Laferry Panel || CarmillaCon 2019

– Can you hear me? – [audience] Yeah!
– Good. – Can you hear me?
– [Audience] Yeah. – How ya’ll doin’?
(audience whoops) – I’m Angie.
– I’m Belinda. Are ya’ll ready for this? Five years in the making, it’s time for a Laferry panel,
please welcome to the stage Kaitlyn Alexander and Annie Briggs. (audience cheers and claps) You ready?
– Yeah. – Can you believe it’s taken five years for a Laferry panel? – No.
– No, what’s up with that? – I don’t know, what is up with that? – Well welcome.
– Welcome. – Thanks for coming. – Yeah, thanks for showing up. – All right so since
this is your first con experience together, I think. – Well other than Fan Expo a couple times. – And LoveCon, yes.
– And LoveCon. – Well okay, then how
is CarmillaCon going? How’s it been, what’s
been your favorite thing? – Meeting everybody and
like, getting to hug them and saying like, how much they mean to me, that’s been the best part for me, yeah. – Yeah, it’s just an
incredible opportunity, we were talking about this earlier, to sort of allow for space for you guys to really show up and just sort of express what this fandom and what
the show’s meant to you and it’s an incredible thing
to be on the other side and receive that and
just listen, basically. Cool space for that, it’s yeah. – Awesome, well thank you,
you guys have been great. So let’s talk a little bit about Carmilla, that’s kind of why we’re here. What would you say you miss most about working on Carmilla? – (laughs) Annie’s back
of the throat laughs in scenes where we weren’t
supposed to be laughing and then it looked like I was the person that was laughing so hard, that’s what I miss the most. – Honestly, I mean we’ve
collectively I think spoken about this before but it’s
the collection of people. It was that we had such a great cast and crew and creative team and it just, it really
was truly a special thing and I think that showed up in terms of what we were able to translate on screen across the board, so yeah. I’d work with that collection of folks again in a heartbeat, it was amazing. – Is Shaftesbury listening somewhere? Like–
– Hello. – All right so in your headcanon, what is happening with Laferry today? – What’s headcanon, what’s
canon, what’s headcanon? (audience laughs)
Oh my god what– – In your imagination,
– Uh huh. – In your imagination, what
would Laferry be up to today? – Oh, right okay.
– You can go first. – What would Laferry be up to? Okay so we saw them,
they had their company at the end of the film, yes. – Yes, I’m an employee now. – [Kaitlyn and Annie] Yes, thank you. – We are both employees
of Laferry Industries. – Yeah, oh I think they’re
boss bitches (laughs). – Yeah, that (laughs).
– Absolutely. – Yeah I think, they’re–
– Multimillionaires (laughs). – They have several houses, but they only live in the
same house at the same time. They’re very frugal still, it’s weird. And then sometimes Laf
just brings home a ghost and it’s awkward for everyone. (audience laughs)
– Yeah but then like, Perry still bakes a welcoming treat and they acclimatize the
ghost into the space and yeah. – You know, standard stuff.
– Totally. – I think it would be funny if they were foster parents but for ghosts, to help them transition onward
to their perma home later, you know what I mean, I
think they would be good. – I think that works, headcanon accepted. – [All] Yeah. – So, looking at your characters, how would you say you
relate most to them and how do you think you’re most
different from your character? – Which characters for Annie? (talking over each other)
– It’s a Laferry so Perry. – This isn’t a (laughs). – I think I’m, I don’t know what, ooh. Laf is better at words than me, for sure. I think I relate now, most
to Laf’s outspokenness, I didn’t used to be like
that but playing Laf over the years really
helped me find my voice so I think over the years
I became more like Laf, if that makes sense, yeah. – Yeah, I think I touched
on this the other day in the group panel but
Perry’s controlling nature sometimes I do see in
myself, not for better. But yeah, just her need to
sort of control her environment and then I think the biggest
difference between us, there are many, would just
be her baseline energy and her nervousness, I don’t
really relate to so much. – You’re much more chill, relaxed. – Yeah I’m like a pretty
chill lady (laughs), mostly. – That’s good.
– That wouldn’t describe you. – That would not describe me, but we’re not here to talk about me so. – All right–
– Could though. – I have another head canon
question for you, I’m sorry. What is your character’s Hogwarts house and what is your Hogwarts house? Hogwarts is a Harry Potter thing. – Cool cool cool, thank you, thank you. – Okay so I think–
– Or maybe you might have to answer that.
– Well yeah, I won’t answer for you ’cause
I wanna see you try this. (all laugh)
– Mean! – I think Laf is obviously
a Ravenclaw ’cause like, yes and I’m a secret Slytherin, surprise, ha. (whispering) – Perry’s a Hufflepuff, in my opinion, and I am a Slytherin, in my opinion. (audience laughs)
– Nailed it. – Thank you for sharing your opinion. – Yes.
– Much appreciated. – So for this next one,
we can keep it PG or not, your call.
– Great. – So, I can’t wait to see where this goes. Seeing as Laf and Perry often interrupt Laura and Carmilla, if
the roles were reversed, and Laura and Carmilla were interrupting the two of you, what do you
think you would be doing? – Some weird shit (laughs). – A hundred percent some weird shit. – Yeah, take that how you will. – You’ve got my headcanon going. – Probably to a soundtrack of heavy rap. (audience laughs)
– Wow. – Just to the window
to the wall on repeat. – Headcanon accepted. – (laughs) Sorry, I’m serious now. In season three, Laura played a game of Scrabble to
defeat a death goddess, if you had to defeat a
death goddess in a game, what game would you choose? – Oh I’d lose no matter what. What game would I choose? Overcooked, but that’s a videogame, but like, it would be
Overcooked ’cause I just don’t think that anyone else
would know how to play it. I don’t know.
– [Audience Member] I play it. – Okay well then you’d beat me, if you were the god, so there we go. – I feel like I’d just
go straight for like, contact football, or something. And I’d just charge at them with all my humanly weight and rage. And take them down. – Okay.
– You’re gettin’ some quality answers up here.
– High, high quality. Switching back to your character, how would you describe LaFontaine
or Perry in three words? – These are very complex
characters we created I think it’s unfair to
have to whittle it down after so many years–
– Five words. – Well it’s five we can do three. Controlling, protective, neurotic. – Loyal, dangerous, smart. – See, you guys did it. – We got some encouragement, we got there. – You’re up. – All right I’m up and this is
a baseball question actually. No it actually doesn’t have
anything to do with baseball. You don’t need to know
baseball to answer it, but you may have already answered it but I’ma ask you anyway. If your character played baseball, what would their walkup music be? So in baseball when you
come up to bat, right, there’s music playing. – You have to put the
caveat in for LaFontaine. – Oh and you can’t choose Weird Science. – Okay I have to think, give me a second. – I gotta feel the vibe.
– No pressure. (audience member speaking) – X-Files theme song. – Oh that’s a good one.
– That’s a good one. – I don’t know what would Perry’s be? Something like–
(speaking away from mic) – Not to the window to the wall. – No ’cause that’s for other things. Yeah like, something aggressively hip hop. – Like Xzibit,
(both laugh) something like that.
– Yeah, sure. – And if you had to pick a
walkup song for yourself, you’re welcome, what would you pick? (audience laughs) – You know the song Help
I’m Alive by Metric? That, but its just help
I’m alive on repeat. – Rachmaninoff. – I like that one. All right Kaitlyn this should
be a soft ball if you will, we’re just curious, was
that a real shock collar you were wearing during season three? – It was sure not and I
also made the noises myself when I was getting shocked,
which nobody told me to do, they were like, just like, twitch, and I was like (buzzes). And they were like, we’re
not putting sound in this why are you doing this? And I was like I don’t know, I have to. (all laugh) – That was well acted,
we thought it was real. (talking over each other) – For your safety, I wouldn’t have thought it was real but you never know. – I mean I’m game for anything
so it could have been. – Low budget production. – It is a very funny thing
when you’re doing something that’s like, there’s no sound to it and they’re like you
don’t have to do any noise but then you kind of like,
can’t do certain actions without vocalizing as well and then you just feel like a dummy. – Yeah, it’s great. – Our job is fun. – So if they did make a Laferry spinoff, what would you want or
what would you think the show would be about? (Annie mumbles)
– [Both] Foster ghosts. – Like The Fosters, and
then in brackets, ghosts, would be the name of it. – Add in the spirits,
the wandering spirits. – And then they are raised by us and then move on to their afterlife, and it’s beautiful and emotional but also uncomfortable
because once an episode you hear to the window to the wall coming from somewhere upstairs. And it’s just weird. – And then every once in
a while we do an episode in the style of Great
Canadian Baking Show– – Yes and everyone’s
like what’s this format and like–
– It’s like, who knows? – It got canceled in the first season but somehow we keep making it. It’s like one of those, yeah. (audience laughs) – I kept hearing you say foster goats. And the weird thing is that would still totally work in my head. – Well, we have something
to tell you about that. – We sure do. – How many times do you think any of us said ghosts in the Carmilla movie and how many times all we
heard on set was people running around–
– Goats! – Going goats, goats. – So, before we started any
scene in the Carmilla movie, to get into character,
she would go to my ear and go, goats, ooh ghosts, mm goats! And then they’d yell action and I’d have to just continue. (audience laughs) – Are you going to be able to continue? – Yeah.
– All right. – All right so, getting a
little bit more serious here. Why do you think Laferry has
resonated with so many people? – I mean, I’ll say off the top, classic dynamic duo these two, right? But I think the two of
them support each other in this really beautiful way. They’re sort of yin and yang to what each other needs and I think that’s what attracts them as soulmates, best friends, you know what I mean? Sort of make up for what each other lacks and I think that’s super
relatable to a lot of individuals, you have that person in your life that you’re the polar
opposite from and of, but that you still need in your life to sort of fulfill that void, yeah. – Yeah that was a really
good serious answer and I’m gonna come in
with, also who hasn’t been secretly in love with their best friend? You know, there’s that.
(audience cheers) – Yours was better than mine. – So we’ll go a little less serious, you’re stranded in the angler fish pit and you can only bring
three things with you, what do you bring? – Like me?
– Yes, you don’t have to answer as your character,
Annie and Kaitlyn. – A pound of chocolate covered almonds, – Only a pound? – Yeah I gotta keep my
waist fit, you know? Like, sunscreen, in case there’s sunbeams and a sleeping bag kit, ’cause like put me in that hole, I’m good. What that was weird, okay moving on. (audience laughs and claps) – Interesting.
(laughs) – Someone cancel me please. – All right, well, I would bring, I would bring a bottle of gin, a parasol because again,
because of sun damage, and then unlike you, I
would bring a ladder. (audience laughs and cheers) – I mean, good answer.
– Thank you. (laughter) – I have so much empathy
for you on set now. – Thanks.
– Right, it’s like unrelenting I’m horrible.
(laughs) – It’s good though, I’m
laughing so it’s good. All right, we had some
questions from fans. Gloria from Texas asks, what would Perry make Laf dress up for as Halloween and vice versa? – I think (giggles) like, this could go in so many ways but I think that, so Perry has
this collection of characters, entirely unrelated to me in myself, of hip hop vegetables and I think Perry would want, so Perry would dress up as like, broccolicious, let’s say, and then require Laf to go as I think, bok choy the b-boy
(audience laughs) or baba g the eggplant DJ. (audience laughs)
– Kaitlyn? – Yeah I’m following that. I think that Laf would make Perry dress up as Kim Possible and they
would be Ron Stoppable and then they’d go around and
have to fight crime together. (audience cheers) – Either that or Perry
would want to go as like, two of the Golden Girls. – But which two?
– And Laf would be like no! – But which two? – I don’t know, who do we think Perry I think Perry would probably hmm, who’s the mother?
– Sophia. – Sophia, yeah, for sure. – And Laf?
– I don’t know. – Who’s the suitor? Remember the–
– Oh Blanche. – No, no, no, no, one of the ladies has like a gentleman
caller who comes around. – I’m the gentleman caller?
– Yep. – Great, I love it, thank you. – [Audience member] Stan.
– There we go. – [Audience Member]
That was the ex-husband. – Right right right, yeah Stan. – I’m the ex-husband. – Golden Girls is a sitcom from the 80s. – So we also have a question
from Joe from Scotland, and he wants to know if
Laferry went on vacation, where would they go
and what would they do? (whispering)
– They’re conferring. No pressure, we’re good.
– I’m sorry. – How’s everybody doing? – Yeah I love that, let’s
share with the class. – Okay so, class. Well certainly nowhere where there’s sun because look at us.
(audience laughs) I think they’d head up to the deep north, yep, certainly above the tree line and Perry would be there
exploring the culinary arts of the Arctic, while Laf– – Just does science and also
probably ice dives a lot. But they shouldn’t, yeah. – They really shouldn’t. – But they will.
– But they will. – So we’re gonna switch
gears here a little bit. We’re gonna give you a
little lightning round. – Oh no (laughs). – You are answering as Annie and Kaitlyn. – Cool.
– Yeah, okay. – Get into character. – So earlier we did an either or but we’re asking your favorites. – Okay.
– So I’ll get us started. – Say something is your favorite. – What is your favorite book? – Intentional Dissonance,
it’s a book by Iain Thomas, it’s very good, if you have
a chance to read, it I would. – Just Kids by Patti Smith. – What is your favorite word? – Butt.
(audience laughs) I panicked I’m sorry. – Stuff.
(audience laughs) – Well played. – Movie? – Carmilla movie. – You can’t, there’s not one,
you horrors, you horrors. Horrors, not… – It’s all good, we’re fine. – H-O-R-R-O-R (laughs) Withnail and I, for my British friends. – Favorite story cliche? – Best friends who fall
in love with each other. – Ditto. – Favorite snack? – PG 13 or not. – I like Doritos. – Cool, I like chewing on raw cacao beans. – She does.
– Really? – Yeah, it tastes like
bitter dirt and I love it. – Did you ever try those ketchup Doritos? – I did, they were incredible. – They were. – I have dreams about them sometimes, shouldn’t have shared that, let’s move on. (audience laughs) – Favorite Canadian stereotype, eh? – Fuckin’ hoser and plaid, probably plaid. – Plaid?
– Plaid, ’cause I legit love plaid. – That like, we know how
to chop wood and shit. I like that people think
that about me, it’s not true. – It’s the plaid.
– It’s the plaid (laughs). – All right so we just got
back from Disney Cruise so this is inspired by that, favorite Disney character? – Mulan. – Ursula the sea witch.
(audience cheers) – Favorite hobby? – Knitting.
– Ooh, cross stitching. – Favorite song to dance to? You can dance if you want to. – You can’t leave your friends behind. – There you go. – There’s a song called
Tous Les Mêmes by Stromae, and I really like to dance to that song even though it’s completely in French. – Speaking of French, I think the latest, which it’s a little old now but the latest album from
Christine and the Queens is like, fucking danceable, so
yeah, that’ll get me moving. – All right and feel free to the next one, you can practice on each other, favorite pickup line? – I feel like usually my tactic is like, non-verbal off the top so. – It worked.
(audience laughs) Are you a mirror, ’cause
I see myself with you? I don’t know. – I like that. Okay, I think we’re going to move on to the next part of the panel. So we have to thank Christine, who submitted a little bit of a script that we’re gonna, you’re all ready? – Oh yeah, just let me get into character. – Okay, you let me know when you’re ready. – I need to reorient my phone, hold on. – You know the story’s
called reorientation? – So this is post season three, pre-movie? – That’s correct.
– Heck yes. – And the place–
– And it’s– – Oh sorry, is somewhere spooky. – Spooky. – Laf and Perry are in the
middle of investigating something supernatural,
it’s not going great. Both of them throw their
weight against a door trying to keep a monster inside. – What did I just say? You think with your fancy new eye, you’re always bragging about
your photographic memory. – The door’s not gonna hold for long. – I can recite all of our case files word for word Perry, isn’t that neat? And you never remember
to sweep under the couch, even though it’s right
there on the chore wheel. – The chore wheel takes
up the entire fridge, it’s a chore ferris wheel,
it’s an abomination. – You said you liked the chore wheel. – The monster roars, Laf
takes out some fancy gadget and points it at the
monster through the crack in the door, taking aim. – I would like it a lot more
if you would let me know you were making it, but
it just appeared one day, demanding that I deep clean
the carpet twice a month, you never tell me things. – Well I would tell you things
if you took them seriously. – Laf shoots the monster, goo
splatters all over their face. With Perry’s help, they
manage to get the door shut. – That should keep it quiet for a while. – Well, to jog that
perfect memory of yours, what did I say five seconds ago was don’t touch anything,
do you remember that? Right before you touched
literally everything? – I’m supposed to touch
things, I’m a scientist. – What do you think science is? – Laf touches their face. – Cool, monster goo. Not the prettiest way to get a DNA sample off this guy, but I’ll take it. – Ugh, it’s everywhere, here. – Perry takes out a
handkerchief and reaches to wipe some of the goo from near
Laf’s eye, Laf jerks away. – What?
– What? – Well, let me get it off– – No I like it, it’s my new look. – Why are you being so weird? – I think this is a pretty
standard amount of weird for me. – Behind the door, the monster roars. – Let’s just let it out, one
more blast could do the trick. – Absolutely not, now
would you just let me– – Really?
– Really, still? – Yes, still. – (sighs) Okay, there was an ancient god squatting inside my cerebellum, I don’t know how you
can possibly blame me. – I don’t, if we could just sit down and talk about this then you’d know. – If you don’t blame me, then
why do you keep treating me like your vampire friends would treat a particularly nasty clove of garlic? – Because it was still your hand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m
loving the bionic eye but your hand did that to me. My brain knows it wasn’t you but my body hasn’t quite gotten the memo,
you can relate to that right? You had a pretty serious
brain-body disconnect of your own for a while there. – A beat, the monster roars. Perry tosses Laf the handkerchief. – Well you should still clean it up. I’m not having you
leaving gunky footprints all over my house. – Again with the not telling me things. – Okay, if I had a dollar for every time you’ve made me talk about this nonsense, we wouldn’t have to play
Scooby-Doo for a living. – If you count talking as saying I’m fine 20 times and then making
and then baking like a concerning amount of snickerdoodles. – You said you liked the snickerdoodles. I can’t win with you. – The snickerdoodles
were concerningly amazing and I’ll always be happy to eat more but my point is, whenever we get close to actually talking about The
Dean, you just stress bake. – Okay, can we like, not do this in front of the goo monster? – Was it like being in a coma? Did you know where you were? – LaFontaine, I want you to think about what we have going for us right now, a stable-ish job, a significant lack of you know, madness, and each other. – Yeah, so is that all
gonna magically disappear if you tell me what it was like to have that raging witch in your head? – Yes, in fact I think it will. – The monster pounds on the door, starting to fracture the wood. – Fine, but just so you know, until you tell I’m gonna keep picturing you and The Dean being wacky
roommates a la the odd couple. – Roommates?
– Perry snaps. The roar gets louder. – Right, sorry, taking things seriously. – I’m surprised you’ve been so hellbent on making me talk about this considering you’re clearly such a possession expert. Lilita Morgan and I, we’re a
regular pair of sitcom stars, you know that classic TV trope where a demon lady spends
the better part of the year telling you how much she despises you? – She talked to you? – Using my voice, which was a fun cherry on the whole nightmare sundae. I’m sure I can give you a
taste of what it’s like, she only borrowed my larynx
for oh, eight months. (as the witch) My god, where
in this waste of a world did you find these clothes? The moth-ridden evidence
room of the fashion police? You know, in all the eons of my existence I don’t think I’ve ever
encountered a creature quite as average as you, it’s extraordinary how average you are. Lola darling, do you ever stop to think, really think about the
fact that the object of all this pathetic
pining decided that you were less dateable than
a freaking flashdrive? – The door rips open, the
monster roaring triumphantly. Perry grabs Laf’s gadget,
gunning the monster down with three seasons worth of pent-up anger. Goo splatters on them both,
they take a second to process. – Wait–
– I knew it. I knew this would happen. You would open the door just a crack and the monster comes barrelling out. I like J.P., you know that right? – Sure.
– And look, I know this isn’t mutual,
that’s fine, really. – Per–
– And you know, I don’t want to make things weird more than our standard amount of weird. – It’s mutual, it’s mutual. Oh my god, I thought you didn’t. – What, no, I’ve always–
– I’ve always– – Since when?
– Like, I don’t know, first day of second grade? (audience laughs) – Oh, my mom put me in those
pigtails on the first day. – I remember that, maybe
second day of second grade. – [Both] We are so stupid. – I mean, that’s on you. You’re supposed to be the smart one. – Like, astronomically stupid. 20 plus years of friendship
and it took getting slimed by whatever that thing was
to get the gaydar working? – Speaking of which, you should
really just wipe your face. Decades long crushes aside,
this isn’t your cutest look. – Wanna do the honors?
– Really? – Sure, it’s like exposure therapy. – How romantic. – Perry gently wipes some
of the goo off Laf’s face, Laf still jerks away,
but considerably less. (audience laughs) – How’s it look? – Uh, not great, but better. – I’ll take better. – End scene.
– End scene. (audience cheers) Well done, well done. Thank you so much to the–
– Yeah, the writer. – Yes.
– Christine did a great job. – Okay, we’re gonna open it
up to some audience questions. – There’s an angler fish coming. – With a light. – Hey, my name’s Sophia.
– Hi. – Okay, so I find LaFontaine’s
journey in season three to be super fascinating because they chose the harder objective
to get rid of The Dean and what I find interesting
about the ending is that they weren’t
successful at their objective, like personally, they didn’t fail either. But they didn’t succeed
and that speaks to me. And so I was wondering,
if Laura was disarmed or killed in some way and
couldn’t do the power hug, when LaFontaine got up from being blinded, would LaFontaine, would their
survival instinct kick in and kill Perry’s body
with The Dean inside, or would they have given their own life? – They would have a hundred
percent given their own life, there is not a situation in this world where Laf would ever harm Perry, regardless of if The Dean was in her body. – Cool, thank you so much.
– Yeah. – Speaking of that, whilst
somebody else comes up I have another question.
– Yeah? – As fans, there was a little controversy at the end of season three about–
– That? – Laf, about that.
– I think we all know. – How did you guys deal with that– – That final scene?
– I mean, you had nothing to do with it so. – Yeah, I will say the
challenge really laid in the fact that we had so, so little time shooting these things and it felt difficult for us but I think the point was the final moment of the
series really wanted to focus in on Lauren,
Carm and sort of them. And having us bobbing
around in the back of– – You wouldn’t have wanted us there. – I think it would have been confusing and sort of distracting
from their final moment, so honestly it was sort
of a way to move us out and the best that we could sort of manage to do that in a way that felt in sense, organic, was just like, the trauma that they were dealing with is like, going to get help, right? – I mean Laf’s eye was bleeding (talking over each other)
it was a gushing hole. I think they needed to get help
for themselves too you know? – Yeah, and in my head also
they’re off getting help for– – Other people, Laura, who
is clearly very injured. – Yeah, somebody needs to come help. – [Both] Yeah. – I mean that happens when you
have your heart ripped out. – Does it?
– Literally. – It tracks, it tracks that it would. – Right, I think so. Okay we have another question. – Annie, my question’s just for you. Are you over Kaitlyn calling you a beautiful, talented asshole? – Never.
(audience laughs) – Okay, thank you. – Hello, I am wondering
if you two have any idea about what LaFontaine coming
out to Perry looked like? Like, coming out as non-binary. – I think we sort of mulled over during– – Pre season one, we talked a lot. – Pre season one (makes noises), previous to shooting each
season we would sort of sit down and–
– And talk. – Yeah, chat about backstory
and what was happening in between and I think we had a couple little options–
– We did. – About what that moment looked like and even their initial meetings
and stuff like that so. – Yeah so, we have options
for how it could look but we don’t know for sure. I think it would have just been like, Perry just asking so many questions and Laf just coming
with like a presentation ’cause they know that
Perry’s gonna be like I don’t, what do you mean they? And they’re like, here’s how
you use it in a sentence. (audience laughs)
– You know. Yeah.
– And like workbooks and stuff – Yeah, workbooks and you know, school. – Thank you. – Hi.
– Hi. – I was wondering if ya’ll
had any ideas about like, things that Laf and Perry
would have done like, as they were kids together,
growing up together, if there was anything that
ya’ll had ever thought about that Laf and Perry would
have done together. – I think they went to band
camp every summer together. – But what instruments did they play? – Yeah that’s a good question. – So unsuccessfully though. – Like so badly, like Laf was given every opportunity for
every single instrument but they hurt themselves
no matter what they played so they just got a triangle. (audience laughs) – Yeah.
– Perry was the conductor. – For sure, a hundred percent. She’s like–
– Here we go! – Very serious about the whole thing. – Oh yeah. – Thank ya’ll.
– Thank you. – Hi.
– Hello. – Wow that’s loud. What are your personal
character backstories that you’ve created for your–
– What are our personal backstories that we’ve created? – Yeah, for your characters. – I think we actually created
our backstories together. Before we shot the first season we, I remember sitting down
with you and being like, so we’ve been best friends
since grade two, cool. We are obviously in love
with each other, cool. I think Laf just like, ’cause you had those like, in season zero Perry is
a very different person. Right, you know? So I think like, Laf and Perry
are diametrically opposed and therefore were never
in classes together, ever. But they hung out every
day together at lunch, and that’s the biggest backstory I have, was that they just liked
eating lunch together. – Did Perry make the lunch? – Obviously.
– A hundred percent. Very, very healthy. No refined sugar. I think because the two
of them met so young I think we had some
cute sort of schoolyard you know, as a good
meeting ground, kind of circumstances and things
like that, that came up but– – And I had this image of Laf
with pigtails at some point, I don’t know why but I just can see it in my brain and it’s awful. – And so miserable about it.
– So miserable about it. Just like, the saddest Pippi
Longstocking you’ve ever seen. – Thank you. – Hi, so my question is what was your favorite
season filming together and what scene was your favorite? – I really liked season one. And I really liked filming the
scene when Laf is just like, out of their mind and like, Perry’s just freaking out about it. That was really fun because
you had gotten to do your freakout earlier in that season and I got to be like, (mumbles). And all I remember is
that particular time, Spencer was like, so you’re
hearing rave music in your head. And I was like, yes. So the entire time we
were shooting that scene I was just like, (vocalizes), you can see me dancing
if you look close enough. I think that’s my favorite season to film. – Yeah there was
something really fun about that establishing first season because we were sort of like, laying the, and we didn’t even know it at the time but laying the foundation for the relationship between the two of them. And then I think from that point, we saw them individually
tackling their own journeys which was really incredible and exciting but I think that first
season was sort of the core of establishing them together and truly inform so much
about them as individuals. So yeah, I would say the
first season as well. – And what about the movie, what was your favorite scene in the movie? – Dancing ’cause you love
dancing with me so much I was so awful.
(laughs) – I have never seen
Kait sweat more bullets in their life, and that’s saying a lot. – And there was like, a
hundred candles in that room so you can imagine how that looked. She was looking at me and this
is what my eyes looked like. (audience laughs) – Just sheer panic–
– Sheer terror. – The whole time, it was. And I think I just had to
like, whisper sweet nothings to you the entire time.
– You did. – Like, you’re fine, you’re fine. – You’re like, one two fine, you’re okay we can do this, you’ve got this. Thanks.
– No problem buddy. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. – Hi there, I just wanted to ask if in this scenario, LaFontaine got possessed by The Dean instead of Perry? I mean, did I say it right? – Yes, I love that scenario. – Like what, what happened? – [All] What?
– Oh god, what do we do? – Do you wanna hear my Dean
voice ’cause it ain’t good. – I kind of want to hear it.
– Yes, please. – Gimme a Dean somethin’,
what would The Dean say? (whispers) It’s gonna be one hell of a summer. Nobody wanted that.
(audience cheers) And now you see why Annie did it. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – So we have another question for you. What is your favorite thing
about working with each other? Let’s get serious. – I was like, a really
fresh out of the womb actor in terms of like, this was like literally one of my first ever
professional acting gigs. To get to work with
Annie, who is so talented, and so grounded and so great
at developing characters really helped me be a better actor. So I think that’s my
favorite part is like, every time I acted with you
I became better, so yeah. – Aw, bud that’s so sweet. I think, and I think this
does speak to the fact that this was your first job
out of theater school but Kaitlyn comes to everything
so incredibly prepared and it’s amazing, it’s like,
the research and the care that goes into, and the
thought, the thoughtfulness that goes into your character development was really incredible to
be a part of and we got to create those characters
together so I really couldn’t, I couldn’t reimagine doing
that with anyone else. And then also on top of that, (laughs) you put up with me and my
shenanigans and it’s fun. – Yeah, we had a lot of fun on set. – We had such jokes, it was a good time. – We were never doing what
we were supposed to do. – No, no, never. – Did you guys meet each
other during audition rounds or like, how, can you talk about that? About first impressions
maybe or how that went? – I was scared to death of Annie. I met you, you had just come
out of auditioning for Carmilla at the callbacks and then
you just walked over to me, tucked in your shirt and
went, can we run lines? And I went, and then we ran the lines and I just remember being like, this person is doing something
so cool with this character but also, I don’t think I
can get a word out with her because like, oh my god. How do you, she’s so beautiful
and also intimidating, so that was my first timpression, was aah! – Well I mean my first
recollection was actually in the callback itself and I just, it’s funny that you say that because I remember sort of being like, I don’t know what to do with this lady, this Perry lady, I was like I don’t know what to
do with this character, it’s a little confusing. And sort of like, wishy washy. And then when you and I just
played out that scene together, with Kait I found it, immediately. So it really does speak to
chemistry and sort of the magic that is chemistry between
you know, scene partners. – Did you see other LaFontaines? – I didn’t read with a
single other Laf, no. – I don’t think I read
with a single other Perry. – ‘Cause we the best. (audience cheers) – So switching to a little bit of fun, you get chosen for a reality show, what reality show are you going on? – Pre my girlfriend, Are You the One? ‘Cause like, the queer season was awesome and I’m a hot mess, I would be so bad on that show, it would be great. – Oh my god, this is my
actual greatest nightmare because I’m like, maybe one
of the most private people walking around on the planet
and I don’t watch reality TV so I just, it would be like,
find a hermit in the woods and you’d see me like,
running around like, trying to camo myself in like, tree leaves or something like that being like, go away leave me alone! – I think I’d pay to watch that. – Okay cool, if you can find me (laughs). – And so if Laf or Perry
were on a reality show, what do you think they’d go on? – Great British Bake Off.
– British baking show. – Yeah, against each other. – Sure.
– Yeah, it would be great. – Laf would go on the
great British bake show? – Yes.
– You’d be on some like, Bill Nye–
– No no no. Laf would make the worst
things you’ve ever seen on the great British baking show but they would all be experiments that they would be running on the judges. It would be illegal, it would be great. (audience laughs) – I could see you guys doing like that Halloween Wars actually, you know where one of you has to bake
and the other has to design. – Something gruesome?
– That’s good. I like your answer. – Also can you imagine Laf and Perry on The Amazing Race?
(all laugh) – No.
– Tryna tackle like the natural elements together, like running across the
globe, that’d be jokes. – Can you imagine Laf trying to drive? (all laugh) – I think you might end
up in the wrong place or taking a wrong plane maybe. – Or just going on a
shopping trip honestly, yeah. Yeah you know they give you
money on The Amazing Race but you just go shop with it instead. – We’re good? Okay so, what would you say is either the favorite insult you
got to deliver on the show or favorite insult you heard on the show? – There were lots of great insults. – I mean, I’m not gonna repeat it, I think most people probably know but there was a time that
was silent on camera for me but Spencer, our director, I
was supposed to be grossing out Elise and Kaitlyn–
– [Audience] Yes. – And they were close to the camera and I was in the background as The Dean and I got to just, let
it rip, that was fun. – Yeah I’m gonna choose
that exact same thing ’cause like the stuff
she said was messed up. Like it was messed up, it was great. – Okay, which Carmilla character
would you want by your side if you were trying to
stop an evil death goddess from releasing hell on Earth? Who would you wanna fight with? – Mel, a hundred percent. Just ’cause Gertrude is the best. – So your answer’s
actually Gertrude, not Mel? – Yeah, like Mel, but
like, holding Gertrude. – Oh LaFontaine wouldn’t wanna– – No Laf would not touch, no. Laf would like, impale themselves if they touched something
like that, absolutely not. – Poke the other eye out.
– Yeah. – I think I’d probably
want Mattie close by. – [Audience] Oh yeah. – Yeah, she’s wily. – She is.
– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – I think that’s, I think
we’re switching gears I think. – Are we?
– I think so. – Was there anything
else you wanted to say, just while you have
everyone here, no pressure. – Thank you so much.
– Yeah, thank you. – For being here.
– Yeah, you don’t know like, what this means to all of us and what every single one of you means to every single one of us. Like, you have changed
our lives for the better and it’s all because of you. So just, thank you for existing and thank you for being here. Yeah, I think that’s
what we wanna say, yeah. (audience cheers) – Good answer.


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