LEGO City Expansion! – January 2020 Update/Tour

I finally expanded my lego city and that’s what I’m gonna be showing you in today’s video as well as the brand new layout of the existing area so I’ll see you shortly but now let’s roll the edit [Music] [MAYDAY by The Fat Rat and Laura Brehm] Hey guys welcome back, it’s BLB bricks and today i’m bringing you my first lego city update for 2020. Heaps has happened since the last time you saw the city including an expansion, a new background and I also got a new microphone which should really up the audio quality of my videos. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed because I recently hit 500 which is halfway to my goal of 1000. Now let’s start over here at the right side of the city which is the part you’ve all been waiting for…the expansion! I turned my shelf on its side and it is almost the perfect dimensions for one and a half by six baseplates. It’s also two bricks lower allowing for this train bridge to go over the bridge without going uphill as I’m sure you all know Lego trains tend to struggle going uphill. The reflections on the water look much better now because of the new background. This is just sound foam I got from Harvey Norman but you can get it from a lot of places. It provides a much simpler backdrop for the city when compared to the brown bricks and is also practical as it can soften any echo that might have been in the room. The beach has been rotated 90 degrees which meant painfully prying up all of the tiles on that base plate and turning them the other way. I extended the length that the light blue tiles come out into the water As I think the old water went too deep, too quickly. I still don’t really want to make waves as I like the reflections from the perfectly still water. I plan on making this railway for trams so this area of the back will eventually be a tram station. I’ve also got my popcorn cart here and just a few other little scenes. As you can see to the right I have space for another three base plates in width so let me know in the comments what you think I should put there. Moving left I have the main part of the city which has been updated to a much better layout now that I don’t have the water to deal with in one corner. Up the back here I’ve got the Coast Guard Tower and a little driveway for the ute to be parked The train track follows around the corner here and along the front of the city where I’ll eventually have another tram stop. I’ve got a white picket fence going along it to tidy up the edges. In front of the track is some nice grass and a few standard Lego trees. I’m not usually a big fan of these single moulds but I think they look decent here. Behind the Parisian restaurant I have the skyscraper and I’m thinking of making this a little plaza area that you can also access through the alleyway in the detectives office. Back to the front of the city you can see I have a really nice intersection and the buildings fill most sight lines. The two-baseplate deep street adds a lot of depth to the city and at the back I have a small construction site filling the gap. Next to that I have my Lego store modular as well as the brick bank, my custom police station and the downtown diner. I didn’t have enough road plates to fill in this spot here so I’ve got it as roadworks for the moment. Behind these buildings is pretty much nothing just some plain green baseplates, so comment your suggestions on what I should put here. The diner and the police station are lit up with lights from Light my Bricks I’ll have a link in the description if you want to find their website I’m trying to decide if I should light up more buildings or buy the new modular I could either light up two buildings or add another one so let me know what you would do, also if I light up more buildings which two should I do? If you watched my last video on the facades I added at the back of the city, then you might be wondering where the other tan one went. I haven’t disassembled it or anything it’s just under the table until I find a spot to put it. If you’re new here I post monthly Lego City Updates as well as MOCs and the occasional Lego Photography Tutorial so if that sounds like something that interests you please consider subscribing and of course if you enjoyed today’s video hit the like button. That’s all for this Lego City Update, thanks for watching and I’ll see you all in the next video [Music]


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