and just be a witty man. Thank you. Ladies and gendlemen, I give you Bianca. Clarenzo. I give you Bobono. Boo. I give you Camello. And, last but not least, sweet lady Crane. [applause] Give this a good beating. Shake those fleas up. That’s a dear. That crowd was shit. Girl, what are you
doing back here? Nothing. I saw you the other day in the audience. How many times
have you seen this stupid play? Three times. Did you pay? No. I remember when
the players came to my village. I didn’t have any money so I snuck in. Just like you. Saw the painted faces, the
costumes, listened to the songs, cried when the young lovers died in each
other’s arms I ran off and joined them the next day
never look back. You’re very good. My final speech is shit, but to be fair to
myself, which I always like to be, the writing’s no good. So change it. It would all just be farting, belching and slapping without you. How would you change it? The Queen loves her son more than anything, and he was taken from her before she could say goodbye, she wouldn’t just cry. She would be angry, she would want to
kill the person who did this to her. What’s your name? Mercy. You’ve very
expressive eyes, Mercy. Wonderful eyebrows. Do you like pretending to be other people? I have to go, my father’s waiting for me. Lady Crane, they loved you. They were sweet. Or, drunk. Drunkenly sweet. No laughing, that’s death. These people are
worse than animals. They loved her. They all love her. Yes, you are adored by
people and animals alike. I do what I can with what I’m given. What you’re given? Well, I was thinking Oh we’re all thinkers now, are we? Full to the tits with ideas? I didn’t mean– You have ideas, I have ideas, he has ideas.. Why should my ideas have any more
value than yours, simply because I’ve been doing it my whole life? Who’s anyone
to judge my work? This is my profession, I know what I’m doing. You have no right to an opinion. Careful of that one. She wants you dead. My firstborn son, my child king, hush! Listen to the gods, for you they sing. Fight no more sweet child, your wars are won. The wolves are buried, and the false stag done. Let the crown fall, the father above beckons
you to his home. In seventh heaven I’ll see you once more. But now I seek
vengeance on Sansa the whore, and my brother, the Imp, who killed his own King. Born amongst lions out cursed from within. I will slay him, I swear. With noose, or with knife. Though it’d take me a fortnight, a moon, or my life. [applause] [Bobono] What is that i hear and smell, someone I’ll soon send to hell. It’s time to see if true fate hold who said Tywin Lannister shits gold! [Get the wig] You beast! You beast! Lady Crane. Lady Crane.


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