LE PIRE DRAMA DE 2019 (c’est ultra chaud)

So here … We’re on something pretty
worships is going on right now, and I have the impression that few media
French people are talking about it touches on a major problem of power that have
some countries on third companies … And I’m told that, well why not
you talk about it because finally it touches when even in the world of tech! Hi it’s Leo from the TechMaker chain
and today … Well, let’s not talk about tech properly speaking but it’s a
little like the video on the Fortnite crunch, it’s just a subject that kicks me so I
why do not you make one video ! You probably know all Blizzard,
created in 1991 at the origin of many hits that you surely know
at least names so they initiated of genres: Diablo, Starcraft, Overwatch,
and of course Warcraft and the World behemoth of Warcraft, which I even bought
collector 15 years is to say to how much I like them at the base! Well she still has not arrived and at a
billion late delivery but I would have a beautiful Ragnaros that I would hear in
my head “By the fire be purified”, and we see how much people are holding
to this firm because the collector is gone in a few minutes and is already at
crazy prices on Ebay! We go from 80 € to sometimes 400 .. But this is not the subject, because
is going to talk about a game that has not been part of this list, but which is related to both
last. And this game is Hearthstone, a card game
released in 2014 on the world of Warcraft. At the base created by a very small team
, the game has gained enormously in popularity thanks to its very closed beta
at the time and his keys that were selling at a golden price, and made very popular
card games a little more RNG, otherwise says Random Number Generated, Random
large. This game works very well and is one of
major players in the sport of the card game, alongside the biggest, and tournaments
are organized around the world for show who is the best player in the world
gambling ! (And also the one with the most luck, must say a little) In short, everything is fine in the best of all worlds,
except that a tournament, the Grand Master Tournament, ended in drama there is some
days … doing outright ban a player BlitzChung’s name and lose their jobs
two casters. Yep, it’s hot! But what could have happened? Already, first thing that I want to rectify
for I have seen it everywhere; no BlitzChung did not been permanently banned, and
did not win the tournament either, because it was just not finished,
nevertheless yes, the $ 10,000 he had recovered until then have been removed,
which is not folichon I grant you, so be careful because there was a lot
fake news story to scratch some RT so be a little alert about what’s going on. But does not prevent the rest is true; Yes,
a player has been disqualified, and for which reason? Well for talking about Hong
Kong, and ask for his release from the Chinese yoke, and all that live on the official Twitch
of Blizzard Taiwan, as the competition was happening there. The player is well placed to talk about it,
he comes from this city, and knows the proponents and outcomes of this geographical war;
since currently Hong Kong is not really Chinese, but now, for now
this is the case, and in recent months, enormously demonstration took place in the city,
and concretely this action of the player was also there to support these events,
and it’s visible thanks to mask that he wore during his message. I’m not going to lie to you, geography and
politics is not my domains AT ALL so I do not necessarily want to
speak more than that because I’m really scared to tell you anything, so do not hesitate
not to inform you because for once I have myself learned some very interesting things
on it, and if you’re a little more stuck on it, do not hesitate to share what
you know in comment! But to go back to history, all of this
spread very quickly, with all specialized sites sharing information
and everyone putting his grain of salt, with for example altogether Senator Ron
Wyden who said that blizzard is ready to to humble himself to please
to the Chinese Communist Party and that no American company should censor
calls for freedom to make one’s little money fast … Yeah, everyone
to something to say in this story! But by the way, that’s true, why
Blizzard, an American company, takes such a radical position in a story
about China? After all, we is on a fairly classic thing, and certainly
it’s quite understandable that publisher does not want a competition
e-sportive becomes political, and that sanction is therefore applied, except that there ..
To think that even the casters who did not not quickly deflected the subject are banned,
it shows that surely there is not that in this case ! In fact, what you need to know is that the
China is one of the biggest gaming markets video, and especially on PC. To tell you
how huge it is, there will be according to estimates in 2023 more than
PC players there … UNITED STATES ! Yeah, we’re talking about 354 million
of esteemed PC players! Yeah the PC Master Race there it venerates, with its 16
billion dollars generated the year last. The thing is, if you do not know,
China is extremely controlled, that it’s social networks with most
from those you know who do not exist just not like Facebook, Twitter
or Instagram, or even on the everyone’s life with downright cameras
scrutinizing the streets and a system that had made a big noise some time ago, which
assigns a score to each citizen based among others, images taken by these
cameras. And you can imagine, even the games are controlled in a certain way,
with the government who will decide which of them will be available on the lands
Chinese. In concrete terms, the government can choose
whether or not a game can be available, and even went even further! There is a lot
stories like the fairly recent Devotion game that had hidden somewhere
a poster saying “Xi Jing Ping” and “Winnie the “Pooh”. Yeah just for that, in
a hidden poster in the game that 99% of players will not see, the game was banned there
Low last February! it sounds surreal all that but it is real and real! Good
obviously with us it makes a Streisand effect and so people continue to say that the
Chinese president looks like Winnie the Pooh, but there and well it creates a real terror,
and even cute games like Kingdom hearts are affected, with downright
WInnie the Pooh who has a white cloud on the head when we cross on the version
Chinese .. Yeah, I hope nobody never offered honey to the president
there otherwise, well I give cheap to the guy who made this gift. And for Blizzard, this pressure and finally
this censorship so as not to be banned his games are not new, with for example
World of Warcraft which is very different on everything that touches on death, as
example the race of the reprobate who is totally covered with skin and does not leave bones
apparent or the skeletons of the deceased players which are replaced by tombs … You
do not imagine how it was a brothel to go out Wrath of The Lich King
there, an extension focused on the plague who is an army filled with ghouls! Mwais,
Arthas was clearly not ready to send his army of dead living there there
! All that to say that it’s history
which is repeated here, because in view of how the market is gigantic, it is unthinkable
for Blizzard to lose all this, and it’s okay further because Tencent owns
shares in Activison Blizzard. 5% precisely. And if you do not know Tencent, well
you miss the biggest company of video games in the world, in any case in terms
of numbers, again thanks to this giant market! They own
Riot Games (and it’s 100% for them by the way), SuperCell or SharkMob, no small
in a nutshell! And even have shares in Ubisoft, Bluehole .. In short, it’s not
little players. And Tencent, they are great friends with
the Chinese government! The What’s app Chinese? It’s WeChat, created by Tencent.
The Google Pay? WeChat Pay, the same. And that in many areas! And must understand
that the reason of why these are alternatives who are accepted and not those we know,
it’s because Tencent provides a lot information about its users in the government
to allow them to continue their Big Brother policy. So it’s a safe bet that Tencent is
also related to this banishment story for this liberation message from Hong Kong,
message that is by the way much more mediatized than it was before this
story, so our friend Chung succeeded his shot in the end! And you know the Internet, at least in
its free version, and well with all this media coverage, everyone gave it
opinion, and also reacted, we can for example talk about Blizzard employees who did
a march to support the player, or other players calling for a boycott of
the mark, and being reimbursed for pre-orders like Warcraft 3, or
still by removing their accounts altogether ! Others took the opportunity to make their
advertisement in an intelligent way for once, with Gods Unchained, one of Hearthstone’s competitors,
claiming to want to pay the price of BlitzChung that he deserves, as well as to give him a
ticket to his tournament bring him even bigger! Good there everyone
is judge of whether it is good or not to have do that because we can say that it makes
very profiteer, but for once we can not deny that the com hit is successful,
given the number of sharing this information ! Even Epic reacts on it, saying that
THEY will never do something like that they were coming! Well, I want to believe it,
but in the case of Epic, Tencent does not not only 5%, but 40! To see if the
pressure from the Chinese giant would not make them change your mind if the same thing happened to them … To tell you how much commitment
in this fight goes far is that for protest against it and so banish
other games of the firm, well not bad of people on the net, especially reddit mainly,
we started to pass a custom skin Mei, the girl with the OverWatch jacket,
for an outfit promoting the release from Hong Kong. And we do not speak
of a little raid to make him believe in everyone, but really from a number
gargantuan of posts, which means that Chinese authorities who can fall on
this kind of articles could potentially penalize OverWatch and thus ban the game
seen that precisely he is against values from China. Yeah that’s ultra smart .. And
damn bastard. But hey, they have it when even searched eh, and must not forget that the Internet
is a little teasing. Especially with all that, it’s gone
even further later because I was speaking people who delete their own account,
but after a while it was no longer possible to do this because all systems
were inaccessible .. Are we on a desperate attempt on the part
of Blizzard to prevent people from closing their account? Because if it is, it’s
really tense, because in addition already at the base they asking for an ID card for
do it what can allow the government Chinese to know the full name of
people being part of this revolt .. It’s not that easy. A lot of people have talked about it on Twitter,
but the problem was apparently only material and was solved a few hours
after everyone starts talking on social networks .. So, real blocking
or just no luck? that we’ll never know, the thing is that the harm is done, and that
more of the basic drama that is real to him and turned out, a lot of rumors are added,
making it all the more publicized, and since Blizzard was not answering
created even more speculation. And by the way all this to market, because finally
the firm has finally responded this Friday night to Saturday, October 12 thanks to a press release
from Blizzard’s current president, J. Allen Brack. Yeah, it’s all hot because it’s dated
only a few hours ago! In this release, our buddy president
Explains Blizzard’s vision of e-sport, that the goal is to express their visions
and values ​​of the game, that it was the only reason behind all this, and that’s
because the casters did not cut BlitzChung as he was leaving on a subject that had not
nothing to do with the game they were cleared, and that China does not put at all
pressure on this subject! Well, I doubt a little bit of everything
is saying in this release because the reaction was still violent, but at least
the sanctions have changed, with a ban shorter and the fact that Blitzchung can
to touch the money he has won at the tournament ! Although unfortunately he could not
go to the end because of this story … And so what should we deduce? Bah already
that I am still standing at 4 o’clock in the morning and that I know that the Leo of the future is in
sweat to finish editing this video in time and that it deserves a thumb
blue but above all that the community can actually have an impact on a society
even as big as Blizzard, to the point to make him change such a serious judgment
who is here to please the government Chinese! And finally we can go
that this could apply to so many things that are certainly less
serious, but that bother us a little these recent years: pre-orders to
unfinished games, early access, royal battle modes … If we boycotted
actually this kind of movement by stopping to buy their products or even to see
to pay back other, well all that could change! Yeah p’tit off topic
but at least here we have real proof that the whole industry could evolve
thanks to us and each of our little ones movements that once cumulated create
a colossal! Good even if the sanction is still weird
since it is not totally abolished … We still remain on a banishment of
6 months of the player and 6 months of the two casters .. Certainly it’s less bad than it was
expected but on the other hand and well the players are not totally satisfied,
and the Chinese government either, which does not allow anyone to forgive them totally
what’s going on and I do not know if this decision will be enough to stop the boycott …
I do not know, I think in this kind of case, must go all in, whether in
one way or the other, at least here, it’s only my opinion! Finally we are really aware of
the power of different lobbies and government about the industry, and that even
change the way we consume games, even if we are not part of these
country, because in our experience of this tournament was affected, and that for absolutely
everybody. It remains to be seen if this kind of action of the community will always succeed
to do justice because as far as the Hong Kongers who wanted to suppress their
accounts … Mwais, I do not know exactly what will happen for them, and besides seen
that the story is still relevant, I would not hesitate to tell you if there is
new on my Twitter account, so come take a ride if it’s not yet the
case to know the end end word end of the story ! And you? Have you heard of it
of this whole story by the way? Because I really think it’s very important and
for once this is the kind of info that should be mediatised to death for so
become aware of what’s going on but also control a maximum because like
you saw it, there were some fake news in history but with the speed
to which this story has been shared, it’s complicated to know what’s true
and what is wrong, and so beh do not hesitate not to share this video otherwise
to help that, thanks for that. I hope in any case that this video you
will have pleased! If this is the case do not forget the good little blue thumb of love on this
kind of format a little different but that I still love doing so much, and of course
to tell me what you think in comment (you can let go of your / played history
to fart a little)! And of course, if you have not already done so, subscribe
to the chain by clicking on the logo that comes to appear right there, it was Leo
from the TechMaker chain and above all, do not stop never to learn! Hello !


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