LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor review! 76125

hello this is the Lego Marvel Avengers
Iron Man hall of armor set and I need to start with a warning to you if you
consider yourself a Marvel nerd first of all be proud of your fandom nothing
wrong with being a Marvel nerd however know that I am NOT a Marvel nerd I’m not
ashamed of that fact but I just had to warn you
so yeah proceed at your own risk that out of the way I gotta say this is just
such a cool set a cool concept to make into a set and I’m so glad that they
made it for many purposes I’m gonna take the little outriders out of the picture
for a moment and really focus on just what you can do with this set and how
cool it really is this is the hall of armor first I believe it was first seen
in Iron Man 3 and you can make it into a little half circle like that you can
flatten it out that’s so cool just have the whole the
whole line of them you can line them all up you can bend it around backwards like
this if you want to set things up a little bit differently I mean this will
actually close up towards the back even to turn it into a basically an actual
circle right there and you can even remove let’s see where is the the point
I guess this section needs to be pulled off but this could be disconnected there
to make things a little bit more portable it’s very easy to customize
this as well but I mean I just look at the ability to to just spin this around
you can imagine just having this on a little turntable somewhere I’m gonna
start taking even more of these little things away to really focus on just this
right here which is you know is the key is the the focus of all set also with
this little system it’s it’s very modular
it’s very modular this can be moved around as you like I’m gonna keep that
in the picture right now because I want to show you that you can do this see
each of these individual little stands is its own thing that fits together with
any others and these are stackable so you could put these up here if you want
leave a little leave a little ledge there you know start going vertical with
it you get multiple of this set and go very vertical or very
horizontal with it basically anything that you want to do you make a big ol
square like it’ll have to have rounded corners but you can see where this is
starting to go if you get more of these you can go horizontally out here
horizontally out there you know it’s just it’s very adjustable very
configurable so there have just moved the platform to the complete opposite
side it’ll just fit there there are a bunch of a bunch of little spots that
are not empty right now but you can easily empty those out well getting
closer and look at some of the specifics but just overall just how many things
you can do with this without having to add your own pieces is really cool you
can also take these tops off I mean this is very easy to just plop another
another piece down on top without even having the additional ledge there you
know just stack them up like that I guess the proper way would be like so
and that works from both sides yeah let’s let’s look at some of these things
a little bit more closely now so here we have the blender station to make a
really healthy smoothie very important you know gotta watch your health gotta
watch your diet here we get some weapons just on a rack and of course you can
change those out for other different possibilities as you want the individual
armor bays I will look at more from the other side I’ll also look at the
individual armors up close in the minifig segment this is just a jetpack
that you can use with a regular figure or you can use it with an Ironman suit
as you like and some of these are named bays and some of them are not you’ll see
that more on the other side where there are stickers and you get a spot for some
tools with one extra well one tool and one open spot and also at the end is a
workbench where you can be doing some assembly and some tuning and there’s a
little stand there for a helmet or Tony Stark’s own hair here’s how it looks
from the other side so they just have these large windows in place and a few
of them have the stickers now these are clear backed stickers
that do require some effort to line up and you can see that still I mean I’m
pretty careful with my stickers and still some hair gets under there and you
have to be careful about about dust for sure but these stickers are a pretty
proper however with the brick build behind there you know even if I was to
turn this armor around and look at it behind glass essentially with just the
overlay there you don’t really get to see the suit itself all that well if I’m
trying to line it up you know it’s it’s a cool idea but I feel like there needs
to be more open space around there to really frame an individual suit this is
cool that they listed up a striker variant that would be really good if
they could release that if they haven’t already I don’t think they have but the
striker itself or one of those types of variants house party protocol is in
effect shows a list of some different ones it’s a little bit difficult to see
again you know some air does get under there I tried to burnish these down but
definitely prints would have been nicer but I’m sure that would have raised the
price significantly let’s look at one of these with no sticker there see how that
frames up one of the suits basically behind the glass I think that maybe a
little bit of modification and you know that that that shows the the helmet
certainly better I think a little bit of modification to to create glass then
suit then frame would be better if you want to look at things from this side
and then finally these last two just have no stickers and the other I’ve got
the non suit items the assembly platform is pretty nicely finished you know it
doesn’t have a lot of gaps around it and this is able to spin around and you have
the robot arms that can be moved around they’ve got ball joints down at the base
so this is able to move around a pretty fair I’m out you know to get all around
there and you can bring this up and certainly if you have other droid arms
with different different geometry to them then you can create some different
looks but this is pretty nice just as it is I like it and it presents well you
know and you also have the the workstation
here with some of the it’s it’s like semi holographic heads-up displays
they’re completely transparent see a blocked caller right there which I
believe is agent coulson I was trying to call trigger alert got the got the
outriders that are coming got the keyboard heads-up keyboard over there
Jarvis is speaking sorry I just didn’t show up all that well but in real life
these actually don’t show up all that well you know this is this is not an
issue with my studio here this is just the fact that you’ve got stickers clear
back stickers that don’t have very opaque prints on them and so it’s it’s
gonna be difficult to see those but I do like the overall layout here though I do
wish that the displays were a little bit more visible and you got the little seat
that you can rotate around this is the mark 50 armor the same one that was seen
in infinity war it’s the exact same Lego model as well you will certainly see
some production variations as always is the case between different batches of
them and depending upon which factory actually made them so if you are looking
for insignificant tiny differences you will definitely see them but it’s not
because the design has changed it’s not because the source the source files have
changed it’s just that like I said production variations occur with the
registration and also the thickness of lines and how sharply they get printed
up but everything design wise definitely looks to be identical at least in intent
and this one right now has the Tony Stark head underneath there and this
does have the two-sided face or two-sided head so he also shows the
reflections of the heads-up display this one’s mark 41 aka bones and I think
that it’s pretty well produced as a Lego figure here there’s a lot of detail to
be seen because so many of the components are intended to be visible
yeah I just think it’s captured pretty well no printing on
sides of the legs though no printing on the arms is a little bit unfortunate but
beggars can’t be choosers there’s so much printing so much detail on the
torso front and back I think that’s pretty good and all of these alternate
sorry about the focus there all of these alternate armors just have clear heads
plain minifig heads underneath here’s mark 5 which in the MCU continuity is
the or was the first of the super portable suits
I believe it’s it’s one of the suitcase ones but not the football I got confused
on that I had to look it up myself the football one is is the one that has a
lot of gold in its scheme but this is another event does unfolds itself from a
very very small size this is done pretty well I don’t know I feel like something
is lacking here I don’t know quite what it is or why this doesn’t feel up to the
up to the level of quality of the others I really don’t know what it is because
there’s a lot of details shown there maybe I feel like there needs to be more
depth or something some more finer lines within the printed silver parts on the
torso I don’t know it’s it’s good and it’s good to get this you know but just
feel like it could have been a little bit better it’s not quite not quite
there with the others this though oh I may not be a Marvel nerd but I’m nerd
enough to appreciate this mark 1 yes now this is maybe a little bit a little bit
slim and trim for a mark 1 armor you know maybe they could have added an
extra piece around the body to bulk it up but I don’t feel that it’s absolutely
necessary I’m really happy that they made this I think it’s cool there’s a
good amount of detail on this you know they really made it look properly pieced
together and yeah I think the the helmet the classic Iron Man helmet mold that
they came up with is very good for this and now they just need to make a mark
too you know I think that would be
absolutely ideal look at that very nice yes yes yes yes
this is good now this could have used some more printing around the side to be
sure but again beggars can’t be choosers I’m just happy that they made this it’s
official and it looks pretty good dummy here looks pretty good to me as
well it’s well scaled relative to figures you know they didn’t make it too
big and you’re still able to to move it around you know you can adjust the
angles of things a bit and they did give it a little bit of fire to put out
and then there’s Igor alright are you guys talking about
Igor mark 38 let me start with the positive stuff first of all this is very
very very posable with all of the mixels style ball joints that are placed
properly you know and placed in ways to allow you to really articulate things to
the max it’s pretty good even the elbows have the mixels style ball joints give
you a lot of range it has knees well I mean maybe you can
call these ankles but let’s let’s just call them knees let’s let’s give Lego a
win there they deserve it this this it’s just so poseable it’s
crazy does he kick himself in the back even
the toes can be bent to give you more more options for how to actually pose it
so that it won’t fall over you know just a little bit of extra stability there
you got the fingers you know that can be moved around in different ways the color
scheme oops that was my bad there I tried to do something that it couldn’t
do the color scheme is is pretty consistent you know this works out well
enough with the color locked grey ball joint parts doesn’t look too bad around
the back could have used possibly some inverted tiles in place of that 1 2 by 4
plate but otherwise it looks pretty good and sticking with the positivity here as
long as I can this does open up and it will hold a figure in place with a
little bit of fiddling you can get things closed up pretty
tightly around the figure yeah that’s about as as far as it’ll go so you know
it is a little bit gapi around the edges but it does hold a figure it does it
pretty decently you know I just needed a little bit more coverage up here just in
front of the front of the shoulders I think – you’re really complete the look
but then we had to get to the negative stuff compared to the actual Igor oh one
more one more positive thing the the scaling here is actually pretty nice you
know this is pretty small which brings us to the negatives which are all in the
looks this looks really weird and you know the actual suit is like a miniature
Hulkbuster you know it’s it’s very round it’s very solid
it feels very complete looks very complete and this this face here
it’s really weird also doesn’t look I don’t know it just doesn’t look right
but a lot of people have talked about this everybody who’s seen this it was
familiar with what it’s supposed to look like you know or did a Google search can
can see that this is very awkward looking it’s a cool build but it’s just
it’s not quite there I think a lot of kids will be able to appreciate this and
have fun with it especially if they’re not real sticklers
for the appearance you know it’s a it’s a good toy it’s a really good little
mech toy but it just needs help in the aesthetics Department lastly the set
comes with two of these outriders with the six arms to attack the place cuz you
know you have to have some sense of conflict in a Lego set these days and
these are just they’re just out writers I think they look good but you know once
you’ve seen a few of them you’ve seen them all they do have a few different
options you know a few different configurations of them and this one just
has two of these with the basic six arms here are the leftovers the spare parts
for the set not a whole lot special here mostly just the two black droid arms and
this thing this is jested retail price of $60 u.s.
doesn’t too far out of the realm of expectations
for a set like this for the volume of stuff and the number of figures included
I do feel like this set has more value than just the volume of plastic suggests
here you know there’s definitely something more to it the great news at
least in the u.s. is that on the day of the release of this set March 31st 2019
Target store has already had it 20% off like they did with a number of other of
the Avengers sets released with the endgame wave so this was $48 at retail
brand new you know and and not with limited stock or anything so that was
super cool especially for over 500 pieces I mean forget the fact that it
comes with that number of cool minifigures and Igor as well you know
that’s just a fantastic deal so if that kind of stuff can continue wow what a
great time to be a fan of Lego you know it’s it’s been obvious that Lego has
been adding a little bit more meat on the bone to start with with their
pricing to help out retailers to give retailers room to do things like this to
do sales you know and more frequently sooner so yeah if that if that strategy
continues to work and we’re able to get things for such reasonable prices that’s
just fantastic I hope that that will be close to worldwide though you never
expect sales to you know to show up absolutely everywhere but the more
places that you do see those retail discounts on new sets the better I’m
very happy with it I’m very happy with this set on the whole so I hope that you
enjoyed this review and if you want to see how this all went together check out
the build video which I’ll link to on the screen momentarily thanks for
watching I’ll catch you later

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