Laurie Kynaston wins the Emerging Talent Award at Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2019

Please welcome someone who has played a Power
Ranger, a princess, and is soon to be one of Charlie’s brand new angels. It’s Naomi Scott! The Evening Standard’s Emerging Talent award
has proved a huge boost to the previous winners and is bound to turbocharge the
career of this year’s winner, for his explosive performance in ‘The Son’. The very
talented Laurie Kynaston! Hello, I’m Laurie. Thank you everyone for
having me. This is really, yeah, it’s really something. This is also really heavy. Yes.
Okay, so I would like to say thank you to Mr. Smith, who gave me the role of Robin Hood
when I was 10. And I just saw what it was like to be on stage and have loads of people
clap and that was nice. But also the things that went wrong, that was the stuff that was
exciting. I remember saying, as Robin Hood, you know, we need to steal from the poor and
give to the rich and everyone went mad and I was like “Oh, cool. Okay, right. We can play
here. This is great.” And then I went on to Theatre Clwyd who I would really like to
dedicate this award to. Theatre Clwyd really showed me that plays and theatre can be home
and I miss it a lot. And I owe them a lot. Thank you to Michael Longhurst for my part
in ‘The Son’. It was really hard, and it was really great. And I learnt a lot, and Greg
for being here and being so supportive and you’re the man. All the people who look after
me all the time. You’re really great. I love you all very much. And I know you know who
that is. Thank you. Cheers!

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