Live PD: Laundry Day Drama (Season 3) | A&E

– We just had a report of
a fight between two females inside this laundromat here. Hello. – Were you involved? – All right. Why don’t you come
over here with me, OK? So just give me a
little idea about what– – So I was sitting on the corner
right here, smoking my vape. – Outside?
– Yeah. Yeah. And the car started– – Do you know them? – No, I don’t. And the car started backing up. And before I could even get up
to say anything, she got out of the car and said,
yo, can you [bleep] move so I can park my car here? And she then screamed,
and got in my face, and shoved me to the ground. I never touched her once. – All right. Do me a favor. Just hang out right here. Relax. Don’t entertain anything she
says or anything like that, OK? – What’s going on, man. What happened? – We came here. I’m out of work.
I broke my ankle the other day. She’s stressed out. I’m stressed out. Anyways, we pulled in. She was sitting there. She had yelled for her
to– she didn’t yell. She said, can you move. She didn’t hear her.
Whatever. She was on her phone.
She was vaping. Whatever. But to be honest, they both kind
of walked towards each other. And they both got in
each other’s faces. And whatever happened, happened. – Do you think this was just,
like, both you guys maybe were having a bad day and we can work
this out right now type thing? – All right, here’s the thing. – No, I completely get
where you’re coming from. – I got her side. I get your side. She says that you
were being a jerk. You say she was being a jerk. That’s all I have. – At this point, let’s just– – I know. I understand. I’ll give you a minute. Let me go talk to
the manager inside. – Hi. Was it like just walked up and
just pushed her type thing? – All right. Yeah, so she just walked
up and just pushed you? – Yeah. – OK. That’s what I get
from the manager. So what would you like to do? – OK. Well, I mean, we could also– did they stop their laundry? – I don’t believe so. If they leave– – How long do you figure? – So like an hour? – Yeah. – So she doesn’t want
to press charges. She just asked that she can
finish her laundry for about– – You guys leave, take off, just
so there’s no further issues. All right? Does that sound good? So, like, an hour and a
half, maybe, come back. Just make sure she’s not here. The alleged victim did not want
to go forward with charges. She just asked that the other
female leave while she finishes her laundry. So we asked her to do that. Everybody went home happy,
I guess you could say.


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