“Lamp of Destiny” A Legend of Zelda Audio Drama Episode 1

Hey! We’ve got to secure the barn! Link? Where are you, boy? Uncle Telm? Is it evening already? A storm’s coming, boy. In all my years… only you… …could fall asleep in the midst of your chores. Get Epona into the barn. I’ll get the cuccos inside, you go chase down that rascal, Cojiro- if you can catch him- and then wait for me by the gate- we’ve got t- Great Uncle Telm, you should stay here. I’ll get the cuccos. Link, there’s no time! We’ll have to reinforce the gate- and that’s a two man job. Something’s coming alright. Where did those clouds come from? The sky was so clear just a moment ago! You’ve been asleep, boy. Far too long. Epona’s out front… you go get her, and then you stay by my side. Understand? Uncle, it’s just a storm. Let us hope so. Uncle… why don’t we ever talk about Hyrule? What do you want to know? Anything! Please! You never want to discuss your past with me. I’m not a child anymore, Great Uncle Telm. It’s difficult enough not knowing who my real family were… you could at least tell me something of yours. What were their names, Uncle Telm? What did they do? Link… there will come a day when you shall learn all there is to know of my years spent in Hyrule. So you say… It is my hope that, one day, you will understand my reasoning… For I fear I cannot protect you much longer… At any rate, can you at least explain why you’ve been so fixated on the fences and the gates this past month? I’ve already told you, boy. The Faron Woods are festering with monsters. And, while we’re on that subject, Sir Link, I thought I told you to keep out of the wood- regardless of where you decide to lose your boomerangs when you’re supposed to be gathering lumber. Uncle. We haven’t seen monsters in over a decade… I don’t even remember the last time I saw one lurking around here- if I saw one. …perhaps now is the time… I had planned to wait at least another year… …but you’re right. You’re not a child any longer. Wait another year for what? Come over here, boy. I wish to show you something. What’s this strange sound? …what is that thing? It is a lamp. That is no lamp, Uncle Telm! Sure it is. It’s got a flame, does it not? But, indeed, it is no ordinary lamp. It burns brightly… and vividly without the need for fuel. It’s got a flame alright! A purple flame! And there’s nothing inside! Where… where did you get this!? It was a gift… One of the many wonders of Hyrule… A gift? From Hyrule!? What is it for!? Who gave it to you? I do not know its purpose… nor its true origin. Uncle, it’s amazing! Why did you keep it locked away all this time? I… I suppose I was waiting for the right time. But, lately, I’ve come to understand that there will never be a right time… …at least not right for me. Why? Time for what? …tomorrow… …I shall tell you all about this… gift. And about Hyrule. …how truly vast it is… But let us wait until this wretched storm has passed… …and let this old man rest his bones. Uncle Telm?? …Link… Uncle Telm, are you alright? The windows and door blew open. Uncle Telm! …Link… The candles! I can’t find them- they’ve all blown away! Uncle, help me find th- What is that!? It’s so bright! Uncle, your- your lamp, it’s- Link, please! Who’s there!? Uncle!? …Who is there?? I can’t see you- this- this light is so bright- but I can’t see anyone- whoever you are, if you need help, please show yourself! Help me! They’re coming! Link, please!! We cannot repel them indefinitely! I’m coming! Where are you!? Who are you!? Epona! Uncle Telm!! Epona!! Anybody!? Link! It’s dangerous in the wood!! The trees will come down! Do you need assistance? Is anybody out there? Hello? Can you hear me? …who… who are you? I am Zelda, princess of Hyrule, and successor to the line of Hylia. You’re the one I heard calling… you’re a princess? …wait- where is this? Where am I? You are safe… for the time being, but you’ve lost consciousness. We are sharing a dream. Link… you must listen to me, for Hyrule- nay… for all the land is now in peril. We are communicating through your newfound keepsake: a lamp of violet flame; it was once known by our kind as the ‘Lamp of Destiny’…though there are few who now recall. It was a guarded, sacred heirloom of the Hylian royal family… …but… per my request, my father had entrusted it to your caretaker… it was my hope that he would one day bequeath the lamp to you, Link. For what purpose, princess? I- I don’t understand. How is it that you even know my name? Link… take my hand… What is this light? I recognize the pattern- like the one Uncle Telm’s lantern… what does it mean? This is the mark of the golden goddesses… it is the Triforce. Only three in all the land bear such markings. Upon your hand is the mark of Farore, the goddess of courage. Upon my hand is the mark of Nayru… the goddess of wisdom. He who bears the third sacred mark, the mark of Din, goddess of power… is an evil, ruthless man by the name of Ganondorf. Ganondorf is a formidable sorcerer, hailing from the Northern Gerudo desert. For decades, he has plotted in the shadows… consolidating an army of thieves and monsters… at this very moment, he assails my kingdom. One by one… he has subdued and weakened Hyrule’s allies… flooding the wilderlands with beasts and defiling our most sacred of temples. Very soon… once he has divided and conquered all of Hyrule, Ganondorf, scorned King of the Gerudo will lay siege upon Hyrule Castle… and Hyrule shall fall to ruin. Princess! This is my curse… as the bearer of Nayru’s shard: that I shall at all times foresee Hyrule’s destiny… and its ruin. But you… triforce bearer… It is your… curse… to protect it- so it is foretold, Link… you are destined to be my knight… if you are willing. Your… your knight? You would ask me to serve Hyrule? But… but I don’t know anything of Hyrule… I’m just a farm boy. I’ve never even held a sword… I… I mean… I suppose I will do it- if that’s what you ask of me. If… that is what I am meant to do… Then you accept? I.. must accept… your highness. …until we meet again, sir knight. …my head… You are awake. The storm is mostly passed. You slept a long time. I’m in a cave! Where is Uncle Telm? Young one, come into the light. Look there… on the wall, young one. It is… a sword and shield. Take them. It is dangerous… in Hyrule. I can… have this? Who… Who… are you? He’s gone… I must be asleep still! How do I get out of this cave now? A ladder! It’s almost fully light. Link, look out! Draw your weapon, sir knight! Humankind cannot match the might of moblinkind! Behind you, Link! Epona! Epona! I thought you were gone! Where did you go? …well, never mind that… I’m just glad you’re alright. But where’s Uncle Telm? I hope he’s alright… Those moblins are far uglier than we imagined, huh Epona… Look at those ears… I thought I had big ears… …here… …have an apple. We’ve earned it. You fought valiantly… and so did your steed. …Link, I must tell you… your battles are only going to get harder. Ganondorf’s monsters have spread all through the kingdom… and even beyond its borders, as you have now witnessed… I will not always be here to warn you; you must learn to hone your senses. What shall I do, princess? As your princess, my first request is this: find the valley to the Northeast of Faron Woods, beyond the Mountainfoot Trail. Seek one named Impa in the village of Kakariko… she is my attendant and my most trusted confidante… She is wise in all matters, and at times will be able to instruct you in my stead. Very well then… …toward Impa in Kakariko Village as fast as I can- but first… a brief stop at home…

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