Legends of Bilgewater: Pyke, the Drowned Man | Audio Drama (Part 5 of 6)

Right-o, Lars. That’s enough of you for one night. You’ll be bothering my other customers. Alright, alright, fine. How’s about one for the road, though? Somethin’ for to get me movin’, like. Nuh-uh, not until you settle up. I’ll not serve you tomorrow, either. Not until you pay your considerable tab. Ahh, ‘s fair enough. A good night to ye, barkeep. I’ll see you anon. Heh “slipped eels under me blankets”… Ha! Ahhhhhhhhh… Heh, sounds like someone be workin’ late. Bit late for carvin’ your catch, ain’t it? It’ll wait ‘til morning. Hello? Oh… Oh, by the Lady’s Beard! I seen nothin’, friend. ‘Tis no business o’ mine. I’ll just be on me way! You… You look familiar No… It can’t be… Pyke? You’re dead! The beast took ye! Yes you were there. You cut my line. It weren’t me! Honest, I told them! Told them it weren’t right! Stay back! Stay back, I say! What? Where’d he- Mother of Serpents! I’ll give ye a good slash, you watery madman! Ah, aha! Yes! That’s what you’ll get! Back down to th- Another name off the list.


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