Laung Laachi Official Trailer | Ammy Virk, Neeru Bajwa, Amberdeep Singh | Releasing 9 March

Hello? – Hello.
– Hello, who is it? It’s me, Mehnga. What’s your worth? I have 15 rupees balance in my phone.
So you can do the math. Can we meet in the morning? Hey, how can I just agree to meet you? First, say something about my voice.’s a little distorted. Wrong answer. You are so beautiful. I heard that you sing well. Hum a few lines for me. “Come brother,
let me secure our bond.” Wrong relationship, wrong song. I really wanted to fall
in love and then get married. Who do you want to
fall in love with now? With you. Who knows what animal
I will be born as next? True. They don’t get married. They only love. Bloody animals. Assume that we don’t know each other. We are complete strangers. We will stay in the same house.. But not as husband and wife.
Like strangers. How are you, buddy? Buddy, my foot! How dare you tease a girl like this? “Things are out of my control..” Uncle, you had fallen
in love for real, didn’t you? How does one do that? Steal glances. Then stare at her. “Her mesmerizing eyes..” Stare at her at someone’s wedding.. Stare at her while passing by.. Shebo’s buffalo’s unwell.
I’ll go and get the calf. Girls! Where to, beautiful? Then you learn what
lies in the girl’s heart. No one can stop us! Then you need a pigeon. Why a pigeon? – Because it’s hot?
– I’ll break your.. Because it can fly! I met someone at work. You didn’t even think about me? I like him otherwise,
I would have made some excuse. You like him? – Hello, who is it?
– It’s me, Ajaypal. – Let’s play?
– What? – You pretend to be the bangle girl..
– And I will be the crazy Jat. “You are Laung and I am Laachi.” “I am lost in your love.” She’s married. Why would bring home a married woman? We will bring home someone like her. “I hide your name in my eyes.” Laachi, why didn’t you
tell them that I am your husband? “I hide your name in my eyes.” The rockets fired by Russia doomed us. You take flyovers now, while
I am doomed by the railway crossings. Can’t it be while I am
doomed with your pretense? Can I give you an advice, brother? Sister-in-law went to Canada
by implementing a great formula. At least save your
whatever you can.

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