Les Misérables – Now Touring Across North America

There’s something about this material
that will work whether it’s in the schoolroom, in the concert hall, or on the
stage and that’s very, very rare for any musical. It requires truths. You obviously
have to be able to sing it, but truth and passion is what matters and imagination. The very moment you’re writing something, if you
don’t feel that you write the most beautiful thing in the world, you never
start. It felt like we were ourselves writing the novel again, in a different
medium, and when we got to the end we thought that we had something that was
worth playing to other people because we enjoyed listening to it ourselves. We’ve
been doing the show now for a few years and there’s been so many companies
but every production is unique and that’s, I think, is what’s and
wonderful about it. What’s new
is who’s playing what role and what they bring to that. The cast get to stand on stage and ask
questions of the audience, you know. What would you have done in our position? And
and what do you want to be different in your world? This is a novel that’s about
the human condition. This can exist at any time, anywhere. It’s who we are. Most
of what we’re trying to find is the stakes of the production. It’s an epic
tale and you’re dealing with literally life and death constantly from top to
bottom, all the way through the whole thing. Ultimately the piece at its heart
is about redemption and I think from Victor Hugo’s time and to now we
see things that get in our lives that really break us at times. And I think
what the show does is it shows you that the human spirit is greater than that. All this has made complete, very
different new productions. It’s very exciting, you know, to see another production of
our caliber happen during your lifetime. Doesn’t happen often. None of us did it in order to change
people’s lives, but the show has changed people’s lives, not only our own. But far
more importantly it’s something that people will glom on to and will
celebrate for as long as people ever go to the musical theatre.


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