Let’s Fly With Aziza! | Children’s Theatre | Preschool Story & Learning

This is Aziza. Hello Aziza! Hello! What would you like to do today? Want to fly! You want to fly? How are you going to do that? Umm. Don’t know… Shall we take a look at some things that fly? Yes! Well, birds fly. They fly by flapping their wings, and then they glide in the sky And planes fly, they fly by using their powerful engines and going ‘zoom!’ Up, up, up they go! So how are you going to fly Aziza? Like a bird! I flap my wings, flap, flap, flap, flap! Oh… I didn’t fly Never mind. Can you remember what else flies? What else flies? Umm… Plane! I can zoom. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I didn’t fly… Oh don’t be sad. I know, take a look at this! It’s a balloon! Look how gently it flies high up in the sky… Has that given you an idea Aziza? Balloons! I can fly! Aziza has flown right up into the clouds! And who’s this? It’s Stefan the Seagull! Aziza doesn’t need her balloons anymore, because now she can fly on Stefan! Wheeee! Wheeee! Stefan has brought Aziza to his favourite place – the sea! How many fish can you see in the water? Oh look! And here’s Colin the Crab, doing a little sideways dance Aziza is in the jungle. Who will she find here? Oh look! It’s the monkey! Nice to meet you Aziza! Glad I swung by. Must dash, off to find some bananas. Bye! Bye! Now who is this? It’s Patty Parrot! Hello! Hello Aziza! Hello I’m Patty Parrot, and I’m very chatty. Chatty Patty! Chatty Patty! You’re so clever Uh oh, I think Stefan’s a bit jealous. Time to go Aziza… Ah, Aziza has flown to the big mountain. It’s cold! And look! It’s snowing It’s too cold for Stefan Where are they going now? They have arrived in the big city, and look, Aziza is on top of a huge building that is shaped like a rocket! What’s wrong with Stefan? Oh my! Aziza’s rocket is going to blast off! Wow! Aziza is floating in space Look at all the planets Wow! This is so much fun Aziza, but it’s time to go home now… Oh, and look who’s come to fetch you Here you are, safely back home Aziza What an adventure! You made a new friend And I can fly!

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