Live from London Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace

Ladies and gentleman boys and girls welcome
to London welcome to Trafalgar Square I’ll give you a better view OK this is live and being filmed on my phone
so it will be a little bit unstable compared to normal videos its just the price you pay
for live yeah more city less face that will be great from the comments I love you too
OK I’am in town today filming a video for this channel I’am just retracing my steps
getting some time lapse here in Trafalgar Square and now I need to head back to where
I began which was well near where I began which was Buckingham Palace and get some time
lapse there so it was the perfect opportunity to go live the the reasonably short walk from
Trafalgar Square down the Mall to Buckingham palace the Mall is just across the road just
through those gates lots of security here now I think more than ever OK can you see
Big Ben right in front of us in a few minutes that will strike four OK big Ben behind me
the Trafalgar Square in front of me just down there through those gates where I’am heading
we are heading to Buckingham Palace down the Mall probably take about five minutes to walk
down there its a gravel path it is a very nice day here in town slightly windy the sun
is shining but it is not that warm I’ll show you Nelson on top of his column it is a great
day for filming time lapse fluffy white clouds give it a sense of motion so I just shot my
time lapse for the video in Trafalgar Square its a video about London in April and I’am
going to go and get some footage of Buckingham Palace running yeah walking is bad enough for stability
on this phone let alone running it will be all over the place check out the security
bollards the security here was in place its been in
place for quite a while actually its not new they used to only bring it out for big events
but now it is a permanent feature check out the Mall OK I should have brought my sun glasses
it is a bank holiday weekend here in England the first bank holidays of the year and two
in a row so Friday was good Friday tomorrow will be Easter Sunday this is a big holiday
here second only to Christmas day a lot of stores shut legally they have to if they are
over 280 square meters I think they have to shut Christmas day and Easter Sunday and they
have limited opening hours on Sunday so if you are in town tomorrow don’t be surprised
if what you want to go to is shut and yeah Monday is a Bank holiday too the thing with
bank holidays is all Brits want the want the four day weekend they want the bank holidays
off work but in turn while they’ve got the days off work they want everything to be open
which obviously doesn’t work check out St James Park here right yeah it is a nice day
here it is it is lovely and sunny but it is not that warm it is quite windy as well but
yeah it was warm for a while then its got cold again check out over here OK that there is kind of the beginning of
Regent Street its actually Waterloo place I think it is called but originally there
was a before Buckingham Palace there was a palace there you can see the sort of footprint
of it here but the prince Regent which Regent’s street is named after didn’t think it was
palatial enough for him when he became when he succeeded his father and became king so
he demolished this the palace that was here Carlton House built the buildings there now
which are leased out and they paid for the construction of Buckingham palace which is
at the end of here which was supposed to be a better palace than Carlton house but we
will go and check out Buckingham Palace I don’t think they actually finished it in his
lifetime OK we should be able to see the lake when we get half way down the Mall see the
lake in St James Park which is just next to me it is quite a gravelly track road here
this its quite dusty but yeah we will see the bridge across the lake loads of people
on deck chairs you can rent out the have deck chairs in the Royal parks and you can rent
out a deck chair there is plenty of people enjoying the sun though a lot of people don’t
want to pay for the deck chairs they are lying on the grass check it out OK I think I’am
going to cross over the barrier and walk on the grass might make it might make the this
a little bit more stable than walking on the solid track I don’t know if that any improvement
probably not check out the daffodils I say check out the daffodils they are dead or dying
can you make out the lake over there the lake is just there I nearly walked into the daffodils
there I might walk down there but it is a long enough walk getting to the palace yeah
it is a nice day I don’t know if you can see but there is a like I’ll show you in front
of me there is like a dust cloud I doubt the camera will pick it up but it is because of
this dust track in the sun light you can really pick out how
much dust is kicked up from the dusty road actually maybe I will quickly head down and
show you the view it will be super windy down there but if I quickly head down into St Jame’s
park onto the bridge you get quite a good shot down the lake of the London Eye I can
see the bridge is full of people already I’ve filmed here quite a few times at night and
it is lit by gas still it is really dark at night I don’t know if you can see the gas
lamps but yeah it is a short walk to cut through to the train station on the other side but
very few people do it in the dark at night in winter because it is so dark but right
now check out how many people are on the bridge I’ll give you a quick shot of you’ll be able
to see the London Eye to the left and you get quite a good shot of Buckingham palace
to the right and then we will head to the palace I’ve already been to the palace big
crowds at the palace today OK lots of tourists in town today but also lots of Brits because
its the bank holiday OK ready for the London Eye you can just about make it out there in
the centre I’ll put it right in the centre of the screen there a great day for time lapses
look at the fluffy white clouds check behind me I’ll try not to drop my phone in the the
lake Buckingham Palace OK you probably can’t make out too much of the palace you can just
see the corner the trees are quite thick right now you get a clearer shot in Winter right
lets head through the crowds of tourists to the Palace OK this park St Jame’s park is
one of the Royal parks so it is not actually a its not actually a public park its kind
of a grace a favour arrangement that the public can come in here like all the Royal parks
yeah its not owned or maintained by the council it is one of the Royal parks they have donation
boxes you can put money in in some of them Kensington Gardens is it Kensington Gardens
yeah the one on the edge of Hyde park real nice a there is quite a lot of donation boxes
there for its upkeep OK that there that complex of buildings there St James palace that is
actually the the business part that is the Royal Family’s head office I think I think
quite a number of quite a few members of the Royal family live there and I think it is
understood it is a bit nicer than Buckingham Palace itself bizarrely enough I don’t think
Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip actually wanted to move out of there and into there
back in the day but they didn’t have a lot of choice this was built to be the public
focal point its got the balcony where they can come out crowds line these streets that
is just like a Gothic looking fortress especially on the other side so yeah very near the statue
of Queen Victoria and Buckingham Palace now OK you can tell if the you can tell if Her
Majesty the Queen is in the palace or not by the flag flying on the flag pole if she
is at home her Royal standard is on the roof will be on the roof there will always be a
flag flying but if it is the Union Jack she is somewhere else I was here earlier it was
the Union Jack earlier so who knows where she is
yeah still the Union Jack flying on the roof so no one is home apart from the army guarding
it OK I’am going to try to cross the road here quickly OK more park land there a nice
walk up to Piccadilly through there from here check out the statues the camera is pointing
into the sun so the image won’t be that great I think a lot of Brits underestimate the popularity
of the Royal Family on the global scale but if you listen to the voices in the background
they are not British accents or British they are international languages people from all
over the world come here to take a look at the palace see what I mean OK welcome to Buckingham
palace I say that like I’am in it welcome to the outside of Buckingham palace I’ll go
and poke you through the gates check out the guards see that is the balcony up there pretty
cool huh I don’t want to stick my arm too far in it might get bayoneted off OK guys
right I’am going to do what I came here to do get some time lapse fluffy white clouds
and the palace so I hope you enjoyed this walk from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace
live bank holiday weekend you can actually make out the well I don’t know if you will
be able to see the top of the London eye poking through above the tree line there see that
centre of the screen the London eye if we move to the side you might be able to see
the tip of Big Ben you can just about make out the tip of the Shard if we go up the Victoria
memorial statue we might be able to see it from up up on the statue OK I can see Big
Ben but whether it comes out on the camera is obviously a different story I’ll put it
centre of the screen centre ish I wonder if I can zoom no but it is there OK right in
a few weeks the Mall that will be the finish line of the London marathon about one hundred
metres down there we can do the last hundred meters of the London marathon right now but
yeah if your doing the London marathon you’ll be finishing just there in about two weeks
is it two weeks a week two weeks OK guys right check out Victoria OK guys thanks for watching
and a new video will be live tomorrow so until next time Toodles!


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