Law of attraction and how it really works / Dr Joe Dispenza & Norman Graeter

Hello and welcome to the high level hacks
podcast. Today we have a very, very, very special guest,
one of my huge and big mentors and I’m so honored and pleased that he took the time
before one of his big seminars. It’s Dr. Joe Dispenza. Basically, to say it in a few very easy words,
Dr. Joe can tell you how you can make the law of attraction work for you, how the scientific
proof is given. And that’s what they do. They do many, many tests, he is as scientist,
he is lecturer, he is bestselling author. And he basically shows us how we can connect
with our higher self and how this works for the brain people and not the heart people
that say I trust him, as he brings the scientific proof in all his workshops. So, thank you very much for being here. You’re welcome. I’m happy to be with you. I just thought about Rosenheim when we met
in 2013 and I remember back then that you said most of the emails that you receive,
start with the sentence, “you won’t believe what just happened” because it’s so outstanding
what happens to people after your workshops and seminars. And I would like to know how does it make
you feel to receive emails and letters like that where people thank you because they overcame
sicknesses and stuff like that? Well, I mean, my interest is to prove to people
that they have within their reach all the tools necessary to make significant changes
in their bodies or in their lives. And my passion is to take complex scientific
information and science is the contemporary language of mysticism. And to simplify it in a way that is translatable. And I now know that if you give people that
information based on science and you combine a little quantum physics with a little neuroscience,
with a little narrow endocrinology, with a little psycho neuro immunology, the mind body
connection. And we throw in some epigenetics that all
of those sciences point the finger at possibility. And as we learn new information we make new
connections in our brain and there’s physical evidence when we learn something that is left
in our brain, footprints of consciousness that reflect our interaction in the environment. But if learning is making those connections,
then remembering is being able to maintain them and sustain them. So I now know if you give them the right information
and then they can turn to the person next to them and they can explain it. If they can explain that information and create
a model of understanding, they’re beginning to install the neurological hardware in their
brain in preparation for an experience. So the more people understand what they’re
doing and why they’re doing it, the how gets easier. So we’ve started off with theory. We started off with philosophy. We started off with intellectual knowledge. But as people begin to share that information,
if you can’t explain that model to me, then it’s not wired in your brain. But if you can explain it now, the process
of repeating it and understanding it is firing and wiring new circuits in the brain. Now the person is priming their brain for
a future event. If I can set up the conditions in the environment
and give people the proper instructions and they can get their behaviors to match their
intentions, their actions equal to their thoughts. If they can get their mind and body working
together, they are going to have a new experience. Now the experience of what they’re having
embracing in that moment enriches the philosophical circuits in the brain, more connections are
laid downs that is what experience does, but the moment those neurons string and the place
and to networks, the brain makes a chemical and that chemical is called a feeling or an
emotion and the moment they start to feel whole or unlimited or empowered or invincible
or compassionate or have a love for life, now they’re teaching their body chemically
to understand what their mind has intellectually understood. So we can say that knowledge is for the mind
and experiences for the body. And in that moment they’re embodying the truth
of that philosophy. And now the research shows that genes don’t
create disease. It’s a fact that it’s the environment that
signals the gene that begins to change his expression. While the end product of an experience is
called an emotion. So when a person begins to feel the emotion
from the experience, they’re literally rewriting their biological program and signaling new
genes in new ways. And genes are like Christmas tree lights. They’re turning on and off all the time. So the moment the person starts to have a
new experience that’s new information and that new information begins to regulate genes. The genes make proteins and proteins are responsible
for the structure and function of your body. And the expression of proteins is the expression
of life. And in that moment, they can literally downregulate
a gene for disease and upregulated gene for health. We’ve measured it. So then that’s great. Doing it once means that you should be able
to do it again. So if you’re able to reproduce any experience,
it’s going to become a skill or a habit. So, the repetition of an experience begins
to neurochemically condition your mind and body to begin to work as one. In other words, when you’ve done something
so many times that your body now knows how to do it as well as your mind. Now it’s innate in you. It’s second nature. It’s who you are, it’s who you’re becoming. And that’s my passion because when a person
reaches that level, now they’re beginning to master that philosophy. They’re embodying it. It’s part of their fabric and it’s becomes
a, almost a subconscious program. It’s just naturally who they become. They know how they do it, but they don’t know
how they know how, because it’s become an automatic process. So when I see emails where people start off
with, you’re not going to believe this. In the beginning, it was exciting, but it’s
happening so many times now that we have a community of people that are applying a very
specific formula. And that all of the research that we’ve done
over the last eight years has helped us to refine that formula. And if you follow the formula and eliminate
everything else that’s not part of the formula and refine it, it will become a skill. And then you’ll have access to begin to make
those changes. So for me, we’re at a point right now where
so many of our students who are experiencing the miraculous, not just like, changing their
thyroid hormones, although that’s important, and we’ve gotten a lot of those. But now we’re talking about brain tumors disappearing. We’re talking about blind people seeing, not
once, not twice, not three times. You’re talking about deaf people that have
had, can’t hear all of a sudden get their hearing back, tumors shrinking in, in seven
days a person comes to the tumor at the end of the event, the tumor’s gone. I mean, these are the miraculous. And I guess for me, I never thought in my
lifetime really that I would be witnessing what I’m witnessing today. So how do I feel about that? I’m super humble, super empowered and excited
and my interest is to push the envelope. In other words, if you just healed yourself
of some chronic health condition, stage four cancer, and we have a lot of those. Then the next question is, if I healed myself,
why can I not heal somebody else? And then once we’ve developed that skill,
we see people healing other people. It’s happening all the time in our work. They understand the science behind that. Then the question is, well, if I’m in the
field and then there’s in the field: I’m connected to everyone and everything. Do I really need to be present to heal a person
who’s sick? And all I need is a picture of them. And if I’m with a group of people and we connect
to that field, then I don’t need to go there to heal them. So now we have people. As an example, we had a person in our event
in Cancun in June whose brother had a massive stroke and went into a coma. He was in the hospital for two weeks and she
was there and she called up her healing group said: Here’s the picture of my brother and
let’s, we’ve healed somebody in our last event, we should be able to heal him. Let’s go to the next level of philosophical
understanding. In one hour after that healing, he came out
of his coma, he left the hospital that night. Now that’s the next level. So then you keep developing through experience. In other words, if you don’t have the experience
of healing yourself or healing another, you can’t do that. Really? It’s methodical, right? So we have a group of people that are stepping
out of the known and pushing the envelope, and because they’re not afraid to fail because
they know how to get beyond themselves because they know how to connect because they know
how to open their hearts. They put it all together and you keep adding
more of that formula and the skill. Sooner or later you’re going to keep doing
the uncommon. And that’s my, that’s my interest. I love that. I mean, that’s bigger than I could have ever
imagined. It’s, it’s amazing. And, and if I get it right, the emotion is
more or less one of the main triggers to make it work. So if you have a very brain driven person,
like myself, and in some parts I disconnected from my emotions, just to protect my regular
life and it’s a challenge for me to reconnect to my old emotions that I already had, in
circumstances that would help. Do you have any advice? Yeah. Well, God, I have a lot of advice around that
because that 70% of the time that people in their waking lives, they live in a very protective
state. They live in a state of stress or in a state
of survival. In fact, it’s such a program that we don’t
know that we’re doing this. We’re always scanning the environment to determine
if it’s safe or not. And if something appears out of the predictable
or unknown, it alerts us and we move into a state of arousal and we begin to turn on
the very systems that begin to say ‘danger,’ ‘threat ‘, possible scenario that’s not
safe. And when that happens, we literally begin
to anticipate an outcome. And when we do that, we’re always preparing
for what could go wrong. And we begin to create the emotions ahead
of the experience of what happens if it goes wrong, whether it’s fear, anxiety, worry,
sadness, pain. We do that unconsciously, that’s what a program
is and that becomes the habit. So if you’re living in a world where men have
to provide and show a certain amount of success and the competitive, then you’re not going
to open your heart. It’s not a time to do that. It’s a time to survive and thrive in an environment. And yet, in our work I see men that if they
practice opening their hearts sentence, just being a child again, being a boy again, being
curious and wondering, being free, being, allowing yourself to let go. And for men, we have to lay down the very
thing we used our whole life to get what we want for something greater to occur. Now the side effect of that, when men truly
do this, I’ve seen them instantaneously heal from things from serious heart conditions
where they couldn’t take more than 40 steps without having an angina reaction, severe
chest pain to stage four cancer. The house of cards, when it falls energy moves
into a different place in the body, begins to release 13 or 1400 different chemicals
that begin to restore and repair the body. So to the intellectual mind, if a man begins
to understand that when they open their heart, they could heal. When they open their heart, they can lead
from a different consciousness that it’s actually an advantage and they understand the science
of why in their rational mind then they go after it. Now they’re in hot pursuit of it because it
makes sense to them, but there’s not a lot of evidence or support in our environment
for men to be vulnerable. And yet the latest research shows that vulnerability
is one of the five top qualities for a great leader. So when men begin to think this through, they
start to slowly by slowly, just like a flower blooming, petal by pedal, they start trusting
a little more. They start opening up a little bit more and
they start getting happier. They start breaking down the wall of facade
that they’ve created to have an appearance of being a certain way for the world and yet
feeling so empty inside of them. They start realizing that the joy that they
want never came from success, never came from wealth or his popularity or whatever men do. But it really comes from within. So we give them numerous opportunities to
practice, numerous opportunities to connect. And the heart opens also when you care for
another person, when you care for other people, when you give, when you experience gratitude. So a lot of times men, when we do our healings,
when we heal other people, you got to be in your heart. And in a very indirect and sneaky way. I know that when I get men in that state and
they just, they’re the passion to truly give. That’s why they provide with such intensity
is framed in a different way, part opens up in and then they become more like a child
again and they become free and relaxed and less rigid. So it goes against the program and it just
requires a little bit of knowledge. I’ll have greater understanding. Me pushing them to that point where they start
really going for it. And then setting up enough experiences for
them to have it. Now, by the same means, you look at a person
that could be a female that was abused as a child. She doesn’t understand why she’s lives her
life a certain way, but it’s that experience that has confused her or caused her to close
off from feeling certain things as well. And when she gets in situations that are unsafe,
that create similar emotions, she reverts back to that little child that triggers something
and she doesn’t understand why she does that. And so when you give somebody like that enough
opportunities to feel safe, they’re going to come up against that wall, that event. And when they move through it, their body
is going to experience the freedom it felt before that event 30 years ago. And there’ll be a complete reorganization
of information in the body would be a reorganization of body’s physiology. So then when you see a person then stand on
the stage, who’s a man who’s in his late sixties who has a severe heart condition, and he tells
his story of his struggles and how hard it was for him to open his heart and how unhealthy
he was and all the things he did medically, all the things he did with his diet matter
to matter, all the things he did with psychotherapy, that it’s really helped them to understand
why he is who he is, but never really giving him the instructions, the formula how to get
out of it. And he tells the story of what happened to
him and he articulates it beautifully and you look out in the audience of a thousand
people and you see men crying because he’s reaching them on some level and he doesn’t
look like a movie star and he doesn’t look particularly young or successful. He looks just like everybody else, just a
common person. And he tells the story of what happened to
him during the walking meditation and how it he experienced in one walking meditation
that he could walk the whole entire beach for the first time in 20 years without any
chest pain. And he was doubting like, this can’t be what,
what, what I, what happened? Well, he got so involved and becoming a different
persona, a different personality that he left the old person behind and his body was believing
that he was literally in the new life. Then all of a sudden, in a matter of seconds,
his body begins to respond. Now, he articulated in great detail his doubt
in front of an audience because when that happens, you know, you start disbelieving. So he goes out the next day and he says, now
that I can walk, today is the day. Why not become somebody else become my future
self. So now in the same passion he did to provide
for his children, to provide for his family, to create a good life for himself and his
loved ones, he goes out with that same passion, but he directs it inward to himself. He walks on the beach. I was standing right next to him. He says to the audience: ‘in one moment,
I felt the level of love that I had never felt in my entire life’. And he said, and then I heard somebody screaming
and then I realized it was me that I had never my energy that was in my body. It caused me to, I had to let it out and he
said, and, and I had never felt anything like I was standing right next to him and he tells
that story to a thousand people and I’m watching the men in the audience moved out of their
normal self. Not from some Hollywood production, not something
from some movie, but evidence right in front of you. It’s like the four minute mile. Once the four minute mile has broken or was
broken, everybody started in a matter of weeks. Everybody started breaking the four minute
mile because it was a, we crossed the level of consciousness, a limit, and that was permission
for everybody to believe it as well. That’s what’s happening in our work. So men then when they watch a man have that
moment, that’s all they need is once they see it, there’s evidence. Then not only do we leave a footprint and
consciousness that another man can do it, a step for them in the field to step into. But when there’s evidence in three dimensional
reality, you cannot forget that person. And you say to yourself, well, if he can do
it, I can do it. And if he’s 66 years old and he couldn’t take
more than 40 steps and I’m got a bad knee, or I’m walking with a crane or a crutch or
whatever, well hell, all I got to do is do what he did. And all of a sudden you have these people
as a community beginning to unify a living organism, a group of a species of human beings
that are beginning to understand that there’s more things that are possible and all of a
sudden it becomes a collective consciousness. And then the miracles keep happening. So, so all we need is that one person in the
beginning and when they tell their story in humility and in grace and in simplicity, in
curiosity it gives people permission to begin to step out. And so I’m so proud of our community. I’m so proud of our culture because we have
men now that know how to open their hearts and they can lead with an open heart and god,
we need enough of those. And we have women who have taken care of their
families and sacrifice and compromised and held things together and put themselves second
for their children and for their family and their loved ones, and never really had a moment
to get clear on what they wanted. And now they’re turning their love inward
and they’re getting very clear on their intention and they’re doing amazing things. So it requires the balance between our head
and our hearts. We cannot have our brains involved in just
open our hearts. We’ve got to direct that energy. That’s what our brain does. It’s a compass. It directs us somewhere. And the emotion is the energy that drives
us there. So when you have coherence in the brain, coherence
in the heart, now you have a greater effects on, on the nature of reality. Would you then say that techniques like hypnosis,
NLP techniques to change belief based statements that are on the path, it’s not actually necessary
if they use your method? You should just focus on your future and your
future self rather than playing around with your old things? Well let me answer that on two levels just
because I’m an investigator, I’m a researcher and then I want to simplify it and I now know
that the closer that I get to truth, the simpler it has to be. The more complex we make it, the more we’re
going to analyze and, and we can’t get there in analysis, cause analysis is trying to figure
it out. Now there’s nothing wrong with analyzing things,
but when it comes time to create or to change, you got to lay that down. So I think from a very practical and experience
based model that the people have to begin to embrace knowledge and information before
they get about doing anything. So I’m not, I’m not so interested in labels,
NLP, hypnosis because I think people get stuck in….okay…. in trying to create a limited
model. Now what I love is truth and there are similarities
whether you’re talking about NLP or talking about the Bible or the Koran or you’re talking
about hypnosis, there are elements of those things that have helped people. Now, I don’t study NLP, although I’m invited
to NLP conferences to explain the neuroscience and biology of personal change and transformation. I started my journey studying hypnosis and
hypnotherapy because what separates the conscious mind from the subconscious mind is the analytical
mind. And when you teach people or help people get
beyond the analytical mind, now you enter the operating system where you can begin to
reprogram a person. So there are elements of all of those things
that are pieces of important truths, but I wouldn’t categorize them because the moment
I say NLP, the moment I say Shakra, the moment I say, a hypnosis, the moment I say Jesus,
the moment you say Kabbalah, the moment you say something, you’re going to divide an audience. Because some people are gonna say, ‘Oh,
I tried that. It didn’t work. I don’t even know what that means’. So I’m very, very aware of all of that. And I’m very particular in the language that
I use because I don’t want to people to categorize that. I wanted to be in a realm where they can say,
well, that’s kind of like this. Or that’s kind of like what Jesus said. Or that’s kind of like what I learned in NLP
here. I think I heard that in the Kabbalah somewhere. Or I saw that on the history channel. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to take this and put it in a
box. I want to keep evolving it. I want to keep changing it. There’s similarities, truth, or threads, that
in history that have been laid. And I go to great measures, to not categorize
it because when the moment you put it in a box, you’re running it through your neurological
network of the past and then all of a sudden you diminish its effects. So I keep it fresh. I never use any of those words or languages
because those words were great 2,000 years ago. Those words were consistent with the language
of 5,000 years ago. And I’ve been at religious conferences where
I’ve been invited and watched great religious scholars argue about a word, argue about the
meaning of a word. So after an hour, I’ll say to them, ‘Well,
let’s make up a new word’. What? Let’s make up a new word that everybody can
agree on. Forget the old word. Let’s come up with a new word, everybody that
everybody can agree on. Now that’s a, that’s a more important conversation,
don’t you think? Then the conversation of the past. So for me, I’m not so interested in talking
about history. I’m interested in making history and this
is a time in history where it’s not enough to know. This is a time in history to know how and
you could be black. You could be white, it could be old. You can be young and be sick. You’d be vegetarian, you could be in shape. It could be out of shape. You’d be rich, you can be poor, you can be
successful. You could have never ever had experience in
meditation of personal transfer. It doesn’t matter. I’ve seen it on all shapes, all sizes, all
colors, all cultures, sit people, health people, healthy people, young people, old people. All you gotta do is apply the formula. That’s it. Nobody’s excluded from phenomena and my job
is to not create any exclusivity. My job is to create community in science,
creates community. It’s the language is the contemporary language
we use. That’s very interesting. Would you say it’s smart to focus on one goal. I mean, if you’re sick, obviously it’s smart
to focus on getting healthy, but if you have a regular life and you say, you know, I would
like to have the classical stuff, more money, more wealth, more love, more joy. Would you say in those meditations, it’s smart
to focus on different goals or should it rather be the big goal, like a big vision I have
for my life that all the steps on the way are just marks I will pass at one point? Well, let’s answer that on two levels, too,
because people come to our workshops for all different reasons. Some people come because they’re sick. Some people come because they want more money. Some people want more, a new job, a new opportunity,
a new career or new relationship. Some people want the mystical that people
come for all kinds of reasons. To me, I don’t care. What I care about is that they latch on to
a vision and they learn how to create. Whatever drives them to that elegant moment
where they’re so present and so passionate about what they want and they have a clear
intention. A clear vision, a coherent brain, and they
have an elevated emotion combined with it that they create heart coherence and now they’re
broadcasting a whole new energy into the field. And whatever we broadcast into the field is
our experiment with destiny. So I want people to know the how, because
we have plenty of people that have made millions and millions of dollars that were living in
the backseat of their car or by filed bankruptcy. There are plenty of people that were stage
four cancer, serious health conditions that are healed. But really people think they come for those
reasons. But we come for wholeness. That’s why we come that when we feel so whole
and so happy with ourselves, so connected to something greater. If you feel wholeness, it’s impossible for
you to want. How can you want? When you’re whole, when you’re whole, you
feel like you have everything. So I want people to reach that point where
they feel so whole, uh, that they no longer want. And that’s when the magic happens. Teaching them that, uh, allow them to understand
that when they come back to their senses, they opened their eyes. They’re not looking for the experience. They feel like it’s already happened. And if you feel like it’s already happened,
why would you be looking for it? Then if your body is conditioned the emotionally
into that future, um, you’re not separate from the energy of your future, you got connected
to it. But the moment you get in traffic and you
start getting angry, you get on the line at the bank and you start getting impatient or
you’re sitting in a staff meeting, you start judging a coworker, you just disconnected
from the energy of the future and now you’re back to the energy of your past and you’ve
done nothing wrong. You just lost your connection to the future
now. Now the importance of that is to notice that,
that you’re disconnected. And if you say to me, well, that person made
me feel this way and think this way, oh my gosh, you’re back to the unconscious program
of being a victim in your life. The victim is saying that someone or something
is controlling how I think and feel, but a person who’s producing outcomes in their lives,
all of a sudden they say, wow, the way I’m thinking and feeling is creating outcomes
in my life. Now I’m a creator in my life and now I believe
less than I’m a victim of my life. Point one, a point number two is that people
think that they want certain things because they’re experiencing lack. And so they have to go about becoming the
very person. So then if we reframe it and you say, “oh,
I really want to be wealthy, I want all my needs met” and I’ll say, really, why you
want to be wealthy? And they’ll say, “cause I want freedom “and
saying, “okay, well let’s focus on freedom”. So now the person understands the sponsoring
thought or the emotion. Why would you wait for your wealth to feel
free? That’s the Newtonian model of reality of cause
and effect waiting for someone or something out there to take away this emptiness or lack. Hmm. And what if I’m feeling this emotion, this
emotion is influencing certain thoughts. And how I think and feel creates my life. If I’m living in a lack, I’m not going to
create anything new. But if I say to you, ‘Hey, when you become
that person, once you become it, then your, your reality is going to reorganize itself
instead of living by cause and effect’. Let’s teach you how to cause an effect. So then the person then is no longer interested
in getting something in their environment when they realize it’s about who they become. And all of a sudden now the emphasis, so that
interest is in becoming that person, We have a week with those people and I want him to
walk as it, sit as it, stand as it, laid down as it. I said I want them to get in the habit of
walking from their room to the ballroom. It’s become the new habit. That’s why when we do our work here, we’re
doing sitting meditations. They’re doing standing and walking meditations
for doing lying down meditations. I want it to become a new habit. I want them to become that person. So then this happens thousands of times. People come for certain reasons. They come to heal their disease. And once they hear their disease, they realized
it was never about healing their disease. You know what it was? It was about unlearning, breaking the habit,
deprogramming, becoming conscious of their unconscious thoughts, becoming aware of their
automatic habits and behaviors, noticing that they’ve been living in unworthiness and guilt
for the last 25 years. But they are so, so used to living by that
feeling. They don’t even know what his guilt, it’s
just feels like who they are. So point number two is that becoming that
person requires you to stop being the old person. That’s the working. So when people come with a passion and enthusiasm
to overcome that old south, they’re going to understand then. That people who live in the past or asleep
in the present, and they have to die, that old person has to die. And the dying of that old personality is an
uncomfortable process. But if you apply the formula, when you’re
in that uncomfortable process, you will literally begin to become somebody else. So when they start becoming that person, they’ll
say, I thought I wanted wealth. I really don’t a lot. Well, I want this and all of a sudden all
of a sudden here come the synchronicities, the opportunities, the serendipities, the
coincidences, you know, uh, the wonderful, wonderful events start unfolding in their
life and they’re going to say to you, I’m not doing anything. I’m not, because they took care of the past
personality. Because your personality creates your personal
reality. Your personality is made up of how you think,
how you act and how you feel. So then if there are no longer thinking the
same way, no longer acting the same way, no longer feeling the same way, they’re thinking
differently, they’re acting differently, they’re feeling differently, and they returned back
into their lives, they’re able to maintain that modified state of mind and body. That’s the new habit. They’re embodying that energy. Then all of a sudden people in their life
are going to say ‘something’s different about you’. Something, something is your, something happened
to you because the person’s not shown up in the unconscious predictable habit of themselves
and their outstanding because they’re not reacting emotionally. They’ve overcome that sitting in their meditations. They’re no longer judging. They took care of those circuits, the hardwired
programs. They’re no longer blaming and complaining
or making excuses because they sat for two hours and I let them sit in that emotion,
in those habits until they finally got beyond them. Now that’s the work. So that, that, that person that they’ve had
to conquer, that person, they’ve had to overcome, that they had to become conscious of, so they
would not go unconscious again. The side effect of that, is self love, the
side effect of that is a level of satisfaction with yourself that allows you to be satisfied
with others. And people who judge themselves will judge
others. People who hate themselves will hate others. People who are impatient with themselves will
be impatient with others. People who abused themselves will abuse others. People who love themselves will love others. People who feel a gratitude for their effort,
who have gratitude authentically in their life. People who are joyful because they sat in
the fire and something changed, are going to naturally be joyful, not, not because they
need a, uh, a car or a wardrobe or vacation to feel that they feel joyful because they
really feel joyful. It’s not coming from out there. It’s coming from in here. They will be joyful in their lives and it
will be real. So we’re just seeing a community of people
reaching that consciousness and they’re not relying on somebody out there and to bring
them joy. They’re, they’re joyful because they’re in
love with who they are. It is a self love, the secret key to a happy
relationship in your mind. Because if I worked only on myself and my
partner works on herself, you know, it’s two separate things. Now how can we combine that? Well, I believe that there are degrees of
self love and people confuse self love with pleasure, and it’s not the same that the more
we are content and love ourselves, the less need we have in our environment for love and
love and need has been very confusing for a lot of people. So if you have two individuals, and by the
way, relationships aren’t just with one person. We get different things from different people
that we have in our lives. And we shouldn’t limit our relationship to
one person, not to say them, that you can’t be in an intimate relationship. I’m saying that we have numerous relationships
that are equally as important in the grand scope of who we are as souls on the journey. We just can’t love one person and, and despise
everybody else. It’s, it’s gotta be consistent, right? So, but in a relationship where we’re talking
about men and women, the number one thing is having the same purpose. That if you have a purpose to truly be your
best and you are a person in your life that wants that same thing, well you’re heading
in the same direction. And if your passion is to change the world,
if your passion is to make a difference, if your passion is the end world hunger, if your
passion is to resolve global warming, your passion is to, uh, to lead by example. Whatever your passion is to have abundant
life doesn’t matter to me, and those two people share that very same purpose. Then they’re moving in the same direction. If they understand that and that evolution
means that that there will be certain things that we can agree to agree on and that I’m
going to bring my best to the relationship and you bring your best to the relationship. Then we have something in common and when
I’m not at my best, I’m going to excuse myself and not ask you to make me feel better. I’m going to make sure that I’m sovereign
enough that when I make my way back to connect with you, that we are going to celebrate our
triumphs. You have your world, I have my world. Let’s, let’s, let’s go and then when we connect,
let’s make sure that we reflect what we’ve learned. If I’m stuck and I need a perspective, I want
to know your perspective, but only when I ask. So if I’m ready to ask, then give me your
greatest truth. That’s what great relationships do. We support one another in that way and then,
and then it’s a give and take, which means then mistakes will be made. Uh, there will be challenges. You are going to show certain aspects of a
program when you’re switched on. No problem with that. But the question is how long are you going
to stay there? Because if you stay there, then you may say
something. I want this with your conscious mind. Where your subconscious mind is saying something
else. People awakening on the path and the journey. It takes great effort to nurture the space
for that kind of evolution. But people who do this well, that are self-aware
do not have to work in a relationship. I will not work in a relationship. That’s not my job. If I’m working in a relationship, then it’s
not flowing. If you bring your best and I bring my best
and we celebrate our efforts every single day, we talk about what we’ve learned, we
talk about if we had another opportunity, how we could do it better. If I allow you to take your thought all the
way to the end and I say, then how can I support you? How can I bring that out in you? What would be the best thing, if you lose
that sense of purpose or you fall from grace. How can in that moment, what would, what do
you want me to tell you if I notice it to tell me the exact words like you’re doing
it again. Okay. Okay. Okay. Not like jagged yelling it again, but like,
‘Hey, you’re doing that again’ so that the person can get back on purpose. Now that that begins to create a great bond
and that bond is built on true love. So when you have a relationship where you
are overcoming needs, you’re overcoming the belief. The way relationships should be based on our
observation of our own parents in the way they treated one another. When you really are working for something
greater than yourself as a purpose or a truth, and you share that same purpose… Okay…
there’s a bond that happens automatically that’s intangible, that requires less work. It’s not working on the relationship. It’s about working on yourself. And I think that we have in our, in our community,
people who demonstrate that beautifully, and the side effect of it is that they have magic
in their lives. It’s truly amazing and I just can’t say it. Let’s stop right away. We have one hour or not even more, one hour
to go to your advanced workshop. It’s a four day workshop here in Berlin. And yes, let’s go to work. I would have a trillion more questions. But you need to get ready for stage. And I have a lot to work on right now in my
own mindset. And before I ask you a final short question,
where can people find more about you? Well, my website is There’s a ton of resources there. We are pretty much all over the world at this
point that we’re running events. So we’re running this event here in Berlin,
which is an advanced follow-up. These are people that have done a lot of work. I’m going to challenge them to the next level. People who are here are here because they
want to be here. And that’s a great audience to work with. So, is probably the easiest
way to get ahold of me. Wonderful. Last question. What’s the most important thing based on your
experience in life, in work, in general, to be successful in life? Whatever success means for you? Hmm. I think that when people reach the point where
they and this has happened to me and it’s happened to many people in our community where
they reach a certain level, a certain status, where they have everything they need. The fundamental thing that happens to those
people is that they start thinking about ‘how am I going to make a difference in the world?’ What legacy? What am I going to leave? Why am I going to make a difference or change
the world in some way? So, so we think we want all those things,
but really what we want to do is really contribute. So I think when we have a purpose that’s bigger
than us, it’s the highest form of motivation, mission motivation, duty motivation, purpose
motivation. When we have a selfless vision that’s bigger
than us, I think we’re wired to be that, that what living organism called the species of
human beings. It is a living organism. Then these in this current era, the age of
selfish individuality has to die. That we are a species and the species of a
living organism takes care of one another. They heal one another. Say educate one other. They teach one another. They inspire one another. Um, they give to one another. They serve one another. That’s, that’s what a living organism does. They, they cooperate, communicate, collaborate
with one another. That’s what it does. And so we are wired to be communal. We are wired to create common unity, community. And that community is built on the frequency
of love. And when you come from love you, you come
from a different consciousness. It’s no longer about you. You feel so amazing. You feel this feeling that isn’t going away,
that the only thing you want to do is have other people feel what you’re feeling. And the only way we do that, is to give. We say, I feel so amazing. I want you to feel the way I feel. So I don’t need this here. Take that. That kind of community is, goes counter to
the current situation in the world where everything’s breaking down. But this is a time where we have to demonstrate
what that new community looks like. So when you have connection, when you have
community, when you have true friendship, that persons are really just giving because
there’s something unusual about them and you’re worthy enough to receive it’s and you feel
that feeling of receiving that you want to give to somebody else. You how you create very different consciousness. You create a common unity or a community that’s
bonded and connected and the frequency of love. And then when love is the common frequency,
it’s very difficult to break that community up because it’s the glue that holds them together. So that’s my vision of where I’d like to go
with this work. Amen. I totally agree. So let’s be this stone that we throw into
the water and create a ripple effect. I wish you a wonderful workshop. I will be one of those 1000 changing my world
and then the bigger world. Thank you very much, Dr Joe. All the best and keep up the great work. Thank you so much.


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