LAS VEGAS – Palazzo, Cirque du Soleil, Caesars Palace & lot more (INDONESIAN w/ eng sub)

Welcome to Las Vegas !! So we’re here in Las Vegas and this is the second day we arrived yesterday around 6pm and we’re staying in The Palazzio Hotel and it’s really big inside, there’s a mall there’s a river just like in Venice and i don’t know there’s how many restaurants there’s 14 swimming pools i’m so annoying it’s just crazy i thought it’s gonna be warm in here turns out it’s kinda windy it’s 17 degrees so i’m a bit cold i swear the sky is so blue and i’m not paid this is not a sponsor but now i’m wearing a mask from Marianna Hewitt, it’s called Summer Fridays i took a flight but so soft so our agenda today is to get lunch, in an italian restaurant idk what’s the name and then maybe we’re gonna get a coffee could be at Park on Fremont or at Gabi coffee shop and bakery and then we’re gonna try to go to Caesars Palace to look around because it’s iconic in the evening we’re going so see a circus we’re gonna see the Cirque de Soleil i’m going to dress up i really love it it feels like we’re in a film where are we now ? KFC? he’s not funny right ? he’s not we’re at Caesars Palace we had a doubt to go to the Palazzo or Caesars Palace but i think it’s too touristic so we choose the Palazzo yeay we’re arrived at the appartment this is our room it’s 66m2 this is the bathroom it’s really big, here’s the bathtub shower, and here’s the toilet it’s bigger than our appartment in Paris here’s the closet this is the living room the sofa looks like ours like L-shaped the dinner table, last night we ate here this is the desk the outside, the view is.. yeay tonight we’re going out to see a circus of Cirque de Soleil right Bibi ? and this is my outfit finally i wear them again after a long time we’re inside the theatre we;re going to watch “O” we’re inside the Bellagio it’s not started yet because we can’t film it so.. too bad we can’t take video so.. go watch on youtube if you can believe it or not this is our breakfast this is the second day in Las Vegas and.. this is truffle fries so good ! we just finished the spa and now we’re getting lunch in some greek restaurant a little update i still have a little headache a lot better than this morning what u’re eating Bibi ? burger so this vlog will end here because cause after this we’re going to go to the Grand Canyon !! by a car and Stephan is driving so i’ll see you in Grand Canyon byee !!!

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