Leaving Neverland: The Aftermath TCL Theater ver. | THEATRICAL CUT

other than what they’re saying did you
unearth any actual evidence that proves Michael Jackson was a pedophile your
conviction of Michael Jackson’s guilt but I’m fascinated by this has got huge
global attention he was investigated by the FBI he was one of the most reported
on scrutinized investigated individuals in the world is one person powerful
enough that he can hoodwink all of those people we went to the concert the Friday night
and we had a meet-and-greet was Michael and Michael said were you at the concert
tonight and we said yes he said I wish I’d known I would have put him on stage
with me stage mother and me kicked in I said we’ll be there tomorrow night the
next morning I wanted to bring in a thank-you letter for Michael because
this was his last concert he was leaving Australia it’s like very was on the TV
screen as I was used to seeing him and then there he was I can’t remember
thinking that there’s no one’s ever gonna believe this it was pretty
overwhelming we all had an overwhelming weekend that was for sure I was in a
group home and Michael had actually there’d been a school shooting in my
neighborhood it was one of the first school shootings ever we hear on the
radio Michael Jackson is on the freeway coming to Stockton we like coming he
actually came and he visited all the kids in the school and encouraged them
to find courage that could keep coming school told him that God was with him
and that’s why they were alive paid for all the medical bills of all the kids in
the hospital went to the hospitals to visit all their gunshot victims paid for
all the funerals didn’t get any recognition but in wanting actually try
to sneak in and out and so for me that was just like this was compassion on a
level I had never seen I started calling around some of the
television shows that weight had been on trying to find a number where we could
contact Michael finally somebody gave me a number Michaels personal assistant so
we called her and she said oh let me talk to Michael and I will call you back
I think it was a Friday and he said you know do you and the family do you guys
want to come to Neverland for the weekend you know Hollywood and this
whole entertainment business is on another planet from where we were even
if we knew him which we didn’t at all we’d known him for I don’t know what
four hours maybe not known him we met him four hours ago you know then
the next morning the plan was that we were gonna go on this kind of trip to
the Grand Canyon and that sort of thing with an RV so then that’s when I left
with my mom and everybody and we went to the Grand Canyon we had like a Motorhome
and we went and camped and did all that and then we stayed with Michael I
actually didn’t have a problem with it at the time I didn’t actually have a
hesitation and then we’d get up in the morning like nothing had ever happened
you know when my parents came back at the end of the week once the abuse
started and within that first week you know every night that I was with him
there was abuse while my mother was you know next door stop lying about me my only agenda here
is to find out what happened you guys in the media didn’t do a good job of that
you bought into a narrative that makes no sense
Wade Robson in the movie claims that he was abused by Michael Jackson for
several days at Neverland while his family was on vacation in the Grand
Canyon joy Robson has testified not once but twice over an extended period of
time under oath with no incentive to live
that way Robson went with them on that Grand Canyon trip we went to the Grand Canyon and came
back the following weekend and was this when you say you went to the Grand
Canyon your family went to the Grand Canyon or mr. Jackson accompanied you no
excuse me my family never my son has never been to the ranch without me up
until this year and then in between you and your kids and your husband and your
parents all went on a tourist trip to the Grand Canyon
yes I remember really wanting to stay in the room with him and my mom wouldn’t
allow it didn’t feel right you don’t go sleep with and you know somebody else
that you don’t really know but made sure I had my meals with them and that Jimmy
slept with me our room started to get further and further away and when I
asked about it we weren’t even on the same floor now I asked in Paris and we
couldn’t get you a suite close to Michael no Suites available but in
Germany we were like really far away from that and he said would you talk to
Jimmy about holding my hand they’re gonna think something nasty about it
nothing’s going on but this is gonna look like something’s going on so I
didn’t tell him I was coming and the door was locked and so I have to knock
laut because the you know the movies on he didn’t mean to lock the door he
didn’t know the door was locked my son doesn’t know this but I would you
know go to the door try to listen hear what conversation was going on and then
they’d sneak away Ellen Scanlan an operator from Neverland confirmed the
theater doors are locked from the outside not the inside and of panic
hardware which makes it impossible for Stephanie safe chat to have found the
door locked and the door was locked enjoy you have to knock lout because the
you know the movies on we were back and forth throughout the
trip between Neverland and the hideout in Westwood but you know my mother being
in a different room and Michael and I sleeping in his bed a sexual contact
continued every night we were together seven past and we are here with miss joy
Robson thanks for coming what was your reasoning from coming from
Australia okay so I left with Chantal who was 12 and Wade was just about to
turn nine Wow and I thought we’d be superstars within
a year and eight years later we would still try to pay rent I don’t know how
much better you can get them working with Michael Jackson
well we didn’t work with him a lot wait did three music videos oh yeah they
don’t pay a whole lot they really pay the rent and so you come out to Los
Angeles yeah and I realized very early on that if we were gonna make it here
that it was gonna be up to me we couldn’t really rely Michaels had up
they lived in a bubble and had a different reality so I was the one who
had to find agents my kids worked every weekend every school vacation so in 2011
Robson did an interview on a radio station here in Los Angeles she says a
lot of things that are directly in contradiction to her son’s current
narrative she acknowledges that Michael Jackson we didn’t really spend that much
time together she also seems to indicate that they didn’t come to this country
until Wade was 9 years old which is a problem because Wade says that the abuse
starts at 7 years old 7 also the intense period of Wade’s you know sexual
relationship was from the age of 7 to the age of 9 that was when they were
really seeing each other a lot now here’s why this is all important so I
tweet out a link to that video on YouTube
all of a sudden within 24 hours maybe less than that poof gone from YouTube
so I remember being shocked when the first place we went to live was like an
Oakwood apartments which is kind of like a part-time residence sort of thing he
was diagnosed with bipolar disorder he was doing things like disappearing in
the night and and going on walks in catching buses and and we’d have to find
him I mean I think it terrified me but my reaction to it
was just to get angry and like I just wanted him to go your parents were
starstruck yeah they were saying they were starstruck and you know one woman
who which was Wade’s mom was saying you know she left her husband I mean he
pretty much hung himself because she left with her kids and moved from
Australia over here and in he the husband was like you are you crazy and
she at the time said no she thought she was doing what was best for her family
but when she looks back on it she realizes that she was starstruck he was
doing a photo shoot a campaign for his new shoes for LA gear
my uncle introduced us my uncle had already known Wade in his family okay
and Wade had developed a crush on me so let me I’ll briefly explain yes he and I
met in 1991 approximately we had done excuse me an L a gear photo shoot right
as well as the black or white video we had done those together and he started
to develop a little crush so he asked my uncle if he could maybe set up a
situation where we could get to know each other better and now were you then
approximately nine or ten okay he and I were both born in 82 so from that point
on is when we started dating but again let me stress it it was a very
age-appropriate relationship it wasn’t like we were having this sexual
relationship at you know 11 12 years old that you know progressed later your
relationship so how long were you guys together you know it approximately nine
years or so we broke up around 2000 or 2001 so while you were teenagers 13 yes
yeah I mean so in a rational world if what they were saying is true if Michael
was really brazenly abusing Wade Robson for seven years and then setting him up
with his own niece in the midst of this I mean if it were if we’re talking that
level of depravity then there should be dozens of people yeah coming forward and
saying give me my millions and yet that hasn’t happened I think and I say
married because we had this mock wedding ceremony you know I like jewelry and I
liked it as a kid like filled out some vows it’s like we’re bonded forever it
felt good and the ring is nice it has a row of
diamonds with a gold band the wedding ring it was such a striking moment when you
said in the film James that you had a marriage ceremony with Michael Jackson
with rings and handwritten vows and once you’ve said vows you feel completely
complicit did you not you know that mmm that moment was part at the train station there’s a room
upstairs and we would have sex up there – what happened every day it sounds sick
but it’s kind of like when you’re first dating somebody right and you do a lot
of it so it’s very much like that few dates just been mixed up or do you
reckon James and wide are lying about it all I can’t say for sure that James safe
chuckling wait rotten they’re lying about the entire thing yeah I can’t say
that for sure but what I can say is that at least three aspects of the
allegations that are featured in that documentary are provably untrue we’ve
heard a couple of the bits that you’ve mentioned the train station one with
James safe Chuck being the big one obviously he alleges that the abuse went
from 1988 to 1992 and it can actually be proven that while he said during the
documentary that he was abused at the Neverland train station he went into
great detail about how happened in a room upstairs in that train station so
it wasn’t just a fleeting comment in that documentary it was even it was a
big part of it and it can be now proven through documents through photos that
that train station didn’t open until mid nineteen ninety-four so that’s a real
two year discrepancy there and it’s not just a case of dates being mixed up
Michael Jackson spent the whole year of 1994 living in New York City to get away
from Santa Barbara because of the allegations and the DA going after him
and also to record an album in New York he moved there because of an earthquake
as was a bit scared to record in the LA area but the point is that by the time
safe Chuck would have been at Neverland again he would have been 17 or 18 years
old changes the entire narrative that that
film is trying to give us that Jackson you know lost interest in young boys
when they hit puberty and of course that safe Chuck himself said that the abuse
ended when he was 14 the age that the age that all of that Michael you know
routinely lost interest in the little boys that you saw the age that he lost
interest was around 14 15 yes changes the entire narrative of that
whole documentary it’s a big big deal yeah when you hear these things about
dates not lining up then you do there is a bit of doubt that creeps into mind
about what the story is here in these historical cases the documentary is
directed down read pretty quickly admitted the mistake with the dates did
that surprise you that he didn’t put up more of a fight on this is undeniable
you know he can’t deny that you know there’s a big discrepancy there so of
course he had no option but to agree that the dates were wrong you weren’t
the Niagra fee or Michael Jackson did you come across any evidence of sexual
abuse I didn’t know and I’ve never come across anything that would make me
believe that he did these things and I can’t say for sure that he’s innocent of
course and I’ve certainly never seen any hard cold hard evidence to suggest that
he’s ever done anything like that throughout the years he was preparing me over a long period
of time for other kids to enter we went up for the weekend and Michael showed up
with another family there’s one particular boy who sort of entered and
replaced me and so I saw him grow closer and closer to that boy and I was pushed
out I kind of saw the pattern from before happen again the boy would sleep
in Michael’s room and then I would sleep downstairs on the sofa it’s like being
cast out I would say like in that first year of living in LA where there was
another boy my hook took Brett bones on the tour with him Wade had asked to go
on the tour and Michael had told him no he couldn’t
go because he wasn’t allowed to take children on this tour and then he saw
Brett bands with him on television Brett Barnes has stated Michael Jackson
has never done anything inappropriate to him and has threatened HBO with a
lawsuit asking them to remove his name from the documentary as a victim I believe the first time we saw each
other after we moved was his black-and-white music video which I was
gonna dance in that experience was really hard for me this was the first time I came up
against the new friend Macaulay Culkin Macaulay was where I was you know and my
previous trips right by Michael side every moment it was very obvious to me
that Macaulay had taken away its place in Michael’s best friend category and he
that little boy would come home every day and sit on the couch and wait for
that phone call it just didn’t come he wasn’t calling and it’s broke my heart
to see him waiting for that call every 12 months there was a new boy in his
life and he was known to spend a lot of time with with children at some famous
they have throughout the years denied any sexual abuse took place did you walk
into this project objectively or did you walk in already believing these two
gentlemen when you look at this in totality the emphatic denials from so
many other people about this mean that there is a question mark here you’ve got
other boys like Macaulay Culkin Corey Feldman has come out strongly yesterday
and Corey Feldman made the I think quite interesting point he said look serial
pedophiles when they’re around young boys in this case they’d abused them all
that historically that was be will the if they were had access to young boys
are doing Corey Feldman and Macaulay Culkin tell a completely different story
of their experience with Jackson obviously as a mother when Dean’s
allegations were brought to us the first thing I when I get away by himself I
said to him okay so as your mother I need to ask you you know has Michael
ever done anything inappropriate with you and he was so convincing absolutely
not he has never ever done anything never because we were so close with
Michael obviously I wanted to believe that but more than anything I believed
my son did you go into mr. Jackson’s room at all hour of the day at any time
I wanted to yes do you recall being in his room during the day yes
do you recall being in his room during the evening yes do you recall being in
mr. Jackson’s room late at night yes did you ever get the feeling that somebody
was trying to keep you out of mr. Jackson’s room no I believed that he
would have told me had something happened I said to me no amount of money
would make that okay if I thought that he had touched my son I would not stop
till he was behind bars how did you feel when you heard that a boy was alleging
that Michael had abused him Oh shot two and I think it’s sick cuz I know Michael
what I’m not that you wouldn’t do anything like that I know that for a
fact did mr. Jackson ever molest you at any
time the defense lawyer asked no never Wade Robson replied that contradicts
testimony from a former Michael Jackson made the credibility of Adrian McManus
has been questioned because of her changing account of what she saw at
Neverland sworn evidence she gave in 1993 that she never saw any
inappropriate behavior by Jackson towards any child at Michael Jackson’s
trial you were found to have lied under oath from 1990 to 1994 she was his
housemaid with intimate access to the inner sanctum of the most famous person
on earth when she left in 1994 she and four other employees sued the singer for
wrongful termination and lost and do you still owe the Jackson estate money I you
must know the amount well you know I know that I can’t remember it might have
been you were ordered to pay legal fees initially yeah for a breach of contract
for stealing mr. Jackson which was what 1.6 million
it was probably actors to refresh your memory yeah all of a sudden Michael and Geordie were
gone they had gone in one of his bathrooms and the door was closed you
know I used to be the boy who was in there with Michael you know man I just
knew in my gut that that’s what they were doing when they were disappearing
they were doing all of that same sexual stuff Evan Chandler Jordan Chandler his
father filed a 30 million dollar civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson on the
14th of September 1993 in the lawsuit his alleged outline of abuse was in no
way the same claim by Wade Robson he had also claimed nothing ever happened at
Neverland disappearing they were doing all of that same sexual stuff then I said to Michael why is this boy
doing this to you and he said oh it’s not him it’s his father his father wants
money meanwhile CBS obtained a secretly taped phone conversation allegedly
between the father of the boy you accused Jackson of sexual abuse and the
boy’s stepfather listen to this beyond beyond his worst nightmares oh one more
record if I go through with this I win big time I will get everything I want
they will be ready he had no interest in testifying against Jackson Jordan
Chandler advised that he would legally fight any attempt to do so you’ve got to
look very carefully at people’s motives and you’ve got to look very carefully at
the facts you’ve got the most famous person in the world one of the
wealthiest people in the world perceived as very vulnerable okay and people
constantly try to exploit him throughout his lifetime the lawyer Tom Mesereau so
much of what was aimed at Michael Jackson was about cold hard cash you
don’t think the freedom of the meter movement could be explained for these
latest accusers coming up and saying that Michael Chen
molested them I think the freedom of the me to movement has allowed false
accusations to be made as well as real accusations and we’ve got to be very
careful to make sure we sift out what’s real and what’s false
it’s decade-long FBI surveillance trust and believe that there was something
there to be found they would have moved on it it’s my belief and it would have
leaked another person I’ve heard I didn’t even know what year with uh that
was first of all in 2009 the FBI released their Michael Jackson FBI file
if you go to vault dot fbi.gov you will actually see the FBI files
they’re on Michael Jackson soon it will be Jackson’s turn himself to respond to
questions the teen said that when they traveled together to
Minako last may quote that’s when the whole thing really got out of hand also
included was a deposition of former Jackson maid Blanca Francia who claims
that at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch to have seen Jackson naked with young boys
on several occasions what did you see I just saw the shadow you saw the shadow
of what you believe was Michael Jackson yes you never saw him did you know you
saw the shadow of what you thought was a man right yes did you see any other
shadow at that point no where’s the glass foggy yeah so you
couldn’t really see clearly the glass right you just saw a figure is that
right uh-huh you only saw one figure at that point
yes we wanted to buy another house and Michael gave us a loan at a very low
percentage rate my husband had already had a deposition we were on Michael’s
camp my son also for Michael and after that was all said and done is when
Michael forgave the debt Michael said no I don’t want you to pay me any more it’s
a gift so he did buy us a house it’s just coincidental he wasn’t buying us
off but the timings right there just sounds bad yeah my husband had already had a deposition
we were on Michaels camp and after that was all said and done is when Michael
forgave the debt and so I’m 14 at this point that was the last sexual
experience that I remember with Michael we like the public knows how many
children were there and then there’s all the children that we don’t know about you don’t think that for the interviews
that they’re doing they’re not getting paid I’ve been offered six figures
already for an interview our whole personal experience with him was gentle
and beautiful he’s just he’s a good friend of mine and he still is ya know
we all didn’t he’d bring my sister and I on stage always loved him so much we
just had the best times how did you we ended up staying in touch for like many
many years after he invited myself and my family to go the ranch and was a
great friend you know he’s just treated me like gold the experience that we had
with him who was one of you know love continue to be friends with him for
about a decade a great times we had here and happy to a finished friend I would
say he was even greater as a person one of the most important people in my life
I grew up you spent my whole life 1993 when I was interviewed by the Santa
Barbara Police Department I sat there and I gave them the names
they’re on record they have all of this information but they were scanning
Michael Jackson all they cared about was trying to find something on Michael Jack
just said by the way did not abuse who Michael was innocent and that was what
the interview was about with the police in 1993 I told them he is not that guy
and they said well maybe you just don’t understand your friend and I said no I
know the difference between pedophiles and
buddy who’s not a pedophile because I’ve been molested here’s the names go
investigate and then there’s all the children that we don’t know about he would always say he’s just he’s gonna
get married he said he’d have to go get married at some point but that it
wouldn’t mean anything I honestly can tell you that it was in it was every
sense of normal marriage and everything was spoken and you know in the middle of
the night if he needed to wake up and tell me and and bounce something off me
and wake me up and want to you know talk or if there was trouble one of the very
highest points of my life was when things were going really well and he and
I were United together and he and I had an understanding about some of the
people the things that could go around him and he was with me on those things
and we were we were a unit he fell in love with me and I and I fell in love
with him and it was very real we will land on you like a ton of bricks
we will land on you like a hammer if you do anything to besmirched this man’s
reputation we will unleash a legal torrent like you’ve never seen Michael
called and I hadn’t talked to him in a really
long time Geragos who is Michael Jackson’s original attorney with regard
to these allegations way way back when he tweeted out that he had just been
alerted that a quote of his in the movie is completely totally taken a hundred
percent out of context where he’s not talking about who or what Dan Reid is
implying he’s talking about there’s a clip from Geragos talking about we’re
gonna bring a ton of bricks down on these people you know they’ve messed
with the wrong people basically it’s making it sound like oh
we’re gonna attack the victims here the accusers we’re gonna put them on trial
we’re gonna destroy them yeah that’s all bullshit that’s not what he was talking
about he was talking about something tangentially related to the case not
about the accusers the press conference had nothing to do with his accusers it
was specifically directed at the two adult men who wiretapped Jackson and
were indicted and plead guilty and went to federal prison so I was 21 or 22 at
this point and I really did not want to go through this again I did not want to
testify so at some point I worked up the courage to tell Michael that I don’t
want to testify and then within a week or so after that I received a subpoena
to testify as far as making anybody testify
I would I would love for Wade Robson to show me the subpoena he never got I
simply called him and and told him listen we need to get you up there by
such and such a date I was in regular communication with his sister who
testified I was in regular communication with his mother go test
I’m gonna ask you one more time as an adult did Michael ever do anything
inappropriate with you and he once again looked me in the eye and said no he
never did I said so I said I think you need to testify it this is your friend
and I said I think at this point you and Macaulay Culkin are probably the only
two people in the world who can save him because again if you’re gonna get up
there and lie then why get up there at all we had other people we didn’t need
him you know the other thing I want to point out we had had dinner the night
before at Neverland and he was definitely subdued so we’re at the ranch with all his
family Michael didn’t look well he looked very sick his kids were there
everybody was there like his mind was just you know a whole nother place I
remember all of us sitting at dinner and Paris his daughter just wanting to –
warning her dad’s attention kind of like pulling on his arm and pulling on his
fingers and daddy daddy daddy and he was I mean he just he wasn’t there I
remember that just feeling really sad what if he loses what if he goes to jail
you know and these are the last couple of times that they see their daddy you
know which built my conviction even that much more to to save him Wade Robson
claim this dinner happened before he testified under oath to defend Michael
Jackson the other people who were present at this dinner have confirmed it
happened after he had testified if I was not physically there myself to witness
this didn’t I probably would have not even questioned it this story beat is
supposed to give Wade the motivation to lie under oath to protect Michael
Jackson problem is this dinner happened after Wade testified his kids were there
everybody was there the last time I talked to him was near
the end of the trial let me try again – he won’t wanted me to testify and I
said no and he got really angry at me and he threatened me he threatened me
with his lawyers and said that I had perjured myself years ago and that he
has the best lawyers in the world and that they were gonna get me and I just
said I just I don’t want any part of it you’ll hear nothing from me you know
don’t worry I was just trying to calm him down to get him off the phone
save Chuck claims that in 2005 he didn’t testify because Michael Jackson angrily
called him safe Chuck’s testimony had been declared by the judge off-limits
well before the trial and we know that I texted to Mesirow today he could not
testify the judge ruled it would be too remote in time or cumulative it’s over
15 years won’t even in the timeframe Mesirow goes on to say if he had allowed
it we would have called him like we did Wade Robson Brett Barnes Macaulay Culkin
I never met or spoke to save Chuck but was told he supported Michael Jackson at
17 with NSYNC I directed what I think at the time was considered the largest tour
when just in scale besides that it ever happened Michael had some sort of obsession with
Britney and he would call me and he’d want to know you know what it was like
working with her and what she was like and isn’t she sexy isn’t she beautiful
wondering if I can set up like a way for them to meet and in those conversations
as well Michael was really interested in my sexual life with girls I remember
that being just really weird all you got to do is burn one bridge
okay well let’s be real he cheated on my sister with Britney Spears okay
broke up Justin Timberlake just okay now let’s be real you over two big people in
the industry that’s not including the caboose that is attached to them from
managers executives businesspeople so when he burnt those bridges he didn’t
just burnt the bridge he blew out the foundation so now you got no work he got
eight black balls served in every corner on his pool table you can’t get work you
can’t do your dance move is a weapon let’s not be funny I was in Vegas for maybe about six
months up and at that point Michael was living in Vegas with his kids I wanted
him to come see the show and we were planning getting together and so it’s
Michael and the three kids you know once we got in one of the first things he
asked was as you bring the wine we had some those larger red plastic
cups and he grabbed one of those and just filled one up to the brim you know
with white wine and just chugged it down and then he kept going back and just
filling it up and so I mean this this was my first experience of ever seeing
him drink at all and joining me this morning I have two of Michael Jackson’s
former bodyguards they have bill Witt filled with us and Javon or jayvon yeah
Devon beard alleges that Michael Jackson and his children attended lunch or
something of that nature we played in Vegas in 2008 no sir this dude he made
it sound like he had the ability to contact mr. Jackson at any time
absolutely not no one was able to reach mr. Jackson it was a period that he
wanted to be unreachable mr. Jackson asked him to bring him some wine when I
heard that part I said they read my book I knew that all that shit was fabricated
you know again I can really only speed long what took place under my watch so I
remember going to a sort of park in Santa Monica to to sit down and try and
figure out what I wanted to say it was extremely loving and grateful for
Michael in my life and about he’s the reason I dance the reason
I make music and ending with you know I’ll never stop missing him but you know
now he’s something on the lines of now he’s blessing that the heavens with a
melody and a moonwalk something like that I’m sorry you don’t get to do that
here’s some rules for you folks you want to be taken seriously as a child sex
abuse victim the first thing to do would be tell a parent can’t tell the police
find tell a parent how about a friend how about a journal how about something
if you can’t do that when they go on trial
maybe not testify on their behalf that would be a good thing or maybe when they
die maybe not put out a statement saying that the greatest human that’s ever
lived you know maybe those would be things you
shouldn’t do if you want to be taken seriously but then when you come up with
this cockamamie theory that you didn’t know even though you were sleeping with
Britney Spears and lots of other celebrities you didn’t know what sex is
and that man child sex is bad they once that magic date happens maybe you stop
doing interviews praising the guy who did that to you I danced when I heard
that he died I was laying in bed the news came on I got out of bed and I was
oh thank God he can’t hurt any more children those were my thoughts and I
danced he can’t hurt any more children oh so happy he died which we then go to
when Michael Jackson dies in 2009 it is some horrendous acting and why is she
dancing over his death based upon one comment that her son allegedly made in
2005 I told her and worst the effect that he
is not a good person and that the decedent was a bad man I said something
to the effect that something had happened and nothing more the entire
conversation with my mother which wasn’t really a conversation but just me
talking to her lasted a few minutes and her own son says he didn’t realize he
was abused until he saw Robson on The Today Show when 2013 and just to further
substantiate that his cousin Tony saved Chuck tweets in 2013 my cuz and I were
two of the kids that used to hang out with him meaning Michael Jackson great
person it’s all bullshit no settlement happened that the whole story about
Michael Jackson is bullcrap literally that’s what he tweeted come on people
well Michael Jackson died in the afternoon here in Los Angeles where they
live she claims that she was in bed and she wakes up and she finds out he’s dead and then you find out that somebody else
has them and and then they went through something that you went through I really
just wanted to talk to wade you told my wife after Wade came out maybe a few
weeks after in 2013 safe chuck is sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars now
we have not been able to figure out how exactly that lawsuit got resolved but we
know it was for hundreds of thousands of dollars it was here in Southern
California we know the company that sued him but here we have Wawa not by
coincidence I think a huge incentive in and then in 2014 I suddenly joined the
lawsuit with Wade Robson against Michael Jackson for millions of dollars
coincidence I had no knowledge of child sexual abuse or the psychological way it
plays out into adulthood you know I was incredibly naive on the subject so to me
you know the fact that he had he had lied about it to me
I thought the repercussions must be something that affected that he was
scared of in relation to me or entice or his I don’t know he and his wife have
this charity yep in Hawaii 501c3 this is gonna give him charity a
foundation for sex abuse survivors the website also cited Amanda Robson as a
survivor of child abuse but the opposite was stated in leaving Neverland I had no
knowledge of child sexual abuse or the psychological way it plays out into
adulthood after leaving Neverland premiered on HBO from March 3rd
Amanda robsons name was omitted from the website as a survivor so you go on HBO
and it’s high-profile fashion as I’m sure they’re getting donations but in
Hawaii the rules are incredibly lacked yeah you don’t have to report where the
money comes from which leaving Neverland does not want to acknowledge that
effectively that’s a money-making venture because they can take a salary
they can do whatever they want essentially with that money he’s sent
back with some memorabilia like clothing of his that I could wear the white
fedora hat that he wore in the smooth criminal’ music video I was just looking
at this and he said do you want it and I said if you want to give it to me and I
said sure this is the actual head east in smooth criminal’ clip and still got
his makeup on it and he gave me the gloves that he wore in the bad music
video to buckled gloves and so I used to wear those now when I perform
at the end of leaving Neverland Wade Robson burns his Michael Jackson
memorabilia Julien’s Auctions confirmed he had consigned the most valuable items
in 2011 and asked to remain anonymous this was a year before he claimed to
have realized he was abused told me I can pick out a jacket I could
have that would be mine I picked the thriller jacket of course
go big and I took a home James safe Chuck claims he took the thriller jacket
Deborah Landis wife of thriller director John Landis designed two jackets one was
given to Dennis Tompkins and Michael Busch who were Michael Jackson’s costume
designers until it was sold by Julien’s Auctions for 1.8 million dollars the
second is on loan from the Jackson estate in the Grammy Museum cashing in daily mail TV can exclusively
reveal that personal notes for Michael Jackson accused her Wade Robson show
that he was shopping around a tell-all book over five years ago in it it would
detail his sexual abuse allegations against the King of Pop because he felt
it was quote time to get mine for Spargo joins us now from our New York newsroom
with more details on this Chris what was Wade demanding in exchange for his story
well Jesse according to court documents exclusively seen by Daily Mail TV Wade
was so desperate to get his story out there that he went to several
high-profile publishing companies in those meetings Robson was demanding
quote a large amount of money for the rights to his story the one proposal
Robson said he was relatable and relevant as a victim the publishers
still passed on his proposal that is when Wade filed a 1.5 billion dollar
civil lawsuit seeking damages from the Michael Jackson estate Wade Robson
questioned in his lawsuit against the Jackson estate and which publishing
houses did you send it to well I don’t believe any publishing house saw
anything that I wrote so I didn’t send it to any publishing house Wade Robson
denied shopping his book around in his lawsuit against the Jackson estate but
his emails showed otherwise can you tell me all the publishers you have been –
just so I know all the options that have been explored the phones are like say yes yes you know
work baguettes work like this is time to explode this is what you’ve been working
for but he’d be in the adrenaline of a job and it was always followed by levels
of depression I’m starting on Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson show so it’s you
know the equivalent of the Beatles Love show that they have or the Elvis show
but for Michael it’s such a huge responsibility but that was why I took
it on you know Michael was such a huge part of my career and life we did not
hire him was that your decision not to hire him in the end I discussed it I
believe with somebody at Cirque du Soleil but we determined that he wasn’t
really qualified I didn’t have an obligation to send him an email I don’t
need to embarrass wait by telling him he wasn’t good enough Wade Robson is seen
in a 2012 interview stating he has the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson’s show
when he clearly was not hired he lied right now
it’s my mindset I feel strong I feel like this is the right thing to do
because this is my truth I had to defend the lie you know for so many years and I
didn’t want to do that anymore if my story if speaking that truth other
survivors could be helped in any way shape or form by me coming forward and
speaking it I wanted to be able to do that I want to be able to speak the
truth as loud as I had to speak the lie for so long I am a sound engineer
we were just there to provide not only sound reinforcement but an actual band
for a choreography class away now like I said he really spoke very highly Michael
he praised Mike once things actually kind of unfolded I just found it hard to
believe that this man was inappropriately touched by Michael
Jackson and so you had two versions in wait at my destination where he was
praising like again this is that another but when the camera started rolling he
started for trained himself as this victim it was almost just like an act I
didn’t know it at the time until later when I finally saw the documentary and
I’m saying to myself that’s not what he portrayed to me and people thinking that
it’s all about the money about nothing but the money a judge has
dismissed a choreographers claim that Michael Jackson molested him as a child
Los Angeles Superior Court judge Mitchell Bella dismissed
Wade Robson’s claim on Tuesday after determining he waited too long to file
it in court he did not rule on the credibility of Robson’s allegations
themselves this extract from leaving Neverland is a lie the judge did rule on
the credibility and stated Wade Robson headlight so egregiously under oath that
no rational fact-finder could possibly believe Robson sworn statement
James safe chuck was added to the lawsuit the following year which renewed
the statute of limitations and allowed for an appeal
everything about their stories is about getting around statute of limitations
that’s why the bullcrap story about we didn’t realize we were sexually abused
until 2013 the statute of limitations in California is 15 years they made the
allegation way too late so now they need a loophole because it says that if you
didn’t realize you had been abused then the clock hasn’t started yet he
testified and Mike nothing to him can charges be brought against him now
for perjury people when he released his story in 2013 he released it right after
the seven-year statute of limitations Wow so you think he did that on purpose
how convenient within the lawsuit Wade Robson was forced to relinquish
documents as part of discovery by the court he continually lied about the
existence of these documents withheld documents and had deleted documents
before relinquishing them Wade robsons emails were eventually seized these
emails showed he was constructing his story of abuse by researching other
people’s allegations about Michael Jackson emailing them to himself and
including them into his own account of abuse he found one tabloid story about
himself emailing it to his mother asking her if it was true his mother replied
well none of this is true he then included this story of abuse and
his account anyway while constructing his story his mother helped him with
several versions which benefitted him he had deleted over 50 emails between his
mother and himself alone he was originally asked by the court to hand
over all written communications relating to his allegations of abuse Robson had
stated under oath that only one single document existent but documents obtained
by third parties showed this was utterly false on three separate occasions he was
forced to hand over documents on each separate occasion he falsely stated that
his latest production was now complete this is the lawsuit that the entire
contents of leaving Neverland are based on you McDonagh talking MJ morena like it or
not you know I think she’s making a legitimate point yeah he was acquitted
of the initial charges yes there’s a documentary but even HBO’s kind of
backtracked and said look there’s a lot of weight and what these people are
saying should they come out and make those accusations absolutely I think
everybody should be able to make accusations allegations her questions
are 100% legitimate is there proof can we provide anything substantial that
will say that this actually took place other than those two at OU the whole
thing that a lot of people brought up is the fact you just clearly at this point
don’t have him to defend himself against the alig and then there’s that which
look at the evidence in it it’s you it makes you think but listen I watched the
documentary it was compelling television but it was a propaganda piece it was
told for one vantage point at the admission of the director he did that
intentionally there were no checks and balances there was nobody from the
Jackson estate no Jackson allies and he’s not here to defend himself and if
we’re going to exhume all the dead pop and music icons who have been accused of
or actually done bad things in their life and and mute all of their music
then we have to do Elvis Frank Sinatra James Brown thank you you get your did
music icons I think was there any correlation between them trying to sense
a sensationalize a little bit more given how well the our Kelly documentary did
do you guys know that it was in the works long before that and then both of
them have tried to sue the Jackson estate opening we’re trying to look at
y’all they’re very likable characters here’s the thing tell your story but if
you’re going to do a documentary I think it should be a balance well and Jesse
McCartney I guess who used to spend a lot of time there he came out and said
this is baloney so too much younger did you think that you were owed money
that you should have some money that wasn’t it wasn’t a thought of mine it
isn’t a thought of mine it’s just that that’s the system the legal system is
the place where in what other scenario was the estate was Michael’s company’s
going to have to live they have no financial interest whatsoever and no
future past or present interest likely I’m not suing for money well they’re
suing for justice and money now how’d you know you’ve won in a civil suit
what’s that what do they do a lot money though what’s the penalty in a civil do
they want money I don’t know you should ask them No oh there’s no financial
interest whatsoever if you’re gonna be mentioning Michael Jackson though don’t
you have some obligation to get in touch with the people who have his interest
how do you vet some of these details though the Jackson family are saying
these guys they’re just out for money it is all about the money but it’s all
about the Jackson the state’s money and the Jackson family’s money because we
didn’t want to broadcast anything that was going to make us look really stupid
it’s almost as if they trying to pretend that you just grabbed wyden James and
stuck them down and say hey guys we can have a quick chat and I’m gonna film it
I’m gonna put it out tomorrow as a documentary filmmaker how do you feel
about fake Twitter accounts going and adding people dead well yeah I think so
you know I think it’s not it’s not you know all we found that was quite a
subtle attempt that like you know messing with people and you’re working
yes a wonder it feels like a proper blackops kind of technique you have to
wonder who’s behind it guys I can’t believe Don Reed has changed his profile
picture to this like who the hell does he think is like it makes you question
like but I don’t know that anybody lives that life is not going to be your
average dude yeah I mean in the simple ways I mean you know you live that
there’s you live that kind of life and that sort of Fame from five years old
you’re not going to go about your everyday like everybody else because
you’ve never lived the life like everybody else
so how would you know how to do that so and I think people take those simple
things and turn them into something you know ten times a hundred times more
strange than they are there’s no stars like Michael Jackson
you can’t one of the big lessons to be learned is that you never want to be
that famous what message strange about that it was
strange which our daddy had to deal you’re so damn dis respectable


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