Learning the Piano Dance from Big The Musical with ECCO Shoes!

We learnt it on like a real piano which
made it easier but it still took a long time. Yeah it’s hard we drew out like a
piano with like felt-tip pens and then we just used our fingers and then that
was our first time doing bits around the piano. It was quite funky it was quite
different to what we’d usually do. So it was really interesting and fun.
We’d never like seen that obviously like a lot of people who watch it have so,
learning it was odd yeah but was really fun Lots of fun, I mean it’s difficult and it’s a long section of the show but it’s also the iconic section so
it’s got to be correct and if they do a mistake on the piano it plays wrong so
it is it’s real. High stakes! They learnt it really quickly they were they were super quick and really keen as well but they actually preferred dancing as opposed to
learning on the piano and but yeah and it’s all the pattern recognition as well
as knowing the notes isn’t it. Repetition helps, we did it every morning they came in
early every morning to practice that number.

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