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– Hi, guys. Welcome back to – [Family] the YouTube family. – And we are the Adventurers. – And today we’re going to be playing last to leave the theater room! (whoops) – Oh yeah! – How this works is one player
is going to be blindfolded. All the other players are going to hide. It’s hide and seek game, last to leave. If the blindfolded player can touch you and guess who you are with one touch, then you’re out. However, if the blindfolded
player guesses the wrong player, then they get to re-hide
and stay in the game. Last one to leave the theater
room, wins the challenge. – And do they get to watch
movies all by themselves? – They get to watch
movies all by themselves! (cheering) – Movie party, movie party. Who wants to go first? – Me! – Okay, Audrey is the blindfolded person, everybody else is going to hide. Audrey has her blindfold on. Everybody’s going to pick places to hide. Hurry and hide. – [Audrey] Is Logan in this challenge? – [Mom] No. – [Jordan] Where are we going to be? – [Audrey] I think I could guess Logan. – [Mom] You can stop spinning. – [Audrey] Oh, I am so dizzy. – [Mom] Stop spinning,
cause we’re finding places. – [Jake] (squeals) – [Audrey] I can hear you. I know where you are. You were loud. (Logan growls) – [Mom] Well, Logan’s tackling Jake. (yelling) – [Mom] He’s trying to pull his sock off, cause Logan likes playing
tug of war with socks. So Jake’s having a hard time getting away. – [Audrey] (speaks off mike) – [Mom] Well, you’re gonna have to wait cause Jake’s battling Logan. (scream) this time. – [Audrey] Who’s ready? – [Mom] Jordan’s ready to hide. Hurry and hide. – I’m so ready. – [Mom] Rainbow Brite. Okay, I think Dad’s (unintelligible) spot. Jake is struggling. – [Audrey] Five. – [Mom] No, wait wait wait! – [Audrey] Four. – [Audrey] Three. – [Mom] I kind of get an
extra help in this game, because as soon as somebody goes out they’ll be the camera
person then I go hide. So I actually get an advantage. – Aww. One, go! Okay, if I guess who you are,
you have to leave the room. If I can’t guess then
you get a hide again. Okay, I have no idea where I am at because I was spinning so much. But I think I’m facing
towards the TV screen. Logan, where are they? I know you know where they’re at. (Logan growls) – He’s over here. He’s over here. It’s like I’m going to run into something. (screams) I feel like Dad Is right here. (giggles) Where are you? I hear some laughing. Oh no, I touched them with my foot. I touched them with my — I think this is Jake. – No! – Yeah!- – [Mom] Jake’s found. Okay Jake. – [Jake] Logan had to give it away. – Okay. – [Mom] Where you going? – Oh, is this someone? – [Mom] No. – Oh. (laughs) This is so hard. Oh! I think this is Ty. – Dang it. – Yes! So good at this challenge. Okay. – [Mom] You’ll get ’em next time. – Where’s Dad. I thought Dad was over here. Feel like I’m going to touch his belly. (yells) Oh, that’s the TV. Where am I? Everyone is so quiet. I touched someone. Jordan! I hear you laughing. (Jordan screams) – Did you have to put
your booty in my face! (laughter) It’s like, what? What, what? – [Jake] That’s so good. Now we have Mom and Dad left. – [Jordan] Oh my goodness. Okay Audrey, where are you going? – I’m going over here. – [Jordan] (groans) – [Audrey] Is this someone? – [Jake] No. – [Jordan] That’s the couch. – [Audrey] Are you sure? – [Jake] That’s Logan. (laughter) – [Audrey] His booty. Hey, wait. If you’re out, you have to leave the room. – Oh. okay. (Ty groans) – [Jordan] Hey Audrey, who do you think you’re going to find next – Dad. – [Jordan] You can’t ever find Dad. – I have my Dad senses on. (giggles) Who is this? I can’t tell if it’s Mom or Dad. Dad? – [Mom] (speaks off mike) (Audrey screams) – I get to re-hide. Okay, well. – [Audrey] (speaks off mike) – [Jordan] Mom’s going to go hide. The boys are out of the game so they’re just chilling over there. – [Jordan] Have you ever played in VR? – Yeah. Dad’s (unintelligible) – [Jordan] Oh! – Dad has got to be over here. Maybe he’s underneath the table. I don’t want to run into something. (laughs) This is so hard. – [Jordan] What are you doing? – [Audrey] Checking the table. I don’t think he’s in here. Well, now I just trapped myself. You’d think I know the
theater room in and out. – [Jordan] Hi Logan. – Oh! Logan! (laughter) (unintelligible) Okay. (unintelligible) This is Dad. This is Dad. – No. (screams) – [Jordan] Guessed wrong again. – What is this? – [Jordan] It’s the exercise thingy. – Oh. Where’s the table? – [Jordan] Hello. – What if I can’t find Dad at all? – [Jake] Okay, we need a time limit. – [Jordan] Audrey, I dare
you to go and speed around, now you’ve got a fast one. – Ow! I stubbed my toe! (unintelligible) – [Jake] You’ve got two minutes left. Two minutes. – He’s got to be over here. – [Mom] That’s the map. (unintelligible) – Where is Dad. Come on. He’s on the couch, isn’t he. (yells) I was certain. – [Jordan] Okay. – Where are you, Dad. Where is he! Clearly not even in this room. (Audrey speaks off mike) – [Audrey] We know he’s here. – [Jordan] Audrey’s struggling. – I give up! – [Jordan] Audrey, what in
the world are you doing? Aaah! – Covering as much ground as possible. – [Jordan] (unintelligible) wall – [Ty] (speaks off mike) – [Jake] Yeah. (screams) – [Jordan] That’s Logan! He’s like, woof woof. Aww, now he’s going to bed. Good little puppy. – I give up, I can’t find them. I think I lost. – [Jordan] All right,
do you actually give up? – Are you kidding me? (laughter) – [Jordan] And Mom is right behind you. – [Jordan] You almost touched Dad’s toes but then you didn’t. – [Mom] (unintelligible) (whoops) – [Jordan] (unintelligible) – That was it. – Who was first out? – Me. – [Jordan] Jake, it’s your turn. – Logie kind of gave me away, though. – [Mom] Okay, yeah, you can spin. (unintelligible) – One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Same rules apply. Whoever’s out first will take the camera and then I get a hide. Oh, that’s a wall. Logan, where is he? (Logan growls) (Jordan squeals) – Jordan. (laughter) – [Mom] When you scream
you make it too easy. (unintelligible) – No. – [Jordan] Okay Mom, go hide. Logan just wants to keep playing. – Where am I? – [Jordan] Too obvious. – [Audrey] Yoo hoo. – (unintelligible) – [Jordan] (unintelligible) hints. Logan’s like, mine! – Ty. – [Jordan] You got him! Ty is out. Alright, he leaves the room. Who are you gonna find next? – Where is everybody? – [Jordan] What’s your strategy, Jake? – I’m listening. Oh, it’s listen, okay. – Logan, go find them. Go get ’em. Is there anyone in here? Go. – [Jordan] Sic find them, Logan. – [Jake] Find them. – [Jordan] Logan’s like, bye bye. – I don’t think anyone is in here. Logan! Oh, chair. Logie! (Jake speaks off mike) (Audrey speaks off mike) (Jordan laughs) – Where are you? – Audrey. (girls scream) I hate you guys. Now I’m out. That was a good spot. – [Jordan] Well Audrey,
you’re out of the game. Oh my goodness. – What is this. Logie! (gasps) – Is this Dad? – I get to hide again. – [Jordan] It’s Mom. (unintelligible) Logan literally found her for you. He came and jumped up and sat by her feet. You’re like, Logie go find her. And then he jumped up and sat by her. That is crazy. – Sorry. Logan. Where is she again? (laughter) (Mom speaks off mike) – [Audrey] The cargo pants is Dad. – Logan, come here baby. (laughter) – Logan. – [Jordan] (squeals) – Mom. (unintelligible) – [Audrey] Dad won! – [Jordan] Dad won! (laughter) – Two times in a row. I get to watch my own shows. I get to watch my own shows. – [Unknown] What? – Oh sweetie, good job. You did good. That was so fun. If you want to see us play
this again at a new location, comment down below where
we should play next. Whoo! Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to like, subscribe and share and – Hit the bell. – And make the day an adventure. (whoops) – We’ll see you guys next time. Go play. Bye.

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