Lincoln Hall

We are now at Lincoln Hall. Recently renovated,
Lincoln Hall used to be Lincoln High School. It was the first building to be used on our
campus. PSU started in 1946 as Vanport extension center for GI’s returning from World War II,
in the neighborhood of Vanport-site of vacant housing for ship yard workers. The Columbia
River flood in 1948 forced the center to move. Lincoln Hall was acquired in 1952. Some of
the only things salvaged from the flood were a rock and some library books. Students put
the newly named “Vanport Rock” at the park block entrance to Lincoln Hall to show that
they wouldn’t be moved again. The School of Fine and Performing Arts is located within
Lincoln Hall, along with classrooms designed with the arts in mind. An auditorium exists in the
basement level, seats 200, and is mostly used for concerts. A much larger auditorium on
the first floor, the Lincoln Performance Hall, seats 476 on a steep grade, has full curtains
and lighting, and features both concerts and theater productions. A much smaller space,
known as a studio theater, is used for intimate experimental student productions and rehearsals.
This 98 year old building is in the process of attaining Gold LEED certification after
receiving a renovation that included a new roof, electrical and plumbing, heating and
cooling system retrofits that have improved energy efficiency in the building.

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