Leena Chandavarkar – Biography in Hindi | लीना चंदावरकर की जीवनी | बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री | Life Story

“In this world..” The actress loved by all,
Leena Chandavarkar. “Oh, damsel, where are you going?” She was born on 29
August 1950 in Dharward. “I have attained youth today..” Leena had decided from
childhood that she would.. ..become an actress when she grew up. “The day has waned away
and it is evening now..” There was one very interesting
episode in her life. When in school once she
was asked to write a composition.. ..on what would you like
to become when you grow up. And at that time
tiny Leena wrote that.. ..I would like to become
a film actress when I grow up. Upon reading this her teacher
got very angry and beat her.. ..and even asked her to apologize. But little Leena did not
apologize because the truth was.. ..that she had to write
what she would like to be.. ..when she grew up. “Oh, my god!” “I cannot sleep..” I came here to inquire about
your health and you hurt my feelings. Are you trying to deceive me? After that she was punished
as asked to sit on the last bench. This was the decade when
films were not considered good.. ..and any child who would
desire to act in films.. ..he would get a good beating. Sir, tell this great
detective who I am. Leena Chandavarkar’s
father loved her a lot.. ..and just once she was
beaten when she refused.. ..to appear for the SSC exams. Give me any other punishment
if you have any complaint. Her parents were not
allowing her to participate.. ..in Filmdon Contest. They never wanted her to act in films. But Leena wanted to
go to this talent contest.. ..and then try her luck in films. And then her great grandfather
explained to her father.. ..that your daughter is
going on the right track in films. Let her take part
in the talent contest. If she wins then fine or
else children run away from home.. ..to do this thus ruining their life. Let her do what she desires. Not of a day but this decision
I have taken many years ago. Parents took this chance
and Leena Chandavarkar was selected. Everyone liked her photographs. But when she reached
Mumbai she was rejected.. ..because she was a minor. “Don’t go away from me
because I am feeling cold.” “Don’t go,
don’t go, don’t go, don’t go!” Later she came in contact
with Sunil Dutt and Nargis.. ..and the story changed there. After working for
a few advertisements.. ..Mr. Sunil Dutt signed her as
a heroine for his film, ‘Man Ka Meet.’ Nargis helped her a
lot to enhance as a heroine. Leena Chandavarkar’s films,
‘Bidai’ and ‘Quaid’.. ..turned out to be super hit films. “Just look at him..” I will change my name from Preet if
the whole college does not get fooled. All praised and asked her.. “Leena, what do you want more now?” “You have already become
a super star heroine. At that time she had said,
I just have one desire left.. ..and that is do a small role with
the super star actor, Dilip Kumar. And then in the film, ‘Bairaag’ she
got a chance to act with Dilip Kumar. “There is no one…there is no one..” This was also the time
when she was going around.. ..with her first husband, Siddharth. “Why I had to come
across a dud like you?” Even though she was getting
a lot of fame through films.. ..she decided to get married. And she got married
to Siddharth Bandodkar. You are a wealthy and romantic
husband of a wife who is modern and.. ..lives in a cultured society. She never knew that a
troublesome life awaited her. She got married on 8th December 1975. And after eleven days her husband
Siddharth was shot by a bullet. This was an accident because
the revolver was owned by.. ..Siddharth Bandodkar himself. And after that she started
on such a painful journey.. ..which seemed to have no end. Her husband was in hospital
for approximately.. ..six to seven months. She even thought that as
she is Manglik and due to that.. ..her husband had to suffer like this. But her mother-in-law
explained to her that.. ..she should not think like this. And then the day dawned
when the newly wed bride.. ..Leena Chandarvarkar became a widow. After many years a ray of hope
came into Leena Chandarvarkar’s life.. ..and that hope was, Kishor Kumar. “Listen to me, fast..” “This new age and new tune, quickly..” Initially she never wanted
to marry Kishor Kumar because.. ..there was an age
difference of 21 years. Leena’s parents were
strictly against this. People say that he is god. But gradually she started
liking Kishor Kumar. And then they both
decided to get married. One day didn’t I tell you that
you don’t address me with respect.. ..and I too won’t
do the same with you. Prior to this Kishor
Kumar had got married thrice. And all his three marriage
were proved unsuccessful. In two marriage he took a
divorce and in the third marriage.. ..with Madhubala she died. And after a long period
of trouble when Kishor Kumar.. ..experienced love in his
life and that started blooming.. From this marriage he had
a son and they named him Sumeet. Before this happiness
could bloom more.. ..Kishor Kumar passed away suddenly. “The journey of life..” In this ay to come
out of her lonely life.. ..Leena Chandavarkar did
act in films but she even.. ..had to face a lot of problems. You are hiding something from me. You are under my oath. You crazy girl, you very well know that
I have no one in my life besides you. At times when I see you
I feel very over whelmed. Once when she was shooting
for a film and her hero was Jeetendra. At that time her son
Sumeet was very small. And he started crying
in between the shooting. What is this?
You have not yet gone to sleep? The director said,
take this child out. But Jeetendra made one thing very
clear that switch off the lights.. ..take a break and let
the child be with his mother. We will not start the shooting
till the child does not stop crying. Why don’t we go to meet daddy then? Champa has sent a letter that daddy
will be very happy to see us there. Whom so ever Leena
Chandavarkar was paired.. ..that pair always became famous. After many years Leena Chandavarkar
was seen on television.. ..that too only for two
episodes in the reality show.. ..K for Kishor. Leena celebrates all festivals
but the festival of Diwali.. ..makes her sad. Because just at the time of Diwali
her brother had committed suicide. Those were days of Diwali
when her mother too passed away. Her first husband Siddharth
Bandodkar too died during Diwali. And her second husband,
Kishor Kumar too.. ..passed away during Diwali. This is the reason the festival
of Diwali makes her unhappy. Though there was unhappiness
in her heart but by her acting.. ..she made many happy. Leena Chandarvarkar’s name
will always be taken by pride.. ..in the History of Indian Cinema.


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