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Hey! Trixie, get out! What? Did your boss scold you? Go! Hey! Stupid dog! Stupid! Stop your litany! Will not you come to the station? Father is coming.
– I will…I will… Sunny is still sleeping.
– Wake him up and both of you get ready quickly Okay? Sunny, get up! Get up… Sunny brother!
Sunny sweet boy, wake up… What is this chanting early morning? Hey…stop! Stop… You are dead today.
– Hey, stop… You both stay at home,
I will go alone to the station. Oh father is coming, is not he?
I will get ready in 2 minutes. Brother is always late…late. Hey, it has started…
– Idiot, it is an Auto rickshaw It is your father.
– Father! Father…father!
– Hi Sunny, how are you? Been up to mischief, Sunny? Hi Bunny…
– Father! Are you troubling your mother? Hi! Sunny! Separation seems to have
weighted on you heavily! Why did not you pick me up?
Got up late? Late? I got a phone call
early morning at 5 am. Ratnakar from Bombay called up. He is just a pain in the wrong place. He calls at midnight to talk at 1/4th rates Why did he he call? For the music of Glaxo’s new TV ad.
– TV ad? No way! I am fed up of composing music
for TV ads year in year out… Same jingles for 8 long years Use this toothpaste, eat those noodles…
Use that soap, wear these slippers. Nonsense! That is a new one…
– Okay.. How long do this ads lasts? 20 seconds? May be 30 seconds. Half of them want me to lift popular film tunes.
Where is my creativity in it? What is that?
– Poori! Sorry! Oh, coming… It may be Ratnakar. He will be calling
again to catch half rate time… No, I will not lift the phone… Mr Ratnakar…he is here. One minute!
– Say I am not here.. Hello Mr Ratnakar!
How are you? Yeah, she told me.
I was about to call you. What? Glaxo?
Indeed it is a multinational… But I have a problem.. I will not be
doing anymore jingles…No way! Hello Arvind! Why are you doing like this?
Whom will I turn to at the last minute? There are a hundred ‘me too’s…
Sir, I have started my dream project. I will do live music programs in all major towns. It is going to be a great musical show
with lot of special effects! My Poori is alive and yours is dead. Now mine is also alive! Now it is dead! Hey! Hey, do not touch it…
– They have started it again. You plan to do music programs with them? Yes! They are my golden children. What is this? Sunny is beating me.
– Ah? Bye mother! Oh God! The devils will be back any minute. My books first!
– My bag first… My bottle first!
– My shoes first. Mom, I am back! What did you leave behind? I was first at school!
– In what? To come out of the class.
– No doubt in that. Home would be cleaner
if I reared 2 pigs instead of you. Mom, I want a pig.
– Have your milk first. Whenever I say anything…
you want it! Where are you going?
– I have a cricket match. Sunny, what is a pig?
– Swine! What?
– Swine! It means Swine. Oh! What do you mean by a swine? That is a swine. You come late, then you bring this pain too! I will also play! This is cricket not a chocolate.
Go and sit there. No, I will play! Bunny, you will get hurt.
Go and sit there. Swine! What? We won the toss.
We elected to bat. When did you toss the coin?
– In your absence. Enter a double century against my name. We are playing with a tennis ball, are not we? He scares everyone,
but actually he is timid. What is this? How is that!
– Out… Is the dog a fielder? Ball did not hit the ground, so you are out. Out…out!
– Not out…not out! Am I out? Hey…
– Hey! Out…out! The temperature will not get higher
if you hold it longer. I will get tired before you get fever. Come on, out! Bunny! It is time for school.
What is she doing? Oh, trying to get a fever? She got hurt yesterday.
My foot! She uses band-aids like
people use stickers on a car. Oh, she really has a fever! Sunny, call the doctor! Tell him to come with a huge syringe. I am a good girl…I am a good girl! Idiot! Do you know, teacher told me,
I am a god girl. You? Good girl?
– Yes! I am a very good girl… said me old teacher…
my dear brother… Seems I have all good habits,
hear it, Mister? I am a very good girl… said me old teacher…
my dear brother… Seems I have all good habits…
Did you hear it, Mister? I brush my teeth with close-up… I take a bath using a Liril soap… I have breakfast with bread and Jam… And off I go to school in a uniform… I am a very good girl…I am a very good girl…
I am a very good girl! Beware! Bunny is coming… She has a funny look… She is sure up to mischief… Run away from her..otherwise it is a danger.
Hide from her silently… Bunny is a bad girl, we do not want her…
Did you hear that, mister? Pint-sized horror, neighbourhood terror…
Damn your sister… She never gives up…cooking up a storm
There is no let up… From her job of making other to cry… And laughing in an unholy glee… She’s a bad girl…. she’s a bad girl…
she’s a bad girl! Is getting me into troubles…
your daily assignment? Is getting me into troubles..
your daily assignment? Despite my objections you tag along…
Will not I lose my respect? I am your only sister…a kid sister…
Even if you scold me or beat me… I love you and to prove it…
Shall I give you a lovely gift? Baby! This is not real money. Is it a real plane? What a really nice plane…
Take this and thank me. I am not a naughty girl.
Accept that I am an angel I am a good girl… You gobble up pencils by the dozen… But will not even nibble at food. The name ‘Bunny’ is terrorizing
everyone in town.. For being brother of her,
I get beaten up. Do not believe Sunny…it is all lies
Promise mom! Do not get angry…
I am just a little girl. Please excuse me! She is acting too much! We should box her ears… She is a test for parents… She is a punishment for a brother… Is not there any anti-biotic for this virus? Does not she ever tire of plaguing us? I will not speak to her… I will not play with her… She is a Satan… She is a typhoon She is my… golden child! It has come down…my little baby’s
fever has come down. Are you feeling weak? Okay come, I will give you horlicks. Lilly..Dolly…Golly! Come on… Oh, good!
Are you all ready? Gopal! No food for Julie today.
Just horlicks, she is unwell. You stupid oaf Does one give them boiling milk? Get ice cubes! I will make them cool.
– Okay! No dear, it will go… Mind your work! They do not have the sense
to strain it before serving. Madam is crazy about dogs,
treats them like her own children. She takes great care of dogs and cats. But she threw out her own daughter. It is 10 years now,
she does not how she is… Whether she is alive or dead! But she pampers animals by feeding them… Mad woman! Go away from here…get out! She will take care of dogs and cats. But she threw out her own daughter. It is 10 years now,
she does not how she is… Whether she is alive or dead! Come immediately.
Okay! Think she is dead! Lawyer…call the Lawyer. I have called the doctor, sister. Lawyer…call the Lawyer, I said.
– Lawyer? She may be confusing doctor with
lawyer due to ill health. Shut up and do what I say.
– Okay! Lawyer? Sister wants to talk to you. Sister, Lawyer in the line. Hello!
– Come Lawyer…sorry doctor. Good morning doctor!
– Good morning. Good morning madam!
– One minute… It is alright.. Greetings! I want to change my will. Yes! 10 years ago, I willed everything to
my brother…I want to change it now Make my daughter the beneficiary. No! I do not know her address. Come with the new documents. Looks like a mild attack.
I will arrange for ECG and other tests No need to worry. Are not you feeling well?
You look so weak. I am fine, you can go. Thank you!
– Okay! Find Anita and bring her. Go! Now on this is your only task! Go!
– Okay! I forgot… The cook I dismissed from service… Yes, Gopal…Shall I engage him again? He should never enter this house again. Give him Rs.50,000 and send him off. Rs.50,000? Okay! She pays 50,000 for getting cursed?
I too will go and curse her soundly. Idiot! Fool, Wastrel..stupid!
Do you know what happened now? Waste! You may curse all day,
but I do not have any money. Exactly! We will be penniless from now. Once she signs the will, the property will go to Anita We will be left with begging bowls. What if we ask aunty to adopt me? Even a circus will not adopt you. What if I strangle aunty tonight? If she dies, we will be prime suspects. The doctor and lawyer will testify that
she intended to change her will What if we kill the doctor and
make the lawyer our pleader? I think, I will get sick if
you do not stop thinking. Then, you plan and I will execute. First we must find Anita.
– Then? We must find if she has children.
– Then? And if she does..we must wipe out
her entire family. Choose quickly! Pink..! Yellow, green! Purple! White Any longer and all colors will become one. Who taught her so many colors
at such a tender age? Decide now or else I am leaving. Pink…pink! Sunny, give me a lick. Hey rogue! Why did you eat her ice cream? I like it…I lick it! Will you eat anything on
the road like an animal? I will! What will you do Then eat this also! I will…I will… Are you feeling the pain now? How did you get hurt?
– I fell. Must have picked up a fight. I did not.
– Why are falling on me? I am not able to see. Do you want me to make the wound bigger?
– No! Is it painful?
– No! What happened? Why is she screaming when I am… Trixie, catch! Mother! Bad dog! Are you going to cry? You beat Suri. He will break my other leg. Make Trixie bite him. I will give him a nice sumptuous dinner. Where is Suri? He will come this way.
– Can I eat now? Not now. I will eat.
– Wait! Okay, eat now. Eating biscuits? If you touch this, you will repent. Looks like you need anther dose? You will get a dose to remember.
– Let us see! Good! Put it back and apologize. He got scared…scared… You ate a dog biscuit You want some more?
Wag your tail.. I will toss one. Take this…take… Did you ask? Did you ask God for address of Anita? Hey! Will not you allow me
to even pray peacefully? How else will you find her? You made me destroy the letters which
Anita had written to her mother. Fearing Aunty would melt and
reconcile with her. You lacked the sense to note down
the from address before shredding. Is she my pen friend to
note down her address? Idea! Let us run an ad in the newspapers. Headlined..”Anita, mother is pining for you… Inform your whereabouts immediately.” Fool! If she is far away,
we can finish our work calmly. If we give that ad,
she will land up here next day. If you stop helping me, we can finish our job
before mother and daughter meet. Go to aunty and get these signed. She would not be wake up yet. Sister!
– Any news about Anita’s whereabouts? Not yet, sister.
I am searching without respite. Will you search every town, every street?
– No… Did you give an add in the papers?
– Not yet. Do not you know to give an ad
if you do not know any address? Are you competing with your son in idiocy? Give an ad right away.
– Okay! Bloody mouth! Smell is fine! Get a photocopy of it. This side must be as it is,
get the front side copied with fake ad. Not miniature copies, but big.
Should be same size. I know… Scared to entrust you with any job. I told the shopkeeper to stay open all night. Said it was for a film shoot. I promised him a small role too. Bye! Be back before tomorrow’s paper reaches here. Stop..why are you delivering
the paper before daybreak? Afraid people will see your typos? Why are you talking too much? Will not you give rest to your mouth?
Give it! Very good! Nice. Give it to aunty.
– Okay! You do not have time to do your homework. But have all day to play with Trixie I am going out and
will be back in 10 minutes. If your homework is not done by then… I will make you stand in
a corner for 10 days, got it? A Stupid dog! Is this an apple? Oh mummy! Father, teach me a song. Suddenly developed an interest in music?
– I like music! You like music? I like music. You like music?
– I like music! I like Sunny…I like Bunny! I am a very good girl… Bunny, did you finish your homework? I was doing my homework Then father called me and said,
“Come, learn music.” Must teach that Sunny a lesson
in these holidays. They are leaving town day after tomorrow. You do one thing. Go and fetch Sunny and
his Satan sister to watch a film. Okay! Once they enter the garage,
switch off the lights. I will drape a sheet and scare them.
– Okay! You stay here, I will start the film in a minute. Lock it from outside,
so that they do not escape. I am a ghost…a devil… The evil dead…the evil… I am dead! There is a real ghost inside… save me…open the door. Open the door quickly… Good show…good! What happened?
Have I entered the wrong house? Normally our sweet home is be
heard down the street. Sunny! Sunny… Sunny, what is this? Why are you so silent? Have you started meditation classes? Look what I have brought for you?
– Do not talk to them! I will not..
– I have punished them. And no chocolates for them.
– chocolates. Are you cooking or fuming? He got Suri’s clothes ripped by Trixie. Good show! Suri wears two sizes too small and rises out of them like a cake. At least he will buy new clothes that fit What is that?
– Nothing…sorry! No point scolding them. What did poor little Bunny do? Ask me what she did not do. Never does her homework. When the teacher asks… She says, “I do the homework,
but my dog eats it up” Bad dog! What? Bunny got a gold medal for her homework!
It is in the paper. My lovely cousin Anita, where are you? Tell me.. Tell me…
– Rascal! I seek peace at dawn, but I get you.
What is with the babbling? We get fresh ideas, if we get up early. My foot ideas!
– Yes, your foot! Daddy, now…
– Sir, paper! We are busy, go and give it inside. What if we lodge a complaint
with the police? No use… What if we consult some private detective? Go and announce to the entire world…
that we are planning a murder Daddy, I have a doubt since many days… Why is you hair white? Did you use a detergent instead of shampoo? You do not only gray with age. It can happen even if you get
the shock of your life. When did you get it?
– In 1962 1962…Chinese incursion, floods, earthquake… What was the calamity the country faced? you were born! Give it to madam. I will sleep for a while and
come up with some good ideas… You keep on trying till then.
– Move fast! Good morning!
– Good morning doctor. I came to check you
before going to the hospital How are you, madam?
– I am okay! Thank you! Everything is normal.
– Thank you! Take rest! Hey, wake up! Bed coffee? No! We found them you fool! We have their schedule for the next 3 weeks. Now we can kill then in leisure
picking our time and place. Shambo..Shiva Shambo..He is a Rambo… Who is this modern day Robin hood? He is sensational like the new James Bond… He is quicker than Bruce Lee in action… Thus people will sing my praises
as I earn fame as a killer… Daddy, bless this great warrior
and send him to victory Shambo..Shiva Shambo..He is a Rambo… Who is this modern day Robin hood? He is sensational like the new James Bond… What a mouth it is like a siren
Do not go blaring your intention You see, murder is not a public function Daddy! Death should be unexpected,
but foul-play unsuspected It is pitch dark…so silent that
a dropped pin explodes eardrums Foxes howl in surround sound As blood sucking vampires
rise in a burial ground… It is a horror scary. That if I take the kids to it,
they will die of fear… Of cats and lizards will pop off
before the interval I cannot say about the survival of that kids,
but you who gets scared… Who is this modern day Robin hood? He is sensational like the new James Bond… Shambo..Shiva Shambo..He is a Rambo… Let us take the children to the park or
beach in a car without brakes… They will crash on the way
and die.. As I too will be in the car
nobody will suspect us… Our hands will be clean, dear daddy… You can thank me for this brilliant idea… I would help if you do not strain
This shell is bereft of a brain… Do not try thinking
I will do the scheming And entrust the evil plan… To the Masthan, the professional killer Shambo..Shiva Shambo..He is a Rambo… Neck stiff?
– A bit! Why this long journey in a car?
We could have gone happily by train Train? Happy? Ossifying in
long queues to book a ticket Knotting up with tension
till it gets confirmed. Hanging in suspense about
the train arriving on time. Happy… – Happy…
– Happy In a car you can travel at any time,
any where, any day… I can endure any pain for this freedom What is freedom?
– Freedom is this… If it was a train.. Those cramped compartments..
those dirty toilets… Is not this happier than
swaying and spraying? Come… Hey, Zip up! Half of the problems in the world is because
we want to control lives of others. Government does not give freedom to public… Wives do not give freedom to husbands… Fathers do not give freedom to sons… Yeah!
– What yeah? Your father is gold…
I am talking about my father. Is your father a bad boy? Not a bad boy,
but a little old fashioned Why, does not he wear jeans?
– Jeans? My father will not get out of uniform
even in his sleep. My father is a Tiger…
When he speaks it is a Thunder… By rank he is an Army Major..
By nature he is great dictator My father will not get out of uniform
even in his sleep. By rank he is an Army Major..
By nature he is great dictator What he says is law..
if you disagree it is war He roars..he howls..
he shouts…he snaps.. My God! Just mentioning his name gives me a fever My father is a Tiger…
When he speaks it is a Thunder… By rank he is an Army Major..
By nature he is great dictator. All men must join Army…
and die on the battlefield The rest should be shot dead…
for the good of the country. That is the perception of my father..
Anyone disagreeing is inept Said he to me… Raising his eyebrows… In his opinion, man is born to be a fighter Anyone interested in music is a loafer… I joined the NCC on his suggestion,
but with a slight deviation… I joined the NCC Band Happily… I cheated my father brilliantly… Sorry!
– Thank you! Welcome! It is okay.. There was this fragrant jasmine…
walking with her pets She snapped her fingers and
beckoned the dogs towards her… I was pulled towards he.. My hear too scampered behind her
happily wagging its tail… And begged for her love The battle with my father
turned fierce one day… He shot down my love and
frogmarched me into the Army He bundled me into a train
to change my route.. But I skipped tracks and
gave him my final salute.. Thus our love story chugged
along this merry way.. My father is a Tiger…
When he speaks it is a Thunder… By rank he is an Army Major..
By nature he is great dictator. My father is a Tiger…
When he speaks it is a Thunder… By rank he is an Army Major..
By nature he is great dictator. What he says is law..
if you disagree it is war He roars..he howls..
he shouts…he snaps.. My God! Did not you meet your father after that? I wrote him a letter
when you were born… No reply from the Tiger My father is a Tiger…
When he speaks it is a Thunder… By rank he is an…
– Is your father a Tiger? Your father is not a tiger,
he is a cat.. Your mother is a tigress My mother is a Tigress…
When he speaks it is a Thunder… Why are you angry?
We are praising you. You sing my son! Everyday the papers are full of deaths So many die on the road…
so many die under a lorry. But I do not see the obituary
of our beloved relatives… For my 12th class results too I searched
every papers, but never found my number.. Nobody loses sleep if you fail in an exam. But if Masthan fails in his plan,
I will be on the streets. When is their last music program? Tomorrow! Why?
Shall I get tickets for you? Hello! Room No.302? It is me! 3 weeks have passed by And they are still alive.
What are you doing? Are you enjoying and
applauding their programs? We have 2 days left,
you must finish the job. If you cannot, go back to cleaning trucks I want to clear a doubt… Is there a day when the sun does not rise? Then is not it wrong not to name
everyday a Sunday… Knowing this, why do not elders accept it? They chase us to school 6 days of the week.. What a grave mistake this is?
Why does not anyone stop! And let us play happily.. I want to clear a doubt… Is there a day when the sun does not rise? Only if I were as tall as you are… Oh I smell danger. If I too had moustache… What would you do Major? I will become the teacher… And make students study
comics in the classroom… I will become principal of the school… And declare holidays all year around Then what will you do in the exams? Grade your own paper! What a grave mistake this is?
Why does not anyone stop! And let us play happily.. Playtime is up dear… Wait for some more time, Mummy.. If you do not come, I will leave you. daddy! You may run like the wind, but
does not hunger catch up? Then will not you suddenly
remember your mother? Even soaring birds go to roost at dust… Young or old, does not
everyone rest at night? We will find a place where
night does not fall. And interrupt our games… Sleep happily and slip into
a world of dreams… to reach that place you wish for… I want to clear a doubt… Is there a day when the sun does not rise? Then is not it wrong not to name
everyday a Sunday… Knowing this, why do not elders accept it? They chase us to school 6 days of the week.. What a grave mistake this is?
Why does not anyone stop! And let us play happily.. Life is a beautiful happy journey… We knows what is in store tomorrow… Life is a beautiful happy journey… We knows what is in store tomorrow… Urgent… Bunny, get me some water… Always bathroom…dirty boy! Finished?
– Shut up and go! Hey wait…wait, Bunny! Leave me the water and go! Sorry! I will give you my He-man toy. Wow! Beautiful place! The trip was fantastic, was not it? Yes, would have been better without children. Shall we go then, leaving them behind?
– Stop it! Mother! You go inside, I will join you. Mother! Is mother inside? At last you remember your address! On Sundays, you forget home! It seems their grandfather was an Army major. But they do not know where he is now? I will send a telegram to Army Head Quarters,
they will trace him out. Do you know the address of Anita’s mother?
– No! It seems children have never
met their grandmother. They said they even do not
have a photo of her. We do not know anything about their relatives. We shifted here recently.
– Okay! I will announce it in the papers,
someone may turn up. Please take care of them till then. Oh sure!
– Thank you! They are still alive? Those children are still alive. Did not you check whether the kids
were in the van or not? Okay, we still have a chance. The kids are on their own. Unprotected. Go and finish them silently! Sunny, I too want to read it!
– Wait! Give me!
– Let me read it first. Should you only read always?
– Yes! Wait, I will tell mother. Mother…mother! Mother! Bunny! Sorry Bunny! I will never beat you, ever…
I will never scold you. Promise Bunny! What happened to you?
– Why are you barking? Trixie come, let us go home. Who are you?
– We have come to take Trixie. How can I give it to you?
Come with your parents. We do not have parents. Do you have receipt?
– No! Come tomorrow and ask the owner. Good night, aunty! Why do you sleep there alone?
You can sleep here. No problem aunty. Trixie is coming. Inspector uncle is bringing Trixie tomorrow. I am scared!
– Why? It is just a power cut. Let us go and sleep. Sunny, I am still scared. I am with you, am not I?
Nothing to fear… Sleep! Come on Bunny…
Come on Sunny! hey Gun!
– Sir? Where are you?
– I am here, sir. Gun! Where are you? What are you doing inside the cupboard?
– I am dusting clothes, sir. Idiot! Hiding from the dog. Me afraid? Do not act like a fool. Come out and stand still.
It will not do anything. It is as tall as me. Is it Amithabh Bachchan of the dog world? Hey, do not move! I may be smelling of naphthalene balls
and he may dislikes! Hey, you are moving again?
– No, I am not…May be it likes legs… Bunny, call it…call it! Stop this circus and give children a good bath.
– Okay, sir! Okay… Look…Amitabh Bachchan.. Come for a bath..come. No! Where are you going? Is your name Gun? Yes, I killed enemies like flies in the war. So the president gave me the title ‘Machine Gun’. But my grandpa told that
you were a cook in the Army. Do cooks fight? Not much. They will not have the time. Then? How did you kill all of them? May be by throwing chilly powder in their eyes. May be by making them eat his cooked food. May be by throwing boiling oil on them. May be by poking them with a fork… Come for a bath…come! Seems like they gave you bath. No sir, at first they refused,
but I cajoled them I think they lack discipline They did not turn off the gas before sleeping. If I had not gone on time They are just kids.. Yes, that is why we have to teach them We cannot mould grown ups. Look at their father. He did not listen to me
and now he is beyond. Okay, at least we must bring up these kids with discipline Bunny! Do not cry. Bunny.. No baby, do not cry. Only cowards cry. Be brave! Look how weak you are! From tomorrow eat healthy food
and exercise well. Only then you will have a strong body
and a strong mind. Okay? It is getting late.
Let us go to bed. Come! Grandpa! Sing me a song. I do not know any songs. Sunny! What is this? An old wound.
– Does it hurt? The day you got injured?
– It was very painful. Death of your parents is like that. It will be unbearable now,
but it will heal later on. If you feel sad and look dejected,
how will your sister cope? You must always be cheerful. Then, she will also be cheerful. These kids are also crazy about
music like their father. Music is generally liked by most of people. If he had not been mad about music.. I would not have been left alone like this.. Nor the children It is better for children
to have a woman’s care. We can provide everything,
but not the tenderness. What if we ask their grandmother to come? That royal queen?
How can she look after children? Do not say that, sir. May be they will recover if they
stay with her for few days… Okay, I will write her. Anyway we must intimate her
about death of her daughter. Do you eat trees for breakfast? This is not a tree, it is a twig. It is a 3-in-one! It is a brush, toothpaste and
tongue cleaner. How beautiful you are when you smile! You look bad when you cry. Never cry in life, dear. I am okay in the day,
but nights make me cry. I miss mother. Do not you fell low…
Do not you worry.. Do not you fell low…
Do not you worry… The coldest places…
harbour warm people The hottest deserts…
hide soothing oasis So too beneath that frown
lies a winning smile… When your mood darkens
brighten it with fun and games… My name is joker…
my job is to serve laughter In my hands I hold magic lamp of Aladdhin… Make a wish…and behold!
It is granted… It does not cost a penny,
but does not come free… You must pay by dancing and swinging… Clapping and whistling… A kitten always goes… A chick always goes… A Cuckoo never changes tune
even when it is hungry… A Parrot does not drop pitch
because it is pitch dark… You too should never let
the smile on your lips fade… When difficulties threaten,
shoo them away with a haughty laugh.. My name is joker…
my job is to serve laughter In my hands I hold magic lamp of Aladdhin… Make a wish…and behold!
It is granted… It does not cost a penny,
but does not come free… You must pay by dancing and swinging..
Clapping and whistling… Let us play Gilli Danda and hit a six It is not cricket,
but is is funny… Let us jump into the pond and swim… Is not it a bathroom for the buffaloes? Sit majestically like a Queen… Let us go in a procession royally
on the back of a buffalo… Villages are more interesting
than a Jurassic park… There are many wonders that
make stand and gawk… My name is joker…
my job is to serve laughter In my hands I hold magic lamp of Aladdhin… Make a wish…and behold!
It is granted… It does not cost a penny,
but does not come free… You must pay by dancing and swinging..
Clapping and whistling… Aunty! Any letters for me?
– You got a letter. Bring it to me right away.
– Okay! I will get it immediately. Who wrote the letter?
– Harishchandra Prasad Harishchandra Prasad?
– Is my pronunciation wrong? Idiot! Give it to me. Bad habit! You would have ruined all our plans. The kids are with him.
– Who is he? Another kidnapper? Their grandfather When I personally inquired
why did not the neighbours.. tell me that the children were
with their grandfather? With your face nobody will give you
the time of the day. I will take their address and go to Masthan. What am I to tell Aunty?
I said, I am coming with a letter. Pen something silly and give it to her. Also write a letter to
their grandfather in reply. As if written by aunty, disowning
her daughter and progeny. Dig it with spoons,
it would be faster. Rajeshwari has disowned
her daughter and children. Forget her! Children have recovered now. Only, they need to be disciplined. Make them run 2 rounds early morning.
– Okay sir. You also do 4 rounds along with them. Your tummy is showing up. No, I just took in an extra
deep breath…all air. 8 rounds! Enough, we are very tired. Enough of jogging children.
Take a bath quickly. If you delay he will make us
to run 4 more rounds. Oh no!
– I cannot, dear..come on move. I will go first…I…first.. I will go first… Okay, let us bath together.
Undress and come. Sunny, I cannot remove my dress.
– Come, I will help you. Snake..snake… Very good! You are a brave boy. Dress up and come to my room.
I will present you a good gift. Hey, clean that bucket!
– Okay, sir. What is there in the bucket, dear?
– There is a snake inside. Dear…Where are you, dear?
Oh baby! Oh my God! Come! I got this for bravery in the Bangladesh war. Your father was little boy then. Younger than you are now. When I came back with the medal,
he asked for it. “No! I will not give it. This is not a toy… You have to earn it yourself” I told him. He cried. He did not eat food all day. Still I did not give it to him. Now I feel, I should have
given it to him then. I am proud of you, my son! You did not throw out the snake yet? Is it garbage to throw out casually? Original King Cobra…
If I let go it is hissing wildly. I will tell you how.
– How? Bring that bucket up the wall a bit.
– Okay! Now get it down. Actually I know this trick…
and was testing if you know it or not. You bring it…You bring it! Did you kill the snake? Yes sir… I warned it never enter
here again and released it. Coward! How brave and courageous the boy was! I will put him in Sainik school. I will make him a soldier
this country will be proud of. What my son could not,
be my grandson will become. I brought it! Congratulations sunny You have got admission in Sainik school. Have to join immediately. Great! I and Sunny are
joining in Sainik school… No, Sainik school is for boys only.
I will send you to another school. Tell Gun to reserve tickets..go! He man, which is my driver’s room? Oh, is this the room! Is this a star hotel in this village? Okay, I will adjust myself. Now tell me! Are you a professional killer
or else doing it for the sake of money? My father told me to ask you like that. The survival of those children is a
black mark in your life even you tried well. From now follow them like a shadow. I too will help you. Sunny! When you are back from school… You will be Major Sunny
with big moustache I will salute you and
hand you your pipe. Sir! Children are miserable.
They cannot bare this separation. I think it is unfair to separate them. I know! But there is no school here,
we cannot avoid it. Though they feel sad,
it is for their own good. They will grow up into good citizens. Sunny will become a great general. Sunny, I will also come with you. It is a boys school. I cannot stay here alone. I will not go to hostel. Bye…good bye! Our duty is over, I will call daddy. You go inside. I will park the jeep and come. Hi dad! I am calling from Narsipatnam. I am fine.. How are you there?
Are you missing me? In fact I wish you went missing. Stop blabbering and tell me
about those kids. Kids are doing well. They are off to hostel for their golden future. You also cross the Indian border
and get lost. Idiot! He scolds me whether I call him or not. What are you doing here?
I mean…Who are you? We are going to Vizag…
to our grandmother’s house We are also going there.
I Vizag. Come with us. There are many interesting places in Vizag. And white hair of my dad. They can swim too? You go and drown them.
– I cannot swim. Cannot you do it yourself? You too cannot swim?
Come, let us welcome them. Come on, follow me… Come…we are testing your swimming prowess You won… We will give you a prize. Come! How far will you go? You can go to any length?
You are floating like a barge. How long tadpoles!
Will you swim your way to Vizag? Any further, you will join the sea. Children, come out! Why are you crossing to that bank?
Going to Kakinada? Come let us go to grandma’s house. Sunny, come! How? Address is in the bag and
bag was left in the car. Hey Bunny! Let us call Gun uncle. He will give
grandma’s address. Come! No!
Give me a coin. Okay, stay here. I will make the call. Local? Local and personal.
– Go out and make the call. Do you know who I am?
– No! Lucky man! Otherwise…
you would have got scared. You do not worry.
Though they escaped from the canal… They cannot escape from
this messenger of death. They will come her by bus.
I will wait for them here. Fool! What will you do there? Kidnap them in broad daylight
in full public glare? As it is, once seen..
it is difficult to forget your face. Mask it and reach home. What? What happened? Our dog is missing. When we were going to the park,
a speeding car passed us. Chain of our dog got stuck in the bumper
and it was dragged away. Where is your house? Did you see the car number? AIX666…White Ambassador You go home now,
we will send the dog when we find it. Calm her down! She will not stop until you find her puppy. How can we find it right away? Find out who owns the car? Apparao, call RTO office and
give the car number… Is it not that Rani madam’s car? Give her address, we will go there. Go to beach road and ask..
anyone will guide you. I will call and inquire
if the dog is with her. It will be like needle in a haystack
with the kennel she has… Hello, Mr Sheshagiri Rao?
Greetings, sir! Sir, I am SI of Gandhi Nagar police station,
is your car at home? It is here. Why?
– Is there a dog behind it? A dog behind my car? What nonsense? I mean… Is a dog hanging
from your car bumper? Do I hang dogs to dry like
clothes on my car bumper? No sir, these kids… I am pooped with this long journey. Chasing long distances following those kids… As they escaped floating on water like barges. Scrambled overland, scaling hill and dale… Crossing thick forests, with admirable fortitude… I am battle weary… Got a B-Complex tablet or tonic? I have Rat poison…
They are coming here. Rat catchers?
– Those terrible kids. Oh, I will get dressed immediately
and wait near the gate. At home or in town, the one face
they should not see is yours. Why put it on display at the very threshold? Are they coming here to take revenge on me? Do they know this is their grandma’s house? If they had known it, why
would they go to police station? Have they lodged a complaint
on you noting your car number? Beats me… But those kids sure are clever. If you had half their intelligence… My life would have been very peaceful. I was an intelligent kid… Till you discontinued the teacher
and started tutoring me yourself. You get lost before they come here. Go to some place for a few days.
– Shall I go to America? Go into space for all I care!
Just stay out of their sight. Can you manage things without me? Should I come in disguise and help you? Just go without a word!
– Okay, I will take my shorts and go. This is the house.
The car is here. Let us take the bag and go to grandma’s house. Okay! Wait! There is a watchman. Sunny, I am feeling hungry. Am I Suri?
– This is for dogs in this house. Why are you begging?
Cannot you work? There is a job, will you do that? What are you doing there? Why do not you answer?
Want a beating? Hey, stop…stop!
I say stop! Who are you? What are you doing there? Do you know whose house this is? Then why are you here? We got lost!
– Do not lie. You have come to steal. You thieves…
– Why are you shouting? Woke up just now?
I must fire you first. Keep a watch on them,
I will call police. The children are with me.
Come here immediately. I will hand them over to you at the gate. How dare you fool me and enter?
You get me into trouble. You…Lilly..stop!
Hey Julie..Dolly..stop.. What is happening?
– That is what I am asking too! They are burglars.
– Burglars? They fooled the watchman and entered. I will hand them over to the police,
you do not worry. Go and take rest. I do not need rest,
I think you need it more. Do they appear like burglars to you? Look at Julie and Lilly. They are more intelligent than you. Come here, children. Who are you? I am Bunny.
– My name is Sunny. Sunny got a gold medal for killing a snake. Oh great! Who gave it?
– Our grandfather. Not my grandfather. Why did you come here?
– To meet our grandma. Where is she staying?
– Here! Here?
– Yes, but we lost her address. Where are you from? What happened?
– I am hungry. Oh! Lakshmi!
– Madam? Give them food and put them sleep. Okay, madam. Come! They look like runaways. Why do you allow strangers into the house? I will pass them on to the police. Why do you insist involving the police? How can little children spend
a night in the police station? They look very tired.
Let them be. Tomorrow we will get information
about their grandma. Sunny, I am afraid.
That bad man may come here also. The man who threw us into the canal?
– Yes! I think he does not live here. If he did, we would have seen him. But why is the car here? May be that is not his car.
May be he is just a driver. Anyway, let us take our bag tomorrow
and leave this place. Get up early,
not like going to school. I am Harishchandra Prasad.
– You mean… Father of Arvand. Remembered us after many years! Have my grand children come there? No, why would they come here? I think my sister has already disowned them. If they come there…
– I will call you right away. What is this cowardly streak in my children? My son ran away from college… My grandson ran away from school. What is wrong with them? May be the fault lies with you, not them. Father! I have become a father. Oh I forgot…I have married Anita. I know anger will never subside. Because me living my life
according to my choice… You take as your defeat. If everyone walks in the footsteps of their father… Who will tread new paths? In your view I am useless.
Sorry, I cannot agree. But in my view…
I am proud of you. I feel a soldier must be like you. I will send my son to you
when he is around 10. Because there is a lot he can learn from you. Dedication, perseverance,
the courage to face any adversity… Daddy! Daddy, you will not send away
my son because of me, will you? I am sorry, my son! What are you searching for? Is this car yours?
– Yes! Do you have a driver?
– No! No, used to..the thief..he stole my car. Police found last evening
and returned it to me. Your driver is a bad man.
He pushed us into the canal. Canal? Bloody rascal! Police will be
breaking his bones by now. But lucky you knew swimming. How do you know that we know? Because you could swim, you escaped
and are talking to me now. What are you looking for? My bag…I left it in boot. Address of our grandma is in that bag. May be it is in the police station.
I will get it! And you can go to house of your grandma. Till then do not tell anything about yourselves
and why you are here to the old lady. She is little crazy. If you tell her, she will send you
back to your grandfather. You go inside, I will get your bag. Okay? Good… Very good! Had your breakfast? What is this nibbling, not eating? Tell me your story now. Why did you run away from your home? My grandfather was sending me and
Bunny to different hostels. Where are your parents? My parents…
– Sister, sign the cheque… What is the hurry? I want to finish my work quickly
and take them to the police. What is this police fixation? What is your grandfather’s name? Harish…
– Papa…Paparayudu. Just now they told me. You lost address of your grandma… Do you at least know her name? Raj…
– Hamsa…Raj Hamsa. What kind of name is that. Okay, you get the details from them
and find the address. Okay, sister! Has not the maid servant come?
It is shampoo day for the dogs. We will give them a bath! Will you finish today? Will you come out ever? Will you come to see me after going
to house of your grandma? I will come everyday.
– What will you do? I will play.
– With whom? With Julie, Lilly, Dolly and you. Equating me with dogs? Oh, you do not have clothes to wear, right? I will get new ones. Today is my daughter’s birthday. You wear new clothes instead of her. Hey foolish man! Unable to snap ties with
worldly pleasures and relationships… Are you writing a letter to your dear son? Not a letter, I am writing an address. I have heard about letters
without an address… Never heard about an address
without a letter. What is the secret in it? I am removing the original address and
inserting the address of an abandoned house. Once I give them the bag,
they will go there. I think abandoned places are not
good for growing kids. They need not live there,
Mastan will be waiting for them. Time to remove my disguise is approaching.
– When? The costume hire company
will be waiting for me. I will go now.
– Quickly! – Bless me… Thanks!
– I should bless you.. Live long like a sinner.
You and your white hair. I will go this way.
– Go! Here is your bag.
I got it from the police station. Go to your grandma’s house. Leave silently before the old lady sees you. She told me to call your grandfather. Go! Stay here! I will get an auto. Did you get your grandma’s address? I would have sent you in the car. Why are you leaving without telling me? You may send us back to our grandfather. Do I look like a monster to you? Here! I bought new clothes for you. I told you, today is my daughter’s birthday. I have bought a cake also
expecting my daughter will come. Eat it and go to your grandma’s house. Does not your daughter live with you? She left me 10 years ago… On this same date. I called the man she loves
a penniless wastrel! I forbade him to step into this house. Do you know what he did? He sat on that wall and sang a song. Oh silver moon… Come down to me.. How can you stay behind a cloud
like an infant hiding.. behind her mother’s sari?
Will you let the fear of stumbling? Stop you from teaching
those baby feet to run? Will not you show the love hidden
in your heart the light of day? Where there is a will there is a way..
Break the shackles, dear! Have you gone mad? If you love his song, ask him to
play at festivals and tip him Why marry him? You will not understand even if I explain. Even if you understand
you will not accept. Bye! Is he more important to you than me? If you willfully create
an either-or situation.. Then yes, it is him! If you walk out now, you will
never enter this house again. I will bequeath the property to my bother. I am taking my clothes though,
they may not fit your brother. Ooo…song of dawn… Ooo..Sacred hymn… Ooo love song..that has awoken me.. Even as the spring
stirs the first bud… Your tunes have turned my nerves
into a gushing river… That is rushing to meet you this minute.. My waiting sea… Is heaven that far away… Will not a snap of the fingers bring it to us… Who says a dream is unachievable? Today it has become a reality… By Ecstasy being born as our children… And happiness becoming our address where
everyday is a celebration of life… What is your mother’s name?
– Anita! Do you know your grandma’s name?
– Rajeshwari Devi! It is me! I am your grandmother. Where is your mother?
– She is dead! No, you should not say that. Just to test me, she send you first, right? I know well about her! She really died. Eat quickly! Did your mother ever talk about me? Did she tell you that I am a bad person? No grandma, she said
you are a very good person. I committed a grave mistake… Bunny, cannot sleep? Grandma, I want Sunny.
– He is here. No, do not send Sunny to hostel. Why will he go to a hostel? He will stay with us. But grandfather said he will
send me to Sainik school. That Military man is army crazy… He said military college and his son ran away. He said Sainik school and grandson runs away. If he is so interested, ask him
to join the army again. You are not going anywhere. This is your home. There are many good schools here. We will go and tell grandfather tomorrow itself. Nobody will go to hostel,
we will all stay together. Grandpa…sorry Grandpa..
– Grandpa! I am also sorry children… Why did you amble in?
To gambol with the dogs? What if the kids see you? You need not worry about that? I was waiting in disguise of Jhansi Rani
near the gate for you… You did not come and aunty left.
– Left? With the children!
– With children? To their grandpa’s place…
– To grandpa’s place? To put the children in a school here.
– In a school here? Why are you asking so many bit
questions like an entrance exam? Rascal!
– Did I fail? You ruined all my plane in
one night of my absence! A doubt, where do you disappear some nights?
– To hell… You have no idea of the situation
where we are in… They will tell their grandpa about someone
trying to drown them in a canal. If he adds the gas leak incident,
a snake in bathroom… He will get to know the matter. He need not strain much to find
who is behind all this. How long can you hide from them?
– What should I do now? We must kill them! Because we have to make it
look like natural death… They escaped every time… How much time will it take to kill
2 old people and 2 kids? Just 2 minutes!
– Will not we be suspected? Day after tomorrow is Diwali. If we burn the house down with the corpses in it… It will appear to be a fire accident. This is an Alsatian, this is Dalmatian… No…no, here… Our Trixie!
– This is a Bull dog. Will it bite?
– If you are naughty… What is that? Tomorrow is Diwali, right!
People are bursting crackers. Buy me crackers, grandma.
– Buy me lots of crackers. I want rockets!
– I want bombs… Grandfather is calling you. He is going to give you a new timetable. A timetable again.
– He will never change. Yes, a very strict timetable… You must burst all these
crackers tomorrow morning. Yeah! Not only that, we are going to
camp at the adjacent jungle. Play war games.
– Yeah! You must do all this without talking. Only singing.
– Song? One, two, three! March forward… Let any danger come…
Do not you run.. Keep marching ahead…One, two, three! Life is a struggle every minute… If you are brave and face it,
you can overcome any huddle.. March ahead courageously,
you will cross seas of difficulties… Let any danger come…
Do not you run.. Keep marching ahead…One, two, three! Life is a struggle every minute… If you are brave and face it,
you can overcome any huddle.. March ahead courageously,
you will cross seas of difficulties… It is confusion and chaotic fun,
my dear Gun… Create chaos!
One, two, three..Fun! Come on wrestler…
– Show action! Are you worried?
– You are the He-Man… What are you doing here? Any income tax problem? Then? Why are you here? To ensure that you and the kids
do not come back. Is your health okay? No, it will be fine after I kill you all. I think you have gone mad. What did you say now? Kill us… It means… You mean… Did you kill Anita? You dare slap me? Now hit me. Come on…come on! Leave me! He is ruthless man…
He will kill you. He killed your son ruthlessly
like a street dog. Did you kill my son? Killed him? Brother! Catch him… You run away… Catch those children! Come…
– Leave me! Stop! Stop… Mastan! Shoot that dog!
– Where are the children? No need…Come! To punish this gang of villains… Raise war cries…give them a shove… Bum down this clutch of demons.. Light a matchstick… Reduce them to ashes… If you turn your backs,
treachery will not spare you… If you show verve…Victory is yours. Fire! Kick them! Chase them… You are hero now! As enemies shiver with your bravery… Plan their downfall…show them their place. Do not spare these rogues… Break their backs… They should never get up again… Destroy these Satan progeny… Reduce to ashes the demons chasing you… Kick them…Chase them… You are hero now! I think there are stones in my kidney… Wage a battle… Destroy the evil…
– Wow! Well done! If you decide every step of yours
will be an automic explosion… If you dare to stand against evil,
even death will fear to approach you… Kick them… Chase them… You are a hero now! Where are the children? Sunny, I cannot fight anymore. Let us take rest here.
Nobody will come here. Look, there they are! Grandpa!
– Bunny, come! How did he come?
Is he still alive? May be he is born with a built-in helmet! Did not you die, grandpa?
– No, dear… Those jackals cannot harm me. Let us tie the ropes to this tree
and find our way out… If we get lost, we can get
back using the ropes… Come on, Bunny… Very good! Take it Sunny!
Okay..Let us go. Got them! Now…
I will show them my prowess! Let us pull the ropes and
haul them in like fish. – Come! Tie it tightly to the hand.
You too… Let us tie to the waist,
it will be more secure. This is correct.
– Tie it! You go that side, I will go this side…
You stay here. Do not move, I hear some sound. Oh God!


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