Laieikawai takes the stage at Kennedy Theatre tonight

Beginning tonight, a theatre production unlike any other will grace the stage at Kennedy Theater. Joining us this morning…Assist ant Director Kevin C. K. Berg… And Musician and Actor, Ho’opono Wong. The production is called LA’IE- I-KAWAI. Why is it so unique? Kevin C. K. Berg/ Assistant Director Ho’opono Wong – Musician and Actor in La’ieikawai Q: What is Hawaiian- Medium Theatre? A: Hawaiian- Medium Theatre is a form of performance that incorporates many types of Hawaiian performance, such as Hula, Mele, and Ole into one storytelling platform. Q: What is this production about? A: The production follows the adult life of La’ieikawai, one of the famed La’ie twins who were separated at birth. Q: What’s significant about this specific production? A: It is the first production of our Hawaiian Theatre program at UHM and is the first Hawaiian-Medium play done on the Mainstage of Kennedy Theatre. -February 20, 21, 27, 28 at 8 PM – February 22 -March 1 at 2 PM -More information: As Seen On section of our upcoming mainstage show, La’ieikawai, the inaugural production of the Hawaiian Theatre program here at UHM, a program decades in the making. It will be our first ever full Hawaiian production at UHM, performed soley in ‘Olelo Hawai’i, and incorporates the traditional Hawaiian performance forms of hula , mele , oli and hula ki’i fused with hana keaka . The hula, oli, and mele were created by various members of both the university and local Oahu community. It’s a milestone for the department, University, 2 C1 2 B1 He Ho?olana Pi?o mai ke anuenue ?O Ka nae lehua a?o Puna Ka?apuni ke ali?i Wahine o ka la?i Ua pili poli na maile ?a?ala Pi?o mai ke anuenue ?O Ka nae lehua a?o Puna A Komo Ka?u A hala ?o Kona Hiki mai i Kohala e ho’olu?olu ai ?O Kawaihae Kai?opae me Puakea I uka ?o Mo?olau ma Kahua Pi?o mai ke anuenue ?O Ka nae lehua a?o Puna He Ho?olana keia No na wahine Na pili poli Ka?apuni Hawai?i

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