Legend of Yang Guifei 杨贵妃秘史 33-电视剧 TV DRAMA [Eng Sub]

I don’t care about the stories told I am who I am Just a girl I yearn for beauty I desire freedom The sky is dotted with colorful clouds I don’t know what history would say I am just me Just a woman I enjoy love I long for peace The world is full of magic I don’t know why I met him It just comes this way I’m still me Just a girl I’m still me Just a woman Hard to tell Why I met him It just comes this way I’m still me, just a girl I’m still me, just a Woman A woman… Episode 33 To Prime Minister and County Governors of the northwest Listening with reverence The Emperor, blessed by heaven, says Great Tang military has an expedition to Western Regions County Officials of the northwest towns are responsible to support Yang Zhao,Director of Revenue shares my worries and uses Grain Requisition Law to improve the levy It can not only increase the local income also provide money and food for the army in a steady stream I am deeply gratified I decide The Grain Requisition Law must be implemented All the local levy should be arranged according to Yang Zhao’s plan strictly Yang Zhao shall supervise the support from all the towns Those doesn’t follow must be punished severely. That it is. Gratitude to Your Majesty. We will follow the order All right The meaning of the imperial edict is not hard to understand From now on What Lord Yang says is like what His Majesty says. The disobedient ones are asking for death Many thanks to your highness I will never forget the favour The thing you should remember is not this From this day, not just me but you also breed enmity with Li Linfu Congratulations, big brother! You have another great victory this time Defeating those Qidan rebels aren’t worth a punch I just moved my finger they all fell to the ground Ladies, this way, please Brother, these ladies are all safe and sound Good That’s good Does my Brother Ji treat you well? It can’t be better He comes to greet outside our house every day He is so polite and never enters the room Alas Lord Ji sends servants to serve us every day It’s more comfortable than in our own home Lord Ji is very nice So he is. I see, you can withdrew Brother Ji I can’t read But I’ve heard the storytelling. Your virtue is like that of Lord Guan in the Three Kingdoms. It’s admirable and respectable Brother It’s overpraise Didn’t you say we are brothers? Don’t be so courteous to brothers That’s a good point We are brothers and family From today Brother Ji and we are going to share the same pot Right we share the pot The raw materials for casting money are not clean. The impurity in copper coins is excessive The gold coins are all pure. So put copper coins aside, use gold coins first. How do we use it? Are these coins kept in book? You want them registered? What do you think? If big brother wants it, then we do it If that’s not big brother’s wish No one will do it Good brother You are really my An Lushan’s good brother As long as I have a spoon of rice I promise you will get a bowl of it. Yeah, the city of Fanyang Let’s make the most of it That’s right Let’s do it Good stuff An Lushan He is already the governor of Fanyang What else does he wants? As a northern barbarian general he knows nothing but loyalty. What else can he ask for? Just more grace from His Majesty Are you sure? We need to arrange it carefully then Good shot,Your Majesty Let me try My turn. Watch me Oh Look, I won again. Okay Give you a prize Let me try again Good, good It’s your award It’s so kind Your Majesty Let’s continue I hit it, Your Majesty! Awesome! Your Ladyship Your Majesty asks you and Aman to play together The middle part of my choreography hasn’t finished yet Shooting candle is not game for our age like a child I think You two better join them Don’t let anyone seize the opportunity. Only if he offers the opportunity Otherwise, no one can seize it. Exactly Tight fence won’t let wild dogs in My two dear ladies just take my advice Weng, Come here, I win again Yes,I’m coming Yuhuan Weng, come on. I won again. Your Majesty do you believe I can shoot the cup under the candle Ok, well If you hit it you can have it. Really? but my waist is weak. It’s a certain distance No one can help you Nor is the rule permissible Who says that Your Majesty used to be the king of State Guo If you give Madame of State Guo a hand That’s not a foul, is it? It’s not a foul? Not a foul It’s not a foul. No Ok, I’ll give you a hand Thank you, Your Majesty But let’s make it clear first if you make it We share the prize half to half Your Majesty, what are you talking about If I make it let along the little cup I can be the prize as long as Your Majesty like Let’s get started. Be ready One, two Alas Good, good Your Majesty Thanks to your forceful hand my waist is originally weak It’s your forceful hand that transmits the strength to my hand and my waist I can even feel the warmth from my belly button It turns out that my hand can make heat Exactly Your Majesty’s hands are amazing they can weave a magic on me You supported me a moment ago and then I was full of strength but now all the strength slipped away I am as weak as cotton Hey, Her Ladyship says Amusement is just amusement It’s still daytime Here is not a brothel So Madame Guo, please mind your behavior What are you talking about? What are you saying? Your Majesty Did I do anything wrong? At the moment You are a pile of cotton in His Majesty’s arms. But if you get a needle In a moment the cotton will become the mattress on His Majesty’s bed or the quilt Don’t be angry, Your Majesty Well What she said is nonsense I don’t have any needles Your Majesty only awards me treasures never awards needles Right, Aman is joking Yuhuan Coquettish. She is so coquettish You say I am coquettish I can never compare with her Yuhuan Look Your Majesty, what’s this This is the beacon fire the fire stands for peace of my Tang Dynasty also a sign of victory in battlefield Your Majesty Long live Your Majesty Congratulations to Your Majesty Fanyang Governor An Lushan has won the first battle Qidans beg to surrender Promise never to rebel pledge allegiance to Your Majesty forever This is the declaration of surrender Long live Your Majesty Your Majesty Great Great Get up Thank you, Your Majesty An Lushan says This is all due to Your Majesty’s grace. not his contribution Is that what he said? General An says His Majesty believes in his loyalty gave he five stoves to make coins. How roaring the fire in the stoves is How high is his morale at the front line? I chose the right person He is sensible Your Majesty, please take a look. The gold coins made of the gold products that General An got from the battlefield. General An says his loyalty is also melted in it And only present them to Your Majesty his loyalty can find the best place to live I feel his sincerity register all coins in Your Majesty’s name this is whole amount please inspect and take it Great Loyalty, this is loyalty Deliver my edict Call An Lushan to Changan. I want to see him. Gratitude to Your Majesty. Congratulations to Your Majesty So many gold coins. Your Majesty I never dreamed of seeing so many gold coins in my life. Third sister I am sure you’ve had a great time today and had enough grace from Your Majesty It’s late Please go home Your Majesty,I’m still in the mood. Your Majesty is tired Second sister, take her home Your Majesty I’m indeed a little tired These gold coins, give to you as awarded for the pleasure they bring to me That it is Thanks to Your Majesty! What does he mean? What does His Majesty mean? Let’s go See? You are in charge of finance Your salary for several years is less than that I got in one night Yeah Only one night Look at your face Someone is jealous. Come on Your Majesty likes your woman Isn’t it a honor? Yeah Your Majesty likes my woman I am so proud of it Twit I just spent one night with His Majesty. But look how much gold I got for you. Look, can’t it compensate you? Take away What are you saying? I ask you to take that away Are you crazy? They are all gold coins. Take away it’s dirty. You should think about that If I take them away I will leave with them Then piss off That’s what you said Yes,my words. Piss off Yang zhao I warn you. Don’t regret. Get out of here, bitch Greetings, Your Ladyship. Third sister, take your seat. Thanks, Your Ladyship Sister Do you know why I asked you here? My forth sister must miss me. Weng says You asked for many times to stay overnight in Lishan Mountain. Isn’t that good? As close sisters, we can serve Your Majesty together. I don’t allow it. You don’t, that makes sense The tasty meat is already in the mouth. Who doesn’t want to swallow it alone? How can you share others a bite? But don’t forget that, my dear sister I am not others I am your third sister who treats you best since childhood. Well Then I have to make a special rule for my third sister today. No wonder you are the first lady in the nation. You can set rules at home now This is my home not yours My third sister please understand it. I do But You also need to understand Your man is not ordinary He is the emperor You can stop other women entering your house But you can’t stop your man seeing other women I forbid you to stay overnight in Lishan Mountain It’s not a request but an order So my dear third sister you have to obey it Oh, this is really tough You ask me to obey you But you have to obey His Majesty What if His Majesty listens to me? What’s then I knew it You want to dominate the harem Are you dreaming of this? Don’t forget My favorite thing is dreaming since childhood I always dreams of myself floating up and up. Directly to the heaven If I can’t reach it there must be someone in the way then I will kick her off How capable you are! Am I? You can just wait and see Your Ladyship, His Majesty summoned General An and asked you to be present I see Yes, Your Ladyship My third sister I won’t let you get what you want. Call An Lushan to come in! Long live Your Ladyship Long live Your Majesty Rise Thanks, Your Ladyship Thanks, Your Majesty An Lushan I am curious Why do you greet my concubine before me? Your Majesty I am Hu people we don’t know our fathers but recognize our mothers Why is that? Because when a mother gives birth to the child Mother is the first person the child sees And the father is just fighting somewhere Maybe the child never have a chance to see his father So in my hometown Mother is the only person to raise child Therefore Mother is the closest person to the child But since I came to your region I know emperor is father,queen is mother both need to be worshiped on kneels I kowtowed to the ladyship before Your Majesty It is not disloyalty Just a habit of Hu My lady must like your habit Your Majesty, are you upset? No, I am happy, too. I’m happy as long as she is happy That proves that I did it right. Yes, you did it right, take your seat Your Majesty This seat likes my tent on the battlefield. with a cover on it and a bed under it An Lushan,how bold you are Your Majesty made this Golden Pheasant Seat to show his grace to you However since ancient times Only emperor can sit on such seat No officials dare to do so Your Majesty Is this bed only for the emperor? Alas It’s my grace,you just take it. Then what did he mean? What the Crown Prince said is the usual rule I make this special grace for you I was almost frightened to death. General An Your Majesty just told you This is our crown prince of Tang Dynasty Why don’t you greet him since you’ve known that. Your Majesty I am a northern barbarian I don’t know the rules of the court What is the crown prince? What kind of officer is he? Crown prince Crown prince is the person succeeding the throne after I die Your Majesty Pardon me You said something wrong Your Majesty Long live Your Majesty you will live forever It’s too early to confirm the succession That long live, live forever are all empty words To be honest It’s really rare to live for a hundred years I’m already consent But I don’t care about that I believe Your Majesty will live forever Thank you for your blessing You can see that Today’s meeting is different from the usual one People here today are all I trust besides crown prince Since you are just familiar to some of them So you’d better get to know crown prince first I am a northern barbarian I only know His Majesty, don’t recognize your highness I deserve ten thousand deaths That’s ok, get up Well, An Lushan How did you win the battle? Your Majesty, Say it Getting Qidans’ pledge allegiance forever is a milestone I dare to have a request The loyalty of An Lushan The fact of brave fighting and victory should be recorded in the annals to inspire later generations What Prime Minister said is reasonable Call the historian Yes,Your Majesty Call the historian Greetings, Your Majesty Write down the battle between An Lushan and Qidan keep it as our national history Yes, Your Majesty An Lushan, go ahead Your Majesty’s kindness to me is higher than mountains and deeper than seas I don’t have much capability Only my loyal heart to Your Majesty makes me fight bravely with the enemy One victory after another I understand your loyalty thoroughly And I know you are frank and honest So just tell us the actual process of the battle Yes, Your Majesty. It’s a strange thing to say Your Majesty gave me five stoves to produce money. So I have money for battle And when I was going to fight Qidan Suddenly locusts overflowed from the horizon shaded the day into the night immediately I was not scared of that But it’s harvest season If locusts ate up all the crops We would have no military food people would have nothing to eat In that case, how can we win a battle You mean locusts had already come Yes, Your Majesty Blotted out the sky and covered the sun Pitching down into the cropland. Then you couldn’t do anything about it No,I couldn’t. So I knelt down to the west In the direction of Your Majesty, praying You prayed to me I couldn’t help you either It’s beyond my grasp No, Your Majesty You can hear me You must be able to hear it What did you tell me? I said Your Majesty You must be testing my loyalty If there’s anything impure in my mind or in my loyalty Locusts You can dig my heart out and eat it but if you know about my loyalty that will never change till the seas dry up and the rocks decay Then you locusts just go away Can locusts listen to you? No Oh But my loyalty moved God Unexpectedly,from the direction of my worship that is the direction of Your Majesty A flock of miraculous birds overflowed They ate all the locusts in a flash Amazing It’s really amazing My tears came down at that moment. I knew It’s Your Majesty that sent those miraculous birds to protect the peace of Fanyang’s army and people and our victory Now My wish comes true I am so grateful to you Your Majesty Your Majesty I think what An Lushan said just now is ridiculous If it’s recorded as national history It may become a laughing-stock down the centuries I am agree with Lord Yang An Lushan’s loyalty moved heaven and earth You can’t say it’s not true. Your Majesty, what Prime Minister said is right General Ann just said the scene The scene General An said just now was seen with my own eyes Every single word he said is true You saw it? Yes I dare to guarantee with my life. That’s good I trust you I certainly trust you Since ancient times, monarch’s trust makes minister loyal An Lushan’s loyalty moves the gods I think it’s true Write that down in the annals. Yes, Your Majesty And then you set out? Yes How did you win the battle? That night I arrived in Beiping County And I had a dream in which there were 9 persons they told their names They are Jiang Ziya ( a Chinese noble who helped kings Wen and Wu of Zhou overthrow the Shang in ancient China) Zhang Liang (early Han dynasty strategist) Sun Wu (the author of The Art of War, an influential work of military strategy) Wu Qi (His reforms made Chu a strong state at that time) Yue Yi (a prominent military leader of the State of Yan during the Warring States period) Bai Qi (a military general of the Qin state in the Warring States period of China) Han Xin (a military general contributed greatly to the founding of the Han dynasty) Zhuge Liang (the chancellor and regent of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period) Li jing (general during the Tang dynasty) Were they from Tai Gong Temple Your Majesty How do you know that? I built many temples to honor great generals And I built Tai Gong Temple for Zhangliang and later other 8 famous generals were added just those persons appearing in your dream I originally planned to serve 10 generals in the temple and used the same standard as Confucius Temple but in the end, there are only nine generals served in Tai Gong Temple It’s just lack of one general I don’t want to fill a post without real qualifications So I am looking forward to a hero of today That’s it. I don’t know you built a Tai Gong Temple They said they were sent by Your Majesty I was confused then But now I understand it What did they say to you? Nothing else just one military tactic from one general These tactics enlightened me at once The next day when I started the war that 9 military tactics in my mind just directed me how to fight Just followed their words I won every battle So I keep saying that there was a god blessing and helping me this time And the god is not other people It’s our Tang Emperor Your Majesty This time I defeated Qidan brought the victory back I had no contribution at all All the credit goes to Your Majesty It’s certainly a great pleasure to here that But you are well versed in military strategy and tactics That’s also your weapon to vanquish the enemy If things go on like this,you will become our great general. Your Majesty That’s all my life’s pursuit and aspiration. When I am alive, I will be absolutely loyal to Your Majesty And after I die, I want to be the great general of our Tang Dynasty I promise you As long as you win several more victories. Your shining prestige and splendid achievements will spread forever as one of the greatest generals of Tang Dynasty You will be severed in Tai Gong Temple Your Majesty That’s my eternal wish But now, my only desire is to be loyal to Your Majesty and the court keep loyal and devoted to the last Announce my decree Yes, Your Majesty To An Lushan and Ji wen Listening The Emperor, blessed by heaven, says An Lushan has made outstanding achievements I will award him without sparing Give a death-free certificate to An Lushan make him governor of Pinglu and Hedong Appoint Ji Wen vice governor to asist An Lushan And let him still in charge of the money producing in Anbian County That it is Gratitude to Your Majesty. Yuhuan Why don’t you say a word in today’s meeting You just let me be present together I was just a decoration So are you upset? As long as my dear and the court need It doesn’t matter whether I’m happy or not That’s not the way you used to be You were happy as long as I was happy But today But today is different That An Lushan was clearly acting a play I don’t believe you can’t see it. His naive natural character is my taste But I think he was acting He just pretended this character and played it There are totally different ideas in his mind I can’t see that And nobody can read his mind I also don’t care about his mind But such a actor really makes me sick And what made me most upset is that please forgive my blunt words You didn’t expose him Instead built a stage for his continuing deception What are you saying? I know you won’t be happy to hear that Just forget it Your Majesty, crown prince is coming Let him in Yes Let me leave room for you You don’t have to, we are family Greetings,father. Greetings,Your Ladyship Get up, son Take your seat Thank you,father There is no so much courtesy at home You are not a frequent visitor You must have something to say Yes, something I have to speak out It’s good I like you to talk straight Today father summoned An Lushan and was too gracious to him but An Lushan just fooled you around to hide his astuteness Someone just said the same as you The miraculous birds eating locusts Dreaming of great generals and the military tactics Every word is ridiculous You can’t say that Miraculous birds eating locusts may be kind of fantasy But it’s a fact Ji Wen has confirmed it As for the generals teaching him in the dream That’s his dream Maybe a little exaggerated But father,you didn’t lay bare his exaggeration but indulged his performance One said he was a actor one said he was performing I tell you that I was not indulging him I really like him I don’t know what you like about him Please tell me, father I like you to talk straight I hope you can be happy for my straight words as well What I like about him is …is something that you don’t like about him You? Does anyone share the same opinion with me? You, exactly refer to you and Yuhuan You don’t like the silly air around him Consider him as a pretender But I do think this is a kind of loveliness Even if there is some performance in it It’s also a kind of sincere performance Even if I don’t like him to perform I do like his sincerity And the story he told me If he didn’t tell me the story sincerely Let me love his story I wouldn’t like him That’s his makeup Your Majesty should wipe his makeup …and check out his real face Acctually I like him is not just because of this What he attracts me is his contribution Qidan’s rebellion has troubled me for years While An Lushan fixed it in such a short time It’s a great achievement As an outstanding loyal general I should award him anyway But father, you gave him too much power. Now he’s governor of three places: Hedong, Pinglu and Fanyang Once he rises in rebellion, we can’t fix it I use the person without doubt, if I doubt him, I won’t use him Since I have hired him, I won’t suspect him. Father, An lushan pretends to be silly We can’t ignore his other motives Enough, no more argument I… …am tired, want rest Farewell, Your Majesty. Your Majesty Acctually, I want you to come tonight, not now But Yuhuan doesn’t allow me to come at night Take this, and nobody dares to stop you Thank you, Your Majesty Alright, okay Sanlang gave her the Jade His Majesty will wait for her tonight at Angels Terrace I forbid it Yuhuan Your Ladyship Please rise Thank you, Your Ladyship General Chen I want to ask you something Yes, Your Ladyship His Majesty gave Madame Guo a Jade to make sure she can go into the palace tonight I want to ask you, is there any way to stop her? Since she got the Jade from His Majesty No one can stop her No way at all? No Excuse me But After midnight even with the decree from His Majesty No one can’t get into the mountain Why His Majesty would never call anyone before the midnight If one doesn’t appear after midnight His Majesty has already gone to bed As long as it’s past midnight no one can enter the palace anyway Right, but this never happened before General Chen, in the enterance of the mountain any place can stay and rest? There is a turret guarded by soldiers I come here with His Majesty’s decree I know Yuhuan Sister I’ve been waiting you for a long time Why Why are you waiting for me We are sisters, after all You serve His Majesty for the first time I should provide you some advice You? Really?

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